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  1. Geometric Placement, like Quick Drop, isn't just a mod. It's a huge boon to all players looking to keep their worlds looking tidy. This mod is widely considered to be an essential for all players, both new and old, solely for the grid function. It keeps chests lined up and allows for perfect crock pot setups. It's basically a huge QoL thing like Quick Drop was. As the game evolves and grows, so too must we offer ways to improve upon it in as many ways as we can, not through op anime character mods, but with things that feel like they should have been in vanilla in the first place. Adding this mod would also benefit the console players, who don't have the option to mod, and I can say with certainty that many would greatly appreciate the ability to snap structures onto a neat grid. That is all, enjoy this suggestion for the 100th time.
  2. An excellent guide on farming! Can't wait to get into this later. Love watching the fruits of my labor. Personally, I think I'll be focusing on the Warly stuff, but just about any crop should be nice for the food junkies such as myself. Time to go cook up a storm! On a side note, I thought I should mention this. Someone in my discord showed me that your guide was recently used in a Youtube video. It feels like you should be getting credit for that.
  3. Oh. That explains it. Silly Thiever...
  4. So I logged in today to get some of the new skins, and discovered that my Creepy Cauldron and Hutch Head Disguise are now locked. The former, I bought a while back while the latter I obtained as a drop. Why are these locked now?
  5. For whatever reason, placing my crock pot down crashed my game 4 times in a row, each time I turned off less and less mods until the final attempt with no mods. My crock pot was down and it still crashed on me, despite the rest of the players staying on the slightly modded server. I then attempted it on a vanilla server without any mods, and the game crashed the instant I set my crock pot down.
  6. A tam skin? Somehow, I suspect the tam becoming craftable with a new drop from MacTusk.
  7. People keep saying that lore thing will be about Wendy and Abby, but what if it's Webber? Would we see what he was like before being eaten? This gets me all giddy thinking about it!
  8. Ooh, does this mean we can feed fish to stockpile them? This would be incredible for us Warly mains.
  9. Me and my friend have been using a vanilla world ever since it's been in the Salty Dogs beta. Asparagazpacho has done nothing to alleviate overheating problems for the 5 minutes as it's supposed to. After consumption, player temperature continues to rise well past the threshold to start overheating. This of course leaves us with a pointless dish. I'm not sure if the wiki was wrong on this subject, and if it is, I don't exactly see the point in a dish with mediocre stats that requires a bit of effort to make, just to be another Fruit Medley.
  10. Does this mean Cookie Cutters will actually be a threat if not addressed immediately? If so, it's about time. They served only as a minor distraction before.
  11. Will there be an option later to revert the eerily quiet music? Even at maxed ingame volume, it feels so disorienting compared to what I'm used to. EDIT: Never mind, default values changed from 10 to 4 since I last checked during the update. Now they're back up, where they're supposed to be.
  12. Respawning salt? So handy! Can't wait to go full on Warly on these things!
  13. This update makes me proud to be a Warly main. I can't wait to get cooking!
  14. Whoa, this just gave me and my friend something new to do on our Lights Out world! Time to ditch that Dragonfly pet and grab me a moth!
  15. So, despite my objections that any mod could affect his healing and snaptooth aggression, it turned out that one mod DID affect it for some reason. It turns out that the Everyone Drinks Coffee mod I had enabled for Wigfrid was affecting Wormwood. I'll be sending a report to the mod creator about this and will be leaving this here in case anyone comes across the same issue. My apologies for thinking this was an in-game bug.