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  1. Does Grass Suit have a use?

    I use it if I've found tons of grass before making or finding a science machine and need to do something with the excess, or if I'm desperate for protection and have a lot of grass with me. Used ones burn really well, but if you're crafting stuff out of grass specifically to burn it, make a straw roll instead; it takes less grass.
  2. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    The Stagehand deserves hugs.

    It sure looks nice at least! I've only had dragonfruit once irl, and it looked cool but it was indeed pretty bland.
  4. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    This one was from a randomly generated prompt: [18:52] HAL: WARLY SAILING A PIRATE SHIP. YARRRR
  5. Fanart by SightKeeper

    I can't help but parse this as Wilson yelling belligerently at the Deerclops to just come out and fight him already. (I think I reblogged it with a comment to that effect on Tumblr.)
  6. Drawings and Drivel

    You say it's unnecessary, but I've been on plenty of servers where there was a skeleton in roughly that spot. Dead from freezing, overheating, or darkness, generally.
  7. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    That was unintentional but I love it so I'm going to pretend it was on purpose.
  8. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    This was a Secret Santa gift for @inhumanrobot
  9. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    He's Mr. Skis. I don't remember the context of Wilson Egg, but I don't... think that was it. The domestic Scorpeons were for practice; I was trying to figure out, like, their range of motion and limb shapes and stuff, and it was easier/more entertaining to draw them delicately carrying teacups than to draw authentic Forge battles. They are, however, very fluffy.
  10. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    I just started petrifying at the absolute last second when I was the mage, because it was easier for working around tanks with itchy trigger fingers. It kind of helped. I haven't drawn anything since my last post but I dug up some doodles from last year.
  11. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    Not much!
  12. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    I also have more cosplay photos! Most of them aren't much different, but I made the red cravat so I could put on a jacket and become GoH Wilson And also, uh, this
  13. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    I could!
  14. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    2: Those are @inhumanrobot's and my loadouts! It us! It was also a follow-up to/escalation of the previous year's birthday art where I drew me-as-Wilson smashing a cake on them-as-WX. (so, Wilson is a goofball, not shippy. although wxson is a fine ship) 3: Well, it's crossover art, Promethean has a baked-in objective of literally becoming a human. There's, like, a magical transformation sequence at the end of the story. Like Pinocchio. Weird unexplained stuff with skeletons notwithstanding, WX seems to have a lot of mechanical analogues to human parts - chemical engine instead of digestive system, smelling module instead of a nose, having a head and torso and two arms and two legs in the first place - but doesn't want to be any more like a fleshling, and couldn't really be mistaken for a human except in a very dark room. 4: Look up "Leg Avenue Cozy Bat". (The adult-sized one is the same design as the children's-sized one.) It's made of heavy fleece, and it's sold as a costume but why limit yourself? It's the warmest sweater I own and I often wear it over my pajamas when I've just crawled out of bed. I highly recommend it. 5: Once my childhood best friend's dad attempted to wake me up by standing next to my bed and playing the trumpet at me. It didn't work. 7: That's why I picked 'em! I had the idea of "Forge guys physically pulling weapons from the Constant out of characters' hands" first, and decided Crocommanders made the most sense in the role. 8: It would be metal as heck. I propose that Pugna would be the singer, since he yells at you all match but doesn't do anything else, the Rhinocebros would be the guitarists, the Swineclops would be the drummer, and... I guess that leaves the Boarrior as either the bassist or the world's most violent keyboardist. 11: Yeah nobody bothered to let anything sleep this year until at least the Boarrior round. Even I generally didn't stop fighting snortoises or scorpeons when heals went up, although I didn't... see anyone die in the middle of a healing circle because of their teammates fighting in it this year. Time for more art! And then they all turned into merms. (I wanted to draw merms eating snacks but it turned out that merms are really hard to draw.)
  15. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    HELLO, IT'S BEEN A WHILE, I BROUGHT MORE ART There was a Tumblr art meme of 'draw your main in your loadout with your favourite items'. I have more favourite items but I forgot to include them, so these'll have to do. This was for inhumanrobot's birthday last year, it's a pastiche of this WX-78 yells at my robotic Promethean: the Created OC about their life choices I was in a collab with Blob and Shadowtime! This is based on the events of a RP server we're in (I'm the Wolfgang), although... I don't actually remember what was happening here. Even it taking place in spring was a shot in the dark. Blob sketched it, Shadowtime inked it, and I finished it off with the colors and the backdrop. There was also a 'draw your main in your favourite sweater' Tumblr art meme. I have three favourite sweaters. enough said Webber says hi (I was practicing his facial proportions) This one was for a Secret Santa last year. (They asked for Webber.) I feel like I could have scanned it better. I tried to draw Maxwell at one point. The proportions of his face look slightly wonky but I like it better than my second attempt. Wilson as a Homestuck troll and also a vampire. I think I was riffing on someone setting their Discord name to that? There isn't much context for this one either. There are two video game characters with 70-something numerals at the ends of their names so naturally I had to combine them No outside weapons allowed in the Forge Wigfrid has been depicted wearing both shorts and a skirt in her default outfit, so I drew a reference of what I think her costume is like (it has both, the skirt and vest are separate pieces) Last year there was an art meme to Forgeify yourself, and this year there was one to magmatically Forgeify yourself, so here I am; I have 150 health, I can use melee, darts, and staves, I get a flat extra +30 hp when revived, and when I fire a projectile it keeps going until it hits its maximum range, hitting every enemy along its trajectory. FOOLISH I think this was an exercise in posing angles that got out of hand. A Forge Mood