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  1. I own only the Wanda skin set and the penguin is my friend's persona. They didn't actually make it their persona, I just consider it them.
  2. Nah, like you said they're more like imp OCs so I'll keep them to other places. After awhile it stops being ds fanart
  3. Yeah I probably won't post anymore Wortox gijinkas here The other fish with Wurt is a character from the game Nuclear Throne, they looked similar to me
  4. I started playing dst in February 2019, since then I've been enamored with a couple of the characters. In February 2020 I decided I wanted to draw a human version of Wortox. I have more of an anime style and I really wanted to draw Wortox as a girl, so it's considered a gijinka. The main Wortox girl is named Viola. This is the uncorrupted skin, her name is Fleur. And this is the survivor skin, her name is Lou Han. For actual dst fanart, I mostly draw small stuff for friends. Like doodles and stuff. My favorite character at the moment is Wurt, she's a precious baby.