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  1. It is ridiculous to destroy the original image while increasing the quality, it looks like they are not official walls
  2. It looks a bit awkward as the color tones change except to sharpen the image and it does not match the color of the grass.
  3. I think so too, I only reached them in line with the information I have acquired, after rework, there may be good things.
  4. Since Wigfrid is a valkyrie, I researched mythologies; I thought of the eye-like sign at the entrance to that room as the moon and sun, so it means a solar eclipse. According to mythology, there are two wolf-shaped creatures that create the solar eclipse, that is, actually attack the sun. That's why I think the wolf can be added. And many of us have seen Wigfrid call 'Valhalla Awaits' from time to time. This is a reference to mythology and those who go to Valhalla are trained for Ragnarok, the apocalypse. This means that a lot of things like the apocalypse in Hamlet will go crazy. My predictions are briefly; New creature,solar eclipse and apocalypse.
  5. When you open the Don't Starve Together, there is an account section below and you can see it on the page that opens.
  6. But when you are as you said, there is no point in someone dying and making graves.This is my think
  7. One person is dead and I moved her to the grave.I break the grave and it disappear and it's gone I found a bug
  8. When craft was made, the image of the skin was correct, but the image turned into Ultimate Spear when craft and handled