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  1. To the Don’t Starve development team,


    First off, let me say that I am sorry for bothering you. I mean you no disrespect, and I apologize if I’m wasting your time. However, there is something I wish to bring up on behalf of the entire Don’t Starve community that I and many others feel needs to be addressed. We know you guys are finished working on Hamlet, and DS in general. And that’s fine. We’re all very grateful to you for your work on Hamlet, and we understand that you have to move on at some point. But the problem that we’ve been trying to bring attention to is the fact that there are many bugs and issues in the game that have not been resolved. Some of them are even to the point of being game-breaking (seasonal effects not working after world hopping is a major one, but there are many more). Even if you don’t plan on adding any more content to the game, is there any possibility that you guys could allocate just a little bit of time to fix these issues? I could even compile a detailed list of bugs if you’d like. It’s just difficult to truly enjoy a game when a lot of things don’t function as intended. Again, we’re all grateful that Hamlet even exists. All we ask is for the remaining issues to be resolved, and we’d be happy. Is it at least something you guys would consider?



    SpoonyBardIV and the rest of the DS community

  2. That's the really disappointing part. They won't even tell us anything.
  3. I completely agree with you. Sure, it's pretty lame that Klei gave up on Hamlet entirely, but I say that it's better to enjoy Hamlet for what it is than complain about what it isn't.
  4. This issue isn't specific to Hamlet. I will often get disconnected islands in my RoG worlds with no Wormholes connecting them to the mainland, making them completely inaccessible. I know that this issue was fixed in Hamlet, but it still happens in RoG, Cave and Ruins worlds. It should be a relatively simple fix, as you could probably just use the same worldgen rule that makes disconnected islands in Hamlet require a wormhole.
  5. You know of any tutorials on that? Sorry if I seem a bit pushy, I just don't really know a lot about this kind of stuff...
  6. I looked through all the mods in both your links, and I still don't have the foggiest idea of what to do. Do you know of any good guides on creating prefabs using existing assets?
  7. Speaking of custom prefabs, how do I actually create one? I want to make a wheat plant based on the gorge assets that spawns in the savannah.
  8. When Wormwood is struck by lightning is SW or RoG, he is lit on fire, even when wearing an Eyebrella or similar lightning-resistant clothing. This issue is not present in Hamlet. Here is an image for proof (I spawned a Thunderbird to make the lightning strike):
  9. But it never used to do 200. That's more than the Ancient Guardian does.
  10. Clockwork Rooks deal 200 damage to other mobs.
  11. Here is the save file, if you are interested in looking at it. If it helps, I already tried verifying the files in Steam, and it didn't do anything. survival_1
  12. I did neither of those things. No mods were ever used, and I don't even know HOW to remove roads. I just tried to start the save, and that happened. I could upload my save if that would help... Is there any way at all to restore the world? I tried to make a copy of the file (Survival_1) and then replaced the original with the copy, but it wouldn't work.
  13. The game crashes whenever I load my world with this error screen. I have no mods enabled.
  14. Not YET, you say. But it shall indeed come to pass...