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  1. If the "it looks like a modded character" thing means they have a lot of content, then it would be a lie, regularly, modded characters are just reskins or have slight adjustments, barely has something different. This is the new staple of Don't Starve Together character creation, and I can say it goes arround the singleplayer too. Wether their perks are good or suck, this is what Klei aims to make, unique traits for a character rather than just tweaks, Klei is evolving, like the same time they did with Strange New Powers, imagine how wild was that, imagine how WILD WAS WOODIE, the very first character with a complex mechanic such as transformation. Klei wants to make their characters as impressionable as possible, with mechanics and unique stuff for them, because they know they can go further than just a wilson semi-clone.
  2. This is also a fine addition to the game, forgot to mention. I wonder how his short's gonna be.
  3. Quite a perfectionist character, but honestly I don't want it to be free.
  4. Wormwood wasn't refreshed. Oh wait you included the Wurt and Wortox. Then I would say Wurt is kinda weird, I like her, but never got me, I don't know if it's the colours or the merm, or being another child, like, I think it's more personal since the mechanics aren't that interesting for me, building a merm megabase and stuff ain't in my inner playstyle
  5. Feels really right honestly. Nice changes, Toros.
  6. I always thought Wrap was kinda bad, because it's overwhelmed by Healing Salves and Bandages, it could use a buff. But talking about content, what if they give the access to craft Root Trunks, those Hamlet chests that act like the Ender Chest from Minecraft.
  7. My thoughts about Merms is they aren't a real specie but rather Gorge inhabitants they found a way to escape but yet they have mutated, now as a merm, rejected by the Pigs and Boars and with the ages, they grow hatred towards them, over time, Wurt was born with the same hatred for Pigs, keep in mind Merms still act pretty civil if you are one of them. The original Merms probably escaped via Gateway since it's the only way to escape and that was WAY before they were sealed, or probably by another method.
  8. To add my comment, the game is still the same, I changed with the ages though, if you put to think well, the game is still dark and will still be dark, it has it's little bright and wholesome things but, you know, the game has a lot of dark, sad and tragic aspects. First of all from the recent updates, alongside with the Return of Them, you should think about the water mechanics, not specially the water, but the void, like, actually it's kinda unsettling, not only that but currently the Pipspook are dead children that cannot go to afterlife because they have to find their toys, not only that, the only character who can help them is Wendy, and only her. Gorge presents a lot of tragedy and darkness, with the plague of Mermification, which affects everyone, the merm merchants used to be goats but got mermified, they show to remember what they are though, the whole Gorge feels quite hopeless and dark, Beefalos are at their last moment, hopeless Swamp Pig which calls for help but Goats ignore them, those Pigs doesn't even show an act of hostility, and most of the characters mentions they're way calmer than regular Pigs, even with Webber, they show no agression to him, the Elder is slowly mermifying and he's unsure what will happen to their kind. Specially this too!
  9. cool stuff bro

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      Oh, just saying hi, I like your memes and I always see your reactions no matter where.


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      The site originally didn't allow emojis so I made my own. Some emotions the wilson emojis wouldn't allow.

  10. Trailers were changed a lil bit, otherwise everything remains quite darker. Not to mention the lunar mutations.
  11. It has been some time and I think this wasn't reported yet. Wormwood has no ghostly noises, not only that He also doesn't have the sinking sound, despite it's found in the files, but also the file contains a version with Wormwood and Winona sink noise mashedup.