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  1. I like the current celestial orb as a base decoration so I'd be sad to see it no longer appear at all, but the practical non-crafting use I put it to is that its position is always visible on the map, to everyone, whether or not it's in a character's inventory. That makes it a great "Hey, look over here!" beacon no matter what everyone else is doing or whether they know how to use a compass or have enough gold to make one. I don't think any other items do that - moonlenses don't work as map markers in inventory - so if the celestial orb was patched out, or made into an upgrade for the lunar island altar in the style of the Ancient Pseudoscience Station, it would be nice to have some kind of fancy moonlens or something you could do the same thing with.
  2. *pours out a vegetable stinger for the lost skin* I think OP's fate is entirely in the hands of Klei, but if they decide to help I don't know whether they have a secret dev undo function they can use on unravels or if they'd just make a new copy of the skin pop into existence for this occasion or what.
  3. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    I did this when I was supposed to be packing my suitcase for a convention.
  4. Personally I don't think Walani using the Shipwrecked boating mechanics for her surfboard would be a problem if it was only her zipping around in a single-occupancy boat, not everybody; I know the devs weren't keen to put Shipwrecked-style boats in DST, but I don't think that's an absolute, I think they just didn't want everyone on a server to have their own one-person boat and if those mechanics were limited to a character perk it'd be more likely. And I know DST won't just explode on contact with Shipwrecked boats because the Island Adventures mod works pretty well. Aside from the surfing aspect, I'd like to see Walani's water resistance beefed up. Losing less sanity from wet equipment, for instance. While it's not expanding a perk she already had, she could also be resistant to overheating because she's so chill.
  5. Wheeler's a well-balanced character suitable for a wide range of situations already. So is singleplayer Wormwood, who was slightly tweaked in the form of reworking his flammability but left the same in every other way. Walani is different from Wheeler and Wormwood because she's on the low-powered side even in a Shipwrecked world (I've seen it argued that Wickerbottom, who has many other talents, can do equally well at early exploration with a tier-1 boat and sail; it does take more materials to build and move ever so slightly slower, but still) and her perks are almost completely irrelevant in RoG but her drawbacks of lower health and higher hunger drain, mild though they are, apply everywhere. Wilson can at least grow a beard anywhere.
  6. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    It's Wheeler! I wanted to practice her design.
  7. I just wish you would stay on topic (for example, not rambling for multiple paragraphs about rework suggestions for Wes and Wilbur in a thread about Wheeler just because someone else made a one-line comment about how Woodie compares to Maxwell) and stop pressuring people to suggest changes to Wheeler when they're happy with her singleplayer balance because you want to settle some kind of score about how your suggestions were received in a different thread about a different character.
  8. I don't see anything wrong with this in principle, as long as the people sustaining the server aren't being hostile to newcomers or constantly filling all of the server slots so no one else can get in at all. I tootled around on it for a couple hours this evening, without having visited before, and while there was indeed a maze around the portal it wasn't inescapable or deadly - there was a sign specifically telling people not to put tentacles in it - and it had a dragonfly furnace in the centre for a permanent light source. (It was also made of moonrock and thulecite walls, not something like fossils that can only be destroyed with a hammer, so a sufficiently patient player could bludgeon their way out instead of solving the puzzle in the intended way.) I joined in summer and made a flippant comment about whether overheating would get me before I found the way out, and a Wortox popped over and gave me a thermal stone before I took more than a couple points of damage. Then after I wandered around looking for grass for several days and got insta-killed by walking too close to a beefalo herd that I didn't realise was in heat because they were all continuously trying to run into the sea, the same player took me to the base to revive me. There was one jerk who teleported a newer player to the Dragonfly arena/varg farm under the pretense that the base was over there; I told them that was mean and followed them to the area to try and mitigate the damage, but the newbie didn't end up dying so I suppose it could have turned out worse. If I wanted to play on an ordinary Klei server, I could have played on any of the others instead; there were four or five available, like Spiders and Such and Catch that Splumonkey. They weren't full. I don't think I've ever seen all of the Klei servers full at the same time, even during NA peak hours.
  9. Same savefile: I've discovered that now my game crashes when I try to equip the Navigadget at all.
  10. I don't actually like the tracking device idea because it's completely redundant with the post-ANR compass (unless it revealed the unmapped area around the other player, like a portable ocuvigil; I still don't really want that as a character item but at least then it would have a purpose) but I have to point out that as described, the Wurt player would have to accept the tracker from the Wheeler player and then keep it in their inventory instead of throwing it into the sea. There wasn't anything about it being something you could stick to a player against their will or over a distance. For the record, compasses reveal other players' locations when both the looking player and the player being looked for have compasses equipped. It doesn't work if only one player has their compass out.
  11. Somewhat less goofy suggestion: Add a new type of batilisk - not at cave exits on the surface, that'd be annoying, just underground - that's deadlier and has a higher chance of dropping batwings, maybe because it has more than two wings. Like six wings per bat. (You may be able to tell that I'm speaking as a fan of the Bat Bat.)
  12. I did a server called Rain of Giants once with rain set to Lots and all giants also set to Lots. It was fun! Pretty much everyone died repeatedly! Because I like volt goats, I usually set them to More. This makes it easier to get electric weapons, but also makes spring rainstorms and touchstone resurrections... interesting.
  13. All Setpieces: A Guide To The Rare

    I've seen the tallfort set piece in DST semi-recently; I've seen the beefalo pen trap, checkerboard turf thing and obelisk/basalt prison in DST a few times, and I think the sleeping elemental hounds and staff at least once, but I'm not sure if they still generate. I know for a fact that the summer and winter trap setpieces used to generate in DST but were specifically taken out - that might have been either when it was in Early Access or shortly after it came out of beta - because you don't want some knucklehead ruining it for everyone that way.
  14. The one thing I'd change about Wheeler for DST is that the Pew-matic can be a resource hog and while that's a reasonable drawback in singleplayer it doesn't necessarily earn its keep in multiplayer, and in its current form it'd be a very accessible way for a griefer or a clueless newbie to destroy rare items that other players put a lot of work into obtaining. I'd either change its entire mechanic so that tier 2 and 3 items (which is most of them) fired out of the Pew-matic pile up at the target's feet instead of breaking on impact, or if it's agreed that the resource consumption isn't a problem otherwise, remove things like boss-exclusive drops and ruins materials from the list of items that can be used as ammunition. The Navigadget doesn't need any changes. It's good the way it is in singleplayer, useful but not gamebreaking, and I don't see any reason why the presence of other players means it needs to be toned down. Wheeler's dodge is pretty powerful, but not OP; it is indeed very much like Wortox's soul hop, limited by its range, longer cooldown and inability to cross gaps in exchange for not having to deal with managing your soul inventory. I think the Pew-matic and Navigadget would need to be character-exclusive like Lucy or Warly's cookware, not so much because the items need nerfing or would be too powerful if given to a particular other character as because if everyone has their own set then Wheeler would only be distinguished by her dodge. And at that point you might as well just play Wortox, since he can do that too and isn't as fragile.
  15. Wagstaff Villain Or Victim?

    Er... that only applies to the "Victim" option. There are more votes for "Don't know, there's not enough lore" than for the villain or victim options combined.