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  1. Black or white shapes appear on the screen when play.Menus do not disappear as it appears. Does anyone know or solve the problem?
  2. The Lazy Deserter is a helpful structures when you playing with somebody. We are usually forgetting when playing alone or we are using as a ornamental. İn my opinion it is must be usable when alone. Of course will need to cost for using. Maybe the cost may lower your maximum sanity. Can be as when Maxwell calls shadow puppets.
  3. Most Probably the next character from Warly will be Billy. We know Billy from the gorge. Billy was a seller at The Gorge. Of course, I don't think we'il open a bench and sell anything when it comes to game. But he can open a shop. We can't know. İn my opinion; *Will be able to use the items sell in the event. But own items. *He can be shopping with Pig King. *His items : Salt rack is using for fishing. Because salt was not added to the game as an item. The most sensible is fishing Slaughter Tools can kill every animal. But it has will a durability. Crab trap can capture multiple small animals at once. *He will lose sanity when using own items. All the everythings I wrote could be. What is your ideas in this topic ?
  4. I personally want a new boss for Return of Them. More excitement can be more beautiful.
  5. I think everything about meal values as it should be. Because this game isn't Cooking Simulator . This game is a survival game and it would be ridiculous to expect anything more about the food.
  6. Workshop Cleansing

    Most of the workshop is full of garbage. Need cleaning.
  7. Yeah it's can be
  8. I think the cave was simplified when comes to Return Of Them .Normal world is updating. I think cave should update with normal world. But this is my idea. I don't know game developers what think about this topic. Thanks for reading