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  1. I saw a shirt and I knew Warly had to have it. I got a little carried away and didn't really have a plan for the drawing beyond showing off the shirt, one thing led to another, and now he looks like a fashion model. A Garlic Brand fashion model.
  2. To be honest, until I saw the caption I assumed the person driving the van was Charlie and this was a joke about how Webber got sent to the Constant.
  3. If there's one thing Wormwood knows about besides, apparently, how to build forbidden altars it's fire prevention!
  4. Island Adventures is fun (For the record, he didn't.)
  5. Since she doesn't look exactly like any real-life breed she probably is a mix, but a mix of all the breeds mentioned here would make sense.
  6. It's time for another necromancy doodle compilation! Happy birthday Wilson! I've been playing a lot of Island Adventures and my head seems to magnetically attract coconuts. But hey, free coconuts. I was in the matchmaking queue for another game entirely and I wanted to practice drawing Maxwell so you get Maxwell frowning at a sandwich. This one's based on a TF2 screenshot, plus that thing in DST where if you sleep while you're insane shadow creatures will sometimes just wait outside your tent so they can bite you once and then go away:
  7. If it can't make you take overheating damage in the middle of winter it doesn't deserve the title of The Hottest. Thus, my vote goes to the lavae pools
  8. I'm not really sure how to answer because I like all the characters' personalities (at least, everyone in DST and most of the singleplayer characters) and that's what really determines my answer to "do I like this character", but there are some characters whose playstyles really don't suit me. I don't care for Winona, Wickerbottom, Wurt, Woodie, or Walter's gameplay - or Wes, but he's supposed to be like that - but I love their characterization.
  9. Some fanfiction's good, some fanfiction's bad, you could honestly say the same thing about unedited amateur original fiction but it's really easy to find bad fanfiction on the internet. Don't Starve fanfic is not an exception to this! As for crossover fanfic specifically, I like it if I like the thing it's being crossed over with and they're combined in an interesting or clever way, but I won't get much out of it if it's not.
  10. That's brilliant, they should do that if we can't have actual sanity loss.
  11. It would be A) slightly easier than scanning Pearl or the Crab King and B) hilarious.
  12. Several weapons players can wield do decimal damage; most only go to one decimal place, a few go to two, but a decaying Ham Bat can go up to three. Freezing and starving do damage at the same rate, 1.25 health per second, so I don't think they could do it by themselves. There's also damage modifiers and healing modifiers to consider, like from Warly's food or Wigfrid's passive perks. Being in a PvP world would probably make it easier for this to happen naturally though, if you'd survived getting hit with a partially rotten hambat earlier that day or something.