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  1. Not only panflute, rollback/server restart does similar thing. I didn't dive into code, but from my experience what happens is if dragonfly was loaded at the moment to which server was rolled back/restarted, then location where she was on the moment of rollback/restart becomes the center of area in which she wanders. I'm not sure whether despawn area location changes though. This can be used to wall up central magma pool without using panflute/other kinds of distraction. Edit: at least that was true some time ago, I wonder if that was changed at some point, so this information might be not up to date, but post is already there.
  2. It wasn't my own server, so I can't tell much about server mods, but client ones I used: drop reset countdown, geometric placement, Abigail keybinds, action queue reborn, alpha pillars, boss indicators, bundle o'top, colored fire hound, combined status, craft pot, improved force attack, mute flies, nightmare phase indicator, no mods warning, quick drop (I know it's in the game now, but I got used to controls), remove insanity visions (not for vision, but for sound though), remove purple overlay, repair reminder, rotate character model, snapping tills, snow tile disabler, status announcements, too many items plus, wall map icon, Wortox quick Heal. I know it's a lot, but nothing from this list works with map, except wall map icon, I was the only one doing ocean stuff, so I can't say whether this bug occured to someone else on the server; there were no map mods on the server as far as I remember (no global positions or additional map icons, or the like). Thanks for pointing this out, I'll check if it is client mod that causes problem (I was tired after playing and didn't think about it at the time, and now it looks like obvious first thing to do). Edit: I disabled all client mods, created new server without mods, checked, and bug is still there.
  3. When player reads message in the bottle revealing Pearl's island location or sunken chest marker, map zooms in, but can't be zoomed out until player relogs, which essentually makes it unusable until relog.
  4. I would like to write my personal list of the most annoying mobs from the whole franchise, including both DS and DST. And absolute winner by far is prime ape - I hate them with passion, they are much worse than splumonkeys, because their loot is much worse and unlike their ruins cousins they are everywhere, in particular, on islands with gold boulders, and I usually encounter prime apes when I don't have much enventory space, in the ruins though I'm usually prepared in terms of both inventory space, head light, lazy forager in case I'm destroying walls in their village. Watching them to be destroyed by elephant cacti is a great pleasure. Second place is shared by mant warriors and giant grubs. I remember that time when during Aporkalypse all mants not only turned into warriors, but stayed forever as warriors, but even though that was fixed, they are still annoying to deal with. Giant grub exists just to harass player, it's loot is also really bad, considering how abundant monster meat is in Hamlet and the fact that fight is quite long. I know that giant grubs technically can keep mants and mant warriors busy, but they appear in the empty rooms/rooms without mant spawner much more often, and even if they are in correct room, usually both giant grub and mants are aggroed on me. Third place is rockjaw for sure: not only it has bad loot in relation to length and danger of the fight, it kills chester and other followers in 99% of the time thanks to AoE should I take them with me. And I like snow chester, so yeah, it's relatively expensive experience, as well as just depressing. There are also mobs, concept of which I like, but they either are bugged or circumstances are annoying. In particular, thunderbird has an interesting design, but because everything can scare it (even other mobs), as well as inability to return to it's nest after it was scared, either entire biome and adjacent ones should be filled with lightning rods, or every single thunderbird should be relocated and penned with others in some place with lightning rod. And since I'm trying to prevent destruction in my worlds as much as I reasonably can, this just feels like too much work that I basically have to do, not choose to do because I enjoy it. So I hope if they ever make it into DST in some form, they will be tweaked at least a little bit. Batilisks are another example of the same problem: they themselves are fine, but the fact that after exiting the cave player doesn't gain control over character as soon as character spawns leads to cheap bites from bats, and player can't do anything about it (I heard that problem persists even on really powerful PC), which feels really unfair. Lureplants, bees and bunnymen suffer from the same problem as bats, although those cases are rarier. Royal guards "the masters of fire" also could use cork candle hat instead of torch during dusk/night. Overall DST feels a lot more polished, and most of the mobs listed are from single-player DLC's, but since small elements from them sometimes are added into DST, I felt like writing about annoying SW/Hamlet mobs in this topic was justified.
  5. In my case food definitely goes into backpack/insulated pack (exception - when I'm wereWilba in Hamlet), same for fuel (lightbulbs, glow berries, beefalo wool while on boat, etc.), minerals go into backpack too if possible. The last 2 inventory slots are usually emergency light source: grass + twigs or fully charged miner hat (while I'm using moggles and don't need to swap head light), but it can be lantern, lesser glow berry, magi or star caller/moon caller staff. In Hamlet twigs go into 1st inventory slot though because of hanging vines. 4th inventory slot is walking cane/tool I'm swapping arm slot to, 3rd slot - item to swap things for head slot (miner hat, moggles, eyebrella, tam, football helmet), 1st and 2nd inventory slot - character-specific stuff (at least things that I'm using the most, if it's more than 2 slots). Recently I had a few runs where I rushed tamed beefalo and glossammer saddle, in that case butterfly wings went into 3rd or 4th from the end inventory slot (so I didn't have a chance to eat them accidently). Things considered food by mobs like pig skin also go into backpack. If I have no backpack, then only first 4 and last 2 inventory slots are organized. I think it's also important to decide what to keep in the inventory and what to drop at base (if it's public server, then - at ruins minibase which have much less chances to be looted). When I'm leaving base, I usually keep: food/bundle with food (1 slot), emergency light, cane, fuel for light source and light source, weather protection stuff (thermal stone + torch, eyebrella, luxury fan, etc.). Sometimes I skip fuel for light source if I know there is enough fuel left in miner hat/whatever or if there is opportunity to recharge where I'm going to collect resources. Everything else - tools, weapons, etc. depends on what I'm going to collect. After day 100 I also keep weapon dealing 50+ damage or war saddle (on rare occasion when I have tamed beefalo; if I tame, I go with default) + beefalo bell. For ruins rushing/clearing I leave in my inventory: moggles (I wear it), glow berries (3-7), miner hat (emergency light), healing (food, bat bat or souls), weapons (dark sword/morning star + ham bat/spear/nothing in case morning star is 1st weapon), 1-2 pieces of body armor (1 I'm using and 1 - just in case, if durability of one I'm using is low), hammer, Abigail's flower (if I'm Wendy); all gems, gears and frazzed wires go into inventory because I'm picking that as soon as possible to save from earthquakes and moleworms. In the backpack/hutch: food, extra armor and weapon materials, nightmare fuel, completed stacks/bundles of items, food buffs if present, morning star, rain coat + star caller staff if it's spring, materials for hammer and golden pickaxe, elixirs for Abigail (small healing elixir) if I'm Wendy. I miss constant caves's light rain in spring in DS, that saved inventory slots/time.
  6. I reassigned map to tab already years ago, F for action, space for attack. Problem is game has more important actions, and if one uses mouse to switch items in the inventory, then they should use WASD for movement I guess, which leads to the same problem: WASD + QEF+space+tab=9. Or are you saying you are moving and switching using mouse for both?
  7. I rotate camera all the time unless I'm actively switching items or do something at base (which is built with camera rotation, but in a way to access everything conveniently from 1 angle). I have a question to everyone who rotates camera often: how can you have enough fingers to keep them on 2 rotation buttons, button for map, for action, attack, shift (to move items quickly between containers) and switch items in the inventory (for example, torch/tool or cane/tool)? Because even though I'm moving my character with mouse, if I want to always press correct buttons as soon as I need their respective action, I feel like I'm forced to keep fingers on them. This leads me to lock camera angle in boss fights, especially that is noticeble in a fight with Fuelweaver. I could rebind some actions to another buttons, but it's either even less convenient (like pressing ctrl while my fingers are on Q, E, tab, space and F), or shape of other buttons is too similar and I would be forced to look to keybord and pay less attention to the actual screen. I mean, I still can solo Fuelweaver and farm from 14 to 16 butterfies within 4 minutes with flowers spread out all over the screen, but I would like to make my life easier in that regard. And without quick camera rotation I don't think I have a chance to kill Fuelweaver without weather pain, Abigail or cheese because of woven shadows.
  8. Loyalty for spiders has only 2 states: loyal or not. As for health, it could work the same way freshness works, e.i. average value is calculated and applied. That makes as much sense as averaging freshness of butterflies and bees does. I think for befriending in that case option to befriend in inventory should be removed, and I don't see how it would make life of Webbers more inconvenient. While I agree with you on that, moving spiders between shards is tedious, and things like player connection and device you are playing on characteristics change level of tedium a lot, which isn't right thing, in my opinion. On the other hand, we have custom-sized stacks already (ammo), so I don't think it would be difficult to implement 5-item stack size. If you have better ideas how to solve this problem, I'd be only happy to read; if you think, that one of the Webber's downsides should be huge time cost to move between shards his army, then I have no choice but disagree. Then one-man band for inducing sleep should work, and since Webber can't pick spiders as long as they are awake, lazy forager would work the same way it works now. Or alternative idea: add ability to pick spiders to lazy forager regardless of whether they are sleeping or not, so to pick all that logs with lazy forager just pick spiders first (they would keep loyalty since they are not despawning), put them into chest, pick stuff you need, release spiders.
  9. I generally agree with original post, but think that list should include all kinds of fish, wobsters and carrats, in other words, unstackable innocent animals. That would change balance though, since Wendy would need to bring living animal to a dangerous place "just in case", sacrificing inventory slot, or deal with 0.75 damage downside in case player is not careful. But moleworms require 1 use of hammer to capture, in the caves rabbits, moleworms, carrats fall from the ceiling ready to be picked, and if one is at lunar island, it's 1 use of shovel, if at sea - it's 0 resources provided fish would work, also in the swamp there usually is freshwater fish dropped by dead merms (or one could make them die). By the way, I'm against "Wendy op Klei please nerf" thing, when people suggest tedious and bland stuff like reducing Wendy's damage, Abigail's max health or damage, Wendy's max health, taking away Abi's AoE (wat?..) because this either won't change Wendy's gameplay and add more grind, or will destroy unique gameplay at all (or make it not worth it compared to Wilson, which leads to the same conclusion). But interesting mechanics leading to different playstyles are another story, provided they don't imply 1 single way how to play and aren't working ok only in default worlds, because downside can make character more fun to play, in my opinion.
  10. The idea is to adjust difficulty of playing as Wendy to be more in line with other surviviors; I personally have no problems with that since I look more on what I can achieve (solo worlds) or how can I help team (multiplayer worlds), as well as how much player skill is encouraged and whether it's fun to play, but it seems there are a lot of people who are bothered by balance a lot more. I just read a few discussions and think that opponents of rework defenders have some fair points (for example, Abigail right now discourages beginner from learning how to fight crowds and basic mobs), and I like to try to solve diffucult issues with open solutions (not pre-thought ones like closed-answer type of tests). So what it would achieve: 1. Beginners would have incentive to participate in the fight and learn, afk behaviour would be discouraged. 2. Power level and disadvantage strength ratio would be closer to other surviviors, e.i. great power which feels earned for more people since it requires to manage great disadvantage. Good examples of such balance are Warly and Wormwood, in single player - Wilba. 3. Wendy would be more fun to play as (in my opinion), since disadvantage as well as advantage can and should make playstyle more more unique, engaging, but not tedious. For example, Warly has well-designed interesting disadvantage, which I enjoy to manage, but I can't say the same about Wes (rework made things better though). But I know that my point of view regarding disadvantage is unpopular, and it's perfectly fine to disagree.
  11. Currently there are a few ways to pick spiders for Webber: 1. Use trap; spiders loose loyalty that way. 2. Make spiders to fall asleep via different means and pick them. Panflute and napsack work, but are too expensive fot the benefit they provide in this case, while dismissing spiders and waiting until day is clearly just workaround of the fact, that loyal spiders don't fall asleep during day, is unintuitive, and doesn't work if server has no day (and it seems to me that Webber's ability to take followers with him is one of his major unique upsides, therefore I'd like this tool to remain in hands of player even in lights out worlds and the like). I suggest to make spiders fall asleep if they are in range of player who uses one-man band. Aside from being cute thing Webber can do to his followers, in terms of balance I think it's fair: it would require to use 1 more inventory slot for carrying one-man band, item has it's cost, is locked behind tier 1 magic, and one-man band could use one more useful effect. I'm not sure whether this item in hands of other players should be allowed to induce such effect since it would make spiders easier to deal with, but I personally think that it would be fun strategy, I appreciate strategies variety, so it would be ok in my opinion. Another thing I'd like to suggest is to make spiders stackable in the inventory, provided they are of one type and loyalty state (loyal or neutral). Spiders rely on numbers, so Webber needs quite a few spiders to do something useful and effective, often he needs to lock at least 1 inventory slot for whistle to manage that crowd, at least 1 for item allowing to carry spiders (panflute, napsack, shoo-box+meat (2 slots) or grass+twigs+meat (3 extra slots!) for trap strategy), and currently can bring all of his followers with him into another shard, it just would require several travels between shards (especially when Webber returns with loot to base with his followers and needs to switch shards, but doesn't have spare 10+ inventory slots). Webber would likely use more than 1 type of spiders anyway (and that is at least 4+ inventory slots he needs to lock for spider shenanigans), and right now he already can carry them one by one from forest to caves and vise versa, spiders are useful only outside of inventory, so it would just remove tedium of the process.
  12. Exactly. His appearance includes facial expression - monster face with open mouth (normal look of monster boy merged with), - however, his quotes show friendly personality, and you as a player can prove by your actions his good intentions to other surviviors, and without that "evil" look and soft personality contrast would be lost. Also I see Webber's open mouth not as dumb face, but face of someone who is both lost and scared a bit, which perfectly fits situation boy was experiencing for quite a while (in his short boy seem to be a kid, while merged creature tricked by Maxwell in the constant already grows beard, so it seems to me that a few years passed between merging accident and getting into the constant, during which boy was trapped inside alive spider). So I'm perfectly fine with his face as it is now, although future skins with another expression that suits Webber's personality may change my opinion. Edit: to me monster look somehow makes emotes with Webber smiling even more cute and adorable, and I tried to show it in my first reply.
  13. If trapped spiders remained loyal, I think it would be more intuitive since Webber wouldn't hurt them and they seem to be not very intelligent to connect Webber actions and being trapped. Dismissing, on the other hand, is direct opposite of desired effect, and is workaround of the fact, that tamed spiders don't fall asleep due to natural reasons. I think Webber is meant to be able to take with him his followers as a unique upside, but at a cost. However, I do agree that panflute/napsack is too high cost, and dismissing strategy is unintuitive (and won't work if server has no day). What if one-man band music soothed spiders and they would fall asleep?