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  1. Time to change the brightness of the picture
  2. wait so there's no wilson verdant skin again? :c
  3. There is some mod for that? A friend want to know to do it with somethings with hamlet haha where i know there is not a mod with that right?
  4. Error con las teclas

    Al final lo reembolsaste? la cosa es que con F atacas a mobs hostiles en cambio con ctr + F fuerzas el ataque a cualquier cosa que puedas atacar, está diseñado así para evitar accidentes, como atacar a beefalos (que no te atacan a no ser que tu lo hagas)
  5. no and no The hours are cumulative and doesn't matter the time you just need that the streamer have the drops activated
  6. Ban Xenologist because i don't have vr or a pc to play Half life alyx
  7. Book Club

    Em I like read but i don't have the habit, so i was thinking in starting to read some short texts, somebody knows some of these? (also some advices are welcome too) Thx
  8. Why nobody cleans the deeds?
  9. If you want learn to fight, you need to fight catcoons only with your hands
  10. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    I got the chester hat haha
  11. Ban pinkerton because he's normal
  12. BAn GetNerfedOn because i'm back