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  1. they uh actually fixed the increased healing from jelly beans with moose form in the [Game Update] - 367616 that rolled out about 2-3 hours ago
  2. Woodie review and ideas for rework.

    Just delete the werebeaver ghost concept. I've watched so many people play DST and every single time one of them tries out woodie, and they die as werebeaver and become a beaver ghost, they hate it. It's not fun for anyone. You die as a beaver, and then you rez and then you immediately go insane, potentially being killed by sanity monsters and being put back into ghost beaver, and everyone I've watched (new players and old) has claimed that it's stupid. I know that some artist put work into drawing it, I know the devs spent money on the art and spent time coding it in, but it's plain and simple not fun. You laugh once, the first time you see the different ghost and then you realize immediately after upon resurrecting that you are still stuck in the form and how bad it is. It makes you want to avoid being a beaver ever (or at least, avoid being beaver in anything that isn't passively cutting trees) and in many cases I've seen those people just swear off from ever playing or touching woodie ever again. That's how bad of a mechanic ghost beaver is.