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  1. This is by far the best short yet,YOU'VE OUTDONE YOURSELVES! And the update ,chef's kiss~
  2. Omg the victorian skins I can't and the wormhole skins,finally don't have to use a mod to distinguish them anymore!! Great work to the artists they are so amazing <3
  3. I can finally use the more option to add more catcoons and not be flooded with them at spawn, thank you <33
  4. Omggg!!! I'm just wondering if the chest is supposed to be without a bow in game? Anyway I like it better like this
  5. You probably haven't seen my first post from a month ago, they made a contest in november and are still ,,delivering,, the prizes..Idk if it's a scam that's what my original post debated,I think they just wanted me to let go of the 20$ by now.(which they turned into a giftcard) But no one else has complained ,and there were like 20 winners or more cause they had 3 contests,I think if they were scamming the person that got first place would have at least complained,I mean it is 250 dollars..but maybe it is better safe than sorry and I should just block the steam account and block them everywhere. I got the giftcard just now so it's fine,not a scam.
  6. I'm still waiting for the 20$ (gift card now) that New Home owes me They told me to add some sketchy steam account and that they would send me the gift card but almost a week has passed now and because of all the ,,spying,, everyone is mentioning in this thread I'm wondering if I should delete the sketchy steam account from my friends and not care about the money... They also asked for my email last time but haven't sent anything to my email or contacted me there so that's worrisome that they have it
  7. Well no,I said you saying you don't not use the things I mentioned is privilege,cause it is, some people have no choice in using Google per say for work. But yeah that's all (I'm not saying you are privileged in life, I am saying it is a privilege to avoid certain things thus making you privileged for some things in life,not all of course)
  8. I literally am not here to compete over who sacrificed more, I have done a lot of sacrifices as well but I am literally privileged enough to make those sacrifices. Like I said previously,we choose to do those things and we have the right to do them but don't expect the same out of people who literally have the bare minimum. You choose to skip meals. Some people don't choose. You don't know everyone's situation and not everyone can make the same sacrifice you can or has the will or is in a stable mental space currently to do so. It's great that you do all those things but if you follow any zero waste youtubers* on the platform you will see they don't encourage that for everyone and are aware of their privilege. And I'm not really interested in how many phones you've changed,computers used through out the years. It literally has nothing to do with the subject. Also some of the things like getting a new pc are a necessity because people have jobs that require them (like graphic design for instance) and families that need feeding and they can't be picky over everything. I am not excusing anyone's choice we live in a capitalistic society and you just wanna fight and compare our grievances.
  9. Yeah I get that, but I don't think Klei will suddenly change or can change the deal because of the bad response unfortunately , and I personally don't like or support Tencent but I think I can't make a change even if I speak up about it. Maybe I'm wrong and the feedback people are providing will be taken into account so we'll see.
  10. Well my point didn't come across I guess. That's cause you have a certain kind of privilege,that you get to for instance choose where you buy your clothes and make sure they don't go towards workers who are underpaid. Most people (in my country) don't have the money for that since fast fashion is the cheapest and most distributed. So for a lot of things that you could avoid people just aren't educated,don't care to be,or are in a poor country that doesn't provide basic things for their users and favors Apple for example as the only option to get a smartphone through a 24 month payment maybe if you can't afford to buy a phone from another company for instant pay. That's just an example of how companies exploit us and how we don't get to choose all the time if our money goes to good things. Now of course we choose to play or not to play this game but I don't think we should shame people for maybe the only thing that is helping them thrive through this pandemic , family issues or maybe the friends they made in this game and they only current social outlet. Like who knows what people's situations are and not everything is black and white, and I hope our money still goes to Klei because they are the indie company I love and wanna suport...
  11. Yeah exactly, that was an assumption as I clearly wrote. You don't have to use the specific things I mentioned. If you buy clothes from h&m that's a fast fashion company as are many others so in some way you could contribute. But on the other part I get where you are coming from and I don't wanna support any of that either so I agree with you,I'm just saying people support a lot of things indirectly because we do have needs in this world as it is and those companies should be prosecuted by the law but it seems to never happen unfortunately.. just don't want people thinking they are the reason all those bad things are happening by buying a game,it's not that simple and we shouldn't shame each other when we are all battling the same enemy. (well most normal people that don't agree about those heinous acts of global corporations) But then again most privileged people don't care you know, I'm from a second world country so I have a different view than many here from America probably.
  12. People are seriously getting heated about supporting Klei now because it means ,,also supporting Tencent,, when they probably play Fortnite,League already. Also if you are worried about spyware literally everyone here uses Google services, Huawei phones have been banned for just that but people used them up until they were banned and some do now as well. Practically every app including Facebook is collecting your data and you are probably an iPhone user even though Apple has been associated with sketchy businesses in the past. Chances are people also give money to a lot of companies on the daily basis that exploit all sorts of bad working conditions for products (i.e. fast fashion companies) so I don't know why everyone is acting so holier than thou about Tencent and supporting Klei through this...
  13. May I ask for a kind soul from Klei to provide us with this beautiful image in HD or to download? I just love it so much ! <3
  14. Love the detail of ice on Wolfgang's moustache!! Great update Klei,amazing job!!! <3