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Community Choice Vignette - Wigfrid - The Curtain Calls

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Hey all,

Thanks for all of your nominations and votes on a vignette for Walter's short, Constant Companion. Your choice is never what I expect :D

In case you missed how this works, we’ll post a thread for one of the animated shorts with a link to YouTube, and you can nominate your favorite scene by posting a screenshot. Cast your vote by giving one or more of the nominated scenes an emoji response. After a week we'll tally up the results and add a Vignette based on the winning scene into a future build of the game.

Try to avoid nominating a similar scene to one that's already been posted. Also, please limit it to one nomination per person, so more people get a chance to join in. We'll remove nominations if we feel they are too similar to an existing nomination or the Vignette we already made, or in the case of shenanigans. (There were definitely shenanigans in the past. Don't nominate in-between frames please ;))

Up this week is Wigfrid's short. A short full of beautiful art, I'm positive we'll see some great nominations.

Our choice for the Vignette was...


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13 hours ago, Whisperlisc said:



11 hours ago, Pixil said:

My choice for the vignette is very similar to @Whisperlisc's, but I wanted the left painting to be seen in the frame more than the middle one. I love all these choice vignettes, though! :D

I thought about one similar but with complete view of the painting and her expression:


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I know it's the exact same used to tease her rework back then. Still it deserves to be immortalized in the game. It's a beautiful shot full of character.

A window into her personality, who she is and who she used to be... Much like the loading screen itself is our door into the world of Don't Starve.

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17 hours ago, Slagger said:

In my opinion it wouldn't be "nice" to adding griftland scenes as vignette. Just saying.

It isn't a griftland scene, it's still a part of the animation short. I don't see why it wouldn't belong, even if the artstyle is different.

I'm a huge fan of Pixil's choice and I think that it would make the best vignette, but I thought I might add a detail I found interesting--the cover of the disc that she plays.



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