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  1. What he says is to shoot with a slingshot from the same distance as Wortox can teleport, except what you say. What I get angry is this request ...
  2. Why are you always trying to make up a reason and make the game easier?
  3. I was excited when the news of the character. I wish my excitement could continue when the character came in. I will explain why I think so. My first criticism is about Woby. Don't you think Woby don't looks like a mod plugin? What is different from pets made from Rock Den? Don't you think Chester and Woby combo in the early game is a lot op? When you think it grows up, isn't it like a different beefalo? It did not mean much to me, except for the beefalo, which has a silly look from behind. Second, there is a slingshot. A different experience different perspectives, but apart from taking up additional space, how is it different from weapons and wands doing this task? Maybe they spent a lot of time on this character, I don't want to be unfair. But I don't think my personal opinion should be misunderstood. Just my opinion I think it's my right to criticize, I hope no one gets it wrong. My mother tongue is not English, I hope you don't misunderstand to me.
  4. You right, may be an alternative for those who forget to carry pig skin. I mean, why this item, which is partially difficult to obtain, is so simplified with a single item craft. You have a creature that can cut the boards with its mouth, but you using just to make a helmet.
  5. You can craft cookie cutter cap with 4 cookie cutter shell and 1 rope. Actually there is no need for this, because it will never be preferred over a football helmet. Which mentally ill go to sea and he is hunting for cookie cutter cap. Wouldn't it be nice if an axe that worked like ham bat was made instead of a helmet? Beautiful and different things can be considered on top of this but we prefer to make a helmet. What was the reason? I wanted to say that it should be used as a tool because it is called 'cutter'. It's not a weapon I want
  6. What you're judging is like saying Wigfrid why not eating vegetables. The answer is simple the characters have different characteristics I wish you didn't question everything.Just Play.
  7. But when you are as you said, there is no point in someone dying and making graves.This is my think
  8. One person is dead and I moved her to the grave.I break the grave and it disappear and it's gone I found a bug
  9. When craft was made, the image of the skin was correct, but the image turned into Ultimate Spear when craft and handled