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  1. killed crab king, started moonstorms for the first time.... actually experiencing it is sooo much better than watching other people do it
  2. very tired but still wanted to draw so i made a quick thing wormwood is actually very lovely, but i wanted to draw oasis-bound and also saw the joke
  3. physically cant stop myself from doodling the robot
  4. not as old as some of the other servers here, but day 1000 is still a milestone to be shared! the video was posted by the host of the server, but i show up as wormwood
  5. wx's system overload sounds can get very loud and overwhelming. i understand why they take sanity damage tried drawing wx different from how i usually do it with some more color practice, all wrapped up in a little headcanon of mine that system overload is actually painful for wx, mentally
  6. took a little picture before on day 999 of our world ive been wanting the blue silk robes for a while and got very excited when i got them, so we all put on silk robes + i doodled since i like the picture so much i havent ran around as default wormwood the entire time. this is the first day im not seen in a wormwood skin
  7. she can only DREAM of matching these heat levels magmatic wx is my favorite out of that entire set as well, feels the most fire-y to me despite having the darker colors (idk everyone's hair just turning saturated yellow, orange, and red feels a lot more cartoon-y then battle-ready)
  8. posting earlier cus i did something earlier found this post, wanted to doodle, ended up taking it too far somewhat of a redraw of my favorite vignette
  9. i was thinking about this quite a bit, and decided to try drawing like it again in a better headspace the scene is from a little thing i wrote a while ago that im not confident enough to share, but it had to do with wx and wormwood because of course it would
  10. i got very tired last night, but i appreciate what both of you said! made my morning better and speaking of morning, started this early in the day but only finished it later i dont own either of these outfits but i made them and wish i did own them
  11. havent been feeling that great recently. vent art, i suppose, but it fits for wormwood too