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  1. Wow. I'm so glad I gave Klei my money so that they could fool us with an unfinished DLC that they only made as an "experiment". You know what, Klei? You can forget about having any of my money ever again. I'm done with you. You guys have really let DS players down in such an enormous way, and it is absolutely shameful. I hope one day that this comes back and bites you in the ass. EDIT: Yes, I'm salty. And I'm allowed to be. Klei can't just expect us to be happy when they abandon a game before it is completely finished. EDIT 2: And the fact that Klei is just abandoning the game without any further thought is just sad! One of their "reasons" for halting work on the game is that the engine is too old to work with efficiently, so why don't they just give DS one last push with an engine update? If they updated the engine to the one DST uses, they could work on updates for both games at once and satisfy both communities! EDIT 3: *Sigh* I'm sorry. Maybe I was a bit harsh in my original post... But that still doesn't excuse Klei for completely giving up on DS and its players. If they're going to stop working on the game, the least they could do is deliver the content they promised, and maybe fix a few bugs before they completely stop. @JoeW, maybe that's something you might consider?
  2. I never got a screenshot of it, but one time I happened to get 2 wormholes so close together that their graphics were OVERLAPPING. Like, seriously. Can it get much worse? Edit: On another note, the best wormhole scenario I've got was a small disconnected island with 4 wormholes leading to different points of the world.
  3. That's the really disappointing part. They won't even tell us anything.
  4. I completely agree with you. Sure, it's pretty lame that Klei gave up on Hamlet entirely, but I say that it's better to enjoy Hamlet for what it is than complain about what it isn't.
  5. People complain that adding too many things from DST wouldn’t make sense lore-wise, but who really cares anymore? Single Player DS lost any sense of lore canon a long time ago, and I bet I’m not the only one who would pay Klei good money if they ported every last drop of DST content over to DS (albeit with some balance changes). Edit: Hey @JoeW, this seems to be a pretty popular quote, *ahem* maybe that's a hint...
  6. You say "Next Update" as if that's even something that Klei would consider. I wish I could live with such ignorance.
  7. This issue isn't specific to Hamlet. I will often get disconnected islands in my RoG worlds with no Wormholes connecting them to the mainland, making them completely inaccessible. I know that this issue was fixed in Hamlet, but it still happens in RoG, Cave and Ruins worlds. It should be a relatively simple fix, as you could probably just use the same worldgen rule that makes disconnected islands in Hamlet require a wormhole.
  8. You know of any tutorials on that? Sorry if I seem a bit pushy, I just don't really know a lot about this kind of stuff...
  9. I looked through all the mods in both your links, and I still don't have the foggiest idea of what to do. Do you know of any good guides on creating prefabs using existing assets?
  10. Speaking of custom prefabs, how do I actually create one? I want to make a wheat plant based on the gorge assets that spawns in the savannah.
  11. When Wormwood is struck by lightning is SW or RoG, he is lit on fire, even when wearing an Eyebrella or similar lightning-resistant clothing. This issue is not present in Hamlet. Here is an image for proof (I spawned a Thunderbird to make the lightning strike):
  12. But it never used to do 200. That's more than the Ancient Guardian does.
  13. Clockwork Rooks deal 200 damage to other mobs.
  14. Here is the save file, if you are interested in looking at it. If it helps, I already tried verifying the files in Steam, and it didn't do anything. survival_1