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  1. Thanks for the speed with the updates! You are amazing!
  2. Thanks for the speed with the updates! Are these changes also in the beta?
  3. Maybe just get the vegetables and fruits from the plantation more quickly. It makes perfect sense what you said. The wickerbottom book could perhaps help too.
  4. Hello guys! I play a lot with Wormwood. And with this new update, he needs new changes. I was reading the hotfix from the last beta update and had some ideas and suggestions for changes. So not all ideas are mine! Changes in the blossoming of Wormwood: - It does not depend on spring to bloom, it can bloom depending solely on the humidity. - It takes 2x longer to get wet! Nor does it take a penalty for rain, only if the meter is greater than 50%. - The closer to 50% he gets in more bloom, he gains the standard move speed and his hunger goes down faster with him in bloom. Quirks: - When he gets + 50% wet his sanity usually drops as wet 100% but does not wet the inventory. - He cannot equip the helmet in the bloom form. - It cannot stay in bloom way in the winter. Perks: - Grown Formula increases wet more quickly. And now he picks crops at + 25% speed. +30% in bloom form. Those are my ideas and suggestions. Thanks for reading. My English is bad, but I tried my best!
  5. Yes, I am looking forward to new changes. I love Klei for always listening to our feedback.
  6. Yes! PLEASE! The new buffs are good, but even so when you have self-sustein, your compost in plants is useless. And speaking faster is not necessary when you have the fly that does it for you. He still needs changes ...
  7. It could be a firepump update or use Spittlefish as crafting. His normal version could fill the watering cans.
  8. I am very happy with that. Thanks for the quality of update ever!
  9. Well, he is a character that has a lot of potential to have quirks and perks balanced in relation to plants. It needs changes so as not to become unnecessary after the beta.
  10. Plants are growing even without using new mechanics. They drop less seeds, but shouldn't these mechanics be mandatory? Wormwood does not need to water or fertilize. If this mechanics matches that of normal planting, it removes the main perk from the character.