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  1. very good glommer skin. i need it right away
  2. We shouldn't ban Russian players, its not their fault there's a war, I doubt many of them want a war. It's not the people, it's the government, removing people because where they were born, kinda sounds a little bad.
  3. This may be a known issue and likely is because it happens to me a lot so I assume it has to others as well, but I think I found the cause for it. Maybe it isn't. If isn't , sorry for wasting your time.
  4. does this with webber too, i reported it already
  5. you can turn canopy shading off and that may help it
  6. the front of the robe apears on the back for some reason
  7. I'd understand if this bug isn't a top priority, its a very minor bug.
  8. I got an enormous frame drop when I scrolled through the player list. Not super important because you cant really move when its open, I just find it odd. The only other time I've even gotten close was when I blew up thousands of stonefruit, but even then I didn't even get half the frame drop. The same thing happens on small lobbies and with the scroll wheel.
  9. ??? This was a bug? Seemed more like a feature tbh. It was funny Edit: I don't think anyone really minded it, I feel like more people will dislike this change than like it. Just a thought.
  10. bear decides to go away with certain emotes (not all)
  11. woa, since when was closing your eyes and holding f fun? idk, just seems weird to me
  12. why would you focus on fixing something that isn't broke instead of fixing something that is? (AG cheese behind pillar) have you never heard the saying "why fix it if it ain't broke?"?