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  1. HD item textures from DST

    The axe in DST is not HD. It's actually low res.
  2. If you have two telelocator focus set up in a world, and If you stand in the center of one of said Telelocator Focus, when you use the Telelocator Staff to teleport yourself, you won't teleport to the focus you're currently under. Instead, you will teleport to the opposite Telelocator Focus. This lets essentially make your own custom, two-way wormhole, in exchange for purple gems. It's probably been in the game since forever, but the UI didn't give any hint that this was possible, unlike Wagstaff's Telipad (I've asked around and some people knew about it). This is what I mean if you don't get it: I originally learnt of it from reddit:
  3. You know how if you go the world settings and change one of the settings from "default" to "more", things go haywire and "more" is really "MORE!!!!"? That's kinda what happened to cave generation since it seems that world looping has been upped significantly. I don't understand. How does random generation equate to increased difficulty when nothing in the ruins itself got harder, just more random without any sort of sense? Instead of having to scout the caves and making your way to the ruins, some of the things the current ruins gen does is: Allows for the full ancient psuedostation to be a the doorsteps of your cave entrance. The same of course goes for the labyrinth for the ancient guardian. Place the lichen biome and spulmonkey pods out of sight and worry, with them no longer being an indicator/barrier to the ruins that even veterans of the game have to be wary of. Place the parts of the ruins at opposite ends of the map. Somehow having to walk to different parts of the map makes it challenging to veterans? More like unnecessarily tedious and boring. What I've described above is almost exactly what this world here did. Ruins generation in single-player DS is more interesting and better than what happened to the ruins generation in DST atm, since at least you'd have to go through the challenge of finding the ruins rather then the ruins being at your doorstep. I hope that the current generation that happened to the caves was due to a bug and not intentional, because it's really boring and tedious.People said they wanted random, but I for one am not a fan of what was done to the cave generation. I of course will have to live with it if it's intentional, but would prefer the previous cave generation. That's just my feedback though.
  4. I spawned one in via console. It stays in position on the boat (at least for Polar Star). Edit: I'm assuming it's a similar issue that was happening with Teleporting on a boat.
  5. Just have a way for dealing with the fire caused by fire hounds (like Ice Staves, a Luxury Fan, or even an Ice Flingomatic). It also faces the issues of dart stacking, which is used in the Glommer Nuke exploit, though if you don't hold down the attack key and just shot one dart at a time, it may help prevent that.
  6. I thought of using bee mines (I used four) or a statue panic room, as they seem to deal with them rather easily. For the bee mines, you're gonna have to keep a stock on you for each hound wave. For the statue panic room, the hounds normally can't get in and since the hounds are still considered to be wet, I just used Electric Darts. You can get on and off the boat without issues too. Examples: I do agree though that tanking a Day 100+ hound wave on your own at sea is rather annoying and those were the two generic ways that I could think of that didn't require something character specific.
  7. After placing a Bath Bomb into the Hot Spring during a Full Moon, you can instantly mine the Moon Pillar. However, you won't be shown that visually as there seems to be a delay to the Moon Pillar showing itself (at least while the Full Moon is up. It seems to instantly-spawn when it hits from Dusk to a full moon night, just not during the full moon itself). This causes confusion since it means that the player can farm much more Moon Shards in a given night than what the animation is showing to the player. 1st Mine: Dusk to Full Moon, Moon Pillar animation is instant. 2nd Mine: During Full Moon, you can immediately mine a Moon Pillar, even though the Moon Pillar didn't show it's animation. 3rd Mine: See that the animation takes a while for the Moon Pillar to pop up, even though you can still immediately said pillar.
  8. There is a filter option for you to choose, located at the top right of the menu when looking at your skins. This is a gif, though it's a bit small on the eyes.
  9. Think of them as a tooth trap that automatically resets. I don't know how many of these things spawn normally in a world though, so I don't know how practical it would be.
  10. As what SplOrange said: Drop bathbombs into the hotsprings and find 0,0. As for the infinite Trap starfish, I don't know how it's happening, just that it is.
  11. Bath bombs appear at 0,0

    Edit: Woops. Wrong subforum. There also seems to be a spawning issue with the Starfish traps continuously spawning as well.
  12. This issue has been solved in the main branch, as marked by Vito. Thanks!
  13. Are you on version 336171? Cause this works perfectly fine for me. Opt in and out of the beta if you're not so that the files are properly updated.
  14. If a tumbleweed is corned, the player can push the tumbleweed out into the void, where it presumably lives forever. Before the ocean was added in the main branch, said tumbleweed would be destroyed.
  15. As demonstrated here by JameBucket, sinking a boat with any boss on said boat will insta-kill the boss. (Just use TP focus to TP boss onto the boat).