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  1. Guest of Honor skins for our last few survivors, Warly, Wortox, and Wormwood PLEASE.
  2. I really like all the examination quotes every survivor has, really makes a characer come alive ingame. Love Winona's quote for potatoes:
  3. I want his shadows to mirror his current speed, so like when holding a walking cane and wearing Magi., they would be able to run on par with Maxwell.
  4. Mudskipper for her survivor skin would be a dream come true.
  5. The S.S. Dolphin, or Olimar's ship from Pikmin.
  6. Characters have a very small chance to trip whenever they move. Like in Smash Bros. Brawl
  7. New Electrified Lantern skin when held in a character's hand is poorly positioned at all angles, (hand does not appear to look like it is holding the handle of it)
  8. Finishing out the formal collection with Guest of Honor skins for Wortox, Warly, and Wormwood. Pretty please
  9. Hello, I think now would be a good time to make it so that attacking isn't the primary action when mousing over the Merm King while holding a walking cane, I have been guilty of accidentally hitting him with my cane before and had been accused of treason multiple times now lol. CaneAttackFlorp.mp4
  10. One Chorusbox circuit is able to counteract dusk and night sanity drain
  11. Maybe a one-slot circuit for WX-78 to produce a manure like Beefalo every few minutes, more poop would be produced if there is more of the same circuit plugged in other slots. Six "brown" circuits would allow WX-78 to produce a mound of dung like the Beetles from Hamlet, lol. The circuit could be unlocked from scanning Beefalo, Koalaphant, pigs? And batilisks.