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  1. To clarify, non-tradeable on the steam market also means un-giftable.
  2. I guess I might aswell use status updates, I doubt anyone will ever look at these anyway.

    I'm having an alright day, nothing that important happened so I'm just browsing the forums and seeing how everything is like.

  3. I've been playing as Wendy ever since I bought the game back in 2017.
  4. "Nature" reminds me of the verdant sets. Wurt is getting a roseate skin, too. Interesting.
  5. The Luckiest Unlucky Man in the world. like come on this is the ONLY webber skin i DID own.
  6. Eee! I've the last couple minutes scrolling through your art and I love all of it, you're really talented!! If you still do requests, would you be willing to draw my trio of misfits?
  7. And here we have an invasive species... wait, is this the wrong game?
  8. The tragic reality that everything will leave you in this miserable life. Isn't it obvious?
  9. Animal rugs really do look creepy, i can agree. However, They are really expensive, so i guess that's why they buy it. And i think a decapitated rug would look a tad more scary, under context.
  10. I'm pretty sure you just buy it, same as other rugs.
  11. Here are my personal ones.. First of all, We have Punk Wendy (Which is my Most Used one.) There's also a variation with the Purple Nightgown, which i use in Winter. Second, We have one that isn't Permanent, but that i like to use sometimes: "Clumsy Painter" Wendy. 0 This one i call the "Crimson Widow" This one is called "Banana Child". I don't know why, I Just call it that. This one Is one of my favorites, "The Actress" Wendy. "I Literally just woke up" Set. This one is the "Street Orphan". Name makes no sense but sounds cool so whatevs And That's it! For now...