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  1. Have them verify the integrity of their game files and have them disable every mod they use, both client and server side mods. Then, have them make their own world without mods and see if the issue persists. If it doesn't, then it's a mod issue. If it does, have them report on the tracker here:
  2. No, that short was about Woodie already being in the constant and how he has three were-forms, and Wickerbottom helps teach him how to control it. We learn this from his compendium: Could Lucy have been present in the real world? Maybe. But that short was about what I said above :>
  3. Dark Swords are fine as they are. They are a consistent 68 damage while Hambat loses damage overtime. I'm always going to use Dark Swords over Hambats when fighting big bosses like Bee Queen since they do more damage overall (and you're not attacking non-stop, you're moving around and attacking, which is a big difference).
  4. We know that nightmare fuel and the mysterious white energy was being used to fuel the Ancient gateway and she's got her hand on the tragic torch, which is fueled by the lunar energy. My guess is she'll use it to jump start the Sealed Portal, since we see her making her way in the Ancient Archive biome and the only thing of onterest that is left is the Sealed Portal that still remains shut after the power turned on. I think they mean Klei had a different idea that Them would be shadows during early development but it later changed to that Them to be clearly refering to Alter and the moon. So that line of having to stay dapper isn't so right now, unless they somehow address that line.
  5. Interesting theory but I'm not convinced. Reason being is that the way our survivors made their way to the gorge in the first place was because they were traveling through the gateway since the Gateway is what's connecting dimensions. I don't see how Warly went from being captured via Maxwell and thrown into the constant (since Maxwell enticed him in exhange for curing his mom) to somehow ending up in the Gorge instead.
  6. What pieces of lore do you think will never get addressed? For me, it's these two: During the gorge, Mumsy says another survivor passed through their dimension before. I think we'll never know who that was. Why do the salt stacks look like people?
  7. I think part of the problem is that the majority of the ocean is full of sea stacks. They eat up a lot of real estate in the ocean, but even if they weren't there, what deep sea activities can Klei even add? Most of the ocean activity is under water, no? Regardless, I don't particularly mind the ocean being set on the back burner since we're getting the setting the stage updates this year, which is a very nice change of pace since half of the RoT updates didn't really affect the story for RoT.
  8. Er, you're a month too late bud. They already upped the speed since then.
  9. Put it on your wishlist. You'll get an email from steam when it's on sale if you have that enabled.
  10. Server-side mods are auto-marked as having server-side mods. Users wanting to join such world will see that as well as what mods are enabled on the server.
  11. At no point did it ever allow you to fill the bucket with salt water. The line is there to tell you that specifically in case the player tries just that. As for how yours got filled, your guess is as best as mine.
  12. This conversation is as old as the game itself. If Klei wanted to, they would have added it by now lmao
  13. Never said about removing it in it's entirety; all I stated was issues I had with the Oasis Lake generation. I leave the solutions to Klei if they choose to address this :>