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  1. Water Balloons DON'T make mobs wet. The balloon is a lie. The only mobs that actually do get wet with Water Balloons are players and Dragonfly. Electrical damage that's being dealt (at least for Dfly) is also scaled based on how wet they become instead of the full electrical boost (ex. 50% wet means only 50% of the full electric damage boost with a Morning Star and probably Jelly). The way to tell if something is wet is if they have a blue text when you hove your mouse over them. Alternatively, if you see puddles on the ground, the mob is still wet. This is because mobs are only wet when the environment is wet (it's like an on/off switch). This also applies to all ocean mobs. The only exceptions are Rockjaws and hounds when they are on the water (they are dry on your boat, wet in the water).
  2. It seems a lot of people are experiencing this. Report on the bug tracker; the more the merrier.
  3. @Chaosky there is no respawn timer. You just set up the incomplete experiment again and complete it.
  4. I see some people don't know the jist of what needs to be done, so here's what you would need to do generally, whether or not it's a speedrun. To get to and kill the Celestial Champion, you'd need to: 1. Go to ruins and get a Star Caller Staff and Deconstruction Staff. 2. Do the Moon Stone Event and convert the Starcaller staff into a Moon Caller Staff. The Decon staff is used to get the Opal Gem from this staff. 3. Turn the power on in the archives and get the Astral Detector BP from the puzzle room for the Celestial Sanctum Pieces. 4. Do the Hermit Quests. You MUST complete Pearl's house, which requires Cactus Flower, which requires the Summer season. (Have fun with the Cookie Cutter Shell RNG btw, since you need 10 of them, unless you do dupe strats with the cookie cutter hat). Completing Pearl's house counts as 3 tasks, and you need 10 tasks total, so you need to do 7 of the following tasks. Each of the seasonal fish count as their own task. If I remember the code right, the seasonal fish must be heavy as well (I'm on mobile so I'm not checking anytime soon). 5. Kill Pearled Crab King. 6. Socket all three celestial Pieces (Altar, Crown, & Sanctum) to spawn the Moon Storm event. 7. Complete Wagstaff's minigame 3 times for the needed 3 Restrained Static. 8. Get 15 Moon Gleams, 30 Infused Shards, and the Celestial Orb. With bad enough RNG, the orb might spawn as late as day 60 (yes, it happens). For the Infused Shards, you've got 90 secs to get that to the Lunar Island to complete the Containment unit. Use either bundles, gift wraps if you turn Winter's Feast on, or telelocate yourself on and off the island how many times you need to. 9. Kill the Celestial Champion. I don't know if 25% speed bonus is required for this fight. If it is, get a Magi and/or cane or be Mighty Wolfgang or Wortox, whatever way you deal with phase 2 or the boss in general. You figure out how you're going to kill the bosses, I think I've written enough :>
  5. From tonight's dev stream. The Twitch Chat: Is there a puzzle? The Devs: Answering everything but that
  6. @WanderingSoul Do you have distortion enabled in the settings? That would be the cause of that.
  7. I have inverted the colors on the trailers. It reveals nothing to me but I think it'd be pretty cool to watch. 1. Gameplay Trailer 2. Update Trailer
  8. For the Webber rework, please make Webber have a neutral attack priority to both Spiders AND Spider Dens. In sp ds, Webber has neutral attack priority towards spiders but not their dens. What ends up happening is that Webber, if fighting near the den (think spider wars), ends up hitting the den unintentionally b/c its still considered hostile to Webber.
  9. Whatever Charlie is doing with the sealed portal in the Ancient Archives (which I'm guessing she is gonna open).