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The Year of the Carrat Begins This Thursday!

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Hey Everybody. We hope you have been enjoying the Winter's Feast-ivities! You still have a couple more days of merriment and then The Year of the Carrat begins! 

Starting this Thursday (10am Pacific time) celebrate the Year of the Carrat. 

  • Compete in the cut throat world of Carrat Racing to earn Lucky Gold Nuggets.
  • Build Gyms to train prize Carrats.
  • Construct longer and longer Carrat race courses to raise the stakes.
  • Purchase old and new rewards from the Carrat Shrine, such as Red Firecrackers,  Lucky Beast costumes, and the new Floating Lantern.

We'll also be adding some new skin sets. This time around we will not have any character skins and are focusing on items. 


And finally, we will be adding new streaming drops. The Glass Eyebrella will join the Crystaline collection. 


More details will come Thursday. See you then!

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That's soo many beautiful skins, you guys overdid yourselves. Though i have a question @JoeW will skins from year of the gobbler like the 2 trapper hats and the rooster skin for the giblet will be dropable again or only for another year of the gobbler? I don't think their are dropping right now.

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1 hour ago, trinket_4 said:

I just have one question: How to fast travel to Thusday 10:00 Pacific time???

Because I *NEED* this update now

Well, you could always use cryogenic stasis, but that's a little costly, so just do what I do, and whack yourself in the head hard enough to put yourself in a coma for a few days.* Not too hard though, or else you'll end up on the next cart to Helgen.

*Disclaimer: don't actually do this, or else you'll die and your family will sue me.

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