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  1. Probably Wes, they need to Nerf him ASAP
  2. The Gorge's Main Problem

    As far as I know, no. Some of the highest players submitted clips of them achieving their score. There may have been some parts where it took a long time for a score to show up, but I'm pretty sure most of the top players played legitimately.
  3. The Gorge's Main Problem

    The only difference between the Gorge and the Forge season 2 is that the second season of the forge had achievements every other day and daily match bonuses. If the Gorge were to come back, I'd imagine they would add daily achievements instead of just letting you do them all from the start in order to make players come back often. I still think they should change the event to make a clear goal on what to do (besides escape) once you have done all your achievements for the day. For me, the forge was fun because you could still increase your speed when you had no achievements to do but with the gorge, as fun as it was, there was not much replayability aside from the achievements.
  4. The Gorge's Main Problem

    If you look at the steam charts, you can see that there was a downhill slope from June 14th-July 9th. Additionally, we don't even know what is classified as people who "played The Gorge Tournament". It could be people who played dst during that time, it could be people who played the gorge, it could even be individual rounds played. I asked my friends who had played the gorge at that time of the tournament what their highest tournament score was, and only one out of the three I asked knew what I was talking about. Besides, this post is about the problem with the gorge, not the advertising with it. If the gorge were to come back, I think Klei would advertise it more anyway (based on the ads on youtube for Don't Starve Together and the individual characters.)
  5. The Gorge's Main Problem

    In my opinion, the gorge was the most fun event in DST. However, it has a big problem. If the gorge returns, it needs to have more objectives. With the forge, once you know how to win, the goal is clear to most players; get the fastest time possible. In the gorge, however, the main objective is getting the achievements. Once you got all of them, there was nothing to do. It wasn't until the gorge tournament was added that new achievement came. Again, once you did the tournaments the only thing you could do was play the tournament. I think that Klei did a pretty bad job advertising the tournament, so not many people even played it. It was also kind of hard to understand and there were tons of strategies for the tournament, where the forge doesn't really have many. Players who joined late would be completely overwhelmed by the tournament. Please reply with what you think about this and how the developers could change the gorge.
  6. If there are, I do not know about it. From what I remember, you have the same set of greeting messages in season 2 as in season 2.
  7. Although I agree that the first three survivors could've come to the constant, we know that the gorge comes directly after the end of the forge. So unless there is some sort of time travel going on, it is most likely that the other ones went to a new world.
  8. Although I have no idea what will be in the third event or when it will happen,I do have a piece of evidence that points to there being at least one more event. If you look at the forge trailer, you will notice that the characters that go into the portal are: Wilson, Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, Wickerbottom, and Wigfrid. These characters do not really mean much until you look at the gorge trailer. The characters in that are Wilson, Wendy, and Wickerbottom. These three characters were in the original forge trailer. So what happened to the other three characters? Although they might've gone back to the constant, I highly doubt that's what happened. The developers have reffered to the events as a "series", and to me, a series should include at least 3 parts. My guess is that we will eventually get another three person event, with Willow Wolfgang and Wigfrid in the trailer. Although this doesn't completely confirm a third event, I think hink it is highly likely. If we do get one, my guess is it will be 2020 or later because the devs said they probably will not do an event in 2019.
  9. The Forge Season 3 Confirmed (not clickbait)

    Thank you for the replies everyone. I was aware of the Winona voice lines for adventure mode before this, but I forgot about them before writing this. I thought that maybe these characters have those lines because they were planned for single player but if future characters also have adventure mode quotes then I may be wrong. The developers only said that they were not bringing back the events for now, so they could bring them back next year or later. My guess is that the abilities are just his normal abilities acting in strange ways due to being in the forge, but him having extra health in the forge is suspicious, as that seems intentional. Although the forge is probably not coming this year, I hope it will come again later. I am pretty sure they are doing a third event but I will make another post about that soon.
  10. What are the coils ?

    They are called spools, and they are used to weave skins. You can unravel skins to get spools and the higher the rarity of the skin = the more spools you get from unravelling them. You will get 1/3 of the spools you need to weave something back (if you are weaving an elegant, it will cost 1350 to weave and you will get 450 back when you unravel it).
  11. So recently I was playing the forged forge mod, and someone played as Wortox. We thought the game would crash, but we were surprised when we were able to join. Not only were we able to play with Wortox, but he also had his own voice lines and abilities. As far as we could tell he had quotes for every item in the forge except grand armour (which nobody has dialogue for in the mod). He also seemed to have some sort of ability. He had 275 health and could use darts, melee weapons, books, and maybe even staves (we didn't test it with staves). I highly doubt he would be able to use every weapon in the base game because that seems too OP. Another interesting fact was that whenever he died a soul would spawn over his body. Reviving him would heal everyone in a small radius for a small amount of health. Whenever a boss or normal enemy died, they would also drop souls, which would also heal players. You may be wondering how this relates to the Forge Season 3, and I will get to that. I'm not sure if the abilities are part of the Forge or not, because they seem really similar to his normal abilities. His quotes, however, seem to indicate that the developers plan on bringing back the Forge once again. If they thought otherwise then they probably wouldn't have written all the voice lines because it would just be extra work. If you want evidence of this, you can try it out by yourself by downloading and playing the Forged Forge mod. If you ask for screenshots, I can add some. The reason I don't have any at the initial time of writing this is that I didn't take any during the game I played and I wanted to try and get this out as quickly as possible. If you have any other questions or anything to add on, put it in the comments and I will try to give you an answer.