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  1. So, I've recently switched from Hamlet to Shipwrecked, and I have both a Meat Effigy and Magic Flower in Hamlet. If I somehow die in Shipwrecked, will I revive in Hamlet or will I just die and lose all of my work? I don't think this has ever been officially tested, despite maximum health penalties still taking effect in a world without Meat Effigies.
  2. So, I believe it's finally time to add an unimplemented character that's been on the backlog for a while. What other character could there be with the Aporkalypse than Wortox? Wortox, The Demon "YOU DARE SUMMON ME?" Health 125, Hunger 200, Sanity 100 Perks Prefers the dark, no Sanity loss from Dusk and Night Is empowered by chaos, bolstering all stats by 50 and passively regenerates health by 1 per 5 seconds. Things such as the Ruins, the Volcano during Dry Season, and the Aporkalypse will activate this buff. Will also increase damage done by 25%. Gains double the Naughtiness from killing creatures Can eat monster food Downsides Is a Monster Gradually loses Health and Sanity in direct sunlight. Shady hats will prevent Health loss, but not Sanity loss. Hates the cold, has -60 cold insulation. Vegetable-based food will invert Health and Sanity gain to loss Condensed perks Is a Monster Hates sunlight & the cold Is in tune with evil Prefers meat Unlock Method The Ancient Herald has a 5% chance of dropping Demonic Horns. During this time, an 8-sided red star will spawn on the ground in a random ruins. These horns must be offered to the symbol, summoning Wortox to the world, unlocking him. I'm pretty sure there are better ideas, but this is one that I've had for a while. Let the Ancient Herald bring this doom upon the world!
  3. Ooh that sounds pretty fun. A fancier version of the already fancy tools!
  4. I had an epiphany today, and hear me out...pick their Jungle Flowers so the Glowflies can't spawn and evolve in the first place. Chances are that the Roc cave has a Light Bulb room. You need to rush a Bird Whistle to check. If it doesn't have one, reset your world, as this is the only way you can get Light Bulbs if you destroy their spawn point. Get over the old meta of not picking flowers. Glowflies rarely drop Light Bulbs by death alone. Get enough for a lantern with a Net, use the rest for abundant Fireflies, and don't let your old habits punish you.
  5. Do Piko respawn?

    I wonder...are the piko produced dependant upon the piko that infest the tree, or are they random? This might require more science, but maybe we can set up farms just for Orange Piko, and with the Executive Hammer, we can make sure the damn guards don't exterminate them.
  6. I'm not exactly sure if they respawn, but I'd love to know if they do, as Orange Piko can be used to make Tea and Iced Tea. Main problem, of course, is their rarity and possible refusal to respawn. And then the part where I need 2... If they do respawn, then how do I make them do so? That damn mud spa won't sell me more than one coffee beans and I need my speedy fix!
  7. Variations of Ro Bin

    I wanna see Ro Bin grow up by feeding it stuff. Let it fly above floor traps and peck at your enemies.
  8. Be thankful it was only on day 14 and learn from this. You can get some Cloth from the spawn point, by hammering the balloon.
  9. Nettles needed a nerf. That much was a given, so then we adapted with a Sprinkler, only to discover that Nettle Vines with Nettles will lose their produce when they dry up. My suggestion for a solution comes in two suggestions. 1. A Nettle Vine with produce will stay like that until harvested, then wither instantly. This solution means we don't have to worry about lost produce because they decided to dry up. 2. Simply force the Nettle Vines to drop Nettles, and then wither. An odd solution, but it could be an option if the former doesn't work right. I love the idea of Nettle Vines, but they've been distracting me every day with a picky schedule.
  10. QOL update report

    I'll try sending Nettle Rolls, I suppose. Always a pain to get sick. Get well soon!
  11. You know, I've always wondered why Treeguards didn't drop Leafy Meat.
  12. Simply put, late-game servers tend to have these things pile up in their chests, as multiple hound traps can be filled and still not use up enough teeth to prevent the overflow. A Rapier made from hounds teeth could easily help use up the many stacks accumulated over a long period of time. Required items and stats are down below. =Rapier= 4 Hounds Teeth 2 Gold Nugget 1 Stick Damage: 45.5 Durability: 100 swings/stabs A new animation could be added to make it more realistic, but the overall goal is to make an item sink for a mass farmable item late-game. As a plus side, this could also work in the singleplayer game to help them with their surplus teeth.
  13. Huh...I tried the Aporkalypse on a couple of old worlds. The world was dark and Ancient Heralds were spawning nonstop and in my home. If not for the two in my home, it would have stayed pretty. Oh well. New world time!
  14. So, there were plenty of things I was prepared for with the Aporkalypse. What I wasn't prepared for was the Ancient Herald that relentlessly spawned multiple times, which gladly threw down meteors to destroy absolutely everything, and wouldn't stay dead. At the very least, can't it just have higher health, cooldown on spawning, and a limit of one per world? This thing is nothing but a pest to discourage us from actually trying to get through the Aporkalypse. It doesn't even drop anything of interest! Hell, it seems like the kind of thing to drop something nightmarish. Bone Armor fragments, perhaps?
  15. Just for the fun of it, I decided to hop onto my pre-Aporkalypse world which had that Roc bug that caused it to spawn in our homes. I'm not sure if that bug fix applied to current saves, but this one was pretty funny. I'm probably gonna delete this world and the other pre-Aporkalypse save, as the entire world didn't know how to do the whole red moon thing, so it was completely dark. Not only did one Herald spawn, but another spawned in soon after. It was sweet havoc. All in all, hope you enjoyed seeing this sort of shenaniganry! <3