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  1. You should add an option for music, as it's a factor I find important in bosses, even if it's not the main one.
  2. Hm... looks like you forgot to put in the part about the wormwood update that's gonna replace every sprite with wormwood (sorry for spoilers guys)
  3. By the way walani is better than wheeler for obvious reasons.
  4. Hm that's really strange, I cant really help in that case, sorry
  5. Have you recieved drops before through twitch or is this the first time you've used twitch for skins?
  6. Are you sure yo linked your twitch account to your klei account? Also make sure its connected to the correct twitch account l.
  7. [concept] IRL tournaments?

    SOMEONE had an idea for a competitive gorge event, where two teams of three either compete to escape fastest or to get a higher tournament score, with there being power ups you can buy to boost your team or harm the opposing team, which I think could be a good spectator event, event if it was just a live stream not an irl event. The problem is that most games that have esports are games about one team/player directly fighting another team/player, and not just who can collect resources better or who can speedrun faster, and right now the only direct pvp they have is pvp, which pvp is uh, ok. So I feel like for this idea to work either a new mode would need to be added or a new event *cough cough cancelled event number three cough cough* .
  8. [Poll] On Food Sources

    Splemonkey farms and merm houses (merm wars) should be included in first question. Splemonkeys are really underrated imo and give very good loot, as they can be an automatic nightmare fuel and beard hair (good for fire) farm as well as a meat and banana farm if you have a character that can automate it.
  9. Deerclops is a she?

    I wonder what a deerclops reproducing looks like. Maybe they just poop out their eyeball then grow a new one then the eyeball just grows into a new deer.
  10. They've said well get one but they haven't said when we will
  11. I usually dont tune in to dev streams but something tells me this is gonna be a fun one.
  12. Hopefully we get a roadmap along with the YotC release tomorrow
  13. I'd imagine that the carats running around a track has some mega base decoration potential.
  14. Behold. A wormwood main.

    Someone else mentioned this but they also let you get spiky bushes, which are superior in every way to normal saplings except that they damage you, so being able to negate that downside is just a nice qol thing. The armor is also very useful for crowd control, especially on stunlockable enemies like bees and spiders, both of which drop healing items which can either be used raw or made into honey poultice and healing salves, glands salves and poultice being some of the easiest sources of healing as wormwood. You can also use the silk to make tents/siestas, which are yet ANOTHER way to heal. You also will want to wear it if you use the traps, as you will be damaged by them otherwise. His armor compliments his downside really well and is probably one of the most underrated of his items imo.
  15. Honestly I think we could get a lunar themed character (ignore plant boi he's plant boi) in this update, since we still need the 4th dlc character (not counting warly) and it's an update about the LUNAR new year featuring a creature from the LUNAR island. Even though we'll probably get a rework first since we haven't gotten one since woodie, I still hope for a look unar character and I think one is very likely as it's what people have been suggesting.