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  1. I think it should be on the Forum part dedicated to Dedicated Servers... still tho; Wurt buffs > WX Rework hype!!
  2. Snowfallen and Magmatic sets for latecommers.
  3. From my perspective; rushing the ruins was one short way to ruin the thrill of the first few seasons - which in turn made me super bored with the gameplay of that world.
  4. This stream. Game didn't seem to interest me much; but few years later I got hooked on Together.
  5. Wicker players are bigger griefers than Willow ones.
  6. Wolfgangs rework, because my inner Willow main wanted the world to burn! But being serious; I think Turn of Tides was truly exciting, Introduction of Wormwood and Wurt made me waste another hours in this game, Forgotten Knowledge and Eye of the Storm was also great. I just can't pick! Edit: Maybe Webber's rework was my favorite.... Or wait Winter's Feast of 2019!
  7. Not related to MacTusk or Reed's, but I will use this opportunity to vent on how all of my main Worlds have the worst Ruin generation. Seriously, am I the only one who never gets nice ruins generated? Literally it's always one branch that that leads to Pseudoscience setpiece with small boxes for broken altars setpieces.
  8. Either Wurt or Webber, because if there's something Binding of Isaac taught me - is that I have a weakspot for characters with more tragic past and usually I want best for them in my playthroughs.
  9. Not too sure if I can ask that here, but can someone explain to me how can I make my character wield something (like a pickaxe) in Spriter? ...Or at least can someone post me a .gif of Wigfrid holding Lazy Explorer?
  10. All i want for Winters Feast is Wurt - Snowfallen Wurt would make my day.
  11. Does that mean we'll be unable to obtain these skins after December update?