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  1. Speaking from a mainly console perspective I really just want grid placement and more world slots the most and numerical values for player and mob stats.
  2. I pretty much only use It on longer adventures like at sea or caves or something when I’m playing a fully upgraded WX.
  3. Me and my friend couldn’t even survive a first hound wave lol. We spended the entire time building a fort, days and walls galore leaving only a gate open to kind of make a sort of choke point. They just ate through them like nothing and wrecked us again lol. This was like 4 years ago?
  4. As much as I love everything being on fire yeah wildfires are kind of more an annoyance than mechanic. Others have made great! Points like sailing and such. When summer hits you essentially have 2 options. Cave or just stay in your base with flingers(unless you want your entire world wilted or in flames). Other than the heat there’s really nothing sadly. I’d think they’d need to just rework summer, new mobs events etc.
  5. Feel like they could have done slightly better with the biome. It’s very nice done and a good step for more ocean content but I’d like more island stuff. 8/10 though!
  6. Please no. Nobody is forcing Webber’s to arise an army of nurse spiders. I’m avoiding the nurse cheese on my Webber playthrough but it’s one of those things that’s there if you want to use it.
  7. I’ll take anyone over wagstaff :[ Like he’s cool and important to the story but if it’s a port(I think it might be) and not an actual NEW character I agree. We need an ocean based character and the waters of dst still absolutely need more love! PS: I love slime rancher and am so excited for 2!
  8. Idk what the heck you guys are talking about I think the refresh was amazing and probably the best yet in terms of content other than maybe Wendy. Webber is a “follower” character and imo they expanded on that really well. The fact Webber can live next to the group with his spiders is even more amazing. The only downside I think could use expanding is a “spider pack” feature to really buff spiders, maybe a slight damage boost but really I just want reduced cleave damage from thing like Clops. Some other great suggestions here as well but overall I’m having some fun! just imo
  9. I really love the lore to gameplay changes. Webber always felt like a “pet class” character and with these changes hopefully they won’t be limp noodles. And having friends be able to base next to spiders(optional) without sacrificing a key gameplay mechanic for Webber is nice!
  10. Excellent work as usual and not really a Webber player but excited to see what changes with him! Also very nice touch with dropping rocks around the garden in the gameplay trailer. That’s a really cool design I’m gonna have to use for my gardens!
  11. Willow! In solo DS I love the extra challenges of keeping my sanity up and being careful or else everything goes up in flames, but how is that a bad thing? plus her story is tragic and she’s just amazing!
  12. Definitely going to change things up a bit on my challenge server and the short was amazing as usual. Im not trying to come off as rude but hopefully this wasn’t 1 of the 3 reworks? Feels more like an update(Like wickerbottom book or wormwood with reap what you sow) than an actual refresh. Still makes me want an animated series or cartoon with DS
  13. Yes! Awesome update and very much needed imo! Even got it out on console. I was expecting at least the 17th.