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  1. I'm disappointed to see the klei forum community is objectifying characters now On a serious note I made a whole topic about this but I really don't want characters who are entirely dependant on building stuff and then using the stuff they built. Not only does this result in characters that people switch to, place the structures/make the crafts, then switch off of when done incorrectly (Winona and Warly were done incorrectly IMO) but it also creates a playstyle that I personally don't enjoy, that being having a playstyle that is completely standard unless you are within range of your built structures (warly can be an exception to this if you play him with a ruleset that says you can't use the celestial portal, but that's not exactly the "best" way to play, which means a lot of people don't play that way). I'm not saying that having a character with specific structures is bad, but I think that adding a character focused entirely around crafting structures with no other perks to make them interesting while outside of base would be bad for the game, but that's just my opinion
  2. I'm assuming no, but will any of her old perks be removed like with woodie?
  3. Maxwell manipulated his body's mass to give his brain more biomass at the cost of having a less dense body.
  4. Might wanna update it
  5. It gives a different message for me but maybe that's because I'm on mobile.
  7. Hm... looks like you forgot to put in the part about the wormwood update that's gonna replace every sprite with wormwood (sorry for spoilers guys)
  8. They've said well get one but they haven't said when we will
  9. Can we get clarification on Wormwood's age please. This is a much more important question.
  10. Yet another plus one, ANR songs are some of the best out of the soundtrack in my opinion, I'd love for some new songs.