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  1. Around the time Wurt was released i found myself in a team of really nasty players who all wanted me dead for some reason. They all extinguished lights or brought mobs to me. It ended up with all three dying from these attemps to kill me.
  2. What made this scene even funnier was that this theme played in the background.
  3. Me during the morning: "Man, Merrymaker Maxwell is really cool. I wonder if i could make a neat Ebenezer Scourge cosplay for him." Me during evening: " "
  4. Yeah, thats why i asked only for front part of that sprite, understandable though. Thanks in advance! <3
  5. Hey there, may i ask for a gif of Roseate (axolotl) Wurt doing the /swoon, emote? (either that, or a sprite sheet of Roseate Wurt front head with happy expression of her face, tho i'd prefer the gif lol) Lots of loves!
  6. I use Hounded Mod because amount of Hounds after 100+ days is a goddamn cruel joke Also whenever i play alone i use Dynamic Health Scaling cause i also don't want to waste time doing the same thing for 3 ingame days.