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  1. Well, I have chopped them down since then, but I was referring to the eerie blue glow that makes the trees seem extra creepy during a full moon.
  2. Out of place setpieces in Hamlet

    Not every time, but it is quite common.
  3. I started a new Wigfrid game in RoG recently, and I decided that I wanted to kill a Clockwork Knight with a torch (it was night). I was very surprised when it started on fire, and even more surprised when the gears turned to ash when it died... I haven't tested with other mobs yet, but I have a feeling that there is a problem with non-flammable loot burning.
  4. Or, here is an even better idea: make the shop owners restock the items on shelves. I'm really not sure how the devs didn't realize this from the start...
  5. Out of place setpieces in Hamlet

    I came across that once as well. I wish it could just be an actual forced feature, because then I could actually ride Beefalo in Hamlet without using the console...
  6. Hamlet world generation is a MESS. I have reported issues many times, but to no avail...
  7. New Season Perk Speculations

    That is one aspect that Hamlet is severely lacking in. RoG had the Ruins, the only place where you could get Thulecite, Green Gems, Orange Gems, and other tasty loot. SW had the Volcano, where you could get Coffee, Elephant Cacti and Obsidian. I know that the Pig Ruins and Cave Clefts are supposed to be Hamlet's equivalent, but there isn't really any reason to even go into the Ruins other than the ones that lead to other islands. Sure, you can sell the Relics you find, but I have made more Oincs selling clippings from hedges than I ever have selling Relics. Plus, all of Hamlet's areas provide mid-game challenges and rewards at best. What I would like to see (finally) in Hamlet is an area similar to the Atrium from DST, but larger. As in, something that is very dangerous, hard to navigate, has really rare and useful items, and has an ultimate "final boss", so to speak. The Fuelweaver is without a doubt the most intense boss in all of DS, and I would like to see something like that in Hamlet. I thought the Herald was going to be similar, but it ended up just being a pointless nuisance that I can just run from if I choose.
  8. New Season Perk Speculations

    Sorry, I forgot about that. And I also forgot to mention adding Snapdragons as a Lush Season mob.
  9. As we all know, Klei told us that each of the Hamlet seasons will be getting some new perks when they released the official roadmap. What would you all hope to see when the new update releases? I have some ideas below: Humid Season: -Science Says the Ground is Moist! (Deep Rainforest turf can be dug up during Humid Season, because the moisture makes the ground easier to move) -ACTUAL drops from Rabid Beetles (Something useful that we can use to make new items) -Fog Affects All (Mobs will have a smaller aggro range, because they can't see well in the fog) Lush Season: -ALL plants start to bloom (For example, blooming Saplings will give 2 twigs rather than 1, blooming Claw Palms will drop 6 Cork instead of 3) Aporkalypse: -The Herald will reset the Ruins when killed -The Aporkalypse can only be ended by killing the Herald -New Iron Hulk boss What do you think of these ideas? Of course, these are just a few, so leave some more in the comments below!
  10. Something is spooky here... The Full Moon really does have a cool effect on the Spider Monkey Trees.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that there is not enough variety when it comes to the different Shops in Hamlet? I think not. So, I came up with two new ideas (and quite good ones if I do say so myself...). The first one is the New Pork Mineral Deposit. The point of this shop would be to sell the various minerals found throughout the Don't Starve world. It would sell things like Rocks and Flint for 1 Oinc, Nitre for 3 Oincs, Marble for 10 Oincs, Obsidian for 20 Oincs and Thulecite for 50 Oincs. It would make minerals easily renewable in Hamlet, ut only once the player has amassed a fair amount of Oincs. The second Shop I thought of was the Posh Piglet Jewelry Boutique. It would sell all the different color Gems. Red and Blue Gems would cost 20 Oincs. Green, Yellow and Orange Gems would each be 40 Oincs. And Purple Gems would only be a measly 5 Oincs, because the Pigs of Hamlet know that they are very common. Anyway, tell me what you think in the comments below!
  12. Foliage as a filler

    But is it renewable? If I remember correctly, once you pick it all, you can't get any more...
  13. New Layer

    Then Klei REALLY needs to make them bigger. Which takes longer to explore? The Hamlet Ruins, or the RoG Ruins?
  14. When Wormwood gets struck by lightning when wearing an Eyebrella, he is lit on fire.
  15. New Layer

    Am I the only one here who is disappointed in the Hamlet Ruins? In RoG, we had the Caves (For Light Flowers, Bunny Hutches, Rock Lobsters...) and the Ruins (For Thulecite, Slurper Pelts, Gems...). In SW, we had the Volcano (mainly for Coffee and OBSIDIAN. Obsidian is just great). The thing that those areas had in common is that they had completely new creatures, new biomes, and actually provided a different experience than the standard surface world. Hamlet is missing that. Wouldn't you really want to see a whole new layer similar to the Caves or the Volcano, in Hamlet? Something that provides a challenge, but in return gives you some kind of useful, rare material. Something that is actually generated as a whole new map, rather than just a few separate rooms.