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  1. Great Progress!

    If this is supposed to be an insult, then I fully support you.
  2. I actually accomplished this in Single Player DS. I can’t quite remember the name of the file I edited, but I’ll give you the name as well as instructions on how to disable roads when the parts for my new PC get here (My old 2011 iMac’s GPU died, so I’m building a new PC).
  3. MAJOR Wormwood Oversight...

    Yeah. Klei really should change this, because then Wormwood would be able to effectively use the Cacti without using the Cactus Armor.
  4. MAJOR Wormwood Oversight...

    Sorry. My laptop battery died shortly after I did the test, and I didn’t have the charger with me. The Snaptooths do indeed attack the Cacti, and vice versa.
  5. Interesting Megabase Room Ideas?

    Forgot to mention that I already have this... Great ideas, however.
  6. Interesting Megabase Room Ideas?

    How would I do any of these? Viney Bushes planted by the player don't produce snakes, and the rest are either non-transplantable or non-renewable. Also, how do you grow Nettles without a sprinkler? Only being able to collect them during Spring seems like it wouldn't be that useful... Other than that, great ideas!
  7. MAJOR Wormwood Oversight...

    I'm going to try that now.
  8. MAJOR Wormwood Oversight...

    Plants are supposed to be neutral to Wormwood... SO WHY THE HECK DO ELEPHANT CACTI STILL ATTACK HIM??? Klei, it would be nice if you fixed this...
  9. Klei, the Turf system needs work.

    You know how turfs with higher priority will overlap ones with lower priority? What I am essentially saying is that instead of certain turfs always overlapping others, make the turf that is more recently placed overlap the turf adjacent to it. This would make you able to choose which turf you wanted to overlap the others. For example, placing a tile of Dense Turf beside a previously placed tile of Stone Road Turf would cause the Stone Road Turf to be partially overlapped by the Dense Turf, which is impossible with the current turf priority system.
  10. For a while now, I've noticed myself using more and more craftable turfs in my ever expanding base. One thing that bothers me, and likely a lot of other people, is the turf priority system. I've lost count of how many times I've wanted to make a patch of some turf, only to have a good portion of it covered up by other turf because it had a low priority. So here is what I propose. Why not instead of having turfs have a set priority, have the priority become variable, depending on which turf was placed first. For example, if I place a tile of Snake Skin Rug, and then place some Forest Turf beside it, the Forest Turf will take priority due to it being placed "on top" of the Snake Skin Rug. That way, you can have any turf you want to be more visible. Whichever turf is placed more recently will overlap the previous turf, allowing for any turf to overlap any other turf, rather than having high priority turfs always overlap lower ones. I've said my piece. @Jason
  11. I'm in the process of building a very large Megabase. I have made a lot of space to put things, but the problem I am now facing is that I have run out of ideas for what to put in them. What I already have is: -Essential Plants (Grass, Saplings, Trees, etc.) -Multiple Kitchens (Crock Pots, Ice Boxes and other such things) -Ice Makers -Dragoon Farm (Using Royal Guards) -Bamboo -Viney Bushes -Elephant Cacti -Farms with all of the vegetables necessary for said Kitchens -Beefalo Pen -Volt Goat Pen -Rock Lobsters -Moleworm Farm -Evil Flower Farm -Varg Farm -Gnat Mounds -Bee Boxes (A LOT of them) -Drying Racks -EXCESSIVE amounts of Coffee -Silk Farm (Spider Dens and Bunny Hutches) -Chests -Doy Doys I've only filled about two thirds of the rooms in the base, but I have no more ideas of what do do with them. Does anyone have any interesting ideas? However, please don't suggest Nettles, because I am in RoG and have no access to a sprinkler (Seriously, Klei should make the sprinkler able to use what is OBVIOUSLY WATER at the edge of RoG worlds).
  12. I'm trying to make a mod that replaces all of the turf textures in the game with the ones from Hamlet. The problem is, I don't really know how to make a Steam Workshop mod file that won't get destroyed whenever the game is updated. I know how to replace the textures manually, as in renaming the Hamlet turfs to what I need and then putting them into the DST folder, but as I said, that work is always undone whenever the game is updated. What I need assistance with is creating an actual mod file that tells the game to load the alternate textures that are in a mod folder rather than just manually replacing them myself. Plus, if I know how to do that then I can upload it to the steam workshop for all to use. Does anyone here have experience making a mod that just replaces the default textures with other, pre existing ones?
  13. New goggles for Wagstaff

    Okay. First off, let me say that while i do love Wagstaff, I still believe he is lacking in terms of goggles. He is pretty much forced to wear some form of goggles all the time, and there is currently a lot of headwear without Wagstaff equivalents. So, I had a few ideas for some new goggles to help Wagstaff in different scenarios. Heated Goggles: Mainly used to slow freezing in Winter. Made with 2 Beefalo Wool and a Thermal Stone. The disadvantage of these would be that standing close to any flammable object for more than 10 seconds would cause it to start smoldering. For example, you would have to walk away from most trees before you finish chopping, and come back 5 seconds later to reset the cooldown. As a side effect it would produce the mild orange waves at the edge of the screen, like the ones that appear when you are ALMOST overheating. Deluxe Goggles: Made with 2 Boards and 2 Gold Nuggets. Would function identically to the regular Goggles, but rather than losing durability based on the time worn they would lose durability when Wagstaff takes damage, like armor. Except they wouldn't block any damage. Refuelable Infro-Goggles: This one is simple. Just make the Infro-Goggles refuelable - with Electrical Doodads! Thulecite Visor: Made with 2 Thulecite, a Red Gem and a Visor. A Thulecite version of the Visor. Would function like a Thulecite Crown, but would obscure vision. Umbrella Goggles: Made with a Deerclops Eye, 2 Pig Skin and 2 Cut Stone. Would function like an Eyebrella, protecting you from rain and heat. Magnifying Goggles: Made with a Magnifying Glass and a set of regular Goggles. Would allow the camera to zoom out further without being obscured by clouds or forced to zoom back in.
  14. So I was thinking about the various ways that the DS/T Lore could possibly end. I keep hearing people say that it will probably be related to the Nightmare Throne, but I have a different idea. What if Wagstaff were to enter the constant in DST, but the one difference would be that he (and only he) had the knowledge of how to build a time travel device. It wouldn't be out of place, because we already know that Wagstaff is far superior to the other survivors in terms of technological knowledge. Wagstaff would join forces with the other survivors to build his time machine. Once built, they would go back in time to the age of the Ancients, before the great cataclysm that led to their downfall, and with the Maxwell's knowledge of Nightmare Fuel, Wagstaff's knowledge of technology and all of each character's skills, they would engage in a final battle against "Them" and stop the cataclysm before it even happened, resulting in both "Them" being vanquished and the Ancients being saved. Maxwell would of course have to sacrifice himself to save both the world and Charlie because of all the evil done in his name, and this would finally give him peace. The Nightmare Throne would subsequently collapse and Charlie would be freed from the control of "Them".
  15. Suggestion: Octiples

    Hmmph. It would be more interesting in SW. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT???