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Don't Starve Together: Waterlogged Available Now!

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Left adrift at sea in the sweltering heat, our Survivors thought they were surely done for. And perhaps they would have been if luck hadn’t landed them beneath the protective boughs of an enormous tree. A tree that, remarkably, seemed to spring from the ocean itself. Believing themselves to be saved, the Survivors began collecting the bounty of fruit and materials the great tree had to offer, not realizing that they were not the only ones to have found safe harbor beneath the canopy...

Don't Starve Together: Waterlogged changes:

Added the Waterlogged ocean biome

  • Great Tree Trunk
  • Knobbly Trees
  • Fig, with new recipes
  • Grass Gator
  • Sea Strider

Added a 64-bit version of the game!

Boat Changes:

  • All boats will now eventually come to a stop, regardless of whether it has an anchor or not.
  • Doubled the top speed of boats.
  • Increased the turning speed for boats.
  • Greatly improved the performance on worlds with lots of boats.
  • Boats will now properly collide with all objects while offscreen.
  • When logging back in, players will now respawn on the boat they logged off on, regardless of whether it has moved since they logged off.
  • Each oar has a different top speed for rowing.

New Skins!


We also have two new sets of skins for you in this update. 

Seaside Chest ($5.99usd), contains the following belongings skin items: Shellacked Tackle Box, Shellacked Spectackler Box, Lighthouse Think Tank, Beach Tent, Peliclet, Pufflet, and Narwalrus Chester.

Fresh Verdant Chest ($9.99usd), contains the second addition to the Verdant skin series. Contains skins for: Walter, Warly, Webber, Wendy, Wortox, Wilson, and Wolfgang.

I don’t know about you, but I think these swell skins are going to make some waves. Why not net one today and seafare yourself?

New Twitch Drops

The Fishy Bat Ham Bat skin has been added to the Nautical Collection. For a list of participating streamers, please see the spoiler below. 



Watch these streamers for your Fishy Bat skin!

nanoenten nephr0 jjalmong Selestiyaa
Vanilleotter OZ_n_TheTater juhyouscov selibonne
LePuFe PurpleSquirtleTV JustMaybeGaming Sericats
Kyreelle Rhialia KadimTaverna
Ahbiga Tiberian39 KaiJiieow Shaman2525
blablatv VJM75 KamioSparkle8 SirToastyT
gutooss ZeroOhNo KingAllonsy SirWorran
klarth000 LeGoulot KonanAmaya
NopeBoxArt ashleyawoww LaHoraDeLaPurga smallyx_
ThiemiMaki FTLAK lakhnish_monster somegamer420
ThornyCube5 hellomeliberry lendonnn SouthernWiz
TimNight inandratv leopugs space__babe
AllFunNGamez Neko_D LEXXrus85 SpiderLeWiki
DemonRebuilt peskyeffy lightningkuno Spudmanst
DizzyDizaster PrimitiveNomad Limbocato
DontStarveJazzy Ucella littlevillain0 Sqirls
Fly_Diiqqiidy BulbahBulbah luques_ starrystoryshark
FurryTofu FinalTraumatic MacK_ZH
glermz KonanAmaya marleemcfly sv_theking
Griver84 Lineallstar Marmol27_DST
Jakeyosaurus Melerickk massolkim Swokiie
KnottaHooker MizaSparrow Milkakit ta_twa
ladylz MP98xD Minertoast Thecatme
Lem0ncurD SamSquanch007 mino2ne1 TheCursedWisp
MagnumOfSpades sase1125 missbaechu
MisutoM TigerGirlly mixjesusx98
Rhovious Wespenkoenigin miyako_baba TissuemanTV
Unorthodogg ElectronBee Moka_gmr TizPlays
AshanGG ellenzeras mongs5959 trochilidae1
brunosystemyt dangrape Morphiac Tyenk
Mei_Otonashi FreddoFilms mr_dstacos Ucella
WereOtterTV gabogabo_ mrwigwag umReplicante
NaNdagos Rickfernello Mtijger UNe1st
Samsual Charizm0 MuJla9l_6aHguTka V0ETEX
Keizoworld JackKantus myoungday varenechkimoyi
longshot_plays Mehssi NachoAVGgamer VibrantMango
squishat axweel_ NaitL VolodiaAKAVlad
Thalz Azone24 newvertex vu84mida
Akamiya dondabals nicobrony Wappo777
Chairoid DragonsBreath9 Nigaito01 WesleyCaribe
diim4iik DrDantheArcherMan nightbladev1_650 willmanci
canaldoquimica DrewDuckington Nikkih0424 wirai_vv
disl3xo E4s2c0 nyanako__ wkdrlzh
Miss_Mauve eiusmodi odiseoxs WonGe
Pyruz_ ElClubDeJavi ogait87 Xemandeen
hantears EmiiDesuNe OldFashionedPlays yadorigi6s
nanakoa ENERHEL ONigoroshiTV yakumorappy
NicoSobreviviente EnfadHada OntariOso YakuTyan_
piachuz everyenvy OsJogadeiros YAMI_X_X
GrandHenks eymiih otshibe yangwlstjd
Halstatt fan_777_ Parzival_T yo_mataattana
22tv__ Fennekinha PatashnikPok yuricahanatan7
alfasou Festa_do_Hephesto Phyrexxian yuuki__xd
Argonath7 Fogao_ piachuz zenggurr
Beard777 FrostyDessert podal000 ZombraLyker
binari1849 Ganxet8 PoissonDuJello zooy10o
Eleonnoree GaubsS prunus_sen AutummXO
ElTacoWard Gemini_Panda_620 ps9211192 melmoplays
FreyaMaluk ggorida pumpkinandpig CiriNine
ImminentXD giefeefee qmarceline belune_bm
itsMIXnMAX Gleenus Qumancio JimmCee
JadeSilk guarapix Rasenc Nikkih0424
kagekokko hakowll RayOgra odiseoxs
KujaGames halfbraincell Restobtw
lucyfitzpatrick Henrique11 roen_a Mehssi
Lycasta jammerqueen Roztargany wkdrlzh
MehAngie JBobOfficial RusPutin84 NaitL
miss_minxxx JCicconi ryukamiya SpiderLeWiki
MissMonicaPlays Jess_Sabatini Sakura_Ikari VladouTV
myhidy JimmCee sawchuk519  



What's Next?

Good question. The Team has been hard at work on the next few updates. It's almost time to introduce you to Wanda, the new character DLC that will come to the game in the first half of September. We also have a new special thing we have never done before that we're pretty excited about for October that is super secret. Ok, so I just realized I can't really talk about anything we have coming up next, but things are about to get interesting. 

We also have some exciting new stuff planned for Klei Rewards, so save up those points


Update 474494 Patch Notes:

Other Boat Changes:

Technical Details:

  • Boats speed calculations are now more consistent, so your speed won’t fluctuate up and down.
  • The following of platforms(boats) is now handled in the engine instead of in lua.
  • When boats are drifting(moving without a player on them) they will do a scan around them to turn on the physics of nearby objects.
  • When boats entity sleep all sails on a boat will get closed.
  • In the engine, platform following now properly supports rotation(as in objects would rotate around a boat when a boat is rotated), this however is not yet used in the base game.
  • Embarking can now fail if the embarked position gets too far away from the player(IE two boats moving at top speed past each other and trying to hop would now fail)

Notes For Modders



  • The walkableplatform and boatphysics component have been significantly changed, mods modifying these components will probably need to be rewritten.
  • Mods can enable boats to rotate from the steering wheel by calling BoatPhysics:SetCanSteeringRotate(true)
  • Several events that boats used to push for all entities on a boat are now only pushed for players.
  • For any entity that can get attached to a platform, EntityScript:GetCurrentPlatform() should be used instead of TheWorld.Map:GetPlatformAtPoint(...)


Beta Bug Fixes

  • Grass Gators should not surface on land now
  • Fixed a crash with mods using sheltering items

Notes for Modders

  • Made several changes to support very large worlds.


View full update


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Just now, MrDo said:

Wagstaff who should come, not Wanda.. If he won't come, I wish you never showed it, a pointless hype was created.

bruh wagstaff is never coming to dst (gonna eat those words later) just give up on the hope

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'It's almost time to introduce you to Wanda, the new character DLC that will come to the game in the first half of September.'

My uncle works at Klei I have an image or her already.




I was playing some, this update seems lit, I hope to see some biomes overhaul next, Swamp could use one!

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