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  1. Very tiny detail, but isn't it a chinese game?
  2. yo wait I actually really like this suggestion. This is definitely what I want out of a Wilson Rework now.
  3. My unpopular opinion is that a lot of people act like the game is extremely easy exclusively because of the fact that they already know everything there is to know. As it turns out, the most overpowered thing in this game is *knowledge.* I tend to introduce this game to a lot of my friends, seeing as it's one of my favorites of all time, and watching a new player try the game for the first time... there's a whole lot of things to learn and nearly nothing to teach you, and that's where I usually see the difficulty come from. Once you know what you're doing, it gets pretty easy indeed. Not to say I don't want more difficult content, I'd personally love to see it, but I can definitely understand why we don't get a lot of these changes outside of side, optional content. New people have a LOT to learn already, so adding more difficult content for them to learn, especially when if it's something that they are forced to deal with early on, is definitely something that needs to be thought about carefully. Still, I'd love to see more base biomes and updates to the overworld and caves instead of the ocean, which are all relatively agreed upon opinions, but I think people overestimate how easy the game is because of how much we already know, and I wonder what kind of new content could be added. Now, should new players be the only thing in mind when doing updates? Eh, definitely not. Veterans and long-term players are just as important, but at the same time, I can personally understand why they're generally going the safe route here. I hope we get more exciting permanent content outside of the ocean soon, maybe something we need to interact with more, but it needs to be careful to not just completely and utterly overwhelm everyone who doesn't already know what to do.
  4. project moon username spotted. *attacks

    1. TipherethB


      Oh GOSH you somehow did this the moment that I noticed your profile picture in a thread in the first time I checked the forums in MONTHS

  5. Here's a classic "goth" skin that I frequently use for Wendy. And here's an alternative version for those who don't like green hair. A.k.a me, on seemingly random occasions.
  6. I actually quite like the look of the survivor one. The "survivor" aesthetic has always been one of my favorites, to be honest, so I may be biased.
  7. Oh hey, a new Wendy costume! Time to refresh my 100% on her wardrobe!!
  8. Was saying something like that necessary when someone above you gave an actual response which addressed the concern I had in an infinitely more constructive way..?
  9. That's valid, but I still have a feeling that dropping 40 logs from one axe when it usually takes several to get that many (at least like, 2) shouldn't be a thing. Although I haven't played the beta yet and maybe it does take several axes..? It should have some sort of drawback if it gave that much wood in a significantly shorter period of time. I'm all for a way to get a large ammount of logs in a very short period of time but I don't think it should be 40 or more at once. When there's several options, there needs to be upsides and drawbacks for both options, or you end with Twiggy Trees, which I think everyone agrees are just objectively worse, or at the very least objectively more mildly inconvenient than saplings. I wouldn't mind if they dropped more but if it's just a faster way to get logs for the exact same price (albeit, fairly late-game) then I dunno if it's the best thing to encourage the players to do. There's also a whole other thing where i'm pretty sure that replanting these currently doesn't bring back the natural elements that come with it (The figs and the new spider type) which I guess is a pretty decent drawback, but I dunno if everyone would be aware of that the first time they chop a tree like that. Though again I haven't played the update yet, so feel free to correct me.
  10. 6 may be too little but I don't think literally 40-60 would be okay considering that a fully grown evergreen only drops, like, 4 + 1 if you have a shovel.
  11. That post about status updates being used aged well, huh?


  12. I guess I might aswell use status updates, I doubt anyone will ever look at these anyway.

    I'm having an alright day, nothing that important happened so I'm just browsing the forums and seeing how everything is like.

  13. "Nature" reminds me of the verdant sets. Wurt is getting a roseate skin, too. Interesting.