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  1. While I pub I play as Wanda as I have an easy revive tool to help newcomers. Most of the time though like a alone or with friends? Maxwell.
  2. Differences between fantasy and real, pigmen are a fantastic species, humans are not.
  3. Wurt really hates Pigs, so she gains naughtiness, now, that makes me think, should Webber gain naughtiness for it?
  4. Would be like a good idea if they went with physical ugrades instead of module thingies.
  5. Wishful thinking, but the forum isn't ready for it, yet.
  6. Let's a go. Wahoo...

  7. Maxwell Tuxedo lower body doesn't match with the portrait and makes me furious.
  8. WX-78 is canonically soulless, however that doesn't stop them from feeling emotions, as far as we see their emotion program is correct and works as intended, they just don't have empathy.
  9. 'It's almost time to introduce you to Wanda, the new character DLC that will come to the game in the first half of September.' My uncle works at Klei I have an image or her already. I was playing some, this update seems lit, I hope to see some biomes overhaul next, Swamp could use one!
  10. I thank you so much, Devs for this update, I've regained the desire to keep playing this game after burnout, this update is something I really wanted!