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  1. Wolfgang can be hired soon! Wes's Circus is out of money for now (Wes isn't a good ticket seller).
  2. 3/3 Thank you Klei! Now the Wes's Circus has jugglers and is safer against the fire.
  3. For me, this is the most fair form of balancing. Wes is OP.
  4. Wes reworked:
  5. The new skins for Wood Fence and Directional sign with industrial touch is so amazing!
  6. YEEAAAAH! "Each day you play, you will receive a drop simply by logging in."
  7. Yeap! In fact, I know that both, just like other items, have this property. But what caught my attention was the intensity of the change caused by nightmare cycles in the Tesla's lantern.
  8. Red Lantern, right? I didn't really do a test, in my previous post, I was referring to the others lantern skins. Thank you for information!
  9. Exactly! Nope! The other lanterns don't have color variation during the Cycle. @Sinister_Fang, @seyfitoplar, @__IvoCZE__ Thanks for the tips and explanations!
  10. During my last run through the ruins, I noticed that the color of the light emitted by the lantern skin varies according to the nightmare cycle. I'm not sure if a post about that has already been created, but I found it interesting to share.
  11. Red Dead Starvation II
  12. Today is the day of the pigs! Thanks for the new content, Klei!