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  1. Again, looks, not an arguement against it's mechanical implementation. Please explain to me on how the now-patched gland glitch (a complete removal) is equivalent to this change in how Moon Glass is acquired. To you, the ability to massively produce boss loot, which mind you, included Deerclops Eyeballs, Klaus stuff (as you mentioned), and the entire loot table of Ancient Guarian + the Large Ornate Chest (tons of Thulecite and Thulecite Gear, Ruins Gems, Ancient Gateway keys, Star Callers, and Lazy Explorers) is somehow equivalent to this change in Moon Glass production? Yet the most you can get out of having more Moon Glass is some Moon Axes that chop trees faster and Moon Cutters that have some slighty more durability than a Dark Sword for Shadows? (And more statues and craftable Moon Turf). The issue as I've said before is there is not enough Hot Springs in a world to get enough Moon Glass to play around with for 20 days of at least regular use. It doesn't necessarily have to be a reversion back to bath bomb spamming either since @Electroely's comment brings up a great point that the only way to obtain more Moon Glass is through these Hot Springs.
  2. Malbatross Damage

    It's because of this. I've noticed that the attack can hit you multiple times but I'm not 100% sure what causes it. I think it's when you're moving while in the bird while it's doing it's swoop attack?
  3. Others that I've spoken to also have this issue.
  4. Feedback on Malbatross

    They may use the beak as a crafting ingredient per this clip from the dev stream (and will hopefully be the main reason for me to keep killing Malbatross) and the fish in the shoal will probably see future use (per this clip here). For now it's a waiting game.
  5. [Game Update] - 371293

    This change makes it very tedious to farm and use Moon Tools, and no way lasts long enough till the next farming session in 20 days. Can this be addressed please, whether it be through alternative methods or something to get a playable amount? Post I made here in main branch requesting this since the change went live two days after its implementation, which was time I spent playing around with the change.
  6. I am not people but a person. I gave my own reasoning for why I disagreed with this change. Rather than grouping your statement into a subset of people, I'll ask this: what are your thoughts on this change? Did you extensively use Moon Tools prior to this? Would this make you want to go back and visit the Island again? Should this be the reason why people keep coming back to the island? I don't know where the thread is, but there was a thread talkong about the stuff from the Lunar Island (was it a poll or a post, idk). The general consensus I got from that thread was that Rock Fruit Bush trees were the most valuable thing from the island, not the Moon Glass Tools (I asked if others thought Moon Tools were a good reason, I was told not really, so it should be somewhere in my profile).
  7. This does not make any sense to me. It looks broken to you, but can you please explain how it's broken mechanically? Moon Axe chops trees faster, which is great for Toadstool, but otherwise has a rather low durability. Glass Cutter is a Dark Sword with a low durability and only really shines with 50 more durability against shadow entities. The key point here, again, is that this was for when you ran out of all the Moon Glass that spawned on the island naturally (it's about 200 Moon Shards, similar to the previous farming rates for a long winter night, not exactly all nights). By the mid-to-late game, people have Dark Swords, which have more utility than Glass Cutters. All other tree farming methods are available, and you're more than capable of doing Toadstool (and even Misery) legit with Moon Axes well before needing to restock them, not that the Moon Axes were needed when you did the fight with a group of people. How is this ability to farm Moon Glass thus broken? It just means that I'll use the initial glass stock and never really farm the Glass unless something that I have already mentioned occurs (which I've already explained my reasoning against).
  8. The closest scenario to such a thing would be this post relating to the Moon Glass statues, except that statues drop their materials when hammered. Otherwise, I see no indication of this stronger item via Moon Glass. Why make this drastic change at the end of the beta without showing this supposedly stronger item in the same beta? Now we'd have to wait a month till the next beta for this supposed item. In the mean time, it's negatively impacting your ability to produce the currently standing Moon Tools. That does not make much sense to me. I also cannot place my bets on this maybe eventuality either, cause I was hoping for such a thing with Malbatross' beak (it's just an oar). I asked on today's stream if they had any further plans for the beak to be more than just on oar, they said no "that's all that they had planned atm" (if it get's a use, I'll be happy, but I'm not betting on it). Contrast that if the fish in the shoal would be getting a use, and they said a "good chance of it." (I could not ask about Moon Glass in that stream cause no plans for beak bummed me out). (Edit: Thanks to a reddit user that has shown me a clip towards the later half of the stream where the beak could potentially get a use as a crafting ingredient. Much appreciated! Edit end.) Instead, I felt that they did this change for the "aesthetics" of the Spring. Bath bomb goes in, you get your Moon Pillar, and you need to wait for the Moon Phase change for it to refill.
  9. Two days before beta went live, they changed how Bath Bomb farming for Hot Springs worked. What you used to be able to do was spam a single Hot Spring with Bath Bombs to get a decent amount of Moon Glass, like this: That was removed from the game and instead you need to do this: After you've mined the Glass Pillar from the Hot Spring, you need to wait till a Moon Phase change occurs for it to refills (so a few days, depending on when you mined it). Except that doesn't really matter too much since the Hot Spring converts into Moon Pillars every 20 days when the Full Moon occurs, so it's really a 20 day delay to your farming sessions. Except the main problem is that the amount of Hot Springs in a world varies and is not enough. I've seen anywhere from five to fifteen Hot Springs, which means 25 - 75 Moon Shards every 20 days. Turning them all into Moon Tools would be 8 - 25 Moon Axes or 4 - 12 Moon Cutters respectively. For some comparison, you could farm 200 Moon Shards in a night if it was a long, Winter night via 60 Bath Bombs (that's 360 Lune Blossoms, which involved a lot of Moon Tree chopping and planting). That's nowhere near enough to last 20 days due to the the low durability to the Glass Tools, especially if you have more than one person using them or a small number of Hot Springs in a world. I don't think people thought very highly of them in the first place (particularly towards the Glass Cutter, though Moon Glass is nice), so drastically lowering the rates at which you can acquire Moon Glass doesn't make sense to me. Massive moon glass farming was more of a mid-late game thing for when you ran out of Moon Glass. Chopping Moon Trees, catching Moon Moths and planting them for new Moon Trees was a hassle in the first place. They now feel more like a super niche tool in comparison to the slightly niche (yet nice) use they were before. (I didn't even talk about using them for Statues or making Moon Turf). TLDR; Please address Moon Glass farming. It's unnecessary for something that has such low durability and was a mid-late game thing anyways (imo).
  10. Yes. It says under the patch notes.
  11. Attached is save file from when I launched my world post-today's update, which also contains the server log. Also attached the client log. Newly generated worlds have tons of Densely Populated Salt Stacks areas (10-15 salt stacks with like 2 salt stack areas next to each other or something?). Retrofitted worlds have 3-4 salt stacks and only 1 salt stack area. In my case, one of the Salt Stack areas one only had 1 Salt Stack in it. (That's how I can best describe it. Map reveals better indicate what I mean). client_log.txt
  12. They did an update not too long ago that lowered the volume to everything in the game. The sounds of lightning strikes were really muffled due to this change, even after you adjusted your volume settings. In fact, the Lightning Rod capturing the Lightning Strike was louder than the Lightning itself. It was drowned out by most sounds, including any music that would be playing (like Spring busy music as an example). Source: I'm the one who reported it.
  13. Now only Wilson and Warly have unique quotes for a setup Portable Crockpot lol. For example, Willow just calls the Portable Crockpot a Dumb Pot at all stages (GENERIC line) unless food has been fully cooked in it (DONE line).
  14. Feedback on Malbatross

    They've addressed point 1 where not enough feathers would drop from Malbatross if killed too quickly/ too high damage a weapon. From what I can see, it keeps track of how many feathers it dropped throughout the fight. If it dropped less than 24 feathers before dying, upon death, it will drop enough feathers so that you'll always get 24 feathers from the fight (enough for 1 Winged Sail). My quick test was Mr. Godgang and Malbatross dropped 24 feathers total. Thanks! Now just hoping for the beak to get a cool use and I'll be happy :-D
  15. I second this. They actually have translations for a bunch of languages already, but not the ability for you to freely choose the language you are comfortable with. Don't know the reason why this is the case. You have to use this mod to be allowed to chose said languages.