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  1. Also making Toothtraps and Bramble Traps not activate with Beefalos bonded with the Bell.
  2. Maxwell was corrupted by the Throne and and most likely made him bring people from Earth to let them die. Also about the Maxwell's door, my personal heacanon is that it was a portal for Epilogue (or at least the place where the Throne is)
  3. The survivors were brought to the Constant because Maxwell tricked them to get something they wanted, Wendy a way to bring Abigail back to life, Wigfrid having the Valkyrie role once again, Warly a way to make his mother remember and Wilson seeked for the Forbidden Knowledge. Some theories say that Witherstone was on financial issues and Maxwell tricked him.
  4. That could be a problem since there are foods that are used for healing and being slowed for eating them when having low health can put the player in a dangerous situation, especially when fighting Giants that could outrun the player.
  5. Water Balloons make other mobs wet, having to wait to rain makes electrical weapons impractical, especially on Winter when it doesn't rain.
  6. Wormwood has a flexible sanity management which makes it easier to obtain Nightmare Fuel, so I don't know if this could be much useful.
  7. Make them able to be thrown at other players in PVP and quotes for being hit. Examples: Wendy: Blood! Oh, it's just a tomato. Wickerbottom: What have I told you about wasting food?
  8. I watched Sr Pelo's Mokey Mod videos and I got curious what the game was, I watched some gameplay videos and the Wortox trailer was the one that introduced me DST and Klei's channel. I'm still in the process of getting good at the game, I managed to survive Winter and Spring in one world and now I'm going into Summer.
  9. -Glow Berry Mousse glows just like Glow Berries -Sea Weeds drop Flower Petals -An option to make the characters in the Item Collection appear in the realease order and not random -Reduce cost and tier of the Clean Sweeper -Being able to pre-select skins for starting items, like Abigail's flower