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  1. It's called hitting the letter Y and saying you're low on health. It's how ppl do it during normal gameplay without mods. I also just thought of this. Use the heart emoticon to indicate you need health. All you'd need to do is type ":he" and then hit enter. A good use for the emoticons I almost never use before, and will probably use now. Not that difficult imo.
  2. He seems interesting. I like it!
  3. Fps drops / Fps not 60(120) / crashes

    @teampatrikCZ1 These steps may or may nor resolve your issue (your laptop seems to be similar to mine, but you seem to have more RAM than me). In the event they don't, you can also contact Windows and Nvidia support to try and resolve the issues (like how I did for two weeks trying to resolve this). I'm assuming your OS is Windows as well. Reddit thread for another user where one of my steps resolved it for them. Option 1: If its a laptop, click on the battery icon and drag the power mode slider to best performance like this. Do this for when the laptop is both plugged and not plugged in, since the slider, in my case, was different. Keep in mind that every time Windows does an update, you may need to check this battery setting since it changes sometimes for some reason. Option 2: Right click on your desktop and choose NVIDIA Control Panel. Go to Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> Don't Starve(dontstarve_steam.exe). (The execution file will affect both DST and DS. If it doesn't show up, launch DS/T.) Choose the following settings: Select the preferred graphics processor: High performance NVIDIA processor Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance Threaded optimization: ON Triple buffering: Off Vertical Sync: Off Option 3: Update your display adapters and Firmware in device manager. Go to device manager -> Display adapters. Right click each on and update them. Option 4: A specific Windows update could be the cause. Windows pushed on update recently, and I was faced with FPS issues AGAIN, and it was not present in the previous build -_-. Rollback the Window's Update BUT FIRST create a restore point for your laptop, manually back up your important files, and have a list of applications you need on hand. Once you've got your backup, go to: Settings -> Update and Recovery -> Recovery -> Go Back to an Earlier Build. It'll ask why you're going back. Select "My apps or devices don't work on this build". It will ask for more info in a box, tell them that you were facing FPS issues. This will take a while. If that solved the issue, you need to prevent that update from occurring again, cause Windows will force that bad update to you otherwise. Windows provides software that does that. Option 5: Reinstall your NVIDIA drivers. Use these two tutorials, both by the same person. Tut1 and tut2. Option 6: THIS IS A LAST RESORT STEP and is not part of my original reddit comment. Factory reset your laptop and see if you're facing FPS issues even then. If even this fails, I'm out of suggestions. I guess at that point, update your laptop to the latest state, contact Windows Support and Nvidia Support (cause they'll say update to their latest software), and hope they can fix it. TLDR:
  4. volume set to 0 permamently

    @Best_ProtagonisTry these steps. They worked for me when I had this issue, but they might not work for you (if they don't, I don't have anymore solutions unfortunately). Sound section via control panel -> Select speakers. -> Properties -> Advanced -> Set default format to 16bits 48000 Hz.
  5. I've finally had time to post this video showcasing the majority of the crafting menu items as well as some mob drops (I missed some stuff here and there). This does not include the new stuff that Winona has as this was made before that (but her stuff also shares the low-rez fate).
  6. Thanks to my bois and their campaign, goats are fixed! Pretty interesting though that that's how the Volt Goat merging thing got fixed. Thanks!
  7. Balance changes have been made and for the most part are positive for her (her spotlight range is a big plus in my book). I still maintain my position on longevity and the catapults, but it seems they're here to stay, so you will not hear anymore from me on them. @ImDaMisterLCan you lock my thread for me please? I still want this thread up, but no more further comments. Thanks.
  8. The strings were always there but they were never read/used when examining the bee boxes Thanks for change log though
  9. Now hold on, at no point in my thread did I ever say to specifically switch to the Holy Trinity. Most of the other characters have some sort of innate ability that's tied to their character and you have to be that character to do it, but that's not really the case with Winona. Its a longevity issue, which @Zeklo very nicely summarizes it for me, which is what I'm trying to get at: As for the Celestial Portal being a mistake, I'm in line with @fimmatek as well. Our character choices aren't as meaningful as before, but I also don't really change characters myself in my own worlds. People can play with more characters in the same world, and some people prior to the Portal may have picked a character they thought they wanted to be in the beginning, but changed their mind later and really wanted to be someone else instead, which they now can do. The reason I was critical in my thread was because I didn't want it to be a full year from now where all the reworks and DLC's had come out already, and yet we kept seeing this recurring theme with future reworks or DLC characters where longevity was an issue. It'd be too late by then to voice my opinions and concerns that would make an impact, and I though it would be darn shame if that's what ended up happening (which I still see as Winona being, but its fine if you disagree) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Here's the clip in question for the switch on the lights.
  11. My thoughts exactly on the spotlights. The lanterns don't catch on fire either, which makes this even funnier. I like your chart as well. I wouldn't even use the spotlights mid-to-late game because mid-to-late game, I use Star Callers and Moon callers to light my base, both of which last a long time, light a large radius, and are very fun to use.
  12. The goal that they stated in the DST 2019 Roadmap was to "make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways" (emphasis mine). I'm very critical of Winona's rework, and for good reasons as stated in my Summary. She currently makes for very boring gameplay honestly. With most characters as they are right now, a combination of their stats and perks provide a unique, interesting, and valuable way of playing the game (stats being HP, Sanity, Hunger) - some sort of twist to the survival experience. Winona just doesn't do that for me, as her dominating playstyle revolves around setting catapults and cheesing and/or automating everything that we can already automate. Crafting Perk Winona went from being the best crafter in the game to being the worst crafter in the game. I had actually picked Winona before for the faster crafting, but the 5 point penalty to each craft does not provide a challenge to the game, but rather an annoyance to an everyday task that's done en-mass. It kinda becomes like the original science point system from DS. 5 points of hunger for a Science Machine, 50 points of hunger will get an alchemy engine (4 boards, 4 cut stone, 2 of which are refined into Electrical Doodads), 10 points for a spear, making a pet costs you 5 hunger. Either limiting this to 1 or 2 hunger a craft or outright removing and replacing this with her crafting speed being scaled to her hunger, or maybe even a combination of the two would fix this issue. Her Spotlight Many people have said this already, so I'll keep it short. They are not capable of targeting multiple people, and even if they were, why would I use them over a campfire? Seems more like an aesthetic thing at this point. I know the devs have expressed not wanting to place an on-off switch, I'm indifferent to it honestly. Her Catapults Cheesepults And my biggest complaint? Her bloody cheesepults. These things are just so broken and very unbalanced. The catapults do comparable DPS to the Houndius Shootius (17 DPS for the catapults versus versus 21.66 for the Shootius). The Houndius are very desirable as I can do many cool shenanigans with them, but we're limited to the one Deerclops eyeball every year (2 if Klaus is nice to you), which makes them very balanced. As for the catapults? Their "high costs" are rocks. Now people keep telling me that this is expensive, to which I keep saying that there are a dumb amount of avenues to farm them for (Rocks on the Surface, Meteors, Moleworm Farming, Petrified Trees, and all the damn rocks in the caves, including the Spalagmite and Cave Rock Biomes that almost no one ever mines). Their cheap costs and rather comparable DPS makes them better and cheaper Houndius Shootius. They can kill Misery Toad in 10 minutes; Bee Queen, Dragonfly, and Fuelweaver in 3-4 minutes (I'm the author of these by the way). They just obliterate FW's minions, which is one the reasons I've seen many people fail the fight. This cost is only a one time setup, with gems only being the cost each time (ruins and varg farms gives you tons of gems). Why make these bosses in the first place only for them to become destroyed like this? Suggestions? Make them cost a gear instead of rocks, and lower the DPS to maybe 8-10 DPS. They should be a low tier turret, not something better. And most importantly, make it so that these bosses will actually go and attack them. As they are right now, mobs mainly put all their focus on the players and ignore the catapults, which slightly differentiates them from the turrets. That way I can't cheese the bosses this easily. It stills make for boring gameplay imo. Summary The goal that they stated in the DST 2019 Roadmap was to "make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways." Winona was originally a meh character that was sorta a meme punching bag ie. Jimmy Neutron, whose 2x crafting perk was actually pretty good mid-late game, and had an appeal to newer players as well. Her rework made her an even bigger meme character (Wolfgang 2.0, Wolfgang 34.0, Jimmy Neutron) that even newer players can't enjoy anymore (b/c of her hunger drain). People have suggested that her tape to repair armor and tools, which at this point sounds much more interesting (though niche) than what she became. Though'd that still suffer from the Celestial Portal issue and would need some balancing as well. Not only that, the biggest issue here that's not brought up much is this: If this is what Winona is like, what's going to happen to future reworks like Willow, or even worse, the DLC characters of all things? There's needs to be a longevity aspect to these reworks, or else they all become a pick-them-and-then-dump-them type of character, like how Winona is right now. That's the worst thing to could happen to them. These concerns and my critique are why I'm extremely harsh and critical of this rework. Don't just give us the cheese, we'll figure that out on our own as we always do. Instead, provide unique twists to the survival experience that is unique, interesting, and valuable that provides longevity to a character. You guys are capable of doing this, as you've proven yourselves that you can with everything in the game before this rework. Also, are the rest of the characters going to follow this same format of some downside followed by 5 crafting items? Thanks. (I love her short btw <3). Edit: This separate thread on reddit provides a lot of other insights too.
  13. something along those lines, can't remember the exact details.
  14. In the Celestial Update stream, they said they thought about using the Opal Gem to make the Celestial Portal, but decided that they wanted to keep it for something special instead.
  15. I'm already ahead on you on that :3 You do need to break the hands yourself, but that's a non-issue and you can actually get away with 5 catapults honestly. I did about 8-9 catapults, and managed to kill Fuelweaver with stupidly little effort into it for about a 3-4 minute kill. Here is proof in the spoiler. What you've said summarizes my thoughts exactly. In addition to that, if you build the catapults once, you really have them forever. There are just tons of avenues for rocks (initial rocks on the surface, meteor biome, petrified trees, the Spalagmite biomes in the caves), that I truly believe if someone wanted to get enough rocks to trivialize Dfly, Bee Queen, Misery Toadstool, and FW of all things, then they can easily do so. Gems are a non-issue as well since you just get too many from clearing the ruins, or you can just build a catapult Varg Farm. With some tweaks, they could make Winona better, but as she currently stands, I most likely will not touch her at all with what her playstyle and perks are currently now.