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[Beta Update - PT II] Quality of Life Beta Available Now!

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  • Developer


Hey everybody!

Now that we have mostly gone through the feedback and bug fixes, we're ready for a huge batch of QOL changes, additions and some more bug fixes.

At this point, most of the feedback and bug reports have been addressed, but please feel free to let us know your thoughts. If all goes well, we'll have this fixed up and ready to go out to the live branch within the next couple weeks or so.

Thanks again!

Instructions for switching to beta versions on Steam can be found here.

The bug tracker for Don’t Starve can be found here.

The acronym in parentheses at the end of each change/bug fix refers to which DLCs this change/bug fix is applied to:

  • Base: the vanilla game, no DLCs.
  • RoG: Reign of Giants.
  • SW: Shipwrecked.
  • HAM: Hamlet.
  • ALL: all of the above.


  • Spoiler
    • New item: the Seed of Ruin. It can be obtained by defeating the Ancient Guardian (ALL).
      • Existing worlds where the Ancient Guardian is already dead will have a Seed of Ruin appearing somewhere in the ruins.
    • The Water Beefalo will now have adorable offspring! (SW).
    • New craftable: the Nightmarish Bird Whistle (HAM).
    • New Crock Pot recipe: the Meated Nettles, an antihistamine food made with meat! (HAM).



  • Non-gameplay changes (ALL):

    • Spoiler
      • The mouse wheel can now be used to browse the mods in the mods screen.
      • Chest and Bundle Wrap UI have better quality now.
      • A new integrated backpack layout can now be enabled in settings.
      • Scrolling through the world customization screen and mod configuration screen now no longer shows half of the items on the previous page.
      • The maximum number of save slots has been increased to 10.
      • A "don't show this again" check box has been added to the “mods enabled” warning screen. Check it if you don't want the warning to appear anymore!
      • Background images will now be shown on the loading screen.

  • Gameplay changes:

    • World (ALL):
      • Spoiler
        • Setting resources to “More” or “Lots” in the world customization no longer spawn them outside the biome they should spawn.
        • Hound and Crocodog waves will occur less frequently as the days go by.
        • World hopping will not update mob attack wave timers with the time spent outside the world anymore.
          • That is, traveling between worlds won't force a wave of hounds/crocodogs/etc to spawn if you're outside the world for a while.
        • The caves world generation has been changed to have fewer bridges that lead nowhere.

  • Utility / Interface (ALL):
    • Spoiler
      • Items can be stacked on the active item.
      • Items within a container (chests, etc) can now be used when crafting.
      • Now It’s possible to drop items directly from the inventory/container using the "Force Container (mod)" key, left shift by default, and the right click.
      • The dusk ambient light is brighter now.
      • All trees now have minimap icons for their burned and stump versions.

  • Tweaks:
    • Spoiler
      • Character-exclusive items crafted by Wigfrid, Wickerbottom and Woodlegs will no longer disappear when switching characters (ALL).
      • Decreases the volume of the WX-78's overcharge sound (ALL).
      • Worm Holes, Catcoons, Electric Isosceles, End Well, Pew-matic Horn and Navigadget now accept any item (ALL).
      • Many structure’s breaking sounds have been adjusted to match their materials (ALL).
      • Cactus Spike, Doydoy Feather, Blueprints, Lotus Plant and Stinger are now burnable (ALL).
      • Caged birds now accept raw monster meat and refuse cooked eggs (ALL).
      • Turfs can be stacked up to 20 now (ALL).
      • Increased the number of uses for the Tent and Siesta Lean-to to better reflect their crafting cost (ALL).
      • The damage absorbed by armors is no longer limited to its current durability. 1% and 100% durability will absorb the same damage points (ALL).
      • Dragoon Egg now has a chance to drop obsidian (SW).
      • Rawling is no longer burnable and is now considered an unrecoverable item (SW).
      • The Slot Machine now only drains sanity on use (SW).
      • The Sea Worther now floats (SW, HAM).
      • Sea Chest has a new placement animation (SW, HAM).
      • Strong winds will no longer pick up flowers (SW, HAM).
      • The Brain of Thought will not be consumed if the player already knows the crafting recipe (SW, HAM).
      • When a Worker Pigman dies before fixing the broken structure it was supposed to, a new Worker will spawn after a while and not instantly, as it was (HAM).
      • Topiaries and Hedges are now burnable and have a leafs effect when hammered (HAM).
      • Hippopotamoose Antlers can now be stacked (HAM).
      • Waves now collide with Lily Pads (HAM).
      • Claw Palm Sapling is now an item instead of a structure (HAM).
      • Vortex Cloak no longer prevents stunlocking when at 0% durability (HAM).
      • Mant Mask durability is now consumed by wearing it, like the Mant Suit (HAM).
      • Lamp Post will not turn off when placed in caves (HAM).
      • The Glommer's Flower can no longer be stored in the Root Trunk (HAM).

  • New Mechanics:
    • Spoiler
      • The Lazy Forager can now be refilled with Nightmare Fuel (ALL).
      • Tree saplings and crops can now be dug up with a shovel (ALL).
      • An animation used when setting things on fire with the torch and lighter has been added (ALL).
      • Non-Endothermic Campfires and Fire Pits will now drop a charcoal when the fire goes out, if it was fueled to the max stage (ALL).
      • Most burnt trees now have a chance to occasionally drop a charcoal, and all burnt trees now have a chance to drop an extra charcoal when chopped down (ALL).
      • Krissures can now be removed using coconades explosion (SW).
      • Yaarctopus accepts a new recipe and has new common loot (SW).
      • The Sea Yard can now repair the boat without the player being in it (SW, HAM).
      • The Tar Extractor will pile up the produced tars if the player is away (SW).
      • The Tar Lamp can now be refilled with tar (SW, HAM).
      • The Living Artifact is now able to break Obsidian Rocks and Dragoon's Dens with its special attack (HAM).
      • Cloth's Blueprint and Bamboo have been added to Smashing Pot loot (HAM).
      • Particulate Purifier now prevents the Hay Fever (HAM).
      • Stone Slabs will regenerate their loot over time (HAM).
        • Older worlds will have their Stone Slabs restocked.
      • Shears can now be used to efficiently hack bamboo and vines (HAM).
      • Trawl Net will collect a different set of items when used in Lily Ponds (HAM).
      • Items made from iron can now be smelted in the Smelter (HAM).
      • Dark Tatters can now be used to efficiently refuel the Vortex Cloak (HAM).
      • Oincs now drop in their higher value versions, when possible (HAM).
      • Wilba will now drown when transforming into Werewilba while on a boat (HAM).

  • New Crock Pot ingredients:
    • Spoiler

      Batilisk Wing, Raw Birchnut, Leafy Meat and Rainbow Jellyfish.

  • The following items have had their stats changed:
    • Spoiler
      • Pick/Axe: has more uses, does more damage (ALL).
      • Thulecite Club: has more uses (ALL).
      • Star Caller's Staff: the Dwarf Star stays longer (ALL).
      • Insulated Pack and Sea Sack: has more slots, are no longer burnable (RoG, SW, HAM).
      • Tar Suit: lasts longer, can be repaired with tar (SW).
      • Windbreaker: increased water resistance (SW).
      • Quackering Ram: more uses, less damage, added cooldown (SW, HAM).
      • Snakeskin Jacket: increased water resistance (SW, HAM).
      • Fancy Helmet and Tin Suit: increased defense, decreased movement penalty (HAM).
      • Weevole Mantle: increased defense, added water resistance (HAM).
      • Vortex Clock: has more slots, less sanity drain, cheaper repair (HAM).
      • Bramble Husk: increased defense, increased durability (HAM).
      • Thunderhat: lightning strikes consume less durability (HAM).

  • Crafting recipes changes:
    • Spoiler
      • Changed the position of the Bundle Wrap crafting recipe to be near the top (ALL).
      • Insulated Pack, Bat Bat, Marble Suit, Potted Ferns, Thunderhat and Cat Cap cost less resources now (ALL).
      • Rabbit earmuffs no longer need a Science Machine to prototype (ALL).
      • Tar Extractor and Sea Yard now require the Alchemy Engine to prototype (SW).
      • Boat Torch can be crafted in Hamlet (HAM).

  • These items/structures now drop items when hammered/deconstructed:
    • Spoiler

      Spiderhat, Palace's Watch Tower, Swinesbury Academy, Farm House, Quarry Lodgings, Mandrake Hill and Intricate Topiary.

  • Creatures changes:
    • Spoiler
      • The Ancient Guardian fight has been redesigned (ALL).
      • Batilisks now drop Batilisk Wings more frequently (ALL).
      • Bees and Killer Bees now need to be closer to their targets to hit them (ALL).
      • Tallbirds without a nest will now make a new nest, but only on rocky, dirt or magma turf (ALL).
      • Changed the time for Tallbirds to lay a new egg to be more inline with other food sources (ALL).
      • Shadow Hands (the campfire stealing hands) no longer trigger spider creep (ALL).
      • Deerclops’s attack area more accurately reflects the FX (RoG, SW, HAM).
      • Dragoons now drop Dragoon Hearts more frequently (SW).
      • Fire Packim Baggims now no longer attacks monster mobs, and instead helps the player by attacking their target (SW).
      • Snakes and Flup can now be trapped (SW, HAM).
      • Adult and teen Doydoys will now float when dropped over water (SW, HAM).
      • Nightmare creatures, Ghosts and companions no longer trigger traps in Hamlet ruins (HAM).
      • Rabid Beetles, Vampire Bats and Royal Guards are now susceptible to the Deep Rainforest poisonous gas (HAM).
      • City pigmans now walk home during the dusk, preventing them from getting stuck in walls (HAM).
      • The Worker pigman will no longer spawn to repair player built structures (HAM).
      • Bees and butterflies are now affected by the Bug B'Gone's poison cloud (HAM).

  • Hamlet's economy changes (HAM):
    • Spoiler
      • Platapine Quills are now tradable with the Collector Pigman.
      • Hippopotamoose Antlers are now tradable with the Hunter Pigman.
      • The Trawl Net Blueprint can now be purchased in the Tinkerer's Tower.
      • Sewing Kits can now be purchased in the Sow's Ear Hat Shop.
      • Ice staff, Red staff, Chill amulet, Glow Berry and Down Feather had their price reduced in Hamlet shops. Gears and Halberd had their price increased.


Bug Fixes:

  • Spoiler
    • Art fixes:
      • Fixed a misplaced bubble in some Quacken animations (SW).
      • Fixed Willow's missing dark eye circle when sailing (SW, HAM).
      • Fixed Wimpy Wolfgang face position when sailing (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed Abigail not despawning when hit by Wendy (ALL).
    • Fixed being able to use the bug net while riding a beefalo (ALL).
    • Fixed Beefalos losing aggro too quickly (ALL).
    • Fixed Splumonkey Pods shaking while burned (ALL).
    • Fixed plants playing the barren animation transition even though they are already playing the barren animation (ALL).
    • Fixed some missing world customization texts (ALL).
    • Fixed boomerang sometimes stopping in mid-air when dropped (ALL).
    • Fixed Water Beefalo walking over water (SW).
    • Fixed the Tiger Shark staying invincible in some cases (SW).
    • Fixed picking up mussels from the ground using the long animation (SW).
    • Fixed Wilbur, while running, showing the hand equipment in his tail when he shouldn't (SW).
    • Fixed Quackering Ram not breaking Coral Reefs that had the mineable part mined by it (SW).
    • Fixed Sandbag's placement grid when outside Shipwrecked (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed being able to place aquatic structures too close to each other (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed floating Abigail's Flower animation being frozen (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed physical attacks poisoning the player, despite doing damage to the boat (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed manure sometimes not visually floating correctly (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed traveling between worlds not dropping special items from backpacks (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed Werebeaver drowning animation not playing correctly (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed the Hay Fever overlay appearing immediately on the first Hay fever (HAM).
    • Fixed Webber's inspection lines for Vortex Cloak and Dark Tatters inverted. (HAM).
    • Fixed Sandbags and walls blocking passage when broken and in interiors (HAM).
    • Fixed Sandbags blocking passage when broken after save-load (HAM).
    • Fixed a wrong compatibility text on the mods screen (HAM).
    • Fixed the Key to the City crafting tab constantly disappearing when the item was in backpacks (HAM).
    • Fixed missing floating animation for "Pig Skin?" (HAM).
    • Fixed Gnats making their nest over water (HAM).
    • Fixed Vipers losing aggro on water targets (HAM).
    • Fixed the player walking awkwardly when trying to enter a door in interiors (HAM).
    • Fixed Hippopotamoose’s freeze effect not fitting their model (HAM).
    • Fixed an issue with irreplaceable items stored in the Root Trunk before the update dropping at world origin (HAM).


Notes for Modders:

  • Spoiler

    A new function: RegisterInventoryItemAtlas is now available in the mod environment.



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I've been waiting three years for something like this, you guys are awesome!

EDIT: Holy cow, you guys weren't kidding when you said there'd be a QoL update. This has basically everything I've wanted from DST, it's so great.

Edited by SpoonyBardIV
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I love that the Insulated Pack and Sea Sack got buffed! They were so underwhelming before, but now the mod I use for them may be broken. And the Vortex Cloak is even better, with more space and no more stunless hits taken at 0%. This means no more deerclops mishaps. But overall, I'm pretty hyped to keep playing DS. These were some well-needed fixes for singleplayer. I wonder if we'll get those DST character refreshes in DS next? Wishful thinking? Absolutely!

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Something really crucial that's missing I can notice so far is the action hold QoL from DST. That QoL alone makes so much of the game less of a grind. If that can be implemented I would be really happy. Thank you for the fantastic Qol!!!

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37 minutes ago, DiogoW said:
  • New item: the Seed of Ruin. It can be obtained by defeating the Ancient Guardian (ALL).
    • Existing worlds where the Ancient Guardian is already dead will have a Seed of Ruin appearing somewhere in the ruins.

If this is what I think it is, then oh my god what a great update

Edited by Ornge
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Please! Add Beefalo Bells so we can be able to take our fuzzy boy into caves or even through worlds! Leave them alone in the surfice always was very sad..

Maybe traveling through worlds is too much I think, but pls! All I need in Singleplayer DS is be able to go to caves with my tamed Beefalo, please! :wilson_drool:

Edited by OLIMON
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47 minutes ago, DiogoW said:

New item: the Seed of Ruin. It can be obtained by defeating the Ancient Guardian (ALL).

Could you make it so it could regenerate hamlet pig ruins aswell if you use it on a ruinous entrance? The player could possibly get the item from the endswell.

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I've been in a pretty terrible mood for a while now, and this makes me feel better. If I wasn't down I'd probably be screaming, this is so much good changes I absolutely adore. I guess the spreadsheet is back in my tabs for the next while.

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Allow me to explain these two changes, after I tested them:

  • The Ancient Guardian fight has been redesigned (ALL).
  • New item: the Seed of Ruin. It can be obtained by defeating the Ancient Guardian (ALL).

The Ancient Guardian fight now works like it does in DST. You have to make it ram into the pillars to make it dizzy, and it spawns shadow tentacles at low HP. When it dies, there's a Seed of Ruin in the chest. If you take that seed to the surface and hover over the cave entrance with your mouse, you can use the Seed of Ruin to regenerate both the Caves and Ruins connected to that hole. This is huge.

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Just now, Blue Moth said:

Question, will these changes be made for Pocket Edition too or only the PC version?

We'll get them to all the other versions that we can still release to eventually. However it's going to take some time to port and test them all so we do not have an ETA.


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