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  1. then why does wurt try to enact the trade but pk does a nuh uh gesture this pk propaganda will never effect me
  2. i mean shadow pieces were also useless and is also pretty hard to do solo (at least for me) kinda like crab king and malbatross actually is useful since his watering can is a nice quality of life thing for a fun boss same with his feathers which make the sail another quality life of thing kinda like houndius shootius but houndius shootius u need a couple to have it affective and need another boss drop all in all the bosses drop wise kinda felt similar to the fuelweaver quest thing
  3. well it would make sense since "Them" is an ancient being so it makes sense all of these things that are supposed ancient could have depictions of alter seeing as They seem to be pretty powerful
  4. well it seems that gnaw could be one of Them but tbh anything we consider in this game to be omnipotent could count as Them
  5. or because wx just didn't want to exist since he has emotions but no time to ever develop them so they go straight into depression phase
  6. well it seems they both learned how to speak english like 3 weeks ago
  7. and then again merms would still just be better since you can put helmets on them so it would just be a weaker merm
  8. but it wouldn't be worth it because of their low health they would still die quickly
  9. but what would be the use putting a football helmet on something that will die in 3 hits and get stunlocked and then die same goes with any dress clothing i would much rather have webber be able to make spider variation ex the long range spider armored spider ect ect
  10. well its probably in a different dimension how so the gorge worked ect ect so we won't be getting there any time soon
  11. if those are his teeth dude needs to see a damn dentist