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  1. Fix Hamlet World Generation

    It isn't as common in default worlds, but it happens. It is more common on "Large" worlds. Just set the world to Large. It can happen on default but it is less common.
  2. Fix Hamlet World Generation

    Yeah, I really wish Klei would try and make worlds generate with the fewest holes possible, because they are the reason that things like this happen. also,
  3. The title says it all. Hamlet world generation is SOOOOO broken right now. The main problem is that the world creates so many useless HOLES everywhere. This is not only annoying, but it can have some very nasty side effects... SO MANY HOLES!! Nasty Side Effects... (Notice the small separated islands)
  4. Suggestion for Royal Crown

    Silly, but interesting!
  5. Suggestion for Royal Crown

    Early game? First of all, the Mant Queen is a mid game boss at best, and if you think that the new function is too powerful for how early you could get it, just BUFF the Mant Queen.
  6. First off, who here thinks that once Wilba is unlocked, there is pretty much no use for the Royal Crown? I sure do. After you unlock Wilba, the Royal Crown isn't even needed to get the Royal Gallery items. You can get all of them with the Blue Swine, the Jeweled Truffle and the Scepter. As it is now, the Royal Crown is just a slightly better version of the Top Hat, giving 4 sanity per minute when worn. The Tam O' Shanter is still the better option when it comes to Sanity. My suggestion is to give the Royal Crown the same function as the Bee Queen Crown from DST. It wouldn't block any damage, but it would convert all Insanity auras into Sanity auras. Since Hamlet is the DLC that is hardest on your Sanity (IMO), this feature would make it easier to manage. Want to gain some quick Sanity? Just equip the revised Royal Crown and stand near an Evil Flower (or anything else that usually drains Sanity)! I just think that the Royal Crown should have a better use other than just unlocking Wilba.
  7. [Game Update] - 303804

    Why does the Mant Queen use the Pig Crown?
  8. [Game Update] - 303804

    Simple solution: Either MAKE the Mant Queen respawn, or just use the Bee (Mant?) Queen Crown to unlock Wilba. If you want to keep the loot so bad, just unlock Wilba and start a new world.
  9. [Game Update] - 303804

    I did suggest that they make the Mant Queen drop the Bee Queen Crown (or something similar) instead of the near-useless Royal Crown. Maybe they could just rename the Bee Queen Crown to the Mant Queen Crown.
  10. Balance Woodlegs Outside of SW

    To be clear, Wolly would NOT be usable on islands in SW, only in non-SW worlds.
  11. Balance Woodlegs Outside of SW

    Maybe Wolly would give a small sanity boost when she is sitting on Woodlegs' head? Kind of like standing close to Glommer. Just something to help with Sanity in the early days. Maybe she would only sit on Woodlegs' head when not fighting or when asleep at night.
  12. First off, let me just say that I think Woodlegs is great. His Lucky Hat is extremely useful, the Sea Legs is like an Armored Boat but even better (and available from day 1, which is really good), and the constant Sanity drain on land is the perfect way to counter his huge advantages at sea. So, Woodlegs (IMO) is a very interesting and fun character. IN SHIPWRECKED. That is where this post comes in. Klei has already said that they are going to make both Warbucks and Wilba have an actual purpose outside of Hamlet, but who here thinks that poor ol' Woodlegs should get some attention as well? I have some ideas that would make Woodlegs an interesting character in all DLCs. Tell me what you think! Please note that I don't think he should have all of the perks mentioned below, just some of them. -His Lucky Hat could be usable in both RoG and Hamlet. On top of that, the X Chests it reveals will have items specific to that world (things like Snake Bones, Swashy Hats, Halberds, Oincs, Relics etc. in Hamlet, and things like Thulecite, Glommer's Goop, Glow Berries, Volt Goat Horns, Tam O' Shanters, Moggles etc. in RoG) -He could come with a special weapon, similar to Wigfrid's Battle Spear. Maybe a Pirate's Cutlass? (Yarrrr, it be a pirate's finest sword). I have two ideas for what it could be like. Either it would essentially be a re-skin of the Battle Spear, OR it could have infinite durability, but only do 20 Damage. Similar to Lucy the Axe. -Ol' Woodlegs be partial to the sea... Sanity would stop draining when Woodlegs was near the edge of the map. Essentially, if he can see the water, he is happy. -Wolly want a cracker? Woodlegs could come with his pet parrot, Wolly! Like the Cutlass, there are two possible ways that Wolly could work. Either she would act like Abigail, following Woodlegs around and attacking hostile mobs, but only doing 10 damage at all times, maybe providing a small sanity aura similar to Glomer, or she could be sort of like Bernie in DST, in that she could distract Shadow Creatures. Aye, she be the best mate a pirate could ask for!
  13. I do agree that the colors were better before the update, BUUUUT the map looks way better now, at least.
  14. Thread about Autumn tint.

    I have been reporting this bug for A LONG TIME. I haven't wanted to play a RoG game in ages because I can't stand the color issue. I really wish Klei would just fix it already...
  15. [Game Update] - 303256

    This is exactly why Snapdragons should be added. They both sound and act the same as Beefalo, and if you could ride them then you wouldn't have to cheat spawn Beefalo.