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How do you organize your inventory?

Do you organize your inventory?  

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  1. 1. To organize, or not to organize?

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    • No. CHAOS!

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In any game, I feel that inventory organization is the most important part. However, I also know many people who don’t organize at all. Seeing as inventory management is often said to be the solution to body items meaning no backpack, I wanted to know if the average player actually manages their stuff in an orderly fashion, or if they don’t.

Do you organize your inventory? 


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I only organize my inventory when needed and that is during these particular situations:

 - food and pigskin going directly to backpavks so it wont get wet by rain, or eaten by pigs or spiders or hounds if i die

 - life giving amulets going anywhere but backpacks so i can actually use them if i die

 - when I fight bosses I place the Hambat and walking cane in the first slot so i can swa them freely, then the Pan Flute and healing items and occassionally firepit fuel in the next three slots for ease of use or memory.

 - Chester gets either full stacks of items , or items with no direct use such as trinkets.


Otherwise i dont really mind where my stuff goes.

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healing and weapons are at the front, whatever in the middle, light in the back

then in my backpack, character specific stuff is at the top, armor and other dress items in the middle, food (if i carry it) at the bottom

no specific order for those things. just general categories

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depends on the situation. Usually i would put important equippable items on the part of the inventory which you can equip using hotkeys.

Rocks, Gold, and food automatically goes to backpack. I dont want some pesky mole or pig eating my stack of gold

crafting materials often goes to the end of the inventory or in the remaining spaces of the backpack


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A little something like this


Tools in the top left

Food in the bottom left

Crafting materials in the top right

Important miscellaneous material I don't want eaten if I die in the bottom right 

If I place my light bulbs right next to my hand slot item I can drop my lantern and quickly refuel it. 

When I have bundles-

Bundled hambat in the top left with tools

Bundled food in the bottom right AFTER jelly beans because if its before then its not food. I don't place them in the bottom left because Ill open it when I'm eating. 

Life giving amulet will always be in the top first right slot unless I have light bulbs. Pigskin will always be in my bottom first right slot, usually next to jelly beans (Or other healing) unless I have bundles. All lesser healing items go after jelly beans (to the left of jelly beans).

Everything has a "category" it has to follow or I get triggered, usually like this. They are also placed in order of importance.

"Rocks" have to go to together in this order (closest to hand slot means its more important) from right to left gold, then flint, then rocks.

"Wood"- planks, then wood, then sticks

"Grass"- rope, then grass

Living logs and nightmare fuel need to be placed next to each other and must go at the end of "materials" in the top right. The categories themselves have an order of importance too which is usually grass, then wood, then rocks. 

Hats/armor has to go opposite of where tools are so usually after materials. Important tools like star caller/deconstruction go in the bottom right even if they don't get eaten (its the important stuff I don't want to missclick section). 

There cannot be any empty spaces between items or I will lose my MIND.

Sometimes when I'm working on stuff (building/boss battles) there is a bit of anarchy but I have to fix it when Im done or the game becomes unplayable. 

Here I'm farming so not quite triggering. 


When you play this game for so long you cant help but develop a system that works best for you. I think that goes for all crafting games.

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I usually don't wear a backpack; I prefer log suits or warm/cool/waterproof clothes for the seasons. I keep grass and twigs in the leftmost slots, because I never go anywhere without them, and then if I get hit by a frog or anything else that makes me drop stuff, I only drop one grass or twigs instead of something important. I keep light and armor/weapons on the right, in the slots closest to the equipment slots for easy clicking back and forth to switch items in the head/body/hand slots. Food and other items all go in the middle, with raw materials like logs and rocks being over on the left toward the grass and twigs, and everything else mixing around in the middle mostly arbitrarily.

I could never get the hang of the hotkeys, and I'm always afraid I'll press the wrong number by mistake and eat something that I didn't want to eat, or something like that, so I don't take that into account when organizing my items. ^o^;>

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In my case food definitely goes into backpack/insulated pack (exception - when I'm wereWilba in Hamlet), same for fuel (lightbulbs, glow berries, beefalo wool while on boat, etc.), minerals go into backpack too if possible. The last 2 inventory slots are usually emergency light source: grass + twigs or fully charged miner hat (while I'm using moggles and don't need to swap head light), but it can be lantern, lesser glow berry, magi or star caller/moon caller staff. In Hamlet twigs go into 1st inventory slot though because of hanging vines. 4th inventory slot is walking cane/tool I'm swapping arm slot to, 3rd slot - item to swap things for head slot (miner hat, moggles, eyebrella, tam, football helmet), 1st and 2nd inventory slot - character-specific stuff (at least things that I'm using the most, if it's more than 2 slots). Recently I had a few runs where I rushed tamed beefalo and glossammer saddle, in that case butterfly wings went into 3rd or 4th from the end inventory slot (so I didn't have a chance to eat them accidently). Things considered food by mobs like pig skin also go into backpack. If I have no backpack, then only first 4 and last 2 inventory slots are organized.

I think it's also important to decide what to keep in the inventory and what to drop at base (if it's public server, then - at ruins minibase which have much less chances to be looted). When I'm leaving base, I usually keep: food/bundle with food (1 slot), emergency light, cane, fuel for light source and light source, weather protection stuff (thermal stone + torch, eyebrella, luxury fan, etc.). Sometimes I skip fuel for light source if I know there is enough fuel left in miner hat/whatever or if there is opportunity to recharge where I'm going to collect resources. Everything else - tools, weapons, etc. depends on what I'm going to collect. After day 100 I also keep weapon dealing 50+ damage or war saddle (on rare occasion when I have tamed beefalo; if I tame, I go with default) + beefalo bell.

For ruins rushing/clearing I leave in my inventory: moggles (I wear it), glow berries (3-7), miner hat (emergency light), healing (food, bat bat or souls), weapons (dark sword/morning star + ham bat/spear/nothing in case morning star is 1st weapon), 1-2 pieces of body armor (1 I'm using and 1 - just in case, if durability of one I'm using is low), hammer, Abigail's flower (if I'm Wendy); all gems, gears and frazzed wires go into inventory because I'm picking that as soon as possible to save from earthquakes and moleworms. In the backpack/hutch: food, extra armor and weapon materials, nightmare fuel, completed stacks/bundles of items, food buffs if present, morning star, rain coat + star caller staff if it's spring, materials for hammer and golden pickaxe, elixirs for Abigail (small healing elixir) if I'm Wendy.

I miss constant caves's light rain in spring in DS, that saved inventory slots/time.

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2 is weapon because it is the easiest key to hit. 1 is something that I equip, such as Thulecite Suit/Magiluminesence or Tam o'Shanter/Thulecite Crown. 3-5 vary, but are things like light sources, tools, and things I equip. Then the 15th slot is an LGA. Slots 9-14, although typically much less like just 13 & 14, are things that I want to keep on me such as food, health, living logs, nightmare fuel, etc. Anything I pick up falls into the center of my inventory.

Here is one example from a random screenshot I took


As you can see this leaves only 1/3 of my inventory (pigskin & pelt were picked up) actually available for getting things. At the time I took that screenshot I was just messing around saying hello to people and running around fighting things. Wasn't trying to do anything specific, so I had a lot of items to do whatever.

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On three first slots I usually put items that don't much matter, because of frogs. And not once it happened to me to join world and somebody had frogs next to base. If I use backpack, then food goes to backpack. Things like weapons, staffs, walking cane I keep close to handslot. Last rule is to not put any red amulets to backpack. Everything else is a mess. Bigger backpack = more mess.

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--I tend to put commonly-used resources on the far left of the main inventory, so I can find them easily and don't find myself floundering around for materials to make a torch if I find myself suddenly in the dark:  wood, grass, twigs, flint.  After that comes rocks, nitre and gold (in switchable order).

--Weapon and armor I usually make sure they're not BOTH in the backpack, as if I shrug off my backpack to put my logsuit on, I don't want to then find out that the spear was _also_ in the backpack and have to waste valuable seconds putting it back ON to get access to said spear (or whatever weapon I'm currently using) in the middle of a battle situation.  If I have a doesn't-decay-just-by-being-worn head-slot item, such as a helmet, I'll wear it most of the time.  

--Life-Giving Amulet goes in the main inventory so I can actually use it, if I have one.

Other than that things mostly go anywhere.  (shrug)


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Twigs and grass in the first two slots so I won't drop something important if I get attacked by a frog, often flint in the third slot, then slots 4-10 get filled with various tools, weapons, and equipment. Anything I don't want to accidentally eat or discharge goes somewhere that's not the first ten slots. (If I'm Wortox, souls go in the very last inventory slot for basically this reason.) Body armor goes in the hotbar so it doesn't leave an empty backpack slot when I switch to it. Things that might get eaten by wandering monsters, escape, easily rot, or attract too much attention from other players and possibly get stolen if I were to die go in my backpack.

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On 7/10/2021 at 1:50 AM, kiwikenobi said:

I usually don't wear a backpack; I prefer log suits or warm/cool/waterproof clothes for the seasons.

wtf (what the frick) seasonal clothing is dumb (eyebrella isn't tehe) and logsuits are only good if you have an enlightened crown or if it's raining and you have to wear your eyebrella, but if there's a Warly or you're a Warly, they/you could make fish cordon bleu instead...  and then you could wear thulecite crowns/football helmets, otherwise the body slot is better for any backpack or a mag... inventory space is soooo important in dst... so it's best to wear backpack/piggyback(idc about speed penalty)/k sack

Moving on, 
I always organize my inventory in a clean way, grass and twigs first, about a stack of each, I don't want frogs licking out important things, I also carry flint, logs, rocks, and other resources ( If I'm Wendy Abby's flower goes first, even if frogs lick it out) , if I'm in late-game, both of my bone armors go second right next to each other, emergency jellybeans, lantern and miner hat, possibly moggles, I carry either flint tools if I'm in early-game and opulent/luxury/regal tools in mid-game and late-game, an eyebrella, some food in my backpack, bundling wrap, a mag, beefalo bell for my tamed beef, and I use a backpack in early game, piggyback in mid game, if I'm lucky I just use k sack in late game, otherwise I use insulation pack. I also carry about 2 stacks of pig skin, a weapon of any kind, and walking cane (or lazy explorer) and tamo and thats pretty much it! (If I'm in summer or winter then I carry thermal, duh!) I might've said seasonal clothing is dumb earlier, but tamo imo is great for sanity, idc if you don't agree with me

It goes something like this..


I don't have a weapon on me in this picture, or food in my k sack, but who cares lol

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Gear like weapons, armor, tools or light sources in the fist character slots. Life giving amulet and jelly beans in the last ones

In the backpack bundle with food, bundles, ropes, grass, twigs, nightmere fuel and living logs if im usikg dark swords and a star/moon caller staff

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