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  1. I would prefer that you didn't, because other people would like to use those too, but it's far from the worst inconvenience you could cause to other people on a public server. I don't generally dig up mushrooms even in my own games, though, because I like continuing to get mushrooms later more than I like getting a second mushroom or obtaining one at the wrong time of day.
  2. I love Chester, Glommer, Hutch, and smallbirds, but Chester is my favourite. On the flip side, I don't have much experience with the Extra-Adorable Lavae or Friendly Fruit Fly, but as a Wortox main I am not on speaking terms with pigs and bunnymen. Even when I'm not Wortox bunnymen don't really put me at ease since most of my encounters with them involve them trying to murder me because I forgot I had something meaty in my inventory, and pigs are annoyingly prone to getting distracted by a treeguard that's minding its own business or a wandering pack of spiders and then getting turned into deli ham after they pick a fight for no good reason.
  3. I don't like how easy it is to get Warly and Winona's benefits while playing as someone else, and I would consider the few benefits those two have that only apply while playing them to be very marginal (and Warly has a major downside to go with it). I think characters whose perk value is mostly in the form of items they can craft should have been left in DS singleplayer, where swapping characters requires you to either give up your world except for what you can carry in your inventory or complete Adventure Mode and most character-specific items go up in smoke when you do change characters that way, and Warly and Winona would be better off if they had at least one strong perk each that could only be used while playing them. Wigfrid was a good example of a character with both good inherent perks that only applied to herself and good craftable items that everyone else could use, even pre-rework; I think Wormwood fits that description as well nowadays, following the Reap What You Sow update. However, I saw how incredibly inconvenient it was to change characters before the Celestial Portal if you simply changed your mind about who you wanted to play - the only way to do it was to use console commands to despawn your character, and doing so removed your map and recipes - and I wouldn't want to go back to that. Any way to switch characters without losing progress that's within the reach of a new or casual to intermediate player is trivial enough for advanced players that it also invites exploitation of character-specific craftable items; nerfing character swapping isn't the answer. The only way to make people stop switching to Warly or Winona to craft a bunch of stuff and then immediately swapping to someone else to get the benefits of both characters' perks is to give Warly and Winona some good perks that are just for themselves and can't be shared with everybody on the server.
  4. I was on a server with some friends, using the Snowfallen Wolfgang skin instead of my usual Survivor Wolfgang and the Ugly Deer Sweater + Swing Pants because it was winter in-game and I wanted to dress for the occasion, and when I went into mighty form we noticed that I was... missing something. I didn't get in-game screenshots because I was too flabbergasted, but the bug also happened in the wardrobe menu so that shouldn't be a problem. In further testing I discovered that this happens with most shirt/body skins that don't hide leg skins and aren't specifically intended for Wolfgang, from the Lumberjack Shirt to the Mossrose Drapery. This doesn't appear to be contained to the Snowfallen skin either: it also happens on Gladiator Wolfgang, Magmatic Wolfgang, Giant (YOTPK) Wolfgang, and Wolfman (Hallowed Nights) Wolfgang, but not Victorian or Verdant Wolfgang or any of the skins that predate the Forge.
  5. Wormwood is the only one who doesn't have any skins I dislike! My runners-up are Wendy, Wickerbottom, and WX-78, who have, like, one skin each that I don't care for and the rest are great. My favourite skin set is Triumphant, because everyone looks cool and spooky and it ties in with the lore.
  6. Here, have some more art. This is what happens when your server data gets corrupted. (Who and what ended up in the flying wreckage was inspired by the particular server on which this happened.) And a warmup drawing from a couple of randomized prompts combined: [11:16] BOT HAL: WHEELER LIGHTING A BUILDING ON FIRE [11:17] BOT HAL: WHEELER MAKING A NEW FRIEND. UGH
  7. I love it, he looks so sinister and horror-y!
  8. I almost never encounter griefers even when I play on Klei servers, but I do tend to play at off-peak hours so that might be affecting my experience. I don't even frequently encounter selfish and/or cartoonishly inept players who unintentionally ruin the game for other people (by hoarding resources or fighting fire hounds too close to the base or whatever, stuff that isn't obviously malicious), much less players doing things that have no benefit to them and aren't plausible mistakes in order to grief.
  9. (I'm pleasantly surprised to have been included!)
  10. I didn't want to use his default skin so I used my current Webber loadout! (More or less. I use Roseate Webber and all the in-game shorts have socks attached but I bet Webber doesn't like socks.)
  11. There was some concern about Wagstaff potentially wanting to dissect Webber. (I personally don't think he'd actively try to harm Webber, but I could see him waiting until Webber slips up and dies from something else and then examining the skeleton instead of helping. And I feel like after seeing his fascination with nightmares and destruction the other survivors might have Concerns.)
  12. Not sure if it'd help with the chest thing, but have you considered using an emote (/sit, /squat, /toast, /dance, Wes's silent /carol or one of the Forge emotes if you have them) when you want to stand still by a fire or use the chatbox?