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  1. the only thing I can think of is that a group of crows is called a murder
  2. I tried my best to use a photo editor to see if it was possible to see the link easier, this is what came out after playing with it (im not the greatest at photo editing), though if someone can do better than me that'll be great My result: https://*huk**NYAA*?format-j*???
  3. When I saw the webber teaser, I immediately thought that it was webber making a sign to command spiders.
  4. I just use global positioning when I play with friends, especially with those who are new to the game
  5. No, When a new update comes out your world will be retrofitted automatically to have the new content available
  6. Yesss more lore! though i hope the ocean still gets more things added to it at one point.
  7. For Moose/Goose, I would prepare a lot of healing items and armor (atleast 10 perogies and 8 log suits, though you can add more if until you are comfortable with what you have). I would kite Moose/Goose like how I would kite deerclopes but at the third cycle of attack the Moose/Goose would honk so be ready to put whatever you have in your hands in your pockets. Once Moose/Goose is dead be ready for the demon spawn of children that will appear, Kiting them is relatively easy since all they do is attack in one straight line and then get stunned for a few seconds in the end, But its the lightening you would have to watch out for so make sure to bring something that can combat electrical damage (im pretty sure a rain hat/eyebrella can help). Personally the children are much worse than the parents, good luck!
  8. This is probably just me, but I want to fight a sea serpent in the game. Other than that I think there should me more hazards in seasons because long-term play feels a bit boring after awhile
  9. I just kept playing over and over, dying and learning something new. If I ever got stuck I would look through a wiki page or watch a guide. I think I got good in the end once I made it to year 2 in-game but even then I'm still learning new things. Though I can say that when I want to test something new, I would persuade one of my friends to do it and observe (its all my fault that one of my friends have mostly died to spiders). I regret nothing
  10. I wish the wave mechanic was expanded upon, especially after an ingame year where there would just be a ton of elemental hounds
  11. I dont think it will come today, usually because betas are released 2 weeks after they are revealed
  12. I support this though I have a question: How would the islands be split? Like would it be one biome per island, each island can have multiple biomes, or something between the two?
  13. I started playing in 2017 after watching my sibling play, It looked fun due to the style and how hard it looked. When I started I knew somethings at first (like making fires, watching sanity and eating). My first death was the hound wave because I did not expect it to happen. My first experience was thrilling, and soon I became an addict to this game.