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  1. Horticulture books making wormwood bloom would be interesting too.
  2. @JoeW, my friend recently changed nick, could you edit it please? Your current one is: Henrylol1
  3. this also happens to me, it takes time to load the server list, sometimes I open and close the game several times to work.
  4. Maxwell when summoning a puppet fails to wear the enlight crown.
  5. Being close to Bunnyman and his homes drops the FPS extremely.
  6. During the summer the Antlion don't spawn and the oasis lake is empty (without water) and when changing seasons for summer to autumn, sometimes the lake fills and stays for all seasons, until the server closes and opens.
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Also, Walrus Camp on the map generation tab only generates one structure in more.
  8. -- What is the difference between Mactusk and Walrus Camp in the settings? Walrus camp decreases the time to generate another mactusk right? Shouldn't it generate more than one structure? Sorry for the confusion if this is correct!
  9. - The domesticated beefalos are in heat when using the beefalo bell; - Domesticated beefelos loses its type when using beefalo bell and goes down to the cave. Example: I go down to the cave with the beefalo bell and my beefalo is a Rider, it is Default. (He loses his standard speed, but if you take the saddle off and put the bug off.); - You can't trade gold with the Pig King or use the Bundling Wrap on top of beefalo; - Changing characters in the celestial portal, you lose all the skins in the beefalo cabinet;
  10. Thanks for the speed always! They could look at the problem of Friendly Fruit Fly slowness?
  11. Since last year at the last fix, the fruit fly is bug and doesn't talk to plants like it used to.
  12. Thanks for the speed with the updates! You are amazing!
  13. Thanks for the speed with the updates! Are these changes also in the beta?