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  1. Only Klei knows when the update will it release. Usually updates release on Thursdays, however Waterlogged beta was released last week so I doubt it will release tomorrow.
  2. Bad news everyone, Waxwell is gone and Maxwell is back.
  3. Wortox is nice with the young survivors Wendy Ghost- "Don't worry, I'm not gonna eat you." Webber Ghost- "Oh don't worry, I won't eat you." Wurt Ghost- "Don't fret, I won't eat you!" This reference to his short Baby Beefalo- "It belongs with its momma." And one is quite sad Hatching Tallbird Egg (dead, eating the egg)- "Doing that hurt my feelings."
  4. I really like his hair style and outfit of his Snowfallen skin.
  5. Some say that Deck Illuminators not providing heat helps during Summer exploration. Personally I wish it didn't had it's half fuel value penalty. Not really about sailing but I'd like an overhaul on the Rockjaw's AI and a better loot so it makes it worth fight them and not a pain.
  6. What if her second Hallowed Nights costume was a character from The Wizard of Oz; maybe Dorothy, the Wicked Witch or the Good Witch.
  7. When using the Clean Sweeper and click on Wilson or Webber to change their beard, they will always face towards South or SouthEast.
  8. I miss Sam O' Nella. I just noticed it's supposed to be a bowl full of pudding, I thought it was a sailor hat.
  9. NewHome is NOT canon. When NewHome's beta was released people found these unused assets, some were probably prototypes or concepts for things that are in the game now, for example the Boat Plug was probably an early version of the Boat Patch, while other's were not implemented, like the Boat Propelomatic.
  10. Probably because Jelly Beans are a food item and Compost Wrap is a fertilizer like Tree Jam.
  11. The Celestial Sanctum shows being connected to a Celestial Fissure, while the Celestial Altar and Celestial Tribute don't.
  12. Figgy pudding is a dessert similar to a cake with dried fruits inside. "Higo" is the word for Fig in spanish.
  13. I like the idea of planting the trees to create a safety zone for Spring and Summer, but making a base near shore is not optimal if you don't take care of the Pengulls before they become aggressive and attack you.