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  1. before i saw some kind of orb lol
  2. ban watermelen because he don't have a n in his nick "gnawrsh"
  3. the last time when i saw mmm maybe a bug?
  4. romantic birdcage? wait why we can't weave it?
  5. Ban Szczuku because i don't know how pronounce his name
  6. Thx! just verdant chests right? (just for be sure)
  7. and the people that don't have money or spools of last events ?
  8. maybe this thursday klei will say something
  9. probable error in the gifts

    so why?
  10. I don't see the steam page and how we will be able to weave without chests? :c somebody had some drop of the event? i just had normal commons and classys ( like if there is not event)