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  1. Btw for those who are confused, the reforged mod has a feature that makes it so that if you block a hit within 10 frames of starting your parry the cooldown will be halved, which means your next parry will be ready before the current one ends if you have 20% or more cooldown reduction.
  2. This could be cool for events like forge and gorge (if they ever come back), getting 1-5 of your friends in a party with you and then going into quickplay. It'd be especially cool if we ever get a pvp based event (like a battle royale) but that seems really far into the future, even farther than foege and gorge comebacks which we probably wont even get until long after RoT is over.
  3. I cant wait to use olives to make a grilled cheese deluxe
  4. I wouldnt really recommend going out of your way to make a bat bat (unless you have some bunnies or something set up by a sinkhole), but it's a really underrated healing option that you should always pick up if you see it in the ruins labyrinth.
  5. Wormwood needs to go to the real world so that he can save the world from everything that's happened in 2020. He'll probably show up to save us with his plant powers any month now
  6. If they didnt want Lucy to be used as a weapon throughout the whole game then why can you attack with her
  7. I dont want wick's perks to be nerfed, in fact I'd be fine with them getting some buffs as long as she gets some actual downsides.
  8. Might wanna update it
  9. (It was actually 1-3 in forge but good poll ;)) My personal list was: Wilson - 2 Willow - 1 Wolfgang - 3 Wendy - 1 WX-78 - 1 Wickerbottom - 2 (new players can accidentally go insane their first few times playing her because they don't know book lowers sanity) Woodie - 1 Wes - 4 Maxwell - 4 (please wear armor vs deerclops) Wigfrid - 4 Webber - 2 Winona - 2 Warly - 5 Wortox - 4 Wormwood - 5 Wurt - 3
  10. It gives a different message for me but maybe that's because I'm on mobile.
  11. Pretty much all bosses, including the seasonal bosses, are already optional. Taking away the one reason for killing bosses would mean that people would just never fight bosses. Bosses are an integral part of the game to the majority of the playerbase, so removing the reason to fight them would be a big problem. Although I kind of get the idea that you have to be prepared for hounds to attack at any time, that would be very annoying bringing extra resources to a fight and then not needing them. And in the late game it would just result in making the player either always have a pan flute and/or just run around for a few minutes until they get to something that can help you deal with the hounds.
  12. I only like staying insane if it's with the use of a bone helm, as you can choose when you want to aggro shadow creatures and you don't have to worry about sanity/insanity food and stations. Otherwise I don't go out of my way to stay insane.
  13. My guess is the shots that spawn shadow tentacles will be made out of either thulecite (thulecite fragments would make sense as right now their only use is making thulecite), living logs, or nightmare fuel. If thulecite or nightmare fuel is the case, then he'll probably be a good ruins rush character as he would not only have an incentive to rush them but also would be able to rush them using his tent and not losing sanity from normal sources. The idea of having a character with a built in companion similar to abi (IMO a chest dog sounds like it'll make for much more interesting gameplay than fighty ghost) is probably going to make him the new "explorer" character given all his perks relating to, well, exploration. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of a large downside as bees are only really a problem in bq fight (assuming his allergy applies to bq and grumbles) and him losing sanity upon getting hit just means you either bring more sanity food to a fight or just be insane for that fight (or just dont get hit ). Though we also cant really assume how large or small a downside is just from this post, as there are a lot of things I am assuming about his downsides that may not actually be a part of him. Hopefully his upsides will be fun enough to make a unique playstyle.