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  1. Go to Documents / Klei / DoNotStarveTogether / Cluster(x) [sort by modified] Click on the most recent one (the one you played), Properties, Previous Versions (? I think?) and pray your system saved a snapshot of that file.
  2. Pretty much, my go-to band to listen while playing DsT. I tend to play alone and for some reason it tends to suit my mood.
  3. 1. I doubt its a good place to put this request. 2. I don't think thats a necessity, Butterflies are plenty around Constant, if you make bee farms, you'll be likely to see a ton of butterflies floating around it.
  4. What made this scene even funnier was that this theme played in the background.
  5. Me during the morning: "Man, Merrymaker Maxwell is really cool. I wonder if i could make a neat Ebenezer Scourge cosplay for him." Me during evening: " "
  6. Yeah, thats why i asked only for front part of that sprite, understandable though. Thanks in advance! <3
  7. Hey there, may i ask for a gif of Roseate (axolotl) Wurt doing the /swoon, emote? (either that, or a sprite sheet of Roseate Wurt front head with happy expression of her face, tho i'd prefer the gif lol) Lots of loves!
  8. Haven't played or seen these in action honestly, but if you ask me it may be engine issues.