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Character Commentary Appreciation [DST]

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So, I, as a newer player (I only have been playing DST for a few months now), main Winona, and I just have to say that I love her in-game quotes. Whenever I play, I literally go out of my way in some of my worlds just to examine something to see what her comment on it will be. I just highly appreciate how her character shines through her words (and another plus is the fact that some hint at possible lore, which I'm assuming most people know already).

Recently, I have begun to explore some more characters as well (Wilson and WX-78), and I find Wilson's quotes (though quite a bit of it is simply saying what the item does, from what I've seen) to be adorable, and WX-78's quips are just downright hilarious to me. I'm planning on trying out Walter and Wigfrid soon, too.

I'm just going to share a few quotes that I can remember off the top of my head, and I encourage you guys to do the same! I don't think I have explored enough of this community to know exactly how much people have really stopped to appreciate the writing the developers have not only put into the characters' stories, but the writing simply put into developing their personalities too. 


  • any of the pun quotes 
  • (boulder) "Mhm, yep. That's a rock."
  • (some tree, can't remember which one) "Yep. Definitely a tree."
  • (red cap) "Let Max try it first."
  • (hot dragon chili salad) "Can't believe Warly's got me eatin' salads."
  • (carrying a marble sculpture... sometimes) "Like eggs in coffee!"


  • any of the pun quotes
  • (redbird in inventory) "He likes my pocket."
  • (closed eyebone, meaning Chester's dead) "It went to sleep."
  • (Woby) "It's a scientific fact that petting a good dog will improve your day.
  • (evergreen) "It's all piney."
  • (rose) "To match my rosy cheeks."


  • (talking to the plants) "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU." "THIS IS ME NOT TALKING TO YOU."
  • (science machine) "MOTHER?"
  • (burnt crockpot) "POT MALFUNCTIONING."
  • (something burning, can't remember what) "IT'S BURNING. OH WELL."
  • (rabbit earmuffs) "I WILL UTILIZE THEIR FURRINESS."

All in all, appreciation for the characters' quotes (Wes may not have quotes, but he still has his pantomimes! ^v^)

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most of WX and Wolfgang's quote are just hilarious but my favorite ones are:

(Wolfgang when examines bee queen crown) "makes wolfgang feel special"

(WX-78 when examines lying robot) "HIS NAME IS HAL. HE IS MY FRIEND"


i also love some goose commentarys that some characters have, like:

maxwell - "it's definitely from the north whatever it is"

woodie - "whatever it is, it's definitely canadian"

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I like when Wendy shows her child side:

  • (Feather Pencil) "M...maybe I'll doodle something... When no one's looking."

Or when she tries to be grim but fails:

  • (Purple Gem) "Purple like a... purple thing."

But my favorites are her being friends with Webber and the conversations they have:

  • Blooming tuna:
    • Webber: "Wendy got mad when we said it reminded us of her..."
    • Wendy: "Hmph. I see no resemblance"
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2 hours ago, W0l0l0 said:

I love the quotes. Anyone know where I can find the quotes the characters make while carrying marble? I know WX can say: "MAKE THE VIKING FLESHING CARRY IT" when looking at the marble pieces which always makes me chuckle. 

On the fandom wiki, you'd find those quotes under "Encumbered (carrying heavy object)."

Speaking of finding quotes on the wiki, I think it might be a little outdated, because I can't seem to find the quotes for when the characters talk to the plants, a feature added in the Reap What You Sow update, yes? 

Oh, also, there doesn't seem to be any mention of the Garden Rigamajig either, just farms. I started playing DST sometime after that update, so I have never seen any farms in the game myself.

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6 hours ago, Don_Am2 said:

I really like this one.

Stupefying Lure:

• Maxwell : “I think Higgsbury already got too close to one of these.”

If no fish bites for a while

Maxwell "Why won't they take the bait? Perhaps I should offer secret knowledge..."


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i love winona's compass quotes, because she brags about being great with directions but gets everything wrong.

 i love wx-78s "fuzzy bunny number one" its so weird, they're so cute. 

and finally, i love wheeler's sarcasm, her love of cats.... wheeler .....:x:wilson_ecstatic:

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So, my friend is a Webber main, and I, as Winona, was helping her aggro spiders for monster meat. And while we were attacking the spiders...


:) My friend noticed and left me alone with the 4 spiders, including those jumping ones...

She returned like 2 seconds later to help me finish them off though :,D

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