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  1. This is quite annoying when its dark and you are holding a torch but you want to dismantle your portable crock pot. Instead of dismantling, you burn it. It would be such a QoL addition if dismantle option popped up first rather than lighting it on fire. Also hammering the portable crock pot makes no sense when you can dismantle it same applied to hammers would be great too.
  2. They finally nerfed him Just kidding this will be patched asap
  3. Great thanks for patching so fast klei! But I (and most of the community) would really prefer if "some" of the new crops spawned on the world like carrots. That would make the game more fun and less grindy as a Warly player. Keep up the good and generous work klei team!!!
  4. Anyone noticed that Webber do not has shivering from cold? He has the fur! Maybe his special ability is resistance of cold?
  5. That game jumpscared me after longest time. This mod was good and shows how you can bend the game to make amazing mods. The mod was so amazing that #1 Youtuber played it twice. (you proubly know the name :3) PEW DIE PIE!!!
  6. Awwww So cute. Also congrats on front page. Will you make a chester or something soon?
  7. ... Is that realy it? Does the Screecher realy exist (and was?) in game? Anyone know that stupid funny creepypasta story of Don't Stave?
  8. Cutting don't change anything at real life?Cut at DS, Die and New World Reload!