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  1. Disease Mechanics.

    I'd say disease just discourages the set-it-and-forget-it playstyle from Don't Starve and instead encourages the many other forms of collecting these materials. Players can just go for either just not digging stuff up and just harvesting them from their original spawn point, going to the desert to harvest tumbleweeds, or going for the two more superior methods: grass gecko and twiggy tree farms or the Wickerbottom + lureplant combo. I've gotten so used to these methods that when I went to Hamlet and built the old school grass tufts, twig sapling & berry bush area that every player does, it just felt weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  2. Q.O.L. Bugs

    The Salt Lick for Beefalos was not added/ is not present, even though it was part of the QoL advertisement picture (iirc) and is a part of beefalo taming.
  3. It seems this post was shooting for the moon. The only thing that wasn't added that I really wanted to see from this post was the first point; the ability to cancel to attack animation when attacking, a.k.a. the fake attack system in DST. From there, it just became a big list of nearly all the QoL differences between DS & DST that either I could think of or that the community provided, which I'm thankful for. Regardless, here's some more things that I've missed post QoL. Putting it here so to show that my last edit on the main post will be Dec. 17. ** Walls are immune to earthquakes ... [as] minerals/small creatures/gems just bound off them. (Credits to Maslak for bringing this up). Scaled Flooring is DST exclusive. Tail O' Three Cats is DST exclusive. Water Balloons are DST exclusive (though they're not really useful imo).
  4. What you've described is unfortunately one of the two types of AFK streamers. The first type of AFK streamer is the kind that you've described; just simply sit there and AFK. It's very obvious that they are AFK (especially if you check their VODs), but their streams will only have their drops removed if and only if someone reports them (unless I just miss the ones that do get removed, then I do apologize for that). The second type of AFK streamer makes use of a "loophole" to the second half of your comment about replays and highlights. As you've correctly stated, replays and highlights don't drops skins if and only if you use twitch feature of replays and highlights. This is where these streamers get smart. What if you can have the drops enabled on replays and highlights, hmmmmm? The answer is quite simply, yes, it is entirely possible to replay your old content while having drops enabled. Here's how you do it. First off, you need some footage to keep replaying. Doesn't matter what kind. It can be footage of you playing this latest Forge, footage of you then opening those chests, and then footage of you playing some regular DST. It could even be footage from literally before the Forge, evident by the fact that when said streamer is starting the world, the old UI of the main menu is being shown (I'm talking about the UI from before the very first Forge over a year ago now). Maybe even gameplay footage from YouTube, but I digress. Now that you've got that footage, all you is some streaming software, like OBS or Streamlabs, have the game you're streaming set to be DST or DS, hit the start streaming button, and then quite simply stream your old footage for literally 24-48 hours back-to-back. What twitch checks is if you're live and have game category set to DS/T, not if you're actually playing the game. Its how some people stream movies to twitch, which is another issue on its own. It's best if you don't stream in English to maximize visibility to viewers whilst minimizing attention to the devs. Congratulations, you are now streaming replays and highlights whilst having drops enabled. While you're at it, might as well (presumably) make a lot of money or even better, do some major skin giveaways via a wheel and rarity system with some point system I don't quite understand, or even better, probably get some major skin trading done, evident by the fact that the description has a link to initiate a steam trade. Do this for a month+ now, and enjoy the massive following you've gained and probably the new source of revenue and skins you've probably gotten. In the event that you do get reported, don't worry, this policy is a second chances policy, meaning your drops will be removed as a warning, and if you properly stream and don't AFK again, well then you're fine. That seems to be effective and limits AFKers, which I see as a positive and constructive policy, but only if someone reports them. I have yet to see what happens to an individual that breaks this policy and goes back to being an AFKer, where one such streamer is doing (more on this in the parenthesis below). However, what if you're never reported? How do you deal with a case where this has been going on for a month+ now? Will it be acknowledged that everything they've gained in the meantime will simply be swept under the rug if they stop AFKing? Is that fair to streamers who have been legitimacy streaming this game for several months now, some a few years even and have benefited from this program while playing by the rules? What about streamers trying to get partnership on twitch from steaming DS/T? How are the presence of these AFKers affecting them? (I say these because there are currently more than just one AFK streamer currently LIVE on twitch at the time of me writing this, though that other one is back to employing their old method of just simply sitting there AFKing for long sessions and have some small segments of gameplay in between, *cough* Chinese *cough*.) The reason I've publicly gone into such great detail on this is because this program does help such long time and newer streamers that provide quality content on twitch gain a following on twitch whilst being a nice thing for the community. But its pointless if this policy is truly one based on community policing. The incentives for viewers to not watch AFK streams are not simply there because quite frankly, viewers are watching such massively popular AFK streams for the skins. AFK streamers are gonna AFK for the benefits it brings to them, evident by the smaller AFK streams that are set up, hoping to get lucky. It'll only be from the small amount of individuals that brings up issues like this to the forums because they place value in positively contributing and being a member of this community and its what I truly believe that the people at Klei also value. I brought this issue of AFK streamers up during the first campaign, which was well before I started streaming myself oh so recently. That's why you're not gonna hear anymore on AFkers from me as I view it as being inappropriate and a conflict of interest, in case someone tries to go that route. Thanks for reading. @JoeW @PeterA P.S. This is Klei's policy about AFK Streamers, which I just recently saw at the end of typing this for several hours, and am very happy to see. However, it does not address the AFK loophole that I just brought up, as well as the several other issues I've brought up. Edit: THE TOP TWO DST STREAMERS ARE AFKERS. This is no different from my first post when the program started, the first being the AFKer doing it for a month, and the second being the reoffender. I'm officially disappointed, especially since I've tried my best being a proponent for this drop program.
  5. I beg to differ, as that channel has the drops enabled message underneath the stream during those AFK streams so unless its being temporarily disabled during those sessions and I'm just not seeing it/ am missing it, then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Though that'd be weird since that channel has been doing this for like a month+ now, so yea.
  6. So that means you have two herds with 7 goats? Then I don't know the reason why, but it happens sometimes. As for the command, it does work, but copy-pasting it leads to there being white space, which makes it not work . Either type it out fully, or type the words "lightninggoatherd" (with the quotes) on the inside of where it says c_countprefabs("lightninggoatherd") so that there is no white space/errors. Attached is how it should look like versus what copy-pasting does. How it should look like Incorrect spelling b/c of copy-paste
  7. Can you share two key points of information? First: Are you confident that your world had two goat herds? Second: Are caves enabled on your world? If yes to the first question, then what's happened to you is most likely the result of a bug. A goat herd with 7 goats means that you've originally (possibly) had a world with two goat herds, but then the two herds decided to merge together into one herd, thus permanently removing a goat herd from the world. This means that your world which may have had two goats herds now has only one goat herd, not because one goat herd died, but because they (possibly) merged together. I brought this up in the general forums some time ago after reporting this bug a few times since October. This leads to the post I made for more details. If yes to the second question, then yes, its because caves are enabled. I also have this issue with my worlds where commands that should give an output just simply don't. Use this command instead to see how many goat herds are in a world, which I also brought up in that same post (your character will say how many goat herds are in existence). ThePlayer.components.talker:Say(tostring(c_countprefabs(”lightninggoatherd”)))
  8. Sound reseting to 0

    @Nesquick737 Try this if you have Windows. Sound section via control panel -> Select speakers. -> Properties -> Advanced -> Set default format to 16bits 48000 Hz.
  9. If the user has enabled the hide inventory feature via their Klei account, is it possible to have a message pop on steam itself when said user is checking their hidden inventory via steam? The user could have hidden their inventory via their Klei account, but then forgot that they've enabled such a feature and/or can't remember how to undo this. (I say that cause even I forgot that my Klei and Steam accounts are linked : P). Maybe the message to show up on steam could be something like "You have hidden your items associated to this Klei game from Steam via your Klei account. If you wish to make your inventory visible again, simply go to and make sure the "Hide Inventory" button for the affected games are unchecked." The cause of the support requests may very well be for another reason, but at least this way people can know why their inventory was hidden on via the steam platform itself and now know how they could make their inventory visible again. On another note, what about this for the message on hiding one's steam inventory? :
  10. My mind played rhyming tricks on me! Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Oh well. At least I have those basic commands to work with when I'm admin. Based on this, there's no way I could have implemented this with my current skill set. Thanks for the response though!
  11. Feature: I was able to figure out a command that allows the player to say how many days are left for a WX's overcharge to run out. Proof of concept If it's just yourself, you can use this command to let an overcharged WX say how many days are left. ThePlayer.components.talker:Say(tostring(ThePlayer.charge_time/480 .. " days until overcharge runs out")) If it's another player, you can use these two commands to make that specific player say how many days are left for their overcharge. The first command is to get the player list, the second is to make them talk. --This command outputs the numbers associated with players in the in-game chat, since for me, c_listallplayers() does not produce an output if caves are enabled. for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do TheNet:SystemMessage(tostring(i) .. ": " .., false) end --The overcharge information that the selected player will say, where # is replaced by that character's number. AllPlayers[#].components.talker:Say(tostring(AllPlayers[#].charge_time/480 .. " days until overcharge runs out")) Problem: The issue is that you need to be admin to run these commands, which is inconvenient and not always possible. What I would have liked to have done is to turn this concept into a client-side mod so that this information is displayed on a widget/badge instead it being limited to an admin command. However, when I looked at some other UI mods (nightmare phase indicator, Combined status mod, woodie's beaver timer), I could not wrap my head on how to implement this as I have only extremely basic coding skills. Hence why I'm making this mod request. Thanks! Inspiration for this came from *CarlZalph's post here about how long WX's overcharge lasts under its current recursive function as well as some Mosling shenanigans I was doing.
  12. There are several emotes that have alternative names for the same animation. However, when using said alternative names, they do not autocomplete. My suggestion is to allow the alternative names to not only auto-complete, but when the autocomplete option shows up, the names of the "official" emote name and alternative emotes to also show up, if possible. For example, /bonesaw alternative commands are (/ready; /goingnowhere, /playtime, /threeminutes.) Upon typing /rea..., the other names for the emote could show up. The reason I suggest this is that for some emotes, I've associated their alternative names over the "official" name. For example, I do /ready instead of /bonesaw to indicate I'm ready for whatever.
  13. The worlds are saved locally on your machine. Check to see if they are still on your laptop by going to this directory. Documents -> Klei -> DoNotStarveTogether -> (A Folder whose name is a bunch of numbers, which contains the save files of each world slot) Check inside that folder to see if there are some folders whose name have "cluster #" in them, with # being the save slot. If its not there, then sorry, your world is gone because I'm assuming that the world did not get to properly save when you forced a shutdown on your laptop during the exiting loading screen. But if it is there, then there may be a way to make the game recognize it. I'd like to first confirm that the saves are still on your machine before doing anything further as a safety precaution. A screenshot of what's inside the DoNotStarveTogether folder and the folder with the numbers can be helpful as well.
  14. Suppose you have a world that has two volt-goat herds, whether it be a Day 1000+ world, or a Day 1 world. What this bug can do is permanently remove a volt goat herd from a world not because they died, but because they merged together. The is how the bug works. First off, you need a world that's given you two volt goat herds, whether it be a 1000+ day world, or a Day 1 world. Then both goat herds need to be close together (within 20 wall units, or 5 turf tiles). From there, if at any point in time when both goat herds are close together and only ONE herd is low in population (like 1-2 goats in said herd), then guess what, your two goat herds decide to merge together, meaning that your world that had two goat herds now becomes a world with only one goat herd. To reiterate, this can happen on a newly generated world, or a day 1000+ world. This is a video back in October showing what I mean. Pay attention to the console/text on screen, since it states how many goat herds are present in a world during the process. If you wish to see if your world starts with two goat herds, or your long standing two-volt-goat-herd world has been affected, you can use the following command (your character will say how many goat herds are in existence). ThePlayer.components.talker:Say(tostring(c_countprefabs(”lightninggoatherd”))) This bug was most likely introduced as an unintentional consequence to a bug fix made in Game Update 280490 in early August. The specific fix that was made was "Fixed bug preventing herds from merging properly". There was an issue in herd.lua that was not allowing herds to merge together, and this fix solved the overpopulating beefalo bug. However, beefalos are not the only ones that use herd.lua, volt goats also use herd.lua. That means that goat herds can merge together when they couldn’t before. This also affects the console versions (PS4 update 129, Xbone Update 119). I've reported this bug a few times already since I’ve learned of it (during the Celestial Update, the Hallowed Nights Event, and most recently, this Winter's Feast), but so far no response. To me, it either means there is no current solution for it (which I completely understand), or there's no plans on fixing it (which makes no sense since one, it only became a bug after that update, and two, there'd be no point in giving a world two goat herds only for them to merge). I couldn't tell you since there's been no official response to the bug and I couldn't figure out a solution myself as I'm not great at coding in general. I know quite a few people whose long-standing worlds have been affected by this, and it’s all that has been on my mind since I learned about it. I've been too scared to touch goat herds in ANY world, and I really don't want to cheat and/or constantly check if a world's given me two goat herds to begin with (console players don't have this luxury either). I felt that it was especially important since there are plans for new content for the game next year, and I've been reporting it only after each major update in hopes that it would be addressed. This ain't to say that bugs are not fixed, as the vast majority of bugs that I've reported have been fixed. Its just that I felt that this specific bug was not going to be addressed, even if I kept reporting it after each major update as I have been doing. Thanks! : -) :'(. This spoiler leads to a more technical understanding of what I believe is the cause of the bug.
  15. I fought FW during the event, and can confirm that I did indeed get his ornament.