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  1. Both portals are derived from something lunar related so he could probably open the archive portal but problem is if he actually knows about it
  2. Because I shan’t die until I see the ocean completely decked out
  3. Dst YouTubers can already influence a lot of the communities opinions if we were to do anything like this and one of the accidentally or purposefully told their opinion/asked people to vote for one thing it could scew the the results (glowsquid flashbacks)
  4. I like how he is now and I don’t think his puppet master trait should be removed and i think it fits into his character perfectly. When maxwell was kicked off the throne most of his power went with him so it wouldn’t make sense for him to magically get it back and a bunch more shadow magic, that’d ruin the entire point of him getting kicked off the throne
  5. I don’t think having someone be the name pin for a lot of the story is inherently a bad thing my favourite book series of all time “20th century boys” does this perfectly but with wagstaff I don’t think the problem is that he caused it, it’s that it is sometimes a very lazy explanation for why things happen the way they do. The same thing is what happened with fnaf with William Afton but I see the problem more with how lazy the explanations can be and not that it’s all just wagstaff (We also have not much ideas of his goals unlike we had with maxwell which is a lot worse IMO)
  6. Holy hell eughstein is senator Armstrong well now I gotta agree with them
  7. I find this dumb since cyclum is just Latin for cycle and is a reference to how in the cyclum puzzle it’s just a continuous cycle of people sitting on the throne
  8. K I understand but objective reasoning isn’t something that can come out of a discussion like this. I find walani extremely boring and it’s one of the reasons I don’t want her. The problem with this? Other people feel different and we can argue over this but looking for an objective reason is something very hard to grasp if you can at all. While my original point was not to advocate why I think woodlegs should be in dst and not walani I can see that’s how it’s gone but yes I agree with you and that’s what I was trying to say again. With this amount of uncertainty it is extremely hard to debate over a characters inclusion in dst other than personal preferences and what if’s which is the statement I was trying to make when i said that When I mean jack of all trades I meant someone like woodie who in my eyes is a true jack of all trades. He has perks in a lot of different places but he is the best in none of them and I hope another character would never be like this since because of this I find woodie extremely unappealing to play (again personal preference people can play him if they so please) Unperturbable is a reference to how she is supposed to be laid back and calm which is a common stereotype for surfers and I don’t think looking at that is a good idea of objective since wurt’s is literally the “half pint” yet the only thing that refers to is a couple of her quotes, and I think the pirate thing is just a gag since she is most definitely someone from to the modern era or close to it seeing as she knows what soda pop is while many of the other characters don’t. Which is because the oceans are currently unfinished and is still getting more content to this date as seen with the new teaser I don’t see how walani would have more room for creativity without stretching out a lot of gag quotes especially the pirate ones in which woodlegs is already one. I see woodlegs as having a much more stable base to work on since he already has a lot of perks set up in which I find they could be easily ported to dst while walani only has 2 perks iirc (being her surfboard and her mediocre ability to dry off slightly faster) What kind of surfing are you doing?
  9. Well I mean yeah? This entire argument of who and who shouldn’t be added is all bias because it tackles characters preferences I actually want Wilson to be reworked for this very same reason and I hope klei doesn’t make it a joke rework Because her old niche in sw was for getting on the ocean immediately and again I don’t know what other perks a seafaring character could but I feel like this argument is being a lot of what if’s “what if all of walanis perks related to the ocean” “what if they didn’t” “what if they added more land based perks” it’s a lot of what if’s which is why I find this topic a hard one to debate on cause without any official word all that will result of the argument is another what if But what else could you go into on a surfing character without it being a minor perk? It’s be extremely weird for someone to be a surfer and have the bulk of their gameplay pertain to land abilities. The reason wicker has some farming things is because she is built to be sort of like a jack of all trades kind of like woodie since they don’t have a concrete niche but I find both these characters boring and woodie is very outclassed in everything he can do and if walani were to be added I would want them to avoid a similar fate of the “jack of all trades” dilemma
  10. I massively agree with this a sailing character has a good spot in the cast but I don’t see walani being the one to fill that because of how limited a surfer girl type character can get you I think a better way I should’ve phrased it is I can think of a lot more ways to easily port woodlegs and further his character perks than walani Because in ds you don’t have access to each character and woodlegs you had to go through a process of unlocking him. In dst however this system does not exist and if they were both straight ports there would be no reason to have chosen walani since woodlegs is basically a straight upgrade for her with other perks added Because they tackle their main niche in different ways. When the niche you’re tackling is strictly ocean travel I don’t know how you’d make extreme differences to justify having both. As for wicker and wormwood wormwoods entire shtick for the most part is farming while wicker has a plethora of (mediocre) books I apologize but what item would outclass woodlegs crafts in dst? And the difference is walani is being limited directly in what is supposed to be her niche, woodlegs is being limited as for a legitimate downside This entire discussion is for the most part subjective so I don’t see the point in dismissing them and things like cookie cutters still exist along side if her surfboard was extremely weak and she could not repair it as mike stated as a suggestion it’d only seem to limit her in her niche and if the surfboard would be too good it’d take away one of the only slightly niche things woodie was good at and/or end up being too similar to woodie This is a discussion about seafarers so I do not know why I would mention any other dlc characters??? Yes they are and since I have not seen any suggestions that don’t pertain to her surfboard(to my knowledge) and I see her surfboard having problems since I don’t see it having a ton of health and since seafaring is already generally cheap and since waterlogged seafaring is a lot faster than it used to be I do not see the point of someone’s niche being seafaring rushing The false information was my bad because I have never thought to go on godmode on the ocean to see if things like sea striders or grass gators would attack you, and I do not know what superficial reasons I have given to why she should not be added. I brought up woodlegs in this discussion because he already has more perks in regular ds and since things like treasure exists in dst I saw him as being more easily retrofitted into dst than walani could have been while also having a stronger more ever lasting niche of being THE sailing character instead of an underwhelming seafarer rusher which already partially exists and is very mellow seeing as if your main goal is seafaring you can get a boat and an air up fairly quickly
  11. You’d have one nickel because they’re both obviously the same person