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  1. No glommer?

    I hadn't had this happen to me ever before until I made a world in the beta today. Maybe the water generation was changed up a bit
  2. I wonder if we'll discover anything about the origins of the SW/Hamlet characters being ported, since now that they're in DST it means they're canon
  3. [Game Update] - 333702

    So that I can have a fancy display of queenly relics along with the key to the city and such
  4. I suppose that makes sense. Does the ancient stone turf drop when dug up though?
  5. While the points you make are completely valid, I think that the ancient walls and turf should remain uncraftable since they're ancient and only look like that due to age, similarly to how DS/T ruins turf is also uncraftable.
  6. The image file is called heatrock_fire.png, so yes, it's a thermal
  7. Missing profile icon

    Exact same thing happened to me. Sad that neither of our posts have been addressed yet (publicly, at least).
  8. Missing curio items

    You have the Weavable Only filter turned on xD
  9. I've tried countless times to select a profile icon, but it never loads properly when joining lobbies. profileIcon.mp4 (Another thing I've noticed is that if you select an icon with the weavable filter turned on, then turning it off and selecting a Loyal icon, sometimes, both icons will have a checkmark on them.)
  10. After killing the Rhinocebros, Pugna did not say anything and the match continued on forever. We stayed in it for about an hour and absolutely nothing happened. I also have footage of being in the arena, but I only started recording after the bros died, so it's probably not much use. (In case it matters, we had a team of 6 not 3, but 3 left before I took the screenshot).
  11. [Game Update] - 290499

    I feel like this feature should be exclusive to Warbucks, seeing as gold isn't that hard to get early game anyways. It would just fit his character style more
  12. [Game Update] - 276457

    Yup I'm also getting disconnected near the end of every match
  13. Screenshot showcase

    Return of the Scattered Signs
  14. Screenshot showcase

    We've already left the place, but we've angered the Gnaw and brought forth an impending doom before doing so... Poor pigs
  15. Screenshot showcase

    The complete ritual of the Sacred Scattered Signs