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  1. So, I might get a bit of a slack from all you "MLG-too-pro-4-DST-mega-base" players, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway. For balance. I think it would balance out and encourage players more to use torso slot items if the two following changes were added: * Most backpack inventory slots were nerfed (e.g. Backpack having 6 slots instead of 8, Piggyback having 8 slots instead of 12, but perhaps only a 5% speed loss instead of 10% and Krampus sack having 10 slots instead of 14). * Backpacks of all kind can be placed inside normal inventory slots so long as they are empty. This could mean that you would be thinking less about whether you should give up a backpack for some torso slot items or not and think more about whether you need something with you and what to equip to help you out. And you could, say, take a stroll to mine some rocks over yander while it's raining, then drop your backpack on the ground, stuffing it with every stack you get of rocks and once it stops raining, you return with the backpack on, utilising the Rain Coat as well as the Backpack. And, it would make things harder in general in terms of inventory carriage, which I would certainly welcome!
  2. Since these headstones are here, why not give them more of a use instead of just for marking graves. Make it so you can break one with a hammer or pickaxe and get rocks or cut stone out of it.
  3. I know the fuel length time varies widely between updates, but I've been thinking. If any tree only yields 1 charcoal, and the largest trees yield 3 logs, what is better for fire? Are 3 logs better than one charcoal? Along with the fact that the biggest trees also yield 2 pine cones, for further fuel farming later. I have a chest full of logs, but I've been saving them for logsuits, and instead doing controlled farm burns for charcoal. Then again the largest trees take a hefty toll on your tools (the wiki, which I'm not sure is up to date, says 15 swings), where burnt trees for charcoal take 1 swing. As it stands in the current update, 2 charcoal will last you the whole night, but you won't be getting much of anything done. For log users, how many does it take to get through the night (starting only when night does, not dusk, and only fueling when the fire is about to die to ensure minimum requirements)? If someone has the spare time to dedicate to this query for science, I'd appreciate it. (I'd do it myself but I'm not near my gaming PC)
  4. Halfing

    Somehow, an issue I've encountered is my game has started halfing every item in my inventory when I try to swap it. I'd like to know if this is intentional and I just toggled something wrong or if this is an actual issue and as such needs to be fixed. I was playing as Willow, if it's maybe just a character bug, I've not had this with Wilson yet.
  5. Anyone who has read my last thread about making Beefalo your mount should know that one thing that I've noticed on many of my worlds is that the best food sources, mining grounds and pig villages are almost always quite a long journey away, this always makes me hesitant to go out to that spot in case I have to camp over night on the journey. To solve this, I propose that once baby Beefalo are added, a saddle could also be added to the game to be unlocked in the Alchemy Engine. I imagine that it would require 4 rope, 5 pig skin and 2 gold nuggets (For the little metal things where you place your feet while riding.) and after creation you would be able to saddle up a Beefalo to ride around the map at about 1.5 or 1.75 times your normal movement speed. But obviously you can't just try to saddle up a fully grown Beefalo and expect it to let you ride on its back! This is where the baby Beefalo is necessary. You would have to feed the baby a grass tuft (Or more if you think 1 is too easy) in order to tame it, then you would have to wait for it to grow up in order to place the saddle on it. Of course you may need a place to store your baby Beefalo when its growing up? Or else it might wonder off somewhere or be attacked by hounds. For this problem, I suggest a new structure to be added. Nothing too extravagant, just a wooden pole with a piece of rope attached to it where you can tie your new friend up to in order to keep it safe from harm. I would imagine the pole to require 1 log (For the pole.), 2 rope (For the, well, the rope.) and 3 or 4 cut stone (For the base of the pole.) This recipe would also need to be unlocked at the alchemy engine. Once the Beefalo has grown up after maybe 7 to 10 days (Please feel free to discuss this time if you consider it to be too long or too short!) you could unattach it from the pole and saddle up! But maybe you think that this is too simple, too easy. Or maybe you don't actually want to ride a Beefalo (Where is your soul? ). Let me answer these two points in turn: To make it harder I suggest that hounds try to hunt you down whilst riding your Beefalo at sunset and at night the "Scary Monster" still tries to kill you. This will force most players to dismount at sunset and walk the rest of the way, their Beefalo following them or to set up camp quickly. As for not wanting to ride a Beefalo, I suggest that another item could be created to be equipped instead of the saddle, a 9-slot Beefalo backpack, effectively a moving chest that follows you when untied from the pole and rope. I would want the recipe for this to include a fair amount of grass (Maybe 6) for weaving, 4 twigs to hold it up and 2 rope to attach it to your furry companion. This could also be useful for that tricky "Backpack or Logsuit" choice that many people complain about (Personally I like the choice as it adds more of a risk to adventuring.) but it could also be used as even more storage space if you have both the backpack and the Beefalo Pack equiped. Another idea that was suggested in my last thread was to have a logsuit for the Beefalo, making it able to take more damage before you have to dismount and kill the attacker. So for this I propose that the an item known as the Battle Saddle (Or something similar.) could be added to the game. Its recipe would require a normal saddle, 4 rope and 10 logs. (Beefalo are big remember.) This item would allow you to ride your Beefalo and act as armour for it. Finally, in order to make this suggestion sound less over powered, you should only be able to tame a maximum of one or two Beefalo so that players can't just have a convoy of moving chests following them, you shouldn't be abble to use the powerful Beefalo attack (Or the "Beefalo Beatdown" as I like to call it.) and trying to take away a baby Beefalo should somehow anger the herd/pack. Thanks for reading, Please give me your ideas in the form of a reply in this thread! I hope this idea gets noticed!
  6. As I was playing I came to the idea that I should be able to view and rearrange the contents of a backpack that is placed on the ground. Although it isn't a necessity, I think being able to manage a backpack while it is not being worn by the player is enormously helpful in terms of time management and also it is just less of a hassle. In essence all I am suggesting is that a backpack have a "RMB View Contents" option while sitting on the ground, the traditional "LMB Pick up" would remain untouched. Positives: Less micro-management of the inventory and rearrangement when trying to grab something out of a backpack. Negatives: Backpacks all of the sudden become more like an alternative to chests, at the cost of only one inventory slot. The only way I can think of lessening this effect is by adding some kind of durability to Backpacks which is a whole other issue. Overall I think the addition of being able to manage backpacks without equipping them is a good thing, and does not carry too many bad attributes with it (other than that stated above). What do you think, is it too aesthetic, not practical enough, or is there more to it?
  7. For a game with the name don't starve its damn easy not to. i've played for about 6h and i never died because of food. don't get me wrong i've died but only because i'm stupid and want to poke everything that is new...stupid bees. And because there is no hand holding i can't rly tell what is intended,what is exploiting or a bug. like why can you cook berries on an open fire?and even if you would have a pan what exactly do you cook there and why?or why does cooking meat not consume something like a twig? Also has the chest some kind of build in refrigerator because none of the stored food gets bad. The first Trap(s) is damn useless because you don't need it. First you have to build it, place it,put in bait and then wait. nothing wrong with that if you wouldn't be able to just kill the rabbits.You just have to find the hole then click attack on the rabbit and done. i would like something like a diminishing return system it would not only make the character healthier and an educational role model it would also make the game more challenging. The name of the game is Don't Freaking Starve i want every day to think it's my last and be scared to load the game because i might not find enough food and eat my last rotten meat that would bring me to my last HP and a crow should poke me in the head because i smell like dead man and die. ------------------------------ The combat is damn impressive. i have more fun killing stuff then i had in 60h of D3 very responsive and very intuitive. Some parts of gathering feel tedious like chopping a big ass tree feels like it takes yeeeeears. A visual indication like the stones have would help in my opinion. and im not sure but is chopping or mining etc. with a broken tool not dangerous because it might break and hurt you?just sayn risk>reward ----------------------------- And a small question how do i delete my save? i would like to lose all the research done but not the characters that i've unlocked. thx and sry for my English
  8. Okay, so I have a base camp and that's where I keep chests filled with extra items (food, resources, food, log suits, food, and more food). The problem I have is that I keep needing to craft more and more chests. What I find odd is the fact that chests are stationary objects and yet hold only half as much inventory as your character. Why is that? At the very least a chest should be able to store as many items as your character can carry. If this were done then it would dramatically reduce the number of chests we need and allow for more organized storage by virtue of the additional space. The only downside I can see is that this would require a larger pop-up window that would obscure more of the screen, but as this would be temporary I don't see it as a huge issue. Besides we can manually close or move away froma chest in an emergency (where we need to see the screen).