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  1. Could I have GIFs of all the spiders sleeping? I just think sleeping spiders are adorable.
  2. They're adorable. I liked them when they didn't do anything except be adorable, and I'd still have adopted a non-glowy Mothling because I love its design, but it would definitely be an improvement if the dragonling at the very least had some mechanical use since it takes more effort to obtain than the mothling and is less useful. (I liked the suggestion of cooking on it.) Mind you, I'm the one who wears flower crowns even when better sanity hats are available just for the look; optimising my gameplay is not really a concern for me.
  3. Smallbirds following the wrong person

    Smallbirds seem to lose their attachment when the person they imprinted on leaves the server, and if they don't have a player they'll attach themselves to the first one who comes near them. It works for wild smallbirds that hatch from tallbird nests, too. So... it may not be possible for him to transfer custody to you, unless you set up a dedicated server. Or there might be a mod that allows that but I haven't looked.
  4. What is sailing supposed to be?

    Stone fruit is frankly fantastic for food supplies, at least as long as people harvest their moon garden once they set it up.
  5. Technically anything that does any damage can kill you if it catches you when you've already lost enough health, and eating a raw potato is -3 health. I once died from picking a cactus. I have another one! I died in the middle of summer, as one does, and respawned at a touchstone that I didn't prep with a thermal stone beforehand. I made it about two-thirds of the way to my campsite; the touchstone was out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Then I forgot to bring a light source when I revived from my meat effigy and ran off to get my stuff. Then I got into a fight with a treeguard while trying to pick up my stuff the second time. Eventually I got on my feet again, although I do have a death from a hound a few days after this in my morgue.
  6. I mean, I've died from eating monster meat a few times, and there was that one time when I hit Caps Lock by mistake in Adventure Mode and got stuck in the crafting menu while a dozen spiders tore me apart, but my all-time dumbest death has to be when I used c_gonext to teleport to an explosive barrel in Shipwrecked. From land. Walani drowned instantaneously because I wanted a reference screenshot.
  7. It would be nice to have a report function for people who say racial slurs and stuff like that (I saw a server in the beta branch today that had a name that was just slurs), but the thing that makes it tricky to treat griefing as a reportable offense in DST is that antagonistic gameplay and costly mistakes are both part of the Klei-intended scope of the game, unlike many co-op games. I think even the public servers are meant to allow the option of players competing against each other to survive, although it's clearly not the preferred option given that they're set to Cooperative playstyle and don't allow direct PvP combat. If there were mods banning griefers from the public servers, which is too expensive for Klei's budget already, they would often have to make their calls based on what a player's motive appeared to be for destroying a base rather than whether they did or did not destroy the base. I don't think that's impossible; I just think it'd cost more to ensure they got good enough mods to do it, and enforcement would still probably be a little unreliable because of how often it'd come down to a judgment call.
  8. My Feedback on the New Music

    I have no problem with the new music in a vacuum, I was just weirded out by the autumn music suddenly being different when it had been the same in both singleplayer and DST since well before I started playing in 2015. I think that response does mean it was intended for a different part of the game; surely the bug report would have been closed if the music was replaced on purpose, even if it was replaced with the wrong song.
  9. I'm not familiar with any existing mods that do that. If you want to make one, these are some options; you could look at Wormwood's code to see how it works for him, if you want to see it in context.
  10. Don't Starve Together for 64-bit?

    All I know is that it works in 64-bit Windows. I don't know the first thing about troubleshooting the Mac version.
  11. Walani seems like a logical choice, even though I personally would be more hyped for Wheeler. Woodlegs would make about as much sense as Walani as a Return of Them character, but Walani came first in singleplayer so she seems like she should go first here too.
  12. I'm sure it'll be back eventually, but if they were going to do it in 2019 they'd probably have run it by now, since the first one was in early summer and it's now early fall. At this point I doubt we'll get another Forge event this year either. Maybe in 2020.
  13. Who do you main?

    Wilson's my favourite character; there are other characters whose perks I like better but his beard's not bad at all for winter/spring survival and magic crafting. I don't play him as much on public servers though because A) I want the use of other characters' perks, B) I play Wilson all the time in singleplayer and in servers with my friends and I like branching out, and C) sometimes I get insecure about whether people will think I don't know how to play DST because I picked the first character in the list. Wortox and Wormwood are turning into my public-server mains, along with Maxwell. Wortox is a surprisingly compelling and weirdly relatable character and I really like how the soul mechanics work (plus teleporting is good insurance against griefers making impassable obstacles), Maxwell is entertaining and has interesting lore and I like persistent specialised shadow puppets much better than temporary generalist-follower shadow puppets (plus the difference in how resurrection items work gets rid of the main thing that was actively discouraging me from playing Maxwell in singleplayer; having 45 health because you dared to use a meat effigy isn't fun), and Wormwood is just adorable, a great utility character, and doesn't have the glaring disadvantages of the other two. I find it a lot easier to work around Wormwood's difficulty regenerating health than Maxwell's low maximum health or Wortox's unfortunate tendency to aggro the unfenced pig villages people build in public megabases. I play Warly a lot in singleplayer but I'm still getting used to his DST rebalancing. Eating only crockpot food is kinda brutal (I prioritised it in singleplayer, but I still had other options!), food can already be a little scarce in the first couple of seasons on a public server, and I don't know most of the new recipes yet. I play a lot of Wolfgang on private servers and had a good run with him in singleplayer but hardly ever use him on public servers, for similar early-game-food-supply-related reasons. I tried out Wheeler in singleplayer and now I love her and I wish she was in DST. There's a decent Hamlet characters mod for her, but it's a little glitchy and the average public server won't have it. Her slidey move is pretty much on par with Wortox's soul hop (it can't cross gaps or walls, but it doesn't have limited charges) but her character equipment is so good.
  14. [Poll] Vignettes

    I like them, and the more the merrier! Some of them, mainly the original Forge 1 set, have cool little nuggets of lore attached as well. Though when it comes to cosmetics added in reworks I would kinda prefer that skins be prioritised? So I answered 'whatever' rather than 'yes' to that question.