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Wigfrid Mug

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Update: If anyone is interested in how I paint my mugs have a look at my YouTube channel: MagzUnleashed

I finally uploaded my 3rd in a series of Wigfrid mugs, and first to be filmed in the painting process, let me know if it is mildly interesting :wilson_curious:

Hi everyone!

I combined my two hobbies (paint and play) and made a Wigfrid mug to sip from while I play DST. The ultimate comfort :tranquillity:








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23 hours ago, WhiteWind36 said:

Amazing! These mugs are soooo beautiful. Maybe you are planning on making mugs like this or similar on order?

Thank you, I mostly paint for myself and my friends at the moment since it takes a lot of time for one such mug to be made, around 3-5 days. That together with shipping costs would most likely not make it very attractive, but perhaps sometime in the future I may figure out a more efficient way of handling it :)

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