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  1. Wickerbottom also has real eyes! Or at least both pupils and scleras. The only time we really see them in-game is when she's knocked out by a mandrake, otherwise it's black beads, but some of her portraits have 'em.
  2. They could be. We don't have any other explanation for where the horns come from, the King of the Merms doesn't have them, and Sammy and Pipton are the only other named merms and their hats hide whether or not they have horns. Maybe that's what marks her as a survivor, not her nightblindness.
  3. From the Ashes is a flashback. Aside from dev comments outside the game saying that she's in her early 20s, this has been Willow's character selection screen description since the Forge, and now it's at the top of her Compendium entry: I think Possessions is also a flashback to Wortox's childhood or adolescence, because that appears to be the first time Wortox ever took a soul but his description says he's taken many souls in his time and his character quotes suggest that he's accustomed to doing so, if conflicted about it. (I think the reason he appears to have aged and Wilson and Wes haven't is because time in the Constant and time in Wortox's home plane don't run at the same rate. It's suggested that time on Earth isn't in sync with time in the Constant either, based on Maxwell's monologue at the end of Adventure Mode.) Wormwood's age is unclear, in both a chronological and a developmental sense. We saw the day he was born in his cinematic, but that's not the spot where he spawns in Hamlet and literally all we know about how much time has passed between Lunar Roots and the beginning of play in Hamlet is that he appears to have been born on a full moon during lush season - he blooms at the end of the cinematic - but Hamlet starts with a new moon at the beginning of temperate season. (I probably could calculate out how long it would take for the 16-day singleplayer moon cycle and the Hamlet 33-day season cycle to sync up like that but I don't want to.) And since he's a one-of-a-kind half plant half moon-gem alien mutant creature and we have no other context for what his species is capable of or how they grow over time, we also can't be sure whether Wormwood's an actual child who will eventually grow up if the passage of time in the Constant allows it, a mentally limited being who was born with the same level of cognition and emotional maturity he'll always have, or a soft-hearted and naïve adult with a poor grasp of English and very little experience with things that don't come from the rainforest. I believe you're thinking of the NEXTCHARACTER quotes that were hidden in Wortox's dialogue file between his introduction and when Wurt was added? I think those were a red herring directed at people who wanted/expected the next character to be Billy from the Gorge all along, because his in-game quotes for Wurt are completely different and he doesn't call her a goat. WURT = { GENERIC = "Gotten into any trouble yet today, %s?", ATTACKER = "%s has a fiendish look in her eye.", MURDERER = "Surely we can sort this out, imp to shrimp?", REVIVER = "You have a good soul, %s. I promise not to eat it.", GHOST = "Don't fret, I won't eat you!", FIRESTARTER = "Hyuyuyu, brilliant!", }, The horns do suggest goat heritage, but merm guards grow them as well.
  4. If your world's old enough to have a carrat shrine (or you set it to Year of the Carrat manually, but not many people would) then carrats are renewable too.
  5. I have a RoG save where this happens to all my birds now, and I love it.
  6. Turning off wildfires would probably be sufficient to keep the base from burning down. There's still withering, but if you feed a giant stack of flower petals or whatever to a werepig you'll have all the fertiliser you need for your garden anyway.
  7. I don't have the patience to build fancy bases myself but I'd probably enjoy seeing the entries.
  8. Wortox isn't from the Constant; he's from another plane of existence entirely. He's not a Krampus specifically, though they're obviously related. One piece of evidence for this is his quotes for ice and icebergs, which wouldn't make any sense if he was a local given the Constant's frigid winters: ICE = "It's such a novelty, hyuyu.", ROCK_ICE = { GENERIC = "Who knew water could do that!", So it's entirely possible that Wortox's home plane just isn't part of Charlie's domain. DS-Earth isn't either, after all. Wurt definitely is the same species as NPC merms, though, whether she was born in the Constant or mermified when she was too young to remember it. I'm pretty sure the reason Charlie attacks Wurt is because Wurt can't see in the dark, whereas normal merms probably have night vision given that they can navigate and fight as well in total darkness as during daytime. Woodie and Wilba can see in the dark in their were-forms, and that prevents Charlie from attacking them even if they're away from a light source, so it probably works the same way for NPCs like merms. I don't have an explanation for why Wurt doesn't have night vision, but the fact that she doesn't have it explains why she's the only merm who needs to worry about Charlie. (Webber also lost his spider side's night vision as part of becoming a half-human survivor. During the Reign of Giants beta, in fact!) Pigs appear to follow the same rules, since they seek out light at dusk with quotes pointing to a lack of night vision and they fall asleep at night... except if they're either aggroed onto something or following a befriended player who's illuminated only by a small light radius like a thermal stone, in which case they can be active in total darkness with no threat of Charlie attacking them. I don't know whether they're an intentional exception or if this is just an oversight.
  9. Wickerbottom looks really good in your style!
  10. I'm trying to rescue a mime here, I don't have time for this crap
  11. The exact boundary between normal gameplay and cheese isn't really important to this thread. Whether it's exploiting a quirk or bug in the code to set up unintended conditions or using a character perk that's been in the game unchanged since vanilla singleplayer, almost anything will get called "cheese" if it makes gameplay easier than somebody's preferred method or what they consider the "default" for Don't Starve. I'm not excluding myself from that, I too make the call about what counts as cheese based on a subjective judgment of what counts as a fighting chance for the enemy or a fair effort on the player's part. Cheating, though, is when the player uses outside tools not normally incorporated into the gameplay to give themself an otherwise impossible advantage; I include console commands because even though the console is usually available without modifying the game, as was mentioned previously it's a dev tool (and kind of the successor to older games' cheat codes), not something that comes up in standard gameplay. And it's not like players are going to accidentally spawn ten thulecite crowns in their inventory with no in-game prompting or guidance on how to do so. Cheating also covers mods that make the player more powerful, make the enemies weaker, or circumvent the normal limits on what you can do, but the extent to which I care about that depends on whether people are bragging about their in-game achievements while having mods installed that make it easier to do the thing they're bragging about and how likely the mods actually are to make the difference between success and failure, life and death, or a narrow and gruelling victory versus poking an enemy and making them explode. Using a completely separate program to manipulate the code on a server you're not hosting or automate your player character's actions to achieve inhuman efficiency is the most blatant form of cheating, but it's uncommon for people to try that in DST because the game is mostly cooperative sandbox PvE and everyone can host their own servers. There's very little to gain for yourself by coming to someone else's server and cheating, and even griefers have easier ways of ruining other people's accomplishments. Nobody needs an aimbot in DST.
  12. Woodie time is a good time for it to be!