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  1. You already can with lunar experiments. I’ve made saladmander petting zoos using those in the past.
  2. My personal headcanon is that the shadow watcher is either the author of the codex umbra or a previous owner of it.
  3. Who’s the shadow watcher????? It doesn’t look like the other nightmare creatures, and it popped up a ton in ye olde William carter puzzles. And don’t forget how Witherstone just has a framed photo of one on his wall. Seriously, who is this guy? And when was the last time he got a haircut????
  4. While there are some really nice body slot armor, most body armor/clothes are not very good and can easily be replace by head slot armor/clothes. I’d much prefer if the weaker body armor/clothes got buffed instead of just making backpacks a whole different slot. I like the idea of body armor/clothes being better than hat armor/clothes while not allowing you to wear a backpack so the player has to decide if they want better armor/clothes or more inventory slots. Those types of decisions are very fun.
  5. I don’t think viewing bad world gen as “ugh this is now UNOPTIMAL because I can’t get my alarming clock everything is RUINED” is the right mindset. You need to be able to adapt to wacky world gen and be flexible, that’s part of the fun of DST; having something not go how you want it to then having to improvise and get yourself out of the mess.
  6. Wait, you guys are using growth formula to bloom wormwood? I always just used compost wraps and glommer gloop. How have we devolved so much to the point that ppl are saying this now? Farming is not useless just because of “muh beeboxes” or “muh meat farms” or smth. It is still an excellent food source, and even if there are better alternatives some ppl just prefer to farm (me) because they think it’s more fun.
  7. I’ve found whenever I’m playing wormwood and there’s a wickerbottom that horticulture abridged is actually pretty useful earlygame because it allows you to skip your first harvest (the one where you’re just planting random seeds), and let’s you jump straight into growing giant crops. Being able to squeeze a few extra crop cycles in the first year is really nice.
  8. Tbf by the time you fight crab king you’ll already have a massive pile of blue gems and ice staves will be basically free. I’ve found preparing resources for bosses is never an issue; in fact, I’d say planning how much stuff to bring to the boss is fun. You don’t want to overprepare and bring too much stuff, but you also don’t want to underprepare and potentially die. It’s a risk reward type of thing.
  9. Don’t worry, we’ll get more insight on the potato cup’s motives and backstory when the next content arc starts.
  10. I’d remove the thing where is bloom is worse in winter (takes longer to bloom, runs out of bloom faster). This really doesn’t serve any purpose and just makes winter more annoying.
  11. I think even if fishing was made easier to learn most ppl would still not touch it because it’s just not as convenient and comfortable as farming. You can set up a farm right at your base and do stuff while you wait for your crops to go while fishing requires you to sit around in the middle of the ocean.
  12. Dst is too easy I can beat fuelweaver on day 2 BLINDFOLDED using a WII WHEEL as my controller. I can’t show you though, as I don’t operate at maximum gamer level whilst I’m being recorded.