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  1. FPS drops overtime with decent PC

    @PaoloneBologna Hello. Have you tried messing around with the NVIDIA Control Panel? Right click on your desktop and you should see an option that says NVIDIA Control Panel. From there, go to the button that says Manage 3D Settings, then choose program settings. You should see an option to customize the settings for DST & if you don't, you can hit the Add button to add DST. (If you don't see it, there is an browse option to find the executable file. The executable name is dontstarve_steam in the bin folder of where you installed DST, whose location may look like this: Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\bin). From there, you choose the following settings: Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Power Threaded Optimization: ON Triple Buffering: OFF V-Sync: OFF Hit apply and restart your PC. Hopefully that helps. Edit: I also see that you said you have a lot of mods enabled. I would recommend turning them off, as they may be the cause of this issue. If you have a mod called Display Food Values or something like that, then I highly recommend you disable it. It has a bug where it will continously spawn food items in a world, causing issues.
  2. If so, what relation does hammering the Hollow Stumpts play with making Cat Tails tradeable? The stumpts don't give tails, only the Catcoons, and if someone destroys all the dens, then its the same impact, ie. no Catcoons.
  3. Then the same could be said for Bunnymen, no?
  4. [Game Update] - 393281

    Was the issues with the Mini Signs (marked fixed by Peter here) part of this patch? I don't have the skin to check :'(
  5. If you fight FW (or Dragonfly, or just about any mob really) with a Lazy Explorer/Wortox and teleport a slight distance away from them, sometimes the mob seems to forget you are there. This causes them to walk away from you, which for someone like FW, means he will go ahead and walk straight into and eat his minions instead :/ This seems more prominent as Wortox for some reason. Here are examples one and two.
  6. The telelocator focus is intentional since one of the Rot betas. Don't know about the Winter's Feast Table though.
  7. The rear ends of both Pigs and Bunnymen can be traded for gold at Pig King. Why not the rear-end of a Catcoon?
  8. Can't find rook marble piece

    You need to do the shadow piece event first before you can get the trinket in the tumbleweeds.
  9. Planting Seeds Crashes Servers

    It's the MyPets mod that's causing this issue.
  10. Coolmop09's trading thread

    @Coolmop09 Offer sent.
  11. You can achieve something similar to this with Telelocator Staves and Telelocator Foci. If you stand in the center of a Telelocator Focus and Telelocate yourself, you'll be teleported to the second-nearest Focus (not the one underneath you), making it like it's a wormhole at the cost of purple gems & sanity. Its not as much as what you're suggesting, but it is something. Hopefully that helps
  12. By chance, was your hotbar filled up and were you wearing a backpack? If so, then the coin bag most likely got destroyed when you went to pick up your Carrat. I've reported it here, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  13. Have a full hotbar. Wear any backpack item with nothing in it. Do a Carrat race to get your prize. Pick up said Carrat with the coin bag. The coin bag somehow gets destroyed, leaving you with only the Carrat. Demonstration here: This does not occur if you do not wear a backpack, as far as I can tell.
  14. Hello. Year of the Carrat is out with some new skins and as usual, some belongings are capable of reskinning multiple items since they are used in their crafting recipes (example: the Walking Cane skin also reskins the Lazy Explorer). However, in the curio cabinet, you can only see the Walking Cane reskin, not the Lazy Explorer reskin that it does as well. My suggestion is for there to be a "cycle view" that allows you to see the additional reskins for such items when pressed, since the item description says it reskins multiple items, but only shows the reskin of one item. The ghosts for the DLC characters are reflected in the Cycle View button, which is where I thought of this suggestion. Thanks.
  15. I am back for the most part.