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  1. Only change I'm not a fan of is the Fuelweaver bonecage attack being able to grab you when you're at the edges of the map. Though I am aware it may have changed unintentionally as collision and such were updated.
  2. Meatballs is a staple in the same way mushlights are a staple: They solve a problem that is likely already solved by the time you get to it, and trivial usually even before then. I think it'll have much more utility in servers with lots of people, and I guess it goes pretty well with the tent.
  3. Are these Don't Starve Kittens or real life? Because I would absolutely die by kitten, but not by kitten nagging.
  4. I think it's a futile attempt to try and balance something for late game that is also accessible day 1 without adding gimmicks. Which is why I suggest exactly that. I don't think allowing amulets to be equipable in were-forms would be game breaking. In fact, I'd even like slower usage for them when used as so, mostly so that Magiluminecence can be used without risk of it breaking. Some gathering perk for the Beaver is ideal. Even with a instantaneous cutting speed, having to do one tree at a time, and paying health, resources, and so much vulnerability just isn't worth it when you have to go back and pick everything up anyways. My best bet is to be able to "eat" items to put them into inventory. Faster collection is very rare in this game and I would welcome such a change. The other two forms I feel are fine, though since they are accessible early on and don't do much unique (biggest exception being the moose charge), they are doomed to be outclassed later on. My fix for this would be to add support structures that the forms can interact with. Structure idea: Healing Pillar. When the Moose or Beaver attack this pillar it is destroyed and releases health to nearby allies. Structure idea: Were-Pillar A structure that increases were - meter when within the vicinity, or replenishes a lot when destroyed, whichever idea is more interesting (the former idea would also work with goose). Could spoil over time. Structure idea: Boost Gate Gives goose a speed boost for a minute or so and increases the duration of the moose charge when nearby. Structure idea: Battering Buff After destruction of this structure, it would grant the Moose immunity to slowdown when charging through structures, cuttables, and mineables. This would come at the cost of health for every structure destroyed while under these effects. For the Beaver, it would allow one-shotting of anything that can be gnawed (except mobs, of course!!). Structure idea: Human Shrine This structure would act as the opposite of the Were-Pillar and either instantly change a form back after one use, or drain were-meter when nearby. Not sure which yet. There could be a version of both. These structures should allow the forms to be expanded upon with interaction, while keeping them inherently simple, and identical to their current early game. As for Lucy. I feel she needs a reason to be kept around. I suggest allowing forms to last 20% longer when she's on the floor nearby, giving her a use outside of cutting, even if it is minor. Lastly, I think Woodie could really do with something to help with the moon cycle when mysterious energy comes around. I can't see how the game can continue as them when they transform literally every single day. I'm not sure what it should be, perhaps a special hat, I don't know. To answer the original question: Should Woodie be able to interact with with his inventory in were-form? I don't think he should. Were-forms should have risk to them and I love how they are balanced. Definitely can do with more interaction, but the limitations of them are almost as interesting as their advantages. These are my thoughts and ideas, I'm very slowly learning to mod and when I get home I might show one of the pillars I drew. Let me know what potential problems there could be, or your own ideas for structures!
  5. Pleaseeee be an animated short of a complication of WX terrorising the other survivors.
  6. These are awesome ideas. Although I'd like a way to control rain if it helps with fishing, perhaps doing some nightmare ritual on a special island could start a rainy season of sorts (and increase frozen mob glacier spawns during winter).
  7. Ohmagowd we need owls. Even if for no gameplay reason. I WANT OWLS.
  8. We need more people looking out for the new players because that's the best way to get someone new to drop the game for good. I agree here and a simple maximum radius from the Terrarium would probably do the trick.
  9. While we're at it, does anyone think adding dusk to the "night" time would be a good idea? Night is often too short to kill the bosses. Would be nice.
  10. I'm not sure if Klei is willing to kill off any of the survivors to keep with any feelings of futility or danger. And there would be a lot of them to kill off at this point. The closest thing I can think of is WX somehow absorbing the personality of another survivor, effectively killing them both but at least giving the robot some sort of empathy and closure to their story.
  11. Starting to sympathise with Maxwell decisions after seeing these.
  12. A whole 64 seconds of effort, once again, I'm sorry.