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  1. @Phoenikus Hello! Try the steps in this help article for the 0 sound issue:
  2. The name of the silhouette is "fee_fi_fo_thumb". Jack and the beanstalk anyone? xD
  3. If you try to place structures down in the Lunar Grotto biome, there are some area where you simply can't place it down in the Lunar Grotto biome. It seems to be the prefabs "moonglass_stalactite1" & "moonglass_stalactite2" that are preventing such structures from being placed, as per a c_select() and checking the cave logs. Thanks to a friend for bringing it up.
  4. Back when the other way to keep moslings was patched a few months ago, there was some discussion about possibly implementing a way to start rain to combat wildfires, since that was the main reason why players were glitching the moslings outside of Spring. Is that idea still floating around?
  5. Woops, sorry about that. I've since deleted those worlds so I don't have those files anymore, but I'll upload the correct files next time if I'm encounter it again, so sorry again.
  6. Burn the Fake Light Flower. Put the fire out via an ice staff/flingo. The fake light flower looks like its harvestable but its really not.
  7. Eh, idk about that. Seems like inconsistent behavior to me since it doesn't always happen. We'll see what happens.
  8. One of the filters in the cook book is labeled "side effects". However, selecting that filter instead shows up as blank instead. This applies to both the crockpot recipes tab and the chef's recipes tab.
  9. I noticed that there were lines for the Archive Security Pulses (the things that goes inside the sentrypedes) in the character speech files, but also noticed that in game that the character is unable to examine said security pulse. The same goes for the Astral Detector when its floating in the air.
  10. The Archival Moon Statues seem to come in 4 variants, each based on the phase of the moon. However, the map icon for these Archival Moon Statues don't seem to match their moon phase. Also, mining some of the moon phases seem to produce or remove a lot of the moon that these statues were holding without regard to the moon state of the statue. Here's a clip to show what I mean (I ate sugar spice, so ignore the mining speed). 2020-10-17 23-18-03.mp4
  11. The examine line for the Archival Thulecite Walls when fully repaired in the Archive biome is "Its a thing" (though it does say "I think I can fix this" upon damage the wall). The examine line for Archival Stone walls states "I think I can fix this", but you the player can't fix it (maybe its supposed to say that, idk, thought'd I'd just bring it up).
  12. If you kill a Mush Gnome and after it's body has disappeared, Lunar Spores can sometimes still spawn from where the Gnome died. Here's a clip as an example:
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that the game orders the save slots based on the world you last played them. Is it possible to have a pinning option to keep some worlds at the top of the list, similar to the favorite system that was implemented for subscribed mods? It would be good for favorite or special worlds we may have
  14. Lunar Mush Trees are missing in the desolationspawner component. This is similar to what happened with the Lunar Trees way back when they were introduced.
  15. 'm walking around the Lunar Grotto biome and then the game force closes itself without warning. I don't know exactly what's triggering this. This is the 2nd crash I got, maybe it'll be helpful: server_log.txt server_log.txt