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  1. people already discuss beta related stuff in the beta forums once its released. general discussion gets most traction out of all the dont starve together forums so it's the best place to put updates for upcoming stuff
  2. i had a very simple idea got vaguely inspired by inscryption. if you know, you know
  3. another fake skin/concept thing. saw this idea a very long time ago when the fantasy/fairy set was first being released and just remembered it again now it's a wood gate that matches the fence
  4. ryws theme is good until it becomes ragtime touch one plant, dig one plot, and the theme keeps playing until the next day. this may be because of a mod that i have where the music plays in the background costantly (i like dusk and night music, i feel weird playing in complete silence) im not willing to turn the mod off because of this (if the mod is the cause) but that has ruined my enjoyment of the theme
  5. that would be cute! and i hope they're mostly pink, roseate skins already have quite a bit of red
  6. valentines day is soon and who knows if i'll have the energy to draw something? i at least had a cute idea beforehand
  7. i always saw shopcat as a reaction to something that is cursed or disturbing. like it's asking "why. why did you post that"
  8. wanted to draw wormwood again, but didnt want to color, so i asked a friend to lineart is mine, color isnt
  9. drawing wx very slightly different because thats what i felt like doing. some of the differences might be difficult to spot but i notice them and thats what matters
  10. this is the best "year of" update i want them all to follow me forever
  11. can we really ask for anything else? this is peak gameplay
  12. did some palette stuff im slowly coming move alive when drawing so hopefully more??
  13. it's one of the best feelings in the world when you bring a less experienced friend over to their first time fighting a boss-- and they win like they were so afraid of dragonfly before, but they killed her and they feel incredibly proud and satisfied. they realize she's not that bad and will feel a lot better about killing her next time and im happy about it too. cus theyre happy ik to the people on the forums, it aint much to say "me and my friend killed dragonfly" but there's nothing more fun to me then bringing a friend out of their shell and experiencing the "harder and scarier" parts of the game, its a lot more fun once you get past the initial wall of "all the bosses are scary and they will kill me" haha idk. im just excited and wanna talk abt it a little