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  1. Ban GetNerfedOn because GetBuffedOn
  2. Screenshot showcase

    i thought it was easy to get :c
  3. Screenshot showcase

    it is not for the joke, i'm playing dst and ind discord appears ds
  4. Screenshot showcase

    idk if it goes here
  5. Some sad to hear but i'm happier to know that you will take your time, i've more time to buy skins or maybe wortox to help with the development I don't use other character appart of wilson so i'm just waiting for him i'll wait patiently
  6. Im stoling internet in my school to waot the news haha all for the hype
  7. same here but every second
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    By Atomic936
  9. When you don't spawn when the survivor wants but you spawn when he's low of life
  10. Ok i trained my finger, now is time to spam f5 in general discussion
  11. Ba reverentsatyr because he eats babies
  12. Ban reverentsaty because that's a baby burger
  13. Ban reverentsatyr becaus- OMG YOUR PFP IS CANNIBALISM
  14. Last Speculations

    I wait the new wardrobe