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  1. The Ultimate World

    Yeah, but there's a lot of issues that I have no idea how to fix. If anyone has any experience making mods similar to this, I would gladly accept help.
  2. Great Progress!

    Yeah, and Hamlet never got anything like that. It's truly disappointing.
  3. Great Progress!

    You know, I've been thinking a lot about how Klei actually makes money lately. Klei stops developing Hamlet because they gave away so many copies for free, but in the same breath they put seemingly endless resources into developing the latest additions to DST, which I might add are ALSO FREE. And I refuse to believe that they are making enough money from their cheap skins to actually make a difference. If they can put so much time into DST without charging players a single cent, then the least they could do is put a little bit more effort into Hamlet. I would GLADLY give them $6 of my own money if that meant they would continue working on the game.
  4. The Ultimate World

    I was messing around in the World Generation files recently, and after about a half hour of copying and pasting I managed to create a really cool world that I thought I should share. It's every biome from DS, RoG, Hamlet, Caves AND Ruins all in one huge world. Here are screenshots of the different sections: Here is the full map: There are still a few issues that I don't really know what to do about, like these: Also, I don't think I've ever seen so many wormholes like this: Anyway, I just thought I should share with you all some of the cool stuff that fore SOME reason hasn't been made into an actual mod yet. If anyone wants to know how I did this, just DM me.
  5. Do developers check bug tracker?

    God, you guys are just a bunch of shady politicians. Like, holy crap. Way to skirt the issue. I think we’ve all had enough of your hella vague “if we happen to decide” BS. Just answer the bloody question already! Do you anticipate ever coming back or not?? We’ve waited three quarters of a year already and you guys have given us absolutely NOTHING. The least you could possibly do is tell us what the deal is here! Even if you told us that you don’t think there will be another update, at least that’s something. But it is just plain disrespectful to leave fans of ANY game in the dark, never mind one as recent as Hamlet.
  6. Hamlet ever get new update?

    Yeah, they really screwed DS player over... It's unfortunate. Klei won't even fix bugs anymore. They care that little about the game now.
  7. I'm developing a mod that changes various textures in the game. But for some reason, whenever I add anything into the /images or /images/colour_cubes folder in my mod, the game just closes just after generating the world. Does anyone know of a fix?
  8. Great Progress!

    If this is supposed to be an insult, then I fully support you.
  9. Thou art a traitor to thy kind. FOR SHAME!
  10. Islands Without Wormholes

    This issue isn't specific to Hamlet. I will often get disconnected islands in my RoG worlds with no Wormholes connecting them to the mainland, making them completely inaccessible. I know that this issue was fixed in Hamlet, but it still happens in RoG, Cave and Ruins worlds. It should be a relatively simple fix, as you could probably just use the same worldgen rule that makes disconnected islands in Hamlet require a wormhole.
  11. When Wormwood is struck by lightning is SW or RoG, he is lit on fire, even when wearing an Eyebrella or similar lightning-resistant clothing. This issue is not present in Hamlet. Here is an image for proof (I spawned a Thunderbird to make the lightning strike):
  12. Clockwork Rook Damage Bug

    But it never used to do 200. That's more than the Ancient Guardian does.
  13. Clockwork Rook Damage Bug

    Clockwork Rooks deal 200 damage to other mobs.
  14. Crash when loading world

    Here is the save file, if you are interested in looking at it. If it helps, I already tried verifying the files in Steam, and it didn't do anything. survival_1
  15. Crash when loading world

    I did neither of those things. No mods were ever used, and I don't even know HOW to remove roads. I just tried to start the save, and that happened. I could upload my save if that would help... Is there any way at all to restore the world? I tried to make a copy of the file (Survival_1) and then replaced the original with the copy, but it wouldn't work.