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  1. first i played "dont starve" i think it's just a simple survival game that we die thousand times and learn to live by dieing , and at the end build a megabase in that and become the god of that world. then i find these characters have a "real life" outside this world .that makes this world worthless even be a god in that. for example think that logo characters inside mincraft were real persons in real life not pixely , so your effort isn't any more to live that survival world , even you have a megabase in that because it didn't worth when you are pixeli , so you try to become real and get outside of that sandbox and go your home ! i think "dont starve" game is somehow like "forest" game , because there is an end , and you try to learn to survive and reach that end , and this end is come back to your "home" not living in jungle and build a megabase there ! i really hyped for what you plan next klei , to traveling new land , and become closer to our release ! tank you klei !
  2. hi zeklo yes they are learning through this cycle and slowly furthur the story to come to end and escaping from constant to go our home thank you for confirming me zeklo , the master of speculations !
  3. so what job charlie is talking about ?! is winona has another job before working in voxola factory?
  4. i think this cycling of death is a somesort of "learning" not a trap. learning basic rules of this world . like persist hunger ,health,sanity,coldness,bosses ,... and such thing we learned in ds(and dlc) . and we also learned in dst(forge,gorge) how to cooperate and knowing weakness/strength of eachother so with a new upcoming spin off like " a new reign " we can now continue story and use our surviveling knowledge(and also maybe new powers) to overcome "them" ! yes releasing her is beyond our powers now , but i think in upcoming core updates will introduce new powers to use of them . maybe we can travel to a new land and finding some powerfull learders like pugna and mumsy that are against "them" . or new use for our staff for example use opal gem to charge/upgrade the ancient key like we did in gorge(charge ancient key with favors) also consider this too, part of the queen charlie is helping us , like releasing wilson in maxwell's dimension to with help eachother created Jury-Rigged Portal, otherwise the charecters was always separately .
  5. Winona Update Lore

    yes i also notice wicker was happier than constant and somehow related to creation of wx . and also this picture show nothing is inside of wx , so wx is not a suit atleast .
  6. yes we can't play them , and this series will end . so we not see this soon , maybe several years later . but with this new backstories that emphasis homeland of charecters , i think at the end we can come to our world. i think its like a game , like Jumanji book , so finally we can come out of the game. this core update that come in april i think is a step forward to go home , by revealing more info about" them " and how release charlie !
  7. also consider this too moon of the constant is different from our moon ! in constant moon some creatures live there , and some energy come from there to change staff , and in full moon his light can transfer creatures like pig so maybe constant moon has its own light !
  8. i start first speculation Moon Rock Idol examinations : maxwell “They always need an offering.” webber “It looks kinda like an alien.” wendy “An otherworldly heart beats within it.” wolfgang “Hehe. Is funny little moon man. winona “What, do I gotta offer it up to something?” they all seggest that someones live in moon and are worthy to make idol of them and have powerful powers , may be useful "allies" ?! and also consider this too celestial tab is still under construction and klei promised that will add more content to it , maybe we get more info about moon habitants ! may be moon is light magic and we created a force to defeat dark magic , and consider this too still didnt found any use for opal gem .
  9. Nowadays everyone talk about winona , wagstaff and upcoming refreshes/adding character , but i want to discuss somthing new and big ! the big update of dst that coming april and even change the title of the game , means " a new reign " gonne change. acording to this post that klei post in roadmap 2019, they said : " Survivors will be able to travel to new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more. " The first drop of this new content will come in mid-April, and this was posted after forge 2 : Similar to "A New Reign" Don't Starve Together will once again receive new content updates primarily centered around a elements that progress the world of Don't Starve and the Survivors that find themselves within it. so where is this new land ? and how we travel to there ? and what's we see there? i think we travel to moon and by ancient gateaway or celestial portal . and the begining of these series start with intrdoucing wagstaf , because i saw somewhere that said wagstaff and winona although was in timeline of other characters but wasn't in "their land" ! so where they were? i think the land of wagstaff is somehow related to the new land is coming. bottem of line ... i know traveling to moon via portal seems fantasy but i started this topic to discuss about future and how we can back to our homes instead of talking about past and backstory lores.i think this new upcoming land is a step forward to escape from constant ! we learned survivle tactics(in ds/dst) and cooperation(in forge,gorge) NOW it's the time to use them to meet " them" the true enemies and release charlie and get back to our homes ! klei said travel to new lands and promiss big permanent updates in mid april such as " a new reign" , so put your speculation here and get hype !
  10. Winona Update Lore

    so are clockworks built in real world?! how newspapers did aware of bishop clockworks ?! ( that line of bishops remind me of " I, Robot " , will smith movie.) or what if the robots was actually be there in constant and wagstaff just steal them and bring them to real word or use their techs to recreate them !
  11. yes , zeklo mentioned that too . and the right symbol means walking cane/scepter of king. what means B/E ?!
  12. " W " is a symbol that stand for leadership and power ! (based on theory by zeklo in this video , for more information you can check it !) https://youtu.be/DhPQYz7pS_A Proofs and speculations down below : 1- " w " in the begining of charecters name 2- wilson and charlie hair 3- pugna war paint on his chest and boarior helmet 4- Ancient language and pictures 5 - Codex umbra 6 - crown shape
  13. I think characters quote are just for fun, easteregg or give some information about game items , and not trustable enough to rely on that for extracting lore ! for i.e Wickerbottom notes that the red and green mushtrees are "Mycena luxaeterna" and "Mycena silvaelucens" respectively.(you can check it on this wiki if you want ) these are bioluminescent mushrooms that glow . this 2 species discoverd by professor Dennis Desjardin in 2010, that explained in this article. so is this means wicker disapeared at least after 2010 ?!
  14. is wilson know hairdryer ?! "Maybe a tool for testing aerodynamics?" i think he is not ! but he must know it because he entered 1920-22 , and hairdryer invented 1920 (acording to @Mooagain) among the other charecters just willow know it . others dont recognize its function or dont say anything special about it .
  15. I fascinated by your theories and your point of view to trinkets ! and how the way you discover lore with them. but i have some questions and would be grateful if u answer 1 - how about the examine of charecter isnt related to lore, if they just was an easter egg or for fun . for example wx say about lying robat "his name is HAL . he is my friend" . so is it means wx know "2001: a space odyssey "and cuz movie made in 1968 , means wx came in constant after 1968?! 2 - how u realised Licence plates were invented in 1918? and Hairdryers were invented in 1920 ? and i also i didnt find quote for hairdry . can put it here 3 - somewhere u say all charecters(except winona) where entered in constant between 1906 to 1922 . 1906 is confirmed cuz maxwell entered first in san frasisco earthquake . and u say wilson was last person(proof?!) and klei say he entered 1922(proof?!) thanks for reading and sorry for my english .