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  1. This has always bothered me. Why is it that the Lazy Explorer suddenly loses its hook, when that's a good spot to socket your gem? I don't suppose the sprite can be updated to return this nice piece of the skin and keep its beefy look, could it? I slapped the two together quick for a general idea, along with a comparison. (Warning: Bad photoshop incoming!)
  2. Seaworthy crash!

    Not on that file, no.
  3. Ban Xedlord for continuing the off-topic bans
  4. Sounds like a good idea, bar the yellow gem being available from them, unless they're an ultra-rare drop. As some friendly, when making a thread, you can hit the Enter key to separate sections and make it a little cleaner and pleasing to the eye. Cheers! <3
  5. Make bunny puffs a fuel

    I don't see why not. Kind of the same for bee stingers, but those things don't start to build up until way later.
  6. All of the yes! The skin I want to complete my outfit was $23 USD last I checked! This would allow more supply to feed the demand.
  7. I kinda like a lot of this, particularly her tolerance to summer heat. Being around fire so much, you'd think that would be a thing. Only thing I disliked is something the poster above already pointed out.
  8. As it stands Abigail is primarily used for the tinier mobs that can easily be stunlocked or killed before she "dies" herself, but she stands no chance against some of the late game high-health mobs, as they crush her before she can accomplish much. With many mobs having double the health in DST, this ends up being more mobs that can tank her hits. As she is the primary part of Wendy's playstyle, I believe she's overdue for a good buff as her sister's guardian. My proposed buffs, as a Wendy main, are these. Italics signify something that doesn't need changing. HP boosted from 600 to 1200 Health regeneration boosted from 1 per second to 10 per second, 5 while in combat Attack damage remains the same during their respective parts of the day Abigail retreats when Wendy gets 3/4 a screen away, so she doesn't stay behind and be a meat shield Running speed boosted from 5 to 7 Flower timer to spawn her remains the same Abigail gains damage resistance depending on time of day (Daytime 0%, Dusk 15%, Night 25%) Those are my thoughts on Abigail. I've used Wendy for a while and have had ample time to study the effectiveness of Abigail and ways she can be improved. But as per usual, I'll end this post with a...Thoughts?
  9. Seaworthy crash!

    Simply put, this notorious bug has been wrecking havoc on save files by putting the game into a continuous crash state, and may be caused rarely by going through the Seaworthy. As of now, I can't find a way to fix it once it happens. We're either forced to delete the save or wait until it's eventually fixed one day. I, for one, am waiting for the latter, as I've gone through 6 characters and 1,300+ days on my first linked file. I patiently await the day I can finish my Webber run and make the switch. Please, someone, Klei, anyone...look into this and see if there's a way to fix it! We need not lose files on account of these silly bugs! I'm including the log files, but as I don't know which ones would be important, I've included everything in the nice post. My apologies. Now...I'm not exactly the coding type, but it seems the client just ran out of space. I would assume my file is either locked or I could maybe find some sort of script extender. If it exists. My poor file has been locked since last August. Maybe I can find a solution.
  10. That...that's a good idea. I think I'll edit it. Originally, it was orange gems because of their whole teleportation thing teleporting a new person in their place, but the opal manages to reach through space and draw down a star. I'd say that's a little further, and it's harder to get.
  11. A sombrero for the Straw Hat, sombrero with tiny lanterns hanging off it for Mining Hat, and a shiny sombrero for the Rain Hat.
  12. In many of the servers I've been in, I've found so many players who act Elitist and apparently know a lot about the game, but some play just as badly as the newer players, base alone and suffer from lack of supplies, or are simply unwilling to help someone who asks for it, despite having the time. What is it about this game in particular that turns some players into Elitist types that refuse to play nice? I get that there's a lot of new players and that can make things frustrating, but all it takes is teaching them, and we'll eventually have better players as a result. Even I manage to get into that Elitist mindset and have to constantly correct myself to help the new players. Thoughts?
  13. So, as it stands, we have absolutely no way to change characters mid-game without console commands, and that that would delete player day count. We're stuck with who we choose. Granted, we should have thought about the character choice from the start, but some might prefer another character later on. Or maybe we just get bored and want to try someone else. My suggestion? A new item in the Ancient tab that I've called the Thulecite Mask. Upon use, this valuable item would change your character without affecting day count, but would have the negligable effect of giving the new character resurrection stats and reduced health (as if they died once or twice). Proposed crafting recipe would be... -5 Thulecite (down from original 20) -1 Telltale Heart -2 Iridescent Gems (gems changed from orange) This item would be one-use only and would disappear upon use. We've lacked a proper way to officially change characters sadly, and I'm sure this would be a hit with the late-game players who wish to try someone else out for a change. Thoughts?
  14. What is a good meat farming option?

    Kill stink rays repeatedly at their spawns for monster meat, give them to boars, use their skins to make more wildboar houses, and repeat this process. Wildboars end up giving a lot of meat if you put in the time to farm them. Doydoys are also an option, but they only give one Meat each.
  15. Simply put, this function does not work for me. I'm unaware if it's affecting anyone else, but for me, I can't seem to update any of the out-of-date mods so I can see what they are and possibly remove them. I've tried updating each one individually, I've tried initiating it and confirming that I wanted them updating, I've hit apply, I've restarted the game, and yet they're still not updating at all. I can't even remove these eyesores from the list, as they refuse to get off of it.