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  1. I wish this was still a thing. Me and my friend have a boat set up in our donut shaped world so we can easily get to the Bee Queen, but she's way on the other side. Too far to consider bringing the beef. It's rather annoying, really.
  2. Taming a spider queen as Webber is such a nice idea. Slow, yet bulky and powerful. Imagine her with the special saddles, though!
  3. The fact that we can light things like chests, crock pots, fridges, alchemy engines, ocuvigils, and plants is well beyond my level of comprehension, as it basically invites griefers to annoy you with just a torch. Simply removing the option to light them on fire directly will give real players enough time to put out the eventual smouldering after they attempt to circumvent this by lighting a material next to them, and then ban the griefer from their server. And again, why are we letting them burn structures in the first place when we're trying so hard to prevent griefing? On a side note, pig houses would have to be exempt from this proposed anti-griefing change, as lighting them has a use during a full moon, in which their homes are lit on fire to force them to transform, with a flingomatic or ice staff putting the fire out. As a member of Diverse Survivors, I get annoyed when I look at our griefer reporting channel and see how easily people grief. I'd love to see this stopped, or at least slowed one day.
  4. I'd like to see the Creepy Cauldron become weavable.
  5. I tried picking up my items after dying to a tentacle and reviving as Maxwell. This was when I was a noob, mind you, and I had just gotten a Krampus Sack earlier. The tentacle proceeded to kill me again because I didn't think to pick up one item at a time and kite. Not that I knew how to kite in the old days.
  6. I'd personally want a Mandrake pet of some sort. Just the thought of it following me around, meeping all the while sounds adorable for the first 5 minutes. And then it annoys me, so I smack it down with my dark sword.
  7. Me and my friend have been using a vanilla world ever since it's been in the Salty Dogs beta. Asparagazpacho has done nothing to alleviate overheating problems for the 5 minutes as it's supposed to. After consumption, player temperature continues to rise well past the threshold to start overheating. This of course leaves us with a pointless dish. I'm not sure if the wiki was wrong on this subject, and if it is, I don't exactly see the point in a dish with mediocre stats that requires a bit of effort to make, just to be another Fruit Medley.
  8. DST WX-78 Refresh Idea!

    This seems like a pretty nice idea. I love that it doesn't make WX-78 as overpowered as it is now.
  9. [Game Update] - 369546

    Does this mean Cookie Cutters will actually be a threat if not addressed immediately? If so, it's about time. They served only as a minor distraction before.
  10. This is just a thought I had, but with one of the recent patches negating cheesing the Ancient Fuelweaver's bone cages, why can't we break it? It could give a slower, albeit cheaper way to fight the fuelweaver and not rely so heavily on Explorers. Give them 300-500 health to break them down and I'm sure players would be happy to have this alternative.
  11. Oddly enough, this only seems to be for the non-beta version. In the beta, the default sounds are at 4, while the non-beta is at 10. Kind of annoying, if you ask me.
  12. [Game Update] - 368667

    Will there be an option later to revert the eerily quiet music? Even at maxed ingame volume, it feels so disorienting compared to what I'm used to. EDIT: Never mind, default values changed from 10 to 4 since I last checked during the update. Now they're back up, where they're supposed to be.
  13. [Game Update] - 368562

    Respawning salt? So handy! Can't wait to go full on Warly on these things!
  14. Problem: Sailing in Summer and Spring

    A scaled boat, you say? That sounds fantastic. Maybe give it more health along with your proposed fireproof quality?
  15. Can I find salt in a pre-beta world that was converted to the beta? Would the game spawn some in empty spots in the ocean? As Warly, these things seem pretty useful to have access to.