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  1. Pretty much. I hope more focus can be put onto the skin economy so that it can make Klei loads of money in the long term without needing to sell more DLC's or move on to another game. Even if it means crates and many skins. I don't even think it's worth doing that as the 9 - > 1 trade for an item that is worth triple the previous grade is exactly the same as weaving (overall efficiency of 33%) but gets worse when the process is iterated for each class. In other words turning a bunch of commons into classy grade leaves you with 33%, then to change them all into spiffy you're left with 11% of the original commons, and again for distinguished. Each time you do it you lose 2/3 value. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'll relatively sure this is the case! Best off weaving in general.
  2. I hate that I know from the picture that it's the earrape version.
  3. It's a problem when people get bored of the game and the other things that they don't want to do isn't enough to keep them engaged. Eg: If seafaring is too tedious when a person spends a lot of time on the surface, when they get bored of Don't Starve Together the seafaring option is too inaccessible to them to continue to play. In addition to this, it can partially split up the community, and form a barrier between people who can do all the things and people who can't, finding it difficult to make the transition. This one isn't a huge deal (and other things such as lore and art also do similar things), and might even be a good thing. One more problem is that content focused on certain things won't excite people who do not engage with it. Klei will be putting effort into context that is diluted to only a small number of people. That is indeed a problem. For example, to me, Year of the Beefalo is nothing. It's not financially good for Klei, and it does hurt the game if content is inaccessible. Playing the game in different ways is great so long as large parts of it aren't completely excluded, otherwise it's kind of a shame.
  4. Main exception being woven shadows. Drives me absolutely insane hitting the invulnerable one instead.
  5. My main problem is the fact you can be hit when behind an enemy. Especially annoying when it's a enemy that was hitting one player but "retargeted" another player behind them as soon as the original target went out of range. Don't know if it's as much of an issue for everyone else but it happens to me all the time. Is anyone else capable of leaving the range of a mob, then returning before the damage gets dealt (and attack animation finishes) untouched? I feel like some mobs have this property but I haven't tested it out.
  6. I like Don't Starve Together boss fights for the most part. Unlike many games you have to research many of the bosses before having any chance against them. And that's okay, the bosses have all sorts of mechanics that generally do make them unique and fun. In terms of difficulty, I do want to criticise the Bee Queen. Solo, she (in my experience) is too difficult. Generally you either do some cheese, or spend 30 minutes running around so you can get a single hit/tank her and then repeat. With increasing players, I find her difficulty decaying very fast. Just one more player helping (in my experience) makes one of the hardest fights an absolute breeze. I understand the balancing of the Bee Queen isn't an easy thing to do, but stuff like the (HORRIBLE!!) honey trail typically does a lot with one player, and little vs more than one. I think the obvious suggestion is a varied amount of bees dependent on the number of nearby players, but I would like to suggest something along what you said. I like her weird movement patterns, and adding stuff such as targeting players that are retreating or alone, retreating when her bees die for a few seconds or when she takes a large amount of damage in quick succession, I feel would go a long way. Subtle changes if possible. I can't think of many ways to make solo fighting easier with more ways to do it than just running back and forth other than ditching the honey trail, but it is possible to kite, so I won't suggest it's removal. With that being said, the Bee Queen has a lot of redeemable qualities, I like her power despite no area of effect attack, the flying is convenient for anti cheese, I like how she makes the bonnet useful to make, and her loot is top tier.
  7. I'm pretty sure her family was loaded. She was probably one of the better off ones before she went into the constant.
  8. It's subjective. What you see as strategy I see as removing parts from the fight. In my eyes its compatible to setting walls up so Toadstool can't spawn shrooms, or walling away Bee queen's bees, since that's technically the easiest strategy. I don't personally have a problem with it, but I prefer to avoid doing it. I'd like to stress again that it is a subjective opinion, and I'm glad there's multiple different ways we like fighting bosses.
  9. I personally disagree. Only if you struggle with dragonfly would I do that, otherwise I consider sleeping kinda cheesy in taste. It's subjective though so whatever works is fine.
  10. I'm gonna be honest, I don't think she needs too much of a buff. You can kinda pick your difficulty with her, if you choose to go full difficulty it's a very tough fight. Yeah the wall and flute thing is very boring, and almost everyone seems to do it, but even with buffs people will still find ways to cheese her. Almost all the bosses can be cheesed. Dragonfly's only problem is how easy it can be to set up. I think I'd personally prefer to prevent her from losing the enrage state to the flute rather than changing the wall thing, maybe she reignites after waking up. Enraged dragonfly in my opinion is very cool and would still give a decent fight. Without that she's just a glorified treeguard with tighter kiting. That's just my opinion though, so if you disagree just call me an idiot because I led it off topic.
  11. I recall hearing some theories about that, with some decent supporting evidence that I have sadly forgotten. However I'd say Asia is absolutely diverse enough to justify another character from another part of the continent.
  12. Wildfire and fire mechanics in general. It has a lot of potential but at the moment fire isn't very realistic, and it's place in the game is very weird.
  13. Bold of you to assume I'm good at the game.