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  1. Fairy Glommer skin has no face when it goes to sleep at night.
  2. Wonkey never does his character animation when hovered over with the mouse, ever.
  3. Fixed as of the new Curse of Moon Quay Beta! Thanks guys.
  4. The Grass part of the kit is invisible, the ropes are still there oddly enough.
  5. The Tent roll craft exclusive to Walter has examination quotes for when it is placed down but is not used. This applies to all character quotes like Wilson, Willow, etc.
  6. The "Warrat" Head and "Carrat Costume top" have identical curio descriptions. I don't think this is intentional because everyone else's costume top has a unique description and this costume for Warly seems to have been an oversight.
  7. It is the only skin of the endothermic fire pit that does not have a shadow when placed, there was a similar issue with the Gothic Lightning rod skin but that has been fixed.
  8. The Homespun skin for the regular garden hoe does not dig into the ground correctly when tilling the ground, visually. Regular: Homespun:
  9. The new skin for the berry bush hat does not generate particles on worlds with caves, I tested it on a server without caves and they worked normally. No mods installed at all.
  10. Okay so, I disabled caves and the particle effects showed up, seems like worlds with caves on contain this bug.
  11. I'm guessing, and hoping, that the weapon that one of the monkey pirates is holding will be a new drop, a DST alternative to SW cutlasses maybe? Similar to how Mactusks drop blowdarts when killed, but it'll probably only do more damage than a spear but less than a hambat.
  12. The Sparkle particle effects of the skin are not showing up for me? I have no mods on.
  13. Cotton Candy and corn dogs/hounds, and maybe new statues from mystery boxes.
  14. Guest of Honor skins for our last few survivors, Warly, Wortox, and Wormwood PLEASE.
  15. I really like all the examination quotes every survivor has, really makes a characer come alive ingame. Love Winona's quote for potatoes:
  16. I want his shadows to mirror his current speed, so like when holding a walking cane and wearing Magi., they would be able to run on par with Maxwell.
  17. Mudskipper for her survivor skin would be a dream come true.
  18. The S.S. Dolphin, or Olimar's ship from Pikmin.
  19. Characters have a very small chance to trip whenever they move. Like in Smash Bros. Brawl
  20. New Electrified Lantern skin when held in a character's hand is poorly positioned at all angles, (hand does not appear to look like it is holding the handle of it)
  21. Finishing out the formal collection with Guest of Honor skins for Wortox, Warly, and Wormwood. Pretty please