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  1. Not outdated anymore, but still buggy. Klei doesn't care about fixing bugs anymore, it seems...
  2. Did you possibly set the world size to "Large" in the world options? Because doing that will make Hamlet worlds take an extremely long time to generate, if at all.
  3. You can just use the Brain of Thought to craft Ruins/Volcano items. You can make one with the Brain Coral from SW.
  4. The DLCs wouldn't even be terrible if they actually WORKED CORRECTLY. The entire reason I stopped playing is because of the enormous amount of bugs.
  5. Nope. All I got was silence. And to make it even worse, the devs have since blocked all personal messages so we can't contact them anymore. EDIT: You should try cross posting this post in the DST forum, the devs actually check on stuff there.
  6. There's way to many for me to list all of them, but some of the major ones are these. - Loads of interior issues, teleporting into the void and such -Plenty of issues regarding Wheeler's dodging - World hopping destroying worlds, leading to incorrect ones or just crashing the game - Seasonal effects not occurring after world hopping (i.e. no meteors in dry season, no puddles in monsoon season) - Things spawning at point 0,0,0 instead of their proper place - Flies in interiors not going away even after manure is removed - Hound attacks are broken when entering houses or shops, sometimes they spawn inside and sometimes not at all. - RoG world generation is entirely messed up, completely different world layouts with Hamlet compatibility compared to without. This is seen here
  7. No you don't. We have almost all of the issues you guys are having with the console versions, and Klei just doesn't care.
  8. Since the devs don't seem to be paying any attention to the forums, I've been thinking about contacting them directly regarding various bugs and possible fixes, to see if that would have a better chance of getting someone over here to do something about it. Does anyone know how to contact them? any email addresses that I should know about? Thanks.
  9. If you start a new Hamlet world, you can make a Skyworthy there, and when it asks you to merge worlds, just choose your RoG one. It's the only way I'm aware of.
  10. To the Don’t Starve development team,


    First off, let me say that I am sorry for bothering you. I mean you no disrespect, and I apologize if I’m wasting your time. However, there is something I wish to bring up on behalf of the entire Don’t Starve community that I and many others feel needs to be addressed. We know you guys are finished working on Hamlet, and DS in general. And that’s fine. We’re all very grateful to you for your work on Hamlet, and we understand that you have to move on at some point. But the problem that we’ve been trying to bring attention to is the fact that there are many bugs and issues in the game that have not been resolved. Some of them are even to the point of being game-breaking (seasonal effects not working after world hopping is a major one, but there are many more). Even if you don’t plan on adding any more content to the game, is there any possibility that you guys could allocate just a little bit of time to fix these issues? I could even compile a detailed list of bugs if you’d like. It’s just difficult to truly enjoy a game when a lot of things don’t function as intended. Again, we’re all grateful that Hamlet even exists. All we ask is for the remaining issues to be resolved, and we’d be happy. Is it at least something you guys would consider?



    SpoonyBardIV and the rest of the DS community

  11. Look, I know you guys are done releasing big content updates for DS. I get that. DST is more profitable, and I have no disrespect for your decision. However, there are a lot of bugs and issues that have still not been resolved, some of which are game-breaking. Even if you aren’t going to add anything else to the game, is there any chance that you guys could at least fix the issues that are already there? Again, I mean you no disrespect, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that leaving bugs unresolved is a really big f**k you to the community that has supported your games for so long. @JoeW, @Jason, @bizziboi could you at least consider that much? I really think it would make everyone here happy...
  12. That's what I have a problem with. I would be completely happy and satisfied with Hamlet if everything that was supposed to be included was actually there. But it's hard to support a DLC that had a lot of content cut for no apparent reason. Especially after the devs specifically saying that it will be added.
  13. They could still work on both games at once if they really wanted to. The point of having 2 separate games is the fact that there are major differences in gameplay and mechanics between them. DST has no gameplay elements even remotely similar to those of Hamlet, and DS has very little in common with RoT. Each game provides completely different and unique experiences that the other can or does not. Neglecting one of them while focusing solely on the other is just wasting potential. Oh, and input lag. Like you said, DST has lots of it, and if I want to play RoG worlds I will always choose DS over DST because of that fact. It's not like Klei can't work on DS as well as DST. Hamlet has already proven that. They can, but they won't, and that's the issue I have with the whole situation.
  14. Sorry, I may have been a little but unclear about what I said. I didn't mean just skins should be added to DS to make it more popular. I mean, obviously people like skins, but my point is that they should just add ALL of the QoL things from DST, things like events, skins, new bosses... That's why I say that they should give DS an engine update. Update it to use the same engine as DST. Then they could port things way easier, and they could develop updates for both games at once with less effort.