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  1. I think best farmer is actually team of Wickerbottom and Wormwood, as it always has been.
  2. In the middle- to lategame I just plant giant rows of one culture, or 5×5 field of crops in combos. And you know what? Regular character wouldn't be able to sow crops fast enough even if tilling was done beforehand to finish sowing before first plants reach stage 2 and get stress point because of no tending. Wormwood can sow 5×5 field just in time and crops will be tended already, moreover, you won't really have to wait, in fact, you won't have free minute before you will need to tend and water plants again. Even in case of rows of monoculture with enough seeds by the time you sow one row you will need to pick another. Rows reach that point at higher amount of seeds, but on the flip side Wormwood has actual free time that is not devided into smaller pieces by stages. My point is it's win-win situation for Wormwood in any setup just because his perk is free and frees resources. Btw Wickerbottom would need to pick all veggies, which means that a lot of veggies will just wait in grown state until picked, so end result of growth acceleration is actually smaller than seems. Even if Wicker would grow 10 crops at a time and immediately pick them, depending on the harvest size difference would be neglected at some point (amount of seeds).
  3. On the contrary; available combos were a luxury at that point, and I had that luxury before I would have enough crops for non-combo growth and before first farm plots as any other character. Also there is a difference between creating farm plots in destination location only (future base) and need to waste resources on temporary plots. Moreover, as I said, planting in farm plot is actually a luxury to Wormwood rather than necessity like for other characters, let alone going for giants (actually I think it's better to grow regular crops as Wormwood to save time).
  4. Except neither Wickerbottom nor Wormwood live in the vacuum, i.e. you don't start your farm from day 1 as the only goal. Wicker needs farm plots (and location for them), to till, to craft books, regenerate sanity, while Wormwood just plants seeds anywhere (ideally place that will be revisited anyway, like pig king) while he does other things. He starts garden passively because it's free for him. I experienced that myself: I planned to start farming in spring and only pick generic seeds and store them until then, and still by the end of autumn I had all I needed to start proper nutrient combos even though I normally don't have time for farming because of rushing ruins, beefalo and glossammer saddle. All I did was to put seeds into the ground once 10-20 seeds accumulated. As Wicker I would have to spend extra time to get resources, probably even wouldn't succeed in time.
  5. Lights out is the mode I played regularly and play the most for the latter few months (currenly I have 2 worlds that I actively play on: Wendy-exclusive after rushing CC and much younger world as Wickerbottom). On public servers I basically played it too since me and my friend that likes to play on pubs usually migrate in the caves and stay there almost 100% of the time since late autumn/early winter. Fun of lights out is indeed in lack of day and dusk content, as well as permanent continous night. @Copyafriendmentioned a lot of things already, so I'll just add a few more. Small light circre of both lantern and miner hat makes me consider rushing moggles, and believe me they help a lot when I'm in the evergreen forest (dark turf, a lot of obstacles). Things like tracks for hunt, moleworms and no-eyed deers become much harder to spot, moggles are basically "must have" if one doesn't want to loose more time that usual to find them. Furthermore, since staying on the surface with only torch eats a lot of grass and twigs (especially that hurts in twiggy trees + grass gekko world) getting gold and a lot of lightbulbs reliably from caves becomes much more appealing than mining mosaic with whatever small amount of lightbulbs one can get from 1-2 cave entrances found along the way. Beefalo taming and keeping also differs a bit: since beefalos are always asleep they don't loose domestication while not ridden, but it's tricky to initially wake them up (as well as successfully put saddle again in case it was thrown and obedience is lower than 10%, which makes this mistake more punishing) and ornery's downside becomes much more pronounced (instead of just feeding beef and mount player has to perform waking up animation in addition to feeding it every single time) which may be the difference between life and death if something chases player (which might change desired tendency as a result); glossammer saddle is not available in reasonable time periods, so for me that means changes in taming strategy (normally I skip regular saddle and go for glossammer as first saddle). On the other hand, beefs can be shaved on demand (good for regular saddle and for future sailing trips). Full moon suddenly lasts whole 8 minutes, so one can do both moonstone event and pick glommer at the same night even if moonstone forest and pig king decidious generated at the opposite sides of the map. Or do up to 8 moonstone events in 1 night (7 would be more realistic though). Moonstorms are great in lights out! No need to be semi-insane, full insanity as long as one wishes won't bother player (whole surface basically becomes lunar island in that regard). That means no sanity managment is needed to fight Twins or Deerclops, and in general for every surface boss in should player use equipment that drains sanity. Pearl's quests now require player to either rush them in winter to give insulation clothing to Pearl, or to fish. And bring multiple moggles to the sea, because finding bottles and needed school of fish is lost cause with lantern light (except shoals that spawn Malbatross)! Also on a boat rain coat and body slot armor/sanity clothing shine even more since now moggles/miner hat compete for head slot even more. One could use umbrella, but that means using sails, which means maintaining very hight sanity (again, in lights out). Since pierogies can't be made before catcoon grind, it's better to consider alternative healing food (or methods in general). Fish sticks, surf'n'turf, flower salad and trail mix bring variety in that, as well as always available to use tent. Honey food loose early game edge though, or rather become 1 time thing until player builds honey farm far away that will produce honey at slower than loaded one rate. Jerky returns from the forgotten entities as well. Difficulties in obtaining normal bird may make moonstorm ones desirable for player to at least be able to produce gunpowder (if one is Webber/Wortox or just doesn't want to grind bird from catcoon). Twins can be fought more conveniently, but at the same time player should kill them before 3rd "day" from summoning them starts, otherwise they despawn since technically player didn't activate terrarium during previous "day". Napsack blueprint and item itself are out of question to everyone except Wickerbottom and even for her they are painful to obtain: chance of catcoon giving 2 canaries for player in reasonable amount of time/attempts is really low to an extent that it's not worth it, and Wickerbottom still has to grind bird from catcoon + grow at least 1 pumpkin. Seaweeds are always asleep, so one can shave them any time, even whole cluster of them. Pig king is always asleep, so trinkets are nearly useless (the only uses for them are: fishing, trading for desert stones and crafting nautopilot and it's beakon). Gold shortage is real problem on surface, and gold in general becomes much harder go get after mining initial amount of boulders. Wavy Jones becomes your permanent companion if he spawns under obstacle on a boat (until boat is reloaded, I believe). No more wildfires! And since night generally has lower ambient temperature than day, one starts to overheat further into the summer (on day 3 instead of day 1-2). Volt goats are always asleep and one doesn't need ranged weapon to aggro them, also since they are asleep, player always can do up to 5 hits to them without kiting, which depending on character and equipment might be enough to kill them just like that (very convenient). Batilisks never respawn from cave entrances, so opened cave entrances are miles less annoying than in regular world. Lunar grimoire makes more impact by bying more minutes of light in general and full moon minutes in particular. Abigail always deals 40 damage per attack. Wormwood can't raise sanity via seeds and have difficulties in making decent crop supply (star caller staff is a requirement, as well as catcoon grind/killing carrats and sowing only carrots) in early game but still has to chop some trees. Warly may have difficulties staying alive or be inconvenienced in general due to early game reliable large meat - koalephants - becoming much harder to find (to spot track in the first place, actually, but still), although glow berry mousse is very useful for rushing caves and activities in the dark in general.
  6. Hardmode for DST-like game was invented almost decade ago, and it did it's job very well. But it remains in DS until these days, not updated, gathering dust (and worldgen bugs), and I think it's a shame since idea is great. For DS it was Adventure Mode: not only regular worldgen settings were changed (like season duration - from absence to permanent, - weather effects, mobs spawners frequency), but also unique maps were generated that player normally couldn't reproduce (bridges from king of winter, game is afoot and darkness, two world's different conditions depending on player's location on the map, unique wormhole generation patterns in two world's and archipelago, etc.), unique set pieces, even different set of starting items was something that worked well with previous points. For DST hardmode I would like something very similar, but updated with consideration of cave, RoG, AnR, RoT content and multiplayer in mind in general (yet possible to complete alone, just like Fuelweaver fight). By updating I mean inclusion of "new" biomes, seasons, effects, craftables, resources in general, as well as modification of obsolete things like land bridges (making checkepoint require boat and passing though sea weeds tight cluster is an example) and even new chapters. To be more precise, shorter autumns/winter start made player do their best to achieve goals in time rather than being lenient, resources shortage in other chapters made mistakes less forgiving, land bridges forced player to think outside the box (hello cluster of t3 spider nest in very narrow gap of land, same for pig guard bridge, especially if the latter devided starter area with not much resources and pig king village/teleportato/graveyard area), put player in uncomfortable situation like staying long on the verge of insanity without proper light source (sanity/insanity bridges in king of winter and darkness, even with miner hat visual light radius was far from comfortable, especially in biomes with dark turf, not to mention 0 sanity situation), very limited amount of supplies player could carry across the worlds, and easy food shortage in darkness chapter also made game harder. After figuring out strategies (or inventing set of them) and practicing combat and particular situations tactics, AM seemed much easier, but I'd argue that was due to player becoming more experienced; and it was still harder than sandbox mode. So every time I see players wanting hardmode I remember AM and can't help but imagine it's potential should it be updated.
  7. And one of the most important things wasn't mentioned: positioning of both player and Fuelweaver, which is key to not only defeat him, but defeat him without weather pains and further "withouts". It's beneficial to lead FW at the corner of arena, outside of gateway circle, so wooven shadows won't spawn right under FW at the start of each round. Even if that means wasting 1-2 seconds for FW to get to the desired location. It's also beneficial to move FW away from shadows through outer part of arena instead of inner circle, and it's very doable since FW is much faster than them. Even if he starts walking to the arena center after player's teleportation (very annoying bug btw), this will give player time to reaggro FW. It also helps to teleport outside of bone cage while FW tries to hit player with his head, it seems to reduce rate at which previously mentioned bug occurs (but I might be wrong about that one). If one uses weather pains, one should keep in mind that tornadoes get stuck on gateway structure, so one should pick position without obstacles on tornado's path to FW. FW also prioritises mind control over bone cage whenever possible, so generally being insane longer reduces lazy explorer uses a bit, but comes with danger of spawning shadows (especially terrorbeaks can mess things). However, shadows disappear should player have high enough sanity (85% I believe), and going between 0 and 85+ is very possible with nightmare amulet. Mind control attack only starts if player is actually insane, i. e. when shadows are normally aggressive (<15% sanity for going from sane to insane and <17.5% for going from insane to sane), which means one can stay at >15% sanity perfectly fine without being targeted by mind control (bonus: under 50% sanity shadow hands are clearly visible, which might help, even though not targetable). That may influence priority action from player: cast weather pain, lead FW away from shadows or killing manually wooven shadow before raising sanity might be beneficial depending on circumstances. Mind control attack once started can be cancelled as long as player raises sanity quickly enough. I didn't see code myself, but from my testing treshold seems to be sanity % gain rate rather than flat sanity %. That means that to cancell mind control it's both important to start raising sanity as soon as possible and to raise more % of sanity. So ice cream gives more leevay in terms of time than +33 sanity food, and +33 sanity non-meat food gives by miles more leevay than +15 sanity non-meat food for equal amount of maximum sanity. So pick your dishes wisely. And using weather pain in any situation is actually bad idea: when player is trapped in bonecage and FW is in shield repell range, it's better to bait his melee attack while teleporting, and only then weather pain him. Otherwise player would stunlock oneself with FW shield and loose control over character.
  8. I would like this texture from Hamlet: to become a turf (it's neither craftable, nor diggable even in Hamlet; digging just gives cut stones). Also I would like cultivated turf come to DST along with lawn one. Ruin's turfs look great on surface, I'd like them to be vanilla feature and maybe have special effects to them: But I also would like more turfs with special effect (like cobblestone and scaled flooring have): carpet from thick fur (or fur tufts) could have minor insulation effect, there could be turfs with positive/negative sanity drain applied to the ones standing on them, turf that promotes spread of fire, turf that partially glows in the dark (not enough to prevent Charlie from attack, only to see shadows of items and path in general), etc.
  9. But you can use mods on PC like geometric placement and force biomes (no 2nd decidios, triple mac tusk in every world is real! Same customisation is available to cave and ruin biomes), also you can upgrade PC not as a whole, but partially every time you need specific thing. As for fingers, you can rebind controls on PC: my left hand usually reaches Tab (map), Q (rotation counter-clockwise), E (rotation clockwise), F (action), spacebar (attack, also force attack so I'm basically forever force-attacking, but I use mod to disable it for walls and beefalos (I can still attack both with mouse and spacebar held)), 1 (inventory one, also switch quick craft access page to the previous), 2 (inventory 2, also switch quick acccess page to next), 3 (inventory 3, I usually put whatever I'm switching to here), inventory 4 (same as inventory 3, sometimes I need 2 slots to switch between like during FW and BQ), R (I binded quick sould drop from corresponding mod here, as well as Abigail's summon/unsummon from another mod (latter won't work if I have no flower in the inventory, like vanilla)). I'm running exclusively with mouse and target enemies at distance with it, for example, FW with weather pain, switch Abigail behaviour, manage inventory on the fly with it as well; honestly I feel like my right arm does most of the job and is more free than left one (I have only 3 buttons on my mouse btw). Mentioned above layout feels comfortable to me, but I needed some time to adjust because I switched default attack and action button (default are F for attack and spacebar for action), but after a week it felt like I always played with new layout (very comfortable).
  10. I don't support complete pig extinction, but if nobody hammers pig houses and relocates them from evegreen forests to base, they will become empty regardless just because around the start of winter forests will be full of spiders and from spring - full of spider queens, which results in forever empty houses. And people have right to build pig farm near base, it's logical and helpful once players get there. Moreover, evegreen forests are susceptible to wildfires and uncontrolled (mostly accidental) player fires because of high density of the trees, which means houses will be burnt along with good chunk of trees sooner or later and pig spawners will be destroyed anyway. Also spring is perfectly fine to join even if there is 0 pig skin on server: pretty parasol + straw hat + tree is enough to drop wetness since it gives 100% protection, and 70% from combination of pretty parason and straw hat is enough to explore world until player finds gold/alchemy, 2 moleworms and boneshard (in fact, I often skip parasol at all): from now on player has 70% protection by trading off 1 equipment slot and can drop wetness by standing under the tree (from my experience it's usually needed once per rain). @Waoling, tip for dropping wetness with rain hat if you need to stand under the tree to get 100% protection (or umbrella without helmet): burn twig nearby while standing under the tree or drop yellow or hottier thermal stone under you (it acts as campfire in that regard) instead of burning tree itself. Or find two closely located trees and burn one of them while standing under the other. To find moleworms, check the following biomes: starter ones, mosaic, decidious, grasslands, caves. To find bone shards - any desert, blue mushroom forest; skeletons from boons and dead players are scattered across all surface and cave biomes as well. There also can be rotten fish in the swamp which you can hammer with 50% chance of getting bone shard. Also don't go for rain coat from the start, chance of you getting 2 spots in time is very low. However, if you already have some rain protection (rain hat, umbrella) and want upgrade to 100% protection from 1 equipment slot, then you should go to the caves and kill big tentacles: each has 40% chance to drop spot, and when you kill it the one on the other side is killed too, so you get another 40% chance roll with that (which results in 64% chance to get at least 1 spot per big tentacle kill).
  11. How long is "not very long" though? First few days, season or just under year? What resources do you usually lack? For flint you have 2 options: remain at starter biomes and scare birds as much as you can (until 2nd flint; keep in mind that that activity will be useless after you live 3 days in that world) or go to mosaic, where meteor showers lead to regular destruction of boulders (and thus produce flint). For the next flints you either go to the caves, or to mosaic since nitre and moonrock boulders respawn there. Alternative if you are Wickerbottom: make shovel from 1st 2 flints and check moleworm burrows (let moleworms create 2nd burrow though, don't destroy spawner). As for cave entrances location, usually it's 1 per biome (like mosaic, decidious, starter biomes, each of the evergreen forests), although deserts never have cave entrance and some biomes have multiple types of turf in them (like evergreen pig village, triple mac tusk, 2nd meteor field one, etc.). Grass and twigs you can usually get enough of by going further from spawn or to the caves. For light try to progress to lantern/miner hat as soon as possible and use lightbulbs to refill it. For weather protection thermal stone availability greatly helps no matter whether it's winter or summer. Try to preserve it's durability by not allowing it to go grey, and use burning trees instead of campfires to heat it up. For rain protection just accept that you won't get an eyebrella. Hope is useless, you'd better consider umbrella or rain hat, rain coat if you are ok not wearing backpack and have materials in time. For gold just go to the caves to muddy biome, for pig skin... Well, if you spot house in evergreen/decidiois forest - good for you (be considerate about hammering as you are neither the only and likely nor the last one to join), if not - then you should learn how to survive without pig skin. As for food, prioritise large meat and meaty stew over meatballs, keep in mind that even if carrots and berries are picked, butterlies are still very good option that remain available as long as area has at least 1 flower and player is nearby (they spawn once per 15 seconds on average). Ah, and last but not least: nobody is obliged to have resources you need or help you. If they do - ask them/thank them, but in general being self-sustainable is wiser approach.
  12. Maxwell in general made conflicting decisions on nightmare trone: on one hand, he tried to kill Wilson in Adventure Mode with harsh weather and hostile creatures, but on the other he gave good enough starter items and even put his own signature lights to help in Darkness chapter as well as lots of fireflies, plus it looked like he was relieved/didn't care much about not being able to stop Wilson in the end. But most importantly, during his reign he seems to have nearly complete control over the world he makes, yet he doesn't make efficient decisions to kill/stop Wilson for sure like making first world permanent night, spawning a few bishops at spawn, making world with 2 completely separate islands or not spawning portal parts/door to the AM. Maxwell gave Wilson knowledge, but he also made sure Wilson entered constant, so in the end that knowledge didn't leave Constant and victim was pulled there on Maxwell's terms. Also it was door to the constant, not to the trone room, wasn't it?
  13. I think Wickerbottom just found some information about constant (as hinted by pictures of shadows and hound) and Maxwell didn't want anyone from the outside to learn too much: neither about shadows and it's power, nor about Constant itself without his permission and on his rules, let alone potentially being able to influence Constant from outside or rival his king status of that world. Even if those possible concerns (especially last ones) may seem unreasonable to sane person, Maxwell was both controlled by shadows (or whatever entity is referred as "them"), greedy to power and at the same time power seems like psychological crutch to him that he may very well be afraid to loose.
  14. Would be cool if "one more to go" was about Maxwell himself. From the narrative point of the story. It's unlikely, since Willow was still not in the constant, but if she appeared to be dragged into constant by shadows themselves, not by Maxwell (she saw them very clearly after all, which almost looks like she was more sensitive to Constant's connection to the real world than any other character)... There is also Wilson, but I don't remember any proof of theory about him being last survivior (if it exists, I would like to learn about it); Maxwell though was pulled into the constant as a survivior very late as can be seen from the puzzles. So questions are: does "one more to go" refer to last kidnapped or last arrived person and when did Wanda come to the constant in relation to other survivior's arrival?
  15. Fighting shadow creatures and later wearing celestial crown. For very specific cases I use other solutions though: - Sailing: eating dried kelp and/or wearing thulecite suit. Since I typically prefer suits rather than crowns anyway and value head light greatly this means I basically don't spend resources on sanity at sea. Drying rack has 0 collision in terms of passing through it, so I build it on a boat too (+ that allows to make meaty stews from sea-abundant resources should I not bring enough in bundle for some reason). - Fuelweaver fight: +33 sanity veggie dishes or ice cream. Namely, banana shake and vegetable stinger, rarier - banana pop. Alternative: Bee Queen crown in case I don't have celestial crown yet. - Ruins and atrium (particular parts): Bee Queen crown near obelisk; I like to leave one near completed pseudoscience station or in ruins base around fully repaired station in military biome should I wish to repair it and make small base there. - Topping off sanity before bossfights: cacti, dwarf stars/polar lights (usually 2-3 closely casted). - Using celestial crown for bossfights: banana shake, cooked cacti for characters with 200 maximum sanity. Much later - soothing tea (more luxury than necessity, but a great QoL in that regard). I haven't played WX much yet, but depending on particular circuits using ice-cream/jelly salad might be a good idea. - On public servers (other methods than fighting shadows): top hats and floral shirts (in summer). During moonstorms I either ignore it completely (just run from moonstorm to moonstorm and neglect terrorbeaks) or fight shadow creatures. For lowering lunacy (in grotto and on lunar island) I use lazy deserter, switch to cooked monster meat diet or just dodge gestalts/wear celestial crown. Edit: there are also character-specific solutions for specific situations, such as Wigfrid's clear-minded cadenza for Fuelweaver and taking as little damage as possible as Walter. Sanity from planting seeds in case Wormwood to me is more like a bonus rather than primary goal.