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  1. Good to know, thank you! This definitely needs testing in actual playthrough though. That was welcome change for sure, but they still poop while mounting-dismounting and when not ridden, and this situation can happen at base with hitching station (thank you for the tip!) or outside of it while I need to dismount. In particular I tried it as Wormwood with beefalo in the caves/ruins (I needed to frequently dismount to mine, hammer, repair stuff, wall up monkeys, sort loot in my microbase near pseudoscience station, cook food in some unremarkable part of the map, pick up stuff faster if there was a lot of it, etc.). To fill both cave and surface map with hitching stations seems expensive, but with domestication loss bug fixed I guess salt lick isn't mandatory anymore, so those boards can be spent on hitching station instead. Rider beefalo is barely faster than ornery/default, but unlike ornery/default with war saddle, it doesn't hit breakpoint of 50 damage, and a lot of mobs have 50, 100, 150 (hounds!) or 200 health, so 41 or 50 damage makes difference. If beefalo is used only for travelling, then you still need to carry weapon, armor, etc., moreover, unmounted beefalo is in danger if fight is going on nearby (like hound wave attack or boss fight, rooks are brutal with their 200 damage to mobs). With default saddle ornery/default can kite even tier 3 rook, so speed breakpoint isn't a problem for other tendencies either (not sure about pudgy, but it's not tentency for combat anyway), with glossammer they are still faster than character with cane and magi even if it's blooming Wormwood (outside of the road). Ornery needs to be fed to be remounted, but default doesn't have this downside. So what else rider can offer? Or in what situations that small speed difference is relevant? I'm using insulated pack + bundles, thing is, a lot of Warly power comes from food buffs, which means more types of food, more bundles, bundles used in defferent situations (not only to restore hunger). I like to use insulated pack in general even if I'm not playing Warly, so I have less slots compared to krampus sack, and use bundles to compensate that. I'm comfortable with that strategy, but on beefalo back it becomes less convenient (tbh I would like developers to allow to use bundles, I don't see a reason not to). For Wormwood in winter when bloom is harder to maintain beefalo speed should help, it's a good synergy, especially during first winter when beefalo can be easily tamed, but materials for bloom are still relatively expensive. Problem is, if I have beefalo already, why would I spend resources later on to increase hunger drain and NOT gain any speed? And giving up part of unique power because of efficiency is sad. Especially since if I plant seeds (of which I care) in big quantities in short amount of time I can use one-man-band or spring free bloom. There is also another category of seeds that can be picked where bird left them and planted instantly just for +10 sanity. On beefalo that last type of seed planting is much less efficient since a lot more time is wasted (and resources if ornery beefalo). Which means I'm discouraged of gaining sanity via planting in the wilds (need to ignore seeds/dedicate inventory slot for them) and leaving free food for others in multiplayer. It may be refreshing game changer, since a lot of people consider just walking from point A to point B boring, but there are other solutions of that problem, like not just walking, but rather gathering materials along the way. Also it's just my opinion and many would disagree, but I find system of speed tresholds and big variety of items to cross them interesting, especially because side/secondary useful effects. Coffee debates seem similar in that regard (whether it should be added/be good for balance of the game or not). It's perfectry fine to disagree though. I know it's intended and I desagree with that both from the sides of balance and lore (it's not actually Wendy, it's beefalo who deals damage, but code sees dealing damage entity as Wendy, although her debuff isn't applied, which seems inconsistent to me, and I'd prefer +10% damage buff). I didn't say I wanted Wolfgaing levels of dsp, what is that from? I don't need it, and I don't tame a beefalo as Wendy; also I don't play Wofgang for similar reason (too easily gained bonus, too annoying and inconsistent to maintain (but not hard and it doesn't require much skill), too boring gameplay in general, too similar to Wilson). But that's just my opinion. I'm not using mousse for light radius and to actually see, for that there are moggles, miner hat and lantern (the latter falls behind compared to the first 2 in most cases and in all relevant to me cases), mousse/magi I use to just quickly cross some distance while being protected from both darkness and freezing, it's usually when area isn't new to me. I feel bad playing Warly and not using mousse for winter nights, especially since I like to clear as much inventory space as possible before going somewhere, so I tend to leave lightbulbs in the ice box, but for food buffs I have dedicated bundle already, so no extra inventory space is occupied. I still use lantern in winter when I don't have mousse/magi though, or need to use backpack without mousse available. But I think I may switch to puffy vest + beefalo hat/miner hat in the end, since I have chester in solo worlds, it's not like my strategy solidified already and forever. Oh, and if I just need some kind of Charlie protection, orange thermal stone is good enough and doesn't consume fuel, is easy to recharge.
  2. Does frequency of snowballs thrown allow to cool thermals and characters faster than standing near more traditional cooling stations, if said flammable object is continiously being lit by something (player of some automatic setup)? Yes, speed + light are good, but I personally can't stand that flow of poop. I admit, beefalos are strong (even too strong with some characters), but I loose irl sanity because of manure even with muted flies mod, and I know I'm not the only one. Second problem with beefalo is balance for different characters: Warly needs to constantly dismount to use either crock pot (early game) or bundles (mid/late game), which is extremely annoying, being beefalo ornery or not; Wormwood looses his speed, advantage of cheap dark swords, needs to dismount to plant seeds (although gets free healing via manure, keeps ability to tend during bloom and receives meat shield for melee attacks, problem with that is the higher player skill is, the lesser player is hit in melee, and for ranged attack player still needs to wear armor), Wortox can't soul-hop on beefalo, Wigfrid abilities don't transfer to beefalo, not to mention Woodie unique power. I don't like the fact, that for a lot of characters beefalo make survival identical - I appreciate variety that appeared after reworks and introduction of new characters, but beefalo revert it back for most of the cases. Also items like bat bat finally had their chance to shine, but beefalo took that away; beefalo taming makes important speed breakpoints achieved via different items with variety of side effects achieved trivially (just put basic saddle and you are good, no need for roads, cane, magi, club, character-specific stuff, etc.). Situation with Wendy damage bonus seems like an oversight to me, so I don't tame beefalo as Wendy on principle. But it's a good advice, people struggling with the game and just wanting to survive through any legitimate means definitely should try beefalos. Also speaking of light: if possible, I'm trying to use miner hat/moggles/glow berry mousse/magi. The less amount of fuel is left in the lantern, the smaller light radius is, which is not the case for miner hat and moggles; also moggles provide better vision when player is insane, which is not the case for lantern and miner hat (and moggles's full screen vision is obvious advantage); glow berry mousse can't fully substitute miner hat/moggles (light radius is smaller than miner hat, diminishes quickly), but I consider it better than lantern because it doesn't take any slot (arm, body or head), so to just run through some area with cane, beefalo hat and backpack it's good enough. Magi, which gives constant light radius and speed, is also preferable over lantern for me if I can afford to not use backpack. In short: lantern lacks utility because of insanity filter, light diminishing proportionally to fuel left, occupying important slot (cane/tool/weapon), lack of maximum fuel capacity for winter nights (so mousse and magi are preferable, mousse protects for twice the amound of time from Charlie, fuel for magi comes to player (not vise versa) and doesn't spoil), and while beefalos help to fix situation, there are problems with beefalos themselves. Lantern is cheap stationary souce of light though, and doesn't occupy any slot when on the ground (beware of monkeys). Edit: after rereading your comment it seems to me that you mentioned beefalo strategy mostly bacause of armor and competition for the slot between beefalo hat/miner hat and lantern/cane, and even though it wasn't mentioned, light and speed are also important. Have you calculated seconds of keeping warmth/seconds spent to warm up because you value speed extremely high in all situations? And was lantern mentioned just as part of strategy in general? Because suddenly in topic for winter warmth strategy beefalo, light and armor advantages/disadvantages appeared, which are offtopic, sorry for that.
  3. Where is option "I don't have a main"/"Other"? I'm really comfortable with more than 1 character, and I might not know all little clever things one can do with them, but can perform better than average gameplay as them for sure (for solo worlds or help team on pubs). That characters are: Warly, Wendy, Wormwood, Wortox, Wigfrid, and Woodie to lesser extent. I like that relatively new characters and ones that were reworked have unique playstyle, are very good in certain role (but it doesn't feel artificial as in PRG to me), and all that combinations of character's strong sides in multiplayer. I wish more characters from single player DLC's were added, although I understand people who would rather see someone completely new.
  4. Thank you for the guide, especially for the part with approximate time it takes player temperature to drop from 70 to 0. Can you do part 2 with cooling? By the way, recently I found a video where player cooled thermal stone in seconds using flingomatic, torch and burnable object (rope), and while it was impressive, I would like to know how much exactly snowball affects temperature; also I think many players would appreciate technical information about other ways of cooling. Regarding recent guide. You are comparing different ways of keeping warm with unspoken assumption, that every resource is so valuble that player cares about minimizing it's usage (at least to me it seems like that), but that's not always the case. For example, I'm using beefalo hat + thermal stone and I knew about "wasting" beefalo hat part for years. Why am I keeping to do that? For negating disadvantage of using only insulating clothing - inability to use armor in corresponding slots, also I play mostly solo and have more rocks than I can use, so I'm ok with breaking thermals. In exchange for some rocks and flint I gain ability to keep using backpack (relevant in early/mid game, including first winter) and switch to football helmet for quick combat and not freeze in seconds most of the time (if my thermal is white already I heat it beforehand). From that view point it's not "wasting beefalo hat durability because thermals and clothing don't stack", but rather "use beefalo hat normally and have backup heat source in case some expected quick combat with high chance of being hit happens (mactusk, hounds, etc.)". That isn't flawless strategy, for example, one could argue that it's better to use body armor instead of thermal stone to achieve the same effect, or use sunfish + bundle instead of thermal as a backup heat and keep beefalo hat as main way of staying warm, or give up on backpack and use puffy vest + beefalo hat/football helmet, etc., and that are all valid strategies (first and last ones I tried and it worked good, in solo worlds and pubs), but as everything in DS, they have their downsides. For example, body armor is generally more difficult/time consuming to farm (log suit vs football helmet, slurtle armor, night armor because of non-relocatable reeds, bone armor (requires either rushing FW or is second year item), thulecite armor (requires ruins rushing and clearing significant part of them, and while I can do so I prefer to find good place for a base (place for dropping all the loot and have crock pots and ice box) and do ruins in spring/summer)). Sunfish can be obtained only in summer and with autumn as starting season isn't avalable before the first winter, bundle wrap blueprint is usually first spring item for me (and not many people can do Bee Queen in the first year in general, solo or not). Puffy vest is good alternative (especially considering it's high durability and availability), but competes with backpack. Star caller not only isn't very warm, but also requires to spend significant part of the autumn in the caves not exploring forest shard, and I don't enjoy constant pressure of time and/or full inventory after day 15-18 on almost unexplored map. Things might be different for spring/summer start though. Also for all replying to the topic: I think people should separate strategies good for different stages of the game (first winter or 1000+ day world), different tasks (boss fighting, keeping oneself warm and mobile, work in one area for some time, etc.), available for players with defferent skill levels and playstyles (can they rush ruins/clear them, kill Bee Queen, Dragonfly (and how many scales can they get), find and catch sunfish (or do they want to spend summer on boat) etc.). That will help to avoid a lot of confusion.
  5. Wortox quick heal; There are also other good candidates, in my opinion, such as: Abigail keybinds; Alpha pillars; Bundle O'Top; Improved force attack (customizable); Too many items; Force biomes (as an option in world customization menu); Setpiece config (as an option in world customization menu); Lazy furnace; Less placement blocking.
  6. Night lights have their use in the ruins, where nightmare fuel is more abundant than any other fuel type (even though in DST nightmares don't leave free fuel after despawning unlike in single player, it's still abundant). Night lights also don't produce heat, so they are better than campfires/furnaces during summer caves/ruins activities since they don't overheat player, and don't require to kill boss unlike mushlights/glowcaps; I think they are a good use for red gems. Also red gems as any other can be used as fuel for Winona's G.E.M.erators, so one doesn't need to sacrifice more valuable types of gems. Fire staff isn't useless since there is a lot of oven designs requiring ranged igniting tool, such as ovens for pigs, bunnymen, monkeys, etc, and even if design allows to use torch, monster characters/Wurt can have hard time using torch in such designs. For beefalo riders fire staff + thermal stone in winter is a good combo (but fire staff + clothing also works), if one doesn't want to remount beefalo (especially handy for owners of ornery ones). Fire staff is still ranged attack, so it can be used to kite first hit of Dragonfly instead of ice staff; other people said already that in the long fights fire damage adds up (although fire rework would be cool, in my opinion). On the other hand, fire staff doesn't cancel bishop's first attack, unlike ice staff, and since the whole point is to take less damage or not take it at all, I'd rather either hit bishop with torch 1 time and do the rest of the hits with normal damage weapon, or use ice staff to freeze bishop in labyrynth to loot protected chest without taking damage and leave. Also I didn't tested it yet, but in theory fire staff could be better than torch (due to short igniting animation and ranged nature) on the lunar island to burn hounds's corpses and prevent horror hounds from spawning, especially if fight hasn't stopped yet. So in the end, fire staves are quite good, and are a tools with a lot of potential. For solo worlds there is always an option to rollback and in general there is less chaos going on, but in multiplayer life giving amulets are spent much more frequently, therefore it's another item to sink red gems into. As for fire dart I agree with you that it needs rework, this item is outclassed by fire staff (for fire effect) and blow dart (for damage), the only advantage is that it requires science machine to prototype instead of shadow manipulator in case of fire staff, and doesn't have negligible -1 sanity per use.
  7. I know about that and meant the same amount of healing/sanity over time, and it feels strange for milkmade hat to work differently (it's inconsistent, just like insanity/enlightement problem with Maxwell). I should have worded it more clearly though; also I already created thread with exact same name in "Suggestions and feedback" section. If the problem is milkmade hat is food and therefore should restore less hunger, then why it's not the case for stat restoration over time for jellybeans/soothing tea? As for Wigfrid, I believe being fed like a baby with milk doesn't fit warrior. Althogh I don't see a reason why she couldn't break a character, like she does with jellybeans and taffy, as well as why she can't eat ice-cream and drink electric milk (electric milk obtained only through fight, and with creature that even can defend itself; as for butter-based ice-cream - Wigfrid can eat monster lasagna which can be cooked without single piece of meat, also she can eat morsels perfectly fine, which can be obtained from creatures she doesn't consider enemies (rabbits, moleworms, etc.)). Also following that logic Wormwood shouldn't get any healing from jellybeans at all. Edit: on Warly milkmade hat works exactly how it works on Wilson, in other words, it ignores Warly's dish penalty, so why shouldn't it ignore Wortox's? Milkmade hat doesn't have full crock pot dish functionality despite being made in crock pot (Warly can't spice it, but can wear it despite it being not "true" crock pot dish), it doesn't apply repeated dish penalty neither after unequipping-equipping it back, nor after equipping the second one directly after first one being fully consumed, nor does it apply after each "drink" (essentially making Warly gain around 35% of hunger from milkmade hat compared to Wilson, which is not the case, he gains full 187.5 hunger point from it). So I don't see a reason for Wortox to be the only one excluded from that general rule "stat restoration over time isn't affected by modifiers".
  8. This thread clearly became something about opinions rather than facts, but I would like to try to remind about some of the latter. Debth worms: are easy to outrun, as well as are not hard to be syncronized should one decide to fight them, also they are always wet, which means morning star is exellent weapon to fight them (deals 72.25 damage). From my experience 1 morning star is enough to deal with 10-12 full-sized debth worm waves, and delay between attacks of worms is bigger than between hound attacks, which leaves more time for other things to do. Difficulty and/or length of the fight scales according to surrounding (are there nightmares/monkeys/etc. attacking player already or not) and damage of the weapon used: the less damage weapon deals, the longer player is exposed to insanity aura, the more crawling horrors/terrorbeaks one needs to kill WHILE dealing with worm wave, so weapon with high damage is important in this fight. Their loot is valuable, since glow berry is fuel for moggles - light source, which can be used while holding weapon/tool, can't be stolen by monkeys, reveals full screen and provides the more clear picture the more insane player is (insanity filter visually (although not functionally) lessens light radius of another light sources, which is inconvenient in the ruins and caves in general)). For glowberry alone debth worms are worth killing, since 1 stack of glow berries (10 items) provides light for 26.(6) minutes, which is more than 3 in-game days of constant wearing, whereas 1 stack of lesser glow berries (10 items) provides only 5 minues of light (a bit more than half a day), and inventory space is very valuable in this game, as well as information about surrounding (full screen vision). Debth worms also drop a lot of monster meat, which is valuable resource delivered straight to player: cooked/dried version isn't a bad food item (damages only for 3 health, eat 1 lichen or 3 light bulbs per 1 monster meat and health net loss is 0), can be used in crock pot as ingredient with 1 monster value, and, more importantly, full 1 meat value, which allows to cook surf'n'turf with 2 monster meat and 2 eels (60 health, 33 danity, 37.5 hunger), be converted into egg just as well as regular piece of meat, most of the meat recipes allow 1 monster ingredient so it can be used to cheapen recipes like honey ham, meaty stew, bacon and eggs, and in general can be used as only piece of meat in meatballs, pierogi, etc.; the fact that it is monster food allows it to be used for converting pigs into werepigs (and it's not hard to build pig houses in the caves), which allows to acquire large meat from monster meat in 1 : 2 ratio + guaranteed pig skin per 4 monster meat pieces (can be used for weapon, armor, expanding pig farm, tending item for crop farm, etc.). Not to mention benefit for Walter (food for Woby), Woodie (material for idols), each worm drops soul (additional benefit for Wortox), Webber doesn't even have health and sanity penalty, Wormwood doesn't have health penalty upon monster meat consumption. I don't understand how reward for the fight isn't worth it, it's not like debth worm drop nothing. Hound waves: before day 100+ can be easitly managed with spear, after that tentacle spike amount of damage (50+) is everything player needs, since even after day 100 delay between each hound spawning during hound wave is enough to land 3 hits to previous hound before next one can reach player, not to mention using elemental hounds for crowd control, as well as other mobs for help. With only spear and without armor it can be painful, but that way game pushes player towards the progression. Hound waves are PRIMARY RENEWABLE source of hound's tooth in the worlds with default settings, moreover, they DELIVER that resource straight to player. Sure, in late game teeth tend to accumulate too much, but without them sewing kit would be much rarer (non-renewable without hard-grinding tumbleweeds, living next to hound mound, which can't be relocated and requires to fighting hounds anyway, or spending green gems), in other words - no insta-repairing clothes/thermal stones and nesessity to farm much wider variety of resources in much bigger quantities would appear (from rocks and beefalo horns to pig skin, deerclops eyeball and tam-o-shanter). And this problem would be even worse for people often wearing 2 pieces of clothing simultaneously or Willow-players who actively use Bernie for tanking stuff. About monster meat I've said a lot already, and on top of that for Wortox in terms of free souls delivery they are even better than worms, because maximum worm wave is 5 entities, and 10 of them for hound wave. Gems are also required for crafting ice staves, life giving amulets, purple gems (moonrock idols, bat bats, telelocator powering and telelocator staves), powering Winona's G.E.M.erators, etc. Again, it's not like player gains nothing from hound wave. During sailing hound wave is skipped and timer until the next one resets, so hounds at sea can appear only if barking started while player was on land, in which case player has an option to quickly return to the land (or outrun them as weregoose, especially on water). Despite all that was said I would like hound waves to be improved and be made more interesting after day 100+. I also would like to keep stable flow of teeth (for sewing kits), as well as gain ability to craft more useful things from said teeth. Also as many already have mentioned, there is an option to turn them off even in already existing world, so in the end developers left choice for players whether to deal with hounds or not. One more thing: this thread reminded me that originally according to the game lore hounds were the means of Maxwell to harrass the player, but Charlie seem to be more focused on her own goals. So from the lore point of view what is the purpose of hound waves in DST world?
  9. I'm not suggesting to bring pvp component into non-pvp setting, I'm talking about situation when another player intentionally attacks Abigail themselves. Being able to rile up for killing in non-pvp is NOT what I meant, I meant let Abigail attack only as long as she is attacked as possible solution, so if one doesn't want to take damage/be killed, they just shouldn't force attack her. Because the alternatives are: be forced to either watch her being murdered and not be able to do anything to that player, or keep Abigail in the flower nearly forever, and both choices lead to the same result: Wendy looses everything but reduced sanity drain, and is forced to play in unoptimal way both for her and the rest of the team, and not even because of Wendy-player fault. Desummoning could make losses less brutal and somewhere alone in the wilds Wendy could continue to benefit from 600-hp Abigail, but it doesn't really fix the issue, only makes losses less. Another alternative could be to make Abigail unattackable outside of pvp for all players except corresponding Wendy, just like it's impossible to attack players. I know how to desummon her, thank you. Real problem is not that; and with high character attack speed it is possible to loose her in 1 or two attempts even with perfect reaction and "Abigail keybinds" mod, just because after first attempt you can't conclude for sure that it was an intention (player might just have slow reaction and use different settings like the same key for attack and force attack, it's useful for punching butterflies; or they can just use force attack mod (client) with different customisation and, again, have slow reaction; or be Wolfgang/under buffs and finish her off in 1 attempt). I'm playing on pc, by the way, for consoles it must be even worse. To make things clear: a lot of players have misconceptions like "wee mactusk if killed delayes respawn of adult mactusk" or "Abigail attacks lureplants under any circumstances and it's unavoidable", etc., so vote kick of troll isn't an option because the rest of the server believes person who said SOMETHING first (even if it's not true), but not paying attention to argument, let alone double-checking, not to mention that it can happen so quickly that you don't even have time to see and desummon (dark sword on Abigail + slow desummon animation do form "great" combo). I know a lot of people on these forums would be only happy to see Wendy nerfed unreasonably heavily, hate character and would be happy to find another way how to show their disagreement of character choice of other people, but I hope problem will be addressed in some way anyway. Edit: Woodie's weremoose's form charge damages Abigail (but doesn't damage Maxwell's minions as far as I know (correct me, if I'm wrong, please), for comparison), so changing Abigail to be unattackable for players outside of pvp would solve this problem as well, and Woodie and Wendy could cooperate better.
  10. I suggest to either make other player desummon Abigail on attack (rather than killing her) or making her able to fight back outside of pvp (so trolls has less incentive to kill her, or it will cost them more). In particular, yesterday I was playing on official server and got into this situation myself as Wendy: pvp was off, Abigail was soothed, players (including me) were fighting toadstool (so damage boost should have been welcome), but one of the players decided to kill her (it wasn't an accident for sure, they repeated attempt 2 times, the last being successful); worst thing is, I wasn't able to do anything about it, because how quick it's possible to kill her as other player without any effort and almost no cost, and other alternative is to desummon her permanently in vicinity of other players, which basically means troll has what they want: they force other player to suffer. Maybe it's not possible to do anything on developers side, in that case I probably just either won't pick Wendy for pubs, or live separately (somewhere past monkeys), but any advice would be welcome.
  11. Right now milkmade hat restores 2 times less hunger for Wortox than for any other character (combined with natural hunger drain it nets 56.25 hunger points vs 150 for other characters with default hunger drain, which is not worth the effort), and since it's not the case for jellybeans and soothing tea, I wonder if that's intentional. In case that is intentional, I posted that in "Suggestions and feedback".
  12. Currently milkmade hat restores 2 times less hunger for Wortox than for any other character, and since it's not the case for jellybeans and soothing tea, I wonder if that's intentional. In case that is intentional, I suggest to change it to give full amount of food, just like exceptions mentioned above give full amount of health and sanity over time (only initial healing/sanity is halfed), because I think that gives the incentive to farm molebats and goat milk more for Wortox player, as well as seek lunar island sooner. It still would require a lot of work, Wortox still would rely on eating souls a lot unless he bases in lunar grotto (in wich case neither souls are hard to get, nor sanity is a problem anyway, and he still would need to use weapon and spend time), and just for the sake of consistency with jellybeans/soothing tea I would appreciate this change.
  13. But there is driftwood in DST, so it could be driftwood canoe; right now the moment player finds first message in the bottle they know location of Pearl island, which means they can acquire a little bit of driftwood without luck or long sailing from that point. That is why I think thunderhat would need to be buffed to be viable alternative
  14. I'm not even sure was it because of royal guard or thunderbird, but in similar cases I tried to relocate the pig/kill flytraps as soon as possible and build lightning rods across that biome (since blooming tuber was the way to go for me as wereWilba in that season, and for Wormwood it's also a great help). My problem with birds was that hat from their feathers wasn't durable enough, they casted random lightning on me even though I didn't disturb them ever and was 2-3 screens away, during Aporkalypse and outside of it, and should any entity spook them once, they continued to change their location, triggering even more lightning as the result. But if there was a way to calm them down and stop them from changing their location constantly and outside of biome (like to leave iron in the nest/let it respawn (if that was intended)), I would be fine with them, but apparently relocating mobs as soon as possible didn't work every time, it wasn't soon enough I guess. I like the idea behind them and corresponding hat though. For that case I would prefer give that functionality to fishing rod/sea fishing rod (there is even mod for that, but I would like it to be in base game). Or use cork bowl canoe, which could be pickable from water after it was used, wouldn't break unless crashed into something, would be tiny to be able to fit into "rivers" (or salt formations!) and wouldn't allow to build structures on it (so only oars for sailing on it could be used). It also wouldn't be able to substitute normal boat since it would be much harder to kite on it (if possible at all), and impossible to use crock pot, ice box, tin fishing bin, etc.
  15. What is special about wood raft compared to other SW boats? Or are you talking about cork bowl canoe? I included thunderbirds because of potential for WX and because they are hilarious in my opinion, but that bug when they cast lightning upon player even if they are 2-3 screens away from said player is annoying, as far as I know, they didn't fix it. Also even if iron remains inside their nest they for some reason may wander around (probably because other mobs disturbed them once), which isn't how they are supposed to work, I assume, that's why I wrote "thunderbirds without bugs", not just "thunderbirds". I also wonder whether iron was supposed to respawn in their nest if thunderbird was alive, since another Hamlet mob, spidermonkeys, use that general idea ("mob creates den" as opposed to "den creates mob" in RoG, which is interesting change, I think). I appreciate that at least 1 person took time and read all that post, and, to be honest, there are quite a few purely opinion statements, so it was highly unlikely that there would be even 1 person who completely agree with me, but that's totally fine. Thank you for reading!