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  1. I have a similar issue happening with pinecones. Holding the action button makes you try to plant the pinecone in the same spot, even though you can't.
  2. If an updated/current save file is needed, let me know and I can send it
  3. In addition to Dfly no longer respawning in my world, the following bosses are no longer respawning: Bearger Toadstool (killed in a copy of the world) Ancient Fuelweaver and by extension, Ancient Guardian (the portal is still in its respawning phase animation thing) Lord of the Fruitflies (I think, I tried forcing its spawn via lots of rotting crops by reading Horti twice in a row, it wasn't spawning for me) Antlion, BQ, & Klaus seem to be working
  4. I would like to move the location of my Krampus Sack to be more up from where it currently is. I'm not exactly sure how to do that though unfortunately. Any tips or help would be appreciated.
  5. Beefalo don't get a speed boost with canes or roads in DST. Only the glossamer saddle gives the speed boost.
  6. I moved my world over to the beta on presumably 452698, unless there was another update on Feb 22. I'll send you my world file as well to play around with to see if that helps.
  7. My Vod playlist dates back to Jan 28, 2021 for this world; it should be game update 446681 based on the patch notes history.
  8. Vod:
  9. The issue people were facing with deerclops respawning mechanic has occurred to me with Dfly. Default settings, no events. Went to dfly, she did not show up. I did not kill her for a long time.
  10. Upon socketing the completed celestial sanctum pieces on the lunar island, you will see that it lacks a map icon.
  11. Iirc, I killed Deerclops on about day 5 of the preceding Winter. It may or may not bear a relation to this issue.
  12. Deerclops respawn timer was not messed with, yet Deerclops spawned into day 5 of my Spring, wrecking my base. Here is some evidence, maybe it'll help with the clops not respawning that others are facing. (I play on default settings with events disabled)
  13. Does it mean that a domesticated beefalo will never go feral if they are bonded via the bell? Or am I reading this wrong?