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  1. Unlike most players I don't do the lunar island rush+explore the full map my first goal is to find the swamp biome (after all, home is where the swamp is) Ideally, within the swamp, it's preferable to base next to a pre-existing merm house so you can immediately use them for free labor cutting trees/mining rocks. You only need to walk up to a forest, swing your axe once and then they'll deforest while you pick up the goods. It also only costs a single seed to recruit them for a decent length of time. They're also free protection against any of the swamps dangers as well as hounds and frog rains. Being in the swamp is for me, the main highlight to playing wurt (and why you'd even pick this character), you get all that movespeed and she's intended by design to be swamp basing which is a very contrarian playstyle from playing other survivors. At the swamp, you follow standard base design: find gold rocks, make science, firepit, get a shovel, shovel up grass/sticks/berry bushes and bring some pinecones (since the swamp naturally has no good trees), crockpot, fridge if possible (otherwise just use a chest), do what you need to do the fertilize the plants (for me it's to use the berries you get from shovelling to feed to a werepig for immediate poop). Also because I'm in the swamp reeds come in real quick (especially with that movespeed bonus), so a super early bird cage is definitely a go. being in the swamp, the natural conflicts that arise between the tentacles, spiders, and merms (and also mosquitos), will accumulate a large supply of silk, spider glands, tentacle spikes, mosquito sacks (for healing), and also lots and lots of monster meat. The meat obviously gets converted to eggs so you can do 3 egg+berry/veg for either jams or ratatouille which effectively become your "veggieballs". You'll also get fishes (and frog legs which are egg fodder) to drop from any merms that die which can be used to craft even more merm houses. The wood needed for boards is actually very easy to access with how easy it is to recruit merms for woodcutting. Also the abundance of silk means making a bug net so you can get a butterfly farm (or a honey bee farm) is also incredibly easy. for winter food supply, by the time you've gotten to that season you've probably gotten a ton of silk passively so you may as well craft a few sails and gather some kelp from the waters. Usually though, if you've got like 10-20 berry bushes shovelled, fertilized and just sitting there ready to harvest for winter, you have more than enough to make jam to feed you for all of winter. If you are super desperate for veggies, you could run over to the desert or head to the caves for rabbitmen carrots or mushtrees. At that point the rest of the game is kind of do what you like. Usually my goal is to get several screens worth of crafts merms houses and also a merm king (which quite surprisingly, I managed to both create and sustain during the winter using just berry bushes and eggs.
  2. I'm not a fan of sailing in it's current state. It's very boring and feels very slow for very little payoff for how many resources you need to gather. The ocean still feels very empty. The ship moves very slowly unless you double mast, and rowing feels very non-impactful. Typically on a server people will group up and try sail as a group on a boat using the standard minimalist 1 sail ship (because 8 silk is kind of a lot) which feels bad because the ship moves very slowly with 1 sail, rowing doesn't improve the player speed, and only 1 person gets to do anything during the entire ride (the person steering the ship). Everyone else kind of just sits there and waits. Deep Ocean Fishing was implemented I guess to try and alleviate passenger boredom and to provide a food source while on the seas but it doesn't work in a helpful way that the players would want it to. The ship is typically in constant motion which is an issue because the only way to practically catch fish, is for the ship to fully stop (which means the steerer/captain has to stop) and the fish spawns are randomized in way that makes it so typically you won't actually catch fish by being patient; instead you go around trying to find schools of fish to stop and fish at until they're all gone (which clashes with the classic fishing identity of waiting out an afternoon on a boat with your friends with your hooks in the water). This makes fishing impractical as a food source; Most players I see just craft a fridge on the boat and carry meatballs/meaty stews and completely ignore ocean fishing as a food source. Also unlike other indie ocean survival games like Raft or Sea of Thieves you can't even use the rod as a grappling hook to grab and pull floating items towards the ship (which means grabbing that grass/seed/kelp/bottles all up to the ship driver). The ocean also still feels largely empty. DS shipwrecked had a lot of tidal waves you'd navigate around when sailing through the ocean and lots of interactive creatures like jellyfish or suspicious bubble hunts or those stinkrays or the sunken ships (that were sometimes guarded by swordfish) or message in a bottles that lead you to distant islands you've never found that have (trapped) treasure chests when you dig them up. DST's ocean is currently is just sea stacks (and salt stacks). Which you mostly just sail around to avoid crashing. And message in a bottles that lead you to Pearl's Island. And all the bottles lead to pearl's island. I don't think everything from shipwrecked should be pulled and obviously things like the tidal waves wouldn't really work as the boats in DST are much slower and harder to control, but the seas largely feel empty and I think there could be more done to what's in it to make it feel like there really is "plenty of fish in the sea".