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  1. If the "it looks like a modded character" thing means they have a lot of content, then it would be a lie, regularly, modded characters are just reskins or have slight adjustments, barely has something different. This is the new staple of Don't Starve Together character creation, and I can say it goes arround the singleplayer too. Wether their perks are good or suck, this is what Klei aims to make, unique traits for a character rather than just tweaks, Klei is evolving, like the same time they did with Strange New Powers, imagine how wild was that, imagine how WILD WAS WOODIE, the very first character with a complex mechanic such as transformation. Klei wants to make their characters as impressionable as possible, with mechanics and unique stuff for them, because they know they can go further than just a wilson semi-clone.
  2. This is also a fine addition to the game, forgot to mention. I wonder how his short's gonna be.
  3. Quite a perfectionist character, but honestly I don't want it to be free.
  4. Wormwood wasn't refreshed. Oh wait you included the Wurt and Wortox. Then I would say Wurt is kinda weird, I like her, but never got me, I don't know if it's the colours or the merm, or being another child, like, I think it's more personal since the mechanics aren't that interesting for me, building a merm megabase and stuff ain't in my inner playstyle
  5. cool stuff bro

    1. minespatch
    2. Neu7ral


      Oh, just saying hi, I like your memes and I always see your reactions no matter where.


    3. minespatch


      The site originally didn't allow emojis so I made my own. Some emotions the wilson emojis wouldn't allow.

  6. It has been some time and I think this wasn't reported yet. Wormwood has no ghostly noises, not only that He also doesn't have the sinking sound, despite it's found in the files, but also the file contains a version with Wormwood and Winona sink noise mashedup.
  7. I really hope this works, you have some nice ideas and you look like a good bud!
  8. Me: *breathes*

    Minespatch: *hits react button*


    You're amazing, by the way.

  9. I'm tired of this kind of disrespect to Klei, putting effort on a new boss and cool content just to somebody like you make those comments. Yes it is a new boss, another boss that probably you have to fight in raid against them, another extra content in this game for have some fun or challenge yourself to do this kind of content with your friends, yes, this is a new tick, another optional tick, and I'm okay with it, this game purpose is make you feel acomplished with these kind of bosses, Weaver, Queen and almost every raid boss is done to make an accomplishment that bears sometimes little difference, even for somebody who prides in keep this game "Uncompromising" as possible, I still can't believe people doesn't reach that this game always was high risk/low reward, always this game is for extra content, you can go to caves if you want, you aren't obliged, there's a ruin with cool stuff that is actually inferior to most gear you can get, you can go out and sail the seas, entirely optional, still bears nice rewards though! Or you can play with the not-so-classic 4 seaons this game already provides you, which are a real tick and you can always get creative and manage you own way to make it less insufferable, after that the game tells you "Go on, get some stuff to do already, you have done the season task, now manage yourself and do optional things you feel like.", this game doesn't want want to enforce you a difficuly, this game makes you to do their work, because the game tries to make it flexible so everyone can enjoy the game, but seems you can't because you have done everything already, Klei doesn't want to point a gun to the player and do new stuff, you do it by yourself, even with the minimal task of going to caves is a task you are doing optionally, this is what is, Don't Starve Together, an Uncompromising Survival Game, with no tutorials, just you, and maybe some friends to try and learn how to play, it is a task yes, I even entered in a pub to play with new players and they died by darkness, the same thing it happened to almost all of us, a new game to discover, you have already discovered and exploited everything you can, this is why you don't appreciate Klei efforts to make new content, because it's not core anymore, it's optional, Klei has to grab a variety of players, going from people who already played the game for a big chunk of their time and people that just started some days ago. I really hope the game adds some a little of core content as you do, but I'm really happy with those new changes to make the game feel more lively, just please don't discard them like that.