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  1. Healing Items are ok as they are, they don't spoil and that's their upside over Food for healing.
  2. That's one of the main aspects of the game, you can discover things on your own, and while there are things that aren't told, the survival elements are shown in a way that the player can learn them without having to read somewhere online.
  3. Other character's quotes for her buildings prove that she invented them. Wigfrid even calls her a tinkerer.
  4. You just said the perk he has to make crops grow faster. And while other characters can also use the One-man Band to get the same benefit as Wormwood's bloom, other characters can teleport with the Lazy Explorer or tame spiders with the Spiderhat but that doesn't make Wortox or Webber bad.
  5. He is already the best at farming, I don't consider this change needed. He can tell what makes the crop stressed so you can correct what's causing the stress.
  6. Maybe making the Saddles, or at least the War one, as some sort of armor to prevent the Beefalo taking too much damage.
  7. There are almost 400 Belongings skins and I don't think any dev or player would like the that each individual skin filled the whole crafting menu when most of them would practically be the same item.
  8. I don't because there isn't, your argument is not constructive in some way that can actually give feedback to the developers, it's destructive as it only belittles the work the devs do and calls them incompetent.
  9. Don't Starve is not a fighting game, it's a survival game in which you are presented dangers and there are weapons to kill them but that's not the main aspect of the game, it's trying to stay alive starting at the bottom with only literal Sticks and Flints which you use to acquire better resources which are more difficult to get. It's not only about the lack of special weapons but that, unlike the Forge, the Constant mobs also have a very basic fighting patterns with most of them simply having attack intervals and just a few have kitting patterns while Forge mobs could ram, throw projectiles, block damage, poison the players, etc., you and your enemies had different ways to attack each other and that makes a fighting game, which the Forge is and the base game isn't. The only mobs that have special moves are the bosses and they already work great with the simple combat mechanic. Yes but there's nothing wrong with the combat mechanic, it may be dull but it does it's purpose well.
  10. The Forge was a fighting game event, that's why it has combat mechanics not present in the game and special items for each character, same how the Gorge has mechanics of a cooking game while cooking in the base game is simply putting food into the Crock Pot to make dishes. And personally I think it could make fighting mobs obnoxious.
  11. The description of the item says: "Boosts your declining max health." , which is self-explanatory.