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  1. This is such a cool setup! This would look absolutely lovely in an early-mid game base Thank you for sharing this!
  2. To the MOOOOON Strap in Bois we're going to meet the Dupes!
  3. Has anyone forgotten that Wes is the "challenge" character? I remember seeing a forum post sometime ago that some people are suggesting to make Wes at least somewhat useful to the team instead of being an endless hungry void and well, Klei delivered. I'm surprised he even got some buffs being the hardest character of all but oh well I don't play him anyway. I would loved it of it was a Webber or Maxwell rework but it's April 1st so what did I expect?
  4. Does this count in the 3 Character updates? Hmmm I'm worried for webber's spot might just sign up on the suic watch
  5. My heart aches for my poor boi Webber But on a side note, This character Refresh and the short was Amazing! Now I know the reason why Maxwell is displeased with Wes hahaha Goes to show that sometimes Klei does really adopt some community suggestions
  6. Well hmmm. I'd like it to be a heater chester for when I go sailing in Winter and there'd be no need to build a fire pit on the boat. Or a mini garden chester! Give it a seed and water (I dunno how maybe a new action? Haha) then for an amount of days chester would sprout with the type of seed (1 of the fruit/vege and 1 seed). Just little cutesy one
  7. My favorite quote so far is Webber's quote on Wes' balloons haha. It's simply "Balloon animals! Balloon animals!!!" Perfectly captures Webber's cuteness
  8. I am of the same opinion. From now on, my expectations are that new content must be 10/10. I've been playing DST for years and have even bought ONI since I support and love Klei but this action warrants a change to future updates that are expected or surpasses our hopes for the game.
  9. Maybe Wurt's vignette? Her portrait in character select or something?
  10. After much trial and tribulation, I have finally soloed BeeQueen... Where do I use Jellybeans I'm so hesitant to use it since it's so hard to get
  11. Can farm plots be removed? I accidentally deployed the thingymajig and now I have a 3x1