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  1. I've always wished that antlion desert stones could repair the forager, for they are really unpurified orange gems. We could purify the desert stones with salt then have them specifically refuel the forager. It would really benefit both items for after you collect about 5+ desert stones there is really no need to see antlion again specifically for loot, making it an underwhelming boss item.
  2. This, and make it so crustashines are spawned when the portal does a massive "spit", ie when given a moongleam. They are the only resource from the unnatural portal that still requires you to wait around if you want anymore, making you just wait days there if you want a decent amount of crabs for decorational purposes.
  3. Thank you for the advice, I didn't know Moon Quay was generally located in the corners of the world. This will make finding the monkey island much easier in the future. In regards to the topic, my thought was to have smaller monkey raids be far away from the island, and larger raids mean you are close to Moon Quay, i.e. a way to tell your distance from the island. I at least hope Klei will make it easier to find the Moon Quay in the future, for unlike Lunar island it is small and easy to miss and in order to have the raids tell you that the island is near you must find the corner of the world having the Moon Quay first. When you're on the ocean, I think you have to be prepared to be raided at any time on the ocean since raids can come before you find the island, with it being possible that two come in quick succession. Honestly if some of the raids didn't have 4 powder monkeys to handle, they wouldn't cause as much damage as the larger ones. I do agree about the trinkets though, it will be annoying to hold them until finding Moon Quay, maybe there could a costlier way to remove them before finding the island?
  4. I always thought the reason why they attacked players was because the powder monkeys are known as pirates, who wouldn't miss the chance to raid you and steal your loot, hence why I think bunnyman are neutral to splumonkeys but not Wonkey since he looks very similar to the pirates. (Its strange for Bunnyman/Pigman to be aggressive towards Wonkey but are land dwelling creatures, especially since bunnyman are neutral to splumonkeys but know the horrors they sometimes create) I hope this is a bug
  5. Fun facts about the grass boat: You can use cut grass to repair the boat for about 13 boat health, which you can use 16 pieces of cut grass to repair it's health to full. The grass boat will drop 6 cut grass when breaking, allowing you to build a new grass boat for only 2 cut grass and 2 twigs, the price of a torch. So I try to use both of these to my advantage, if I have a firepit on my grass boat or are trying to use it to farm salt/intentionally ram into seastacks I can use the cut grass to repair it, however if I just want to explore keep moving across the ocean I might ram my dying boat into a seastack, hop on another grass boat and collect the 6 cut grass to keep rowing on.
  6. Hello, ever since Moon Quay Bay beta came out it felt like such a breathe of fresh air for a DST update that I wanted to experience it to it's fullest. So I did three attempts to rush becoming Wonkey and finding the Moon Quay Bay island, with one run ending in death from pirate raiders, and two ending when crashing becoming Wonkey. What I learned from these runs is if you want to find the island and aren't lucky in doing so, you will be rowing for a LONG time. I spent at least 7 days on each run just pressing row, hoping I would find the island, and it got boring quite quickly (I did luckily find it on the last two runs). The only way to really know how close you are is if you see the monkey pirates you know you are in the 25% of the entire ocean containing the island. This does not help if you are exploring very far away from the monkey island and praying to find it. My suggestion is to change this to allow monkey raids to occur all over the ocean, however the ones that are farther from the island will have less monkeys, and occur less frequently. With seeing the size of monkey raids in any part of the ocean it will allow players to gauge how close they are to the island, and not just pray for world Rng to be kind to them. This may allow monkey raids to feel more like a natural part of the ocean as well, instead of this ocean content locked to a certain part of the world.
  7. This might sound cool, but I feel if this were implemented there would be twice as much poop randomly scattered around worlds as there is from beefalo riders. Knowing beefalo riders (as one myself) I would predict wonkeys would also not clean up after themselves...
  8. Honestly the only interaction I want from Wonkey and the Powder Monkeys, is when Powder Monkeys are given a banana by Wonkey they will throw out all items they collected in their inventory and not steal for a little bit. Its the same interaction that happens in SW except you wouldn't become friends with Powder Monkeys, for this will allow you to not amass large amounts of beads if they raid you or steal items you want from the strange portal.
  9. If your character is Wonkey bunnyman and pigman will immediately agro on you, but if pigman/bunnyman are standing next to other powder monkeys they will be passive towards them.
  10. Oh, I never meant for knobby trees to only drop driftwood, I just want driftwood be added to its loot table so we can have both logs on the ocean, and a constant source of driftwood.
  11. Hello, here are some suggestions which I believe would improve general boating experience [1]: The cost of anchor, mast and steering wheel should be halved for two reasons, one they are quite expensive and resources like 8 silk per mast and a decent chunk of ropes and boards feels like such a annoyance to collect, and secondly the driftwood oar does everything these do but better, it moves as fast as two masts, allows much better control than the steering wheel, and allows you stop and start your boat more easily than the anchor. [2]: Allow driftwood to drop from Great Tree Trunks, and Knobby Trees/Above average trees. This is primarily to collect driftwood so you can craft moon beach turf, and Winged sails for decoration, instead of either having to sail endlessly hoping for driftwood flotsam to spawn, or duping driftwood via Winged sails. (I also never understood how half their tree trunk is white, but only great tree roots dropped driftwood?) [3]: Allow the pirate bandana to make steering go faster, its tedious for how long the masts take to change direction, and I think it would make sense for it's master boater perk to apply to steering wheels too.
  12. She should give out the advert when you give her five heavy fish, since it this mission requires to collect many types of fish to find the heavy ones.
  13. The cannon honestly just seems like a far worse catapult. Where catapult can turn on its own, has no blind spot, fires infinite shots for as long as one nitre will last in the battery, and has high dps since it throws rocks so often, the cannon's only real benefit is its more space efficient than catapults. I think for the cannon to stand out amongst the competition it needs MUCH higher damage, space for more than one cannonball, and more cannonballs crafted per gunpowder.
  14. If you put berries/bait in it, fish will swim towards it, and get caught in it, then you can collect the fish.
  15. The portal just does it quite slowly, where I may consider just going afk for a few mins to collect more items. I do think it would be cool if her trades could be much more diversified, with items from all places around the constant.