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  1. Gaze upon our works, ye mighty, and despair...for the forums seem to be dying as I type this. What happened to our forums and great game that caused a great amount of inactivity on both ends? I've always assumed that the focus was shifted to Klei's newer games, causing Don't Starve to be put on hiatus, but I'm not sure. But personally speaking, I rather enjoyed the days when our activity and updates were at their peak. Maybe they all moved to Reddit...oh well. Enough complaining from me. I have to go do something over there.
  2. Bug - Seaworthy crash!

    Simply put, this notorious bug has been wrecking havoc on save files by putting the game into a continuous crash state, and is caused rarely by going through the Seaworthy. As of now, there's no known way to fix it once it happens. We're either forced to delete the save or wait until it's eventually fixed one day. I, for one, am waiting for the latter, as I've gone through 6 characters and 1,300+ days on my first linked file. I patiently await the day I can finish my Webber run and make the switch. Please, someone, Klei, anyone...look into this and see if there's a way to fix it! We need not lose files on account of these silly bugs! I'm including the log files, but as I don't know which ones would be important, I've included everything in the nice post. My apologies. Seems a bit messed up. Maybe I require some sort of script extender?
  3. Is survival a breeze for you? Do you butcher every giant thing that gets in your way? Are the Ruins about as threatening as a hound attack? Most importantly, do you long for an actual challenge? If you've answered yes to all of these, then I introduce you to Don't Starve: Hard Mode! Gone were the days when survival was too boring! Now, you can use all the skills you picked up from playing the game hardcore! The prerequisites are simple. Either die or teleportato with 1000 days or more completed, and this harsher take on survival will be unlocked permanently! With this mode activated on a new file, you'll experience the harshest of challenges to overcome, designed to break the weak and leave only the truly strong! With such a challenge, you may expect the following. -Your world customization is limited to Default or Lights Out! -Resources are set to Less, mobs are turned to More! -A sleep and water meter will be added, with penalties to maximum sanity and health if not upkept! Drink from the pond or the sea to restore your water, but be prepared to lose some sanity! Get a canteen going as soon as possible and purify that water! -Hound and Depth Worm attacks will be set to their peak intensity from the get go! -Giants will be set to More, and will spawn right after the first warning! -The health and attack power of all aggressive mobs will be doubled! -Cold and Heat damage will reduce maximum health, which will regenerate over time! -The sanity threshold for a shadow creature attack is increased, making them attack you at medium sanity levels, as well as ignoring a portion of your armor! -Touch stones are a thing of the past! If you wish to revive yourself, build a Meat Effigy or a Life Giving Amulet to keep going! But don't depend on them too much...they become inert for 100 days after one use! -Imprisoned Birds are unable to be fed eggs, and will die if either overfed or underfed! -Speaking of overeating, remember all those times you ate food for other benefits at full hunger? Well, that's not going to end well for you here! Overeating food anywhere over maximum hunger will damage your health for half of what that food restores from hunger! Eating that Meaty Stew from 100/150 hunger? You'll restore 50 hunger, but lose 50 health from the remaining 100! -Low sanity? You'll never be alone! Shadow Hands will give you a hand in the dark and lower the durability of your light items! -Thinking fireflies or bioluminescence will be your go-to non-spoiling light source? Think again! Both of them will now starve after 2 days if not fed meat items! -Are you a jerky fiend for all that sweet sanity? I doubt you'll be into it much when it starts lowering your water meter! That's right, the hunger you gain from Jerky will remove the same amount from your water meter! -Do you partake in the consumption of stale and spoiled foods sometimes? Well, now you can enjoy it more with HALVED stat gains! -Have you been using fires to block larger foes from reaching you? Well, no more! Every last one of them can destroy fires, or in the case of the Dragonfly, fly right over them! Go show them who's the better fighter! -Do you hunt hard for your health restoration foods? Well, now you can enjoy doing it more! Frogs, Butterflies, and Birchnut Trees now have a halved chance of dropping their delicious items! -Are you the type to nom on Monster Meat in times of crisis? Well, now there's a bonus to eating it! Upon eating any version of it, you'll now begin to gradually lose health over the next day! Don't you feel accomplished? -Are you a hoarder in secret? Do you fill your pack to the brim and use nothing else? Well, now you can enjoy hoarding longer! For each slot filled, your speed will be reduced by 2.5%! -Do you stuff your crock pot with poison food to magically cook edible food? Well, we've got a better food! Just one monster food will be enough to make that delicious lasagna! -Do you think that suit of seashells or that helmet with horns will protect you from poison? Do you long for a little more challenge? Well, here you go! Both of them now only offer 50% poison protection! That means a half chance that you'll be poisoned when bitten by those spiders and snakes! Is this challenge just right for you? Do you have any ideas to make this harsh challenge even harder? Were you simply looking for something to read? Post down below!
  4. Simply put, adding an official setting for Lights Out in the world generation settings. Starting items in the chest listed below to ensure every character gets a fair start in the dark on their island. -5 cut grass -2 twigs -3 logs -1 gold The primary reasons why no one other than Walani and Wickerbottom simply aren't viable is due to lack of gold on the starting island. Walani can hold a torch while surfing and Wickerbottom can already craft a Row Boat and Thatch Sail for hands free sailing. All others run the risk of hitting too many waves while sailing in the dark and stopping to hold their torch, causing them to likely sink. This simplistic start will finally allow players to take on this harsh challenge normally, without waking in the dark. Enjoy it, readers!
  5. Seaworthy Crash

    I know I've already replied to this topic, but this just happened to me. Now I fear my SW/RoG world that I went through with 7 different characters will have to be deleted.
  6. Simply put, this function does not work for me. I'm unaware if it's affecting anyone else, but for me, I can't seem to update any of the out-of-date mods so I can see what they are and possibly remove them. I've tried updating each one individually, I've tried initiating it and confirming that I wanted them updating, I've hit apply, I've restarted the game, and yet they're still not updating at all. I can't even remove these eyesores from the list, as they refuse to get off of it.
  7. Ban Pyromailmann because that name makes them look fat
  8. You recently posted on a thread regarding an experienced server. We're always accepting, but do note that I'm not currently on home net, just phone net, meaning it may be a while before I host a server.

    It's also a fairly inactive Don't Starve Discord chat, so people have been getting impatient and leaving almost a day after. You're still free to join us, but the ones who are playing are either on public servers or hosting themselves.

    1. Kenami


      Uhhh, Not sure what happened but that whole thing got deleted. Sure, I would still like to join the server btw. Lol.

    2. Thieverpedia


      Add me via Discord, Thieverpedia #5449

  9. How was I never aware of Don't Starve shipping? I always assumed it was just Wickers and Woodie/Wolfgang, know...grannies can get lonely too.
  10. Ban DatShadowJK for alleged taco theft
  11. Ban DragonMage156 for the atrocious grammar
  12. You've been accepted as an extra player on our server! You can choose anyone you so desire. Have fun starving together <3

  13. You've been accepted to join our server as a Webber! I hope you enjoy starving together <3

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    2. PlebQueenTheDoe


      I believe i added you? (PlebQueenTheDoe)

    3. Thieverpedia


      Been a while since I've teamed with a Webber. Tempting to change from Wickers to Wendy for the extra farming potential.

    4. PlebQueenTheDoe


        Awesome! I'm super excited to play with a wickerbottom honestly :)

  14. EDIT: I found a partner and no longer need aid. Thanks to magia for helping get the skin. I will, however, leave this advice here for any who need it. "1-. The Player 1 put Player2's first symbol on every slot, while the player 2 start with Player1's first symbol on slot 1 then fill slot 2 to 6 with any symbol that player1 does NOT have both click button, if no Gold light on then the Player 2 change the symbol from slot 1 to slot 2 so the "filler" its on slot 1 and the player1's first symbol its on slot 2, both click button, repeat the swaping until you light one golden 2-. Lets say you got golden on the Slot 4, now the Player 1 removes all symbols but the one in Slot 4 and fill all other slots (1,2,3,5,6) with Player2's second symbol so Player2's First symbol its on Player1 slot 4 and Player2's Second symbol its on Player1 other slots now Player 2 does this: Keep the slot 4 untouched and put Player1's Second symbol on Slot 1 leaving the slot 4 in correct position (golden on) now fill slot 2,3,5,6 with any other symbol both click Button if you don't get the second golden Player2 swap slot 1 with slot 2 both click again if no Golden on then Swap 2 and 3, or 3 with 5 (4 its solved) until you get golden. 3-. Lets say you got 2nd golden with Slot 6, now repeat step 2 now using each other symbol number 3 leaving Slot 4 and 6 untouched. Do it with all 5 gold light on, the last position solve it self as it will be the last symbol." Credits go to Youtube user Jurgens Filiaggi for this strategy.
  15. Sure. Friend request sent.
  16. Ban Mobbstar because Cthulu is so mainstream
  17. Here I am, attempting to trick Asparagus into looking deep into my crock pot as I prepared to make a turkey dinner, only to find they can't recieve messsges! Are they really that popular after being in the Beefalo Song? :o

  18. Ban MeingroessterFan for assuming this thread can actually die
  19. Ban DimWhat for that racist comment against chickens
  20. Ban DimWhat for having 5 posts over the magic number
  21. Seaworthy Crash

    Shouldn't this be in the Bugs section?
  22. Ban watermelen for bringing a tiny amount of lewd into the thread and triggering millions
  23. This thread really did come in handy for my first joined DST world in a long time. Kinda wish I told everyone else on the cramped server about it. Loads of people asking where the base was and hoarding materials at the start, but still fun, nonetheless. Guess I'll slap my own personal advice on here... If there's a sinkhole quite near your team's base, for the love of Helix, don't mine it open! On my last server, someone did exactly that, and batalisks were harassing us every night XD More advice, I hear you asking? Here you go! Don't pester players for items! They might not have any to spare, or they simply aren't in the mood to go get it while you chill at the base. A prime example was what happened on my last visited server. There was this one player who constantly pestered me for silk and another who didn't know how to get honey. They were just standing around in the base accomplishing nothing. In short, sometimes, you have to do things for yourself. You should enter servers knowing full well that other players aren't there to babysit you. Get out of the base and learn! Pull your own weight! Doing nothing will harm the productivity of everyone!
  24. I'm fairly chill and don't really mind many mobs, except for one, as I am a Webber player who can't easily befriend pigs. Obviously, it has to be the Ewecus. That thing stun locks me repeatedly as my spider friends nip at it, and as I'm currently solo, I have no friends to aid me. Meat isn't hard to come by, and it's the wool I'm really after, but still...I don't really like a mob cowardly enough to lock me in place and run from me when I try getting close. That's my job.
  25. Ban DatShadow for taco theft