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  1. Doodles, featuring Wilson [04:37] Cam, Presumably: what if wilson's hair expressed his mood like a cat's ears [23:14] Uncultured Wizard: is sad buff Wilson the hot new DS meme [23:23] Cam, Presumably: thanks for breaking my art block guys (text source)
  2. I mostly still hold to that headcanon I posted in September, except for two things: 1) Wigfrid could be from 1910 or so rather than 1906-1907 and be reading an old newspaper in her cinematic, which would line up better with the established timeline while still placing her as the survivor from the earliest Earth date except for Maxwell himself, and 2) WX-78 most likely comes from around the same time as Wagstaff and Winona, since they were almost certainly built by Wagstaff and they have one or two mysterious quotes about large fires that hint at them having been present for the factory fire. I don't know if Walter's outfit is an accurate reflection of his time period, especially since he's from a fictional counterpart organization rather than the real Boy Scouts in the first place; it wouldn't be the first time Klei put characters in anachronistic outfits. For instance, Woodie's underwear is 1930s-era as well even though he's supposed to be from 1921 or earlier like the other original/RoG survivors, and in Winona and Charlie's childhood family photo from Next of Kin - taken between the late 1880s and mid 1890s, presumably, since Charlie's a young adult in 1906 - their family's outfits are either historically inaccurate or inappropriately casual for a formal portrait. As for Maxwell and Charlie, while the math holds up for converting real time to in-game time, we don't know if the ratio of time in the Constant to time on Earth is actually the same as the ratio of in-game time to our-world time. Maybe a day passing in 8 Earth minutes is just a game mechanic. Maxwell didn't say how time flowed differently, just that it did. We also only have his word on the subject, and he's been an unreliable source before, since he said there wasn't much there besides dust and the void and Them before he arrived but then as a playable character he points out merms as having already been there. I don't know if he'd lie outright about stuff like that but he might exaggerate, forget important parts, or make wrong guesses. The official word was that she's 8-10, not specifically 9, and now that we know her birthday and the year and month she entered the Constant, we know she's about 10 and a half because she and Abigail are mentioned in the William Carter Puzzles as having recently been born. The wiki has more information. Walter probably is around 12-13, since he also has quotes sympathising with Teenbirds and saying he's too mature for stuff like toys and candy.
  3. Absolutely do not put spray paint and spray adhesive in a wig. Doubly so since spray adhesive is super super toxic before it dries, especially when inhaled. Most formulas of spray paint aren't great for your lungs either. But even if it doesn't shed toxic dust when you wear it and you avoid poisoning yourself while you make it by wearing a respirator and gloves and working in a well-ventilated area, it's going to have a horrible texture, it'll probably look pretty bad, and it's not going to be easy to sculpt it into shape. What you should do depends on whether you want your Wilson hair to look like a hairstyle that a real human being could have growing out of their head without devoting their life to hair maintenance (the "if Wilson was a real person" look), or if you want huge, exaggerated spikes that more closely resemble the cartoony canon art (the "cartoon brought to life" look). Either way you're going to need a black wig and a foam mannequin head to attach it to while you style it. Don't get too short of a wig; Wilson's hair would be chin-length if it didn't stick up, as you may remember from when he got soaked in the Shipwrecked trailer. I don't know how big your budget is, but you should avoid the very cheapest costume-store wigs because they look unnaturally shiny, especially in flash photos. If you can afford to spend around $40-50 plus shipping on buying a wig online, I recommend Arda Wigs because all their wig styles are heat-resistant and come in a wide range of colours, and they have some that are specifically designed to be spiked. Don't get a lace-front wig as a beginner; they're more expensive, which is because they can have natural-looking hairlines if they're styled properly, but they're harder to style and wear than regular wigs in addition to the price. Some costume-store wigs will work too, as long as they're not the super-cheap shiny ones; they likely won't be heat-resistant but that's okay as long as you aren't going to style them with hot tools like a curling/straightening iron or boiling water. You can hide the hairline of a wig with a flower garland, which is what I did for my Wilson cosplay. If you want a somewhat realistic Wilson hairstyle, you should get a chin-length black wig and put a bunch of cheap extreme-hold hairspray in it (got2b is a brand popular with cosplayers) while holding the hair up in the shape of his W spikes and then cutting away the excess hair at the tips. Here's a tutorial about how to do that; it was the first Google result for "cosplay wig big spikes". If you want a larger-than-life Wilson hairstyle, you should probably start with a longer wig, shoulder-length or so. It's possible to get pretty huge spikes using lots of hairspray and some white glue (aka Elmer's glue or school glue), but it'll probably work better if you build a support structure for the spikes out of foam. (I've also heard of people using jewelrymaking wire as a support.) Here's another tutorial to get you started on the foam method, and you can google things like "cosplay wig spikes foam" to find more. One more thing: A wig cap and bobby pins to pin your wig to it will make it a lot easier to wear the wig once you're done. The wig cap goes on your head before the wig and keeps your hair contained so you don't have to stuff six different stray locks of hair back inside the wig (which is especially useful if your hair is too short to put it all in a bun), and the bobby pins make it less likely that the wig will slide out of place and eventually fall off.
  4. I was going to say "isn't this what hammers are for", but I guess you do lose gold nuggets if you take it apart with a hammer and then put it back up.
  5. "There should only be a difficulty slider if the current settings are the easy mode and a harder one is added" seems against the spirit of the OP, which was mainly talking about newbies finding the game too difficult to learn without everybody dying by day 10. What I'd personally do to give beginners a way to soften the difficulty curve for themselves is make new worldgen presets and move the preset picker to a more visible spot in the Host Game menu. World generation settings already allow hosts to customise their difficulty to a considerable degree even on consoles, but there isn't a premade 'easy' or 'tutorial' preset and I can't blame beginners too much for not knowing what all the individual settings do or being afraid to mess with them. (Technically there already is a preset that makes the game significantly harder, but Lights Out isn't necessarily the type of challenge that everyone clamoring for a hard mode wants.) My idea of a beginners' preset would be something like this: more passive food sources (berries, carrots, mushrooms, rabbits), more flint and rocks, fewer giants, hound waves less often and with fewer hounds, shorter nights, less rain for when spring rolls around, fewer demands from the antlion in summer, fewer summer wildfires. Maybe fewer spiders as well, but silk and spider glands are important resources so maybe not. Shorter winter and summer could help as well. This is the kind of thing that I already do when I'm hosting servers for my inexperienced friends, and some of it is what I did in my solo saves when I was originally learning the game myself.
  6. If the flowers grew out of the boat but stayed attached to it, that'd look okay, although a little inconsistent since they don't sprout on wooden flooring when you're ashore. The thing where they fall into the water as the boat moves looks bad though.
  7. If that was just for bunnymen then whatever, but if you mean in general, that would be a serious blow to Webber players. Who have enough problems with obsolescence as it is, after the Wendy and Woodie reworks.
  8. Further adventures with randomly generated prompts: [21:11] BOT HAL: THE GHOST OF WX-78 ON A CHILD LEASH I was going to draw the cause of their death (probably tentacles or some similar vehicle for hubris) but I forgot to get that in.
  9. Is that a Night Vale flask Wilson's drinking science out of?
  10. Not only did I get an Elegant skin, but I got one that 1) I didn't already have and 2) my friends use in our shared server, so I can build to match them!
  11. Looks like a witch's cauldron Chester rather than regular Shadow Chester, in fact!