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  1. On the one hand, those are a real thing, you can probably buy one off eBay. On the other hand, as I discovered the one time I tried to make a DS moodboard, real tam o'shanters with the colors of the in-game one aren't the easiest to find.
  2. I made a whole thread a while back about how it would be cool to have DST Lego; it seems financially implausible since most of the licensed Lego is from much bigger franchises, but it's a pipe-dream I enjoy. Most of the other things I want are reproductions of in-game equipment in real life and at human scale. Reproductions of the Elegant backpack skins; I'd pay quite a bit of money for a real-life Smallbird Satchel, Spider Sack, Koalefant Knapsack, Carrat Pack, or Crabpack that didn't require me to either custom-commission someone or learn to sew my own backpacks. Replicas of in-game weapons, especially the more distinctive ones like the Tentacle Spike, Morning Star, and Thulecite Club. More reproductions of in-game hats; the Winter Hat is a good start, but it's not used a lot on most servers after the first winter and it's one of the least distinctive-looking, whereas Wigfrid hats are always relevant. That and plushies and figurines of more of the mobs, bosses especially. (I still want a little plastic Ancient Fuelweaver with a removable head.) For that matter, plushies of the characters, with their in-game proportions. There are so many mobs that could be plushies and are not. Smallbirds! Beardlings! The Ancient Herald! Volt Goats! Frogs! The Toadstool! A full set of seasonal giants to match the Deerclops plushie! For most other franchises I couldn't care less about Funko pops but the first series of these were really good so it'd be nice to have four more characters in that format, plus a fresh production run of series 1 since they're getting difficult to find. More merchandise of characters who aren't Wilson, just in general. Especially the DLC and DST characters who weren't even around for the blind box figurines, but most of the non-Wilson characters have either no merch or one (1) Funko pop aside from those anyway. Note that I'm not saying less Wilson merch; I'm saying that there should be more merch of everybody.
  3. I like playing as him in singleplayer and his DST recipes and seasonings are powerful, but his DST drawback is really harsh, all the more so since he didn't even get to keep his DS perk where he got bigger stat returns from eating crockpot food that he wasn't tired of. It's no surprise that he's always around the bottom of the list when someone tallies up how many people are playing each character on all the DST servers. Which is a shame, because I like his character design and personality; it's just difficult to keep him from starving to death.
  4. Happy birthday to Jack Carter too, probably. I'm not 100% sure that they're twins, but it would make sense!
  5. Happy birthday to Maxwell, official awkward fussy evil uncle of the whole Constant family!
  6. Unless you live somewhere that they either won't ship to or would charge twice as much for shipping as for the product, I suggest getting the Funko pop. I looked on Amazon just now and they had one for about the same amount as the lantern, plus you get a little vinyl Wilson and Chester for your desk/bookshelf/whatever.
  7. I bought the original cauldron, but that was in early December of last year when prices were at what was, until now, their lowest ever. I got to have the skin for ten and a half months before it became weaveable and I didn't break the bank to get it, so I don't feel slighted. It wouldn't be the first time I bought a skin and later found that its price had fallen to half or less, but I'm not using them as investment properties, I'm using them to make my game more colorful and fun. I don't usually resell skins at all unless I know I won't actually want to use them and have a better use for the money, as was the case when I had a Hallowed Light last year and wanted Wortox. (The sprite's cute, but the Tragic Torch's smoke trail is better in every way; I might weave a replacement now that I have the opportunity though.) And I try not to spend more than $10 CAD on a skin, generally. If a skin rises much above that - I might go to $15 as my upper limit if it's really good, as with the cauldron - then I just won't buy it. Which is exactly why I didn't buy GoH Wendy until the weaveable version came out, because I can't justify dropping fifty bucks or more on a skin for a character I don't even play that often just because I think it looks nice. Similarly, I waited years for the Rose Pike to drop to a reasonable price instead of paying big bucks to have it quickly.
  8. Deerclops: Clopsy Bearger: Bearger-senpai Because whether he notices you really makes a difference to your day. The BFB: The BIRD KING (capslock mandatory) Ancient Fuelweaver: Fuelmayor This one's an inside joke that doesn't make a lot more sense in context, and I mostly just use it with a specific group of friends, but it's what I got. Koalefants: Snoots This was originally me nicknaming them in-character as Wolfgang and then my friends started doing it too. I also call beefalo "beefs" but I feel like that barely counts.
  9. I've never seen any in-game quotes commenting on this or word-of-god lore updates about it, but my headcanon is that when Charlie took over the Nightmare Throne the floor of the upper caves level collapsed and large chunks were dumped intact onto the same level as the ruins.
  10. Yeah, Wormwood doesn't have as many skins as the others but all of the ones he does have are great.
  11. Not that I'm aware of. I've never been able to find out whether the drop rate on the nonweaveable GoH skins is actually 0% or just really really low, or whether their all-but-unattainable drop rate is an intentional choice or a bug. At least, not from anyone who worked at Klei, had spoken to someone from Klei, or could otherwise prove what they were saying. The weaveable ones are their own thing, and they do drop, but those only exist for characters who've been refreshed.
  12. Lunar New Year. "Lunar Event" sounds like it has something to do with the in-universe lunar content like the lunar islands, and China isn't the only country that celebrates it so "Chinese New Year" isn't strictly accurate.
  13. Also the moon isn't cracked in Wormwood's short, although all that really proves is that Wormwood was born before RoT since we don't know how old he is.