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  1. I'm pretty sure this is an oversight, but the Pretty Parasol can't be crafted in Hamlet right now. The Pretty Parasol is a component in Wagstaff's Telebrella. Despite all the ingredients being available, it can't be crafted, and the Tinkerer's Tower doesn't even have the recipe. What's more is that the regular Umbrella is available for crafting, so this really only affects Wagstaff. Let us hope that someone picks this up and fixes it quick.
  2. I've checked to make sure Cloud sync is on, I've restored a backup of the pre-beta file, but nothing seems to work. I have no idea what to do, and I'm unwilling to start a new file just to experience the better interiors. Are there any suggestions on how I might be able to fix this before I send a bug report? EDIT: Fixed. You can really count on these developers!
  3. Willow rework Idea

    She died the second she lost her fire immunity imo
  4. I've had this thought since his announcement, but why not let Wortox refine Souls for better team buffs or more hunger restoration? It could make him less bland and more of a team player. Soul of Fury 6 Souls Increases nearby teammate damage done by 15% for 1 minute, or 25% when eaten by Wortox. Lowers sanity by 45. Soul of the Guardian 4 Souls Reduces teammate damage taken by 15% for 1 minute, or 30% if eaten by Wortox. Lowers sanity by 30. Soul of Light 8 Souls Provides 20% speed increase for nearby teammates for 30 seconds, or 45% if eaten by Wortox. Lowers sanity by 40. Soul of Darkness 8 Souls Provides a bonus to Nightmare Fuel drops for nearby Teammates for 1 minute, or 2 minutes when eaten by Wortox. Lowers sanity by 80. Soul of Satiety 10 Souls Slows the loss of hunger by 30% for nearby teammates, or 60% for Wortox for the current day. Lowers sanity by 60. Hunger that would have been lost is drained from sanity instead. Soul of Sacrifice 12 Souls Drains Wortox's health by 40% and checks for 20% of the health of nearby teammates, without draining it. Damages all mobs for 3x the total health calculated, plus what Wortox lost. If Wortox eats it, damages every mob around him for 5x the health lost. Soulverload The aforementioned souls Provides the effect of every soul for nearby teammates for 2 minutes, or 5 minutes when eaten by Wortox. But this gradually lowers Wortox's health over time. Drops his sanity to 0.
  5. Eh...I like my proposed perks better. These seems pretty trivial.
  6. I sure hope those spotlights don't devalue Mushlights
  7. Requiring a Feather Pencil for Wickerbottom's books is an excellent enough suggestion alone, but plenty of the others could be viable.
  8. Hell, anything to give Wolfgang a noticeable downside would be good. But this is a great one. Fear can affect motor skills pretty badly.
  9. Warly on DST

    As a Warly main, I would love to see him in DST. Something about cooking on the go warms my soul.
  10. Alright, I've tested it and Zeklo's method worked for removing the weird text. Everything went back to normal!
  11. Bring back Warbucks

    No character has ever been removed before. Refine the perks, but no one deserves that fate.
  12. As it stands, Wormwood's plop wrap is too expensive to consider using over Healing Salves and Poultices. The Nitre is the big issue here, as it's rather rare in Hamlet. I can see two possible solutions to this. 1. Increase the healing of plop wrap from 20 to 40 2. Replace the Nitre with 6 Cut Grass, to make it more viable in all worlds. We need more usable plop to spread on face for health. Why we use non-plop items on plant character for primary healing?
  13. Please add salt lick

    I have to wonder why it wasn't added in the first place.
  14. Rabid Beetles overpopulation

    I think their main problem is that Great Leafy Stalks can spawn them. If it were just the flowers, that would be one thing, as we can control that. But what do the stalks have to do with Rabid Beetles?
  15. Do I just...delete that last part?