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  1. All they've conquered is just the reward of a job well done, deserve much more. Klei, you're simply the best!
  2. Wes was NERFED
  3. There are some useful tips and guidelines here:
  4. Polluting the Oceans

    Or just make them sink.
  5. For the third question, I am among the first two alternatives... Losing the boat is a bad thing, depending on how much investment you've made to build it and what's stocked in it, but I also find it odd that the ghosts remain with items, however, I believe that the updates that will come, they'll fix it. Let that echo around here. Don't forget!
  6. [Game Update] - 335371

  7. No glommer?

    U can use the following command in console to find out: c_countprefabs ("statueglommer"); Wiki says it's a bug.'s_Statue
  8. I need to fish at sea

    Take it easy, guys. We'll probably be able soon.
  9. New boat skin
  10. spoil Return of Them!

    Nightmare Amulet disables the enlightening effect