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  1. This is by far the best short yet,YOU'VE OUTDONE YOURSELVES! And the update ,chef's kiss~
  2. Well to be honest I don't think it's that bad since you basically have to only pay attention the first 2 times,set an alarm for the 30 minute mark,also set one for the 2 hour mark , and the 6 hour one doesn't matter cause If you forget about the stream and leave it on for longer than needed you will get the drop the same,just be sure to claim it when shutting it off or whatever. I just leave the inventory tab open and refresh it when it needs to be claimed. And idk if Klei made this intentionally,maybe Twitch does this with other drop systems as well.
  3. One that many might not agree with and a mod I use is the more stacks one, the one that makes it so you are able to stack things to a higher amount,like 40 stacks of wood instead of 20. My reasoning behind wanting it actually implemented,and although inventory management is a big part of the game and it takes skill,is because new items are constantly added to the game. For instance when DST was made we had a certain amount of things to worry about in our inventory,but if you are playing Wurt who is a newer character you would certainly need a lot more wood than most people,or reeds. Those kinds of things for certain characters,and there are a few that maybe correlate with reworks, are what would make my experience better if we were able to have less space consumed by the items that are needed. Of course it comes down to if you want the game to be made easier in that regard,but it really wouldn't make much of a difference. Minecraft is a very similar game and although it doesn't have a variety of stacks like dst and only 64 for everything,in their new update they are gonna add pouches of sorts that you can keep in your inventory that store even more items. I'm sure that Minecraft after it's long life span decided that by adding new things to the game every update the players also need a bit more inventory space. Well I can always use a mod at the end of the day,but console players cant But certainly one of the biggest problems for me is wood, since there are structures added every so update that consume it,that's my idea.
  4. I was definitely imagining these sort of vibes
  5. When you join a stream a notification will pop up for the drops,click on details and it should open a tab for All Campaigns and Inventory next to it,click on that to see the progress and current drop. Or just click on this link
  6. Thank you so much! And I'm so grateful for the progress bar,means a ton! <3
  7. For me a different message appears , but I can access it through clicking points in the curio cabinet
  8. Oh I had that linked already for the previous ones , I'm guessing it will function the same. Thanks a lot for your reply though!
  9. Oh I thought that one was for the streamers to apply!
  10. Hey I was wondering where do I sign up to be able to get twitch drops, I can't seem to find it on the Klei Account page, or is this something that will be available next Thursday (or whenever the drops come back) Also will we have to sign up for every new twitch drop? Thank you in advance <3
  11. Omg the victorian skins I can't and the wormhole skins,finally don't have to use a mod to distinguish them anymore!! Great work to the artists they are so amazing <3
  12. Yeah it's weird but those skins are labelled as just Elegant because they are sell-able on the market. Unlike the calico chester skin which is a special Proof of Purchase rarity ,because it can't be bought on the market. Both the funko pop skins and calico chester are proof of a purchase , but the difference is in the rarity because ones are on the market I guess Btw: I have bought the Wendy funko pop and redeemed the skin,it still says Elegant. It has no other rarity!
  13. I can finally use the more option to add more catcoons and not be flooded with them at spawn, thank you <33
  14. Omggg!!! I'm just wondering if the chest is supposed to be without a bow in game? Anyway I like it better like this
  15. You probably haven't seen my first post from a month ago, they made a contest in november and are still ,,delivering,, the prizes..Idk if it's a scam that's what my original post debated,I think they just wanted me to let go of the 20$ by now.(which they turned into a giftcard) But no one else has complained ,and there were like 20 winners or more cause they had 3 contests,I think if they were scamming the person that got first place would have at least complained,I mean it is 250 dollars..but maybe it is better safe than sorry and I should just block the steam account and block them everywhere. I got the giftcard just now so it's fine,not a scam.