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  1. That's the really disappointing part. They won't even tell us anything.
  2. I completely agree with you. Sure, it's pretty lame that Klei gave up on Hamlet entirely, but I say that it's better to enjoy Hamlet for what it is than complain about what it isn't.
  3. Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to do that as we speak. I was also thinking about adding some Snurtles and Depths Worms to the caves.
  4. Hey, everyone! I'm back again with another mod, and this time it's one that people have asked for since the beginning: LARGER RUINS! This mod increases the size of the major Ruins (Aporkalypse, Mant, Pugalisk and City) to 128 rooms! Gone are the days of walking through 5 or 6 rooms to get to the other islands... Now you'll have to scrounge together the scarce resources available to you on the starting island until you are well enough prepared for the long and dangerous journey. The size of the BFB Cave has been increased to 64 rooms as well, so if you aren't prepared enough for a long trek home, you might want to hide in the nearest Deep Rainforest until the BFB passes... I might make a few changes to the mod at some point, but here it it, for now: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2036543278
  5. Hi, everyone. Here is the link for the Classic Hamlet mod (replaces all textures with pre-QoL ones) that I've been promising for a long time. I couldn't figure out the code to get Color Cubes working without them crashing the game, so the only way I can offer this to you is by a manual install. Just extract the files from this zip download, and then put the folders into your /data/DLC0003 folder. I hope everyone likes it... EDIT: If anyone here knows how to modify Color Cubes without crashing the game, PLEASE tell me. Same goes for the clouds.
  6. People complain that adding too many things from DST wouldn’t make sense lore-wise, but who really cares anymore? Single Player DS lost any sense of lore canon a long time ago, and I bet I’m not the only one who would pay Klei good money if they ported every last drop of DST content over to DS (albeit with some balance changes). Edit: Hey @JoeW, this seems to be a pretty popular quote, *ahem* maybe that's a hint...
  7. I’ll try and upload it later (I’m typing this reply from my phone, not my PC). If it weren’t for this and the Color Cubes, I would be able to finish the mod that replaces all of the Hamlet textures with the pre-QoL ones. That’s something that a lot of people asked for, so that’s why the lack of response was so surprising to me.
  8. Maybe you're doing something wrong, then. Because is works great for me...
  9. Seriously? No one? Wow... The fact that not a SINGLE ONE of my posts has been answered is pretty disappointing.
  10. I've tried that before, but doing that just breaks any new music added since then. For example, nothing will play when Day turns to Dusk, and the Jungle themes for each season are missing.
  11. I'll work on it. In the meantime, do you know of anyone that can help me with modding Colour Cubes and the Cloud textures from Hamlet? I'm trying to finish up my Classic Hamlet mod, but whenever I try and modify either of those textures the game just crashes...
  12. I've been trying to make a mod for Hamlet that replaces the Fog Cloud texture with the one used before the QoL update. But I'm running into a very strange problem. I've made texture mods that work properly by simply putting /anim and /texures folders into my mod folder and placing my new .tex files inside, but when I add an /images folder into my mod folder, any .tex I put into it simply causes the game to quit after generating a world. The weird thing it, files in the /images folder in my MOD folder won't work, but if I go into the original data files and manually replace the .tex for the Fog Cloud, it works without issue. Does anyone have any idea as to what is causing this? I can upload the mod folder if you want. EDIT: This also happens with colour cubes, where putting them in my mod folder crashes the game but replacing them in the actual data folder works fine.
  13. Yeah, it was SO much better then. I've tried to find the files for Hamlet music, but with no luck...
  14. Hi, everyone! I know it's been a while, but I finally finished my World Generation mod for Hamlet. What does it do, exactly? Well, I'm just about to tell you! Hamlet Worldgen: Improved is a World Generation mod for Hamlet that fixes the issue of biomes being ripped into several small fragments. Haven't you ever noticed that the individual biomes in Hamlet are a little bit smaller than the ones in RoG? Well, this mod turns these worlds... Into THESE worlds! It makes the biome size in Hamlet world MUCH more consistent, and quite a bit larger. As an added bonus, it also increases the world size for ALL world types (RoG and SW included) to 650, which is quite a bit bigger than before. Now, your worlds will seem a lot more like large continents than small islands. It's not perfect yet, but it's a heck of a lot better than the World Generation that Klei gave us. If any of you find any issues with the mod, don't hesitate to tell me. Here it is, so go and get it! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2026668250
  15. You forgot to mention the fact that biomes in Hamlet are ripped apart into small patches quite often. But I'm just a couple of hours away from releasing a mod that fixes that, so...
  16. You say "Next Update" as if that's even something that Klei would consider. I wish I could live with such ignorance.
  17. For me it was about 5 minutes. It might depend on your hardware though...
  18. I made a mod for Hamlet that changes every Deep Rainforest biome into a Gas Jungle, like this: Its purpose is pretty much to make a sort of "hard mode" by making you need to rely on gas masks much more in the game. Now, it's actually going to be difficult to reach other islands! (at least early game). I'm just wondering how many of you would be interested in me uploading this to the Steam Workshop.
  19. Yeah, but there's a lot of issues that I have no idea how to fix. If anyone has any experience making mods similar to this, I would gladly accept help.
  20. Yeah, and Hamlet never got anything like that. It's truly disappointing.
  21. You know, I've been thinking a lot about how Klei actually makes money lately. Klei stops developing Hamlet because they gave away so many copies for free, but in the same breath they put seemingly endless resources into developing the latest additions to DST, which I might add are ALSO FREE. And I refuse to believe that they are making enough money from their cheap skins to actually make a difference. If they can put so much time into DST without charging players a single cent, then the least they could do is put a little bit more effort into Hamlet. I would GLADLY give them $6 of my own money if that meant they would continue working on the game.
  22. I was messing around in the World Generation files recently, and after about a half hour of copying and pasting I managed to create a really cool world that I thought I should share. It's every biome from DS, RoG, Hamlet, Caves AND Ruins all in one huge world. Here are screenshots of the different sections: Here is the full map: There are still a few issues that I don't really know what to do about, like these: Also, I don't think I've ever seen so many wormholes like this: Anyway, I just thought I should share with you all some of the cool stuff that fore SOME reason hasn't been made into an actual mod yet. If anyone wants to know how I did this, just DM me.