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  1. I'm surprised there isn't already a worldgen toggle for the scary skinless hounds, but the lack of one seems like it could be because the beta only just launched a couple days ago and they overlooked it or decided it could wait, rather than a deliberate design decision to make everyone either deal with horror hounds or mod the game to remove them. Taking Shipwrecked as a point of comparison, it had no worldgen customization when it first dropped (and stayed that way for a few patches) but when the customization patch went live it gave you the ability to turn off Prime Apes, poison in general AND most of the mobs or terrain features that cause poisoning, both the presence of the volcano generally and dragoon eggs in particular, palm treeguards, and flooding; just about everything I saw people complain about dealing with during the Shipwrecked beta can be turned off. It's not particularly rare for people to be upset or nauseated by gory-looking monsters even if they're okay with non-gory dark content, and the horror hounds really are a lot more gruesome than any visuals previously included in the game. Maybe it would be a useful yardstick of DS's tone to point out that it was rated E10 in the PS4 edition and T for the Switch edition; abstract, offscreen, briefly mentioned, or fantastical dark elements usually get a lower rating than blood and guts. (Even the whale corpse just kind of looks like it went from a deflated and off-colour dead version of the live mob to a pile of disconnected guts and chunks of meat in a plume-of-steam visual effect, which I'd consider less gory. Also it's easy to avoid it in Shipwrecked by just not going whaling, or indeed turning whaling off; I've never had time for whaling in between trying to set up a base, find the volcano so I can throw things into it, and avoid dying from poison/insanity/lightning/etc while exploring.) I think comparing the vaguely defined origins of the relatively natural-looking tallbirds -- after all, we don't see Maxwell doing some kind of gruesome Frankensteinian experiments on live birds to make them, who knows what his experiments even looked like or involved -- to on-screen body horror monsters is apples and oranges, and even things like Klaus's admittedly unsettling stitched-shut eye are a lower level of body horror than skinless zombie hounds or skeletal pengulls with organs trapped in ice. Having said that, the horror hounds don't seem as unavoidable as they've been claimed. They only spawn on the lunar island, and even then hounds seem to have about a 25% 50% chance* of the corpse persisting and reanimating rather than a 100% chance, since the first hound wave I sat through there had four hounds and only one reanimated. I was trying to attract horror hounds by eating glommer goop to drive myself insane on the main island and skipping the time between hound waves with console commands, and I fought hounds until my fingers got sore but not a single one of them had a persistent corpse. There are also no hound mounds on the lunar island and hound waves can be disabled separately from hound mounds if you want to spend a lot of time on the moon but still have access to hound teeth. Pengulls I don't think can be avoided except by turning them off entirely (it was also an unpleasant surprise that they immediately and without provocation tried to murder me) but the ones on the main island are still normal even when spawned by insane players; scary mutant pengulls only spawn in the lunar biome. *a friend showed me the actual code; apparently I just got lucky when only 1 in 4 hounds reanimated.
  2. [Poll] On Character Mods

    I have a couple of character mods I like, such as the Charlie mod (even though it could use some updates) and the Wodger mod... but most character mods I see don't fit seamlessly into the DS art style, have dialogue that doesn't fit the tone of DS, have incomplete dialogue or occasionally other assets, or are unreasonably powerful and unbalance the game. I like the concept of character mods (although generally only for characters I have already heard of and like, not someone from a game or anime I have no interest in or a total stranger's OC) but 95% of them don't meet my standards, and that breaks my immersion. Also I definitely prefer it if the character has a W name or the modder finds some way to wedge in a W. The Shipwrecked Characters mod only sort of counts in my mind, because those are canon characters so they already had a lot of canon-compliant assets and didn't have to be created from nothing. I'd use a similar mod that puts the Hamlet characters in DST if I found one that was complete and stable, but the last one I saw was unfinished. As for item mods: yeah, I also find it difficult to enjoy mods that don't have unique examine quotes for all the canon characters.
  3. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    Can't wait for the new update where Willow pilots Bernie like a giant robot
  4. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    @minespatch told me to post this here: I might draw a better treeguard later, since this was just a doodle. (Context.)
  5. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    It's just a little scribble, I've drawn better treeguards, but... sure, why not.
  6. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    I'm on a Discord server that has a custom chatbot programmed with a few different sets of "[character] + [action or scenario]" prompts heavily featuring DS characters. (One set also has robots from other fandoms but like half the characters in it are different versions of WX-78.) Its name is HAL, after the Lying Robot. We love HAL. This is what Wigfrid is up to. (I realised after drawing most of Wilson that he should have at least a little bit of armor for what he was doing, and the battle helm is easier/more fun to draw than the football helmet.)
  7. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    This one was another randomly generated prompt, specifically: [07:31] HAL: THE GHOST OF WX-78 POINTING AND LAUGHING AT FOOLISH ORGANIC LIFE So I thought up a situation where WX would be dead and yet also laughing at foolish organics. Pointing was not really an option, given the lack of arms. Wilson should probably have brought a better weapon.
  8. Platform: Steam (Windows) Mods: None active Version Number: 328894 This would presumably only show up in regular gameplay if you were playing as Wagstaff and switched characters via Adventure Mode or the Seaworthy/Skyworthy, but if any character besides Wagstaff puts on his goggles, they attempt to use an announcement string that doesn't exist and the character says an error message instead. I didn't test every single character, but I used Woodie, Webber, Walani, Warly, and Wormwood in order to confirm that it applied to basegame, RoG, Shipwrecked and Hamlet characters. The other assets for a non-Wagstaff character using the goggles work; the item names are randomised and the character uses the nearsightedness examine line instead of the normal examine quote for that item, and the sets of goggles themselves have examine quotes. Steps to reproduce: Start a save as any character besides Wagstaff; I don't know if it makes a difference, but I used a Hamlet-compatible RoG world with Lots of touchstones and More flowers, mandrakes, treeguards and Volt Goats and all other worldgen settings on default for all my tests. Pick a character who isn't Wagstaff. c_spawn("gogglesnormalhat") or another set of Wagstaff's goggles if you prefer because all four goggle items do this. Have your character put on the goggles; it may take a few tries before they make the announcement.
  9. Platform: Steam (Windows) Mods: None active Version Number: 328894 I wanted to see what would happen so I started a new Hamlet-compatible RoG save as Warly and spawned one of each of Wagstaff's goggles. When Warly put the goggles on, the top of his head/hair disappeared. Sometimes he would also say UNKNOWN STRING: WARLY ANNOUNCE_PUTONGOGGLES_GOGGLESNORMALHAT (with various prefabs as appropriate for the set of goggles) when doing so. The other assets for non-Wagstaff characters finding the goggles seem to be intact, and this happened even when I deleted the save and started over with the same parameters. Steps to reproduce: Open the game, start a new RoG world (I set touchstones to Lots and flowers, mandrakes, Volt Goats and treeguards to More, though I doubt worldgen settings affect the issue) and make it Hamlet-compatible, choose Warly as your character, and then c_spawn in any of Wagstaff's goggles and make Warly put them on.
  10. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    I haven't drawn Winona as a troll, at least not yet. (She's an oliveblood and Charlie's moirail.) I did draw Webber as a troll -- he's got double horns like a yellowblood and animal powers like a brownblood -- but it's not finished or scanned.
  11. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    In honour of Homestuck's tenth anniversary I wrote up this whole big thing about what the DS characters would be like as trolls, and I got a spark of inspiration from Willow's that I needed to get down before I slept. Your name is WILLOW and your favourite thing in the whole world is FIRE, which is convenient because you can GENERATE AND CONTROL FIRE WITH YOUR MIND. Sometimes when you’re stressed out you IGNITE THINGS BY ACCIDENT, which is FUN but OFTEN EMBARRASSING and OCCASIONALLY CATASTROPHIC. Your lusus’s name is BERNIE, and he is a BEAR WHO FIGHTS NIGHTMARES. Your second favourite thing is BUTTS. What will you do?
  12. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    The Stagehand deserves hugs.

    It sure looks nice at least! I've only had dragonfruit once irl, and it looked cool but it was indeed pretty bland.
  14. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    This one was from a randomly generated prompt: [18:52] HAL: WARLY SAILING A PIRATE SHIP. YARRRR
  15. Fanart by SightKeeper

    I can't help but parse this as Wilson yelling belligerently at the Deerclops to just come out and fight him already. (I think I reblogged it with a comment to that effect on Tumblr.)