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Don't Starve Together: Waterlogged Available Now!

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20 minutes ago, Jason said:

It's almost time to introduce you to Wanda, the new character DLC that will come to the game in the first half of September.

Mega hype for this! Super excited to see how you incorporate time into the game!

Also those sea side skins look awesome (though I think the Chester skin might have fit better with Hutch)!

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wanda!!!! Seemingly an older lady character like so many ppl on here wanted :love-struck: cant wait to see what shes about i love her silhouette already. 

No verdant Wormwood Wicker or Wurt.5D0F141F-E296-4A66-8BB0-0E47C26DF8C2.png.96603c55b66e6859b76871d83d4a0369.png

the new verdant set looks awesome but all characters i dont play :cry: im still glad the best skin set is slowly getting completed though! :apple:

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20 minutes ago, Jason said:

We also have a new special thing we have never done before that we're pretty excited about

Y'know Klei, a few years ago this would have made me excited as heck. But nowadays- I expect this 'new and exiciting' thing to be something like dialogue options for npcs or something like that.

Still- I do have some hope left that you'll revisit old content and update it, overhaul biomes and map generation, fix the ambiance and vibe. And most importantly: add progression to the game- something that the community has agreed is needed in the game

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Oh man, I love this new update, but please, someone let me enter it... the moment I start the updated game, I get the message "Warning! Unable to write to files in the config directory. Please make sure you have permissions for your Klei save folder."

What on earth does that mean? I already disabled mods and I'd really like to test the update, can someone help me?


Okay nevermind, seemed to be caused by the 64-bit-version. I'm going to look into that issue but if anyone else encounters that error for this update, it seems to run fine on the other version.

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