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  1. it wasnt so hard after all to grow giant crops without the surface
  2. also, weeds grow naturally from empty holes right? can i use weeds to summon the lord to get the first seed?
  3. 0.9% of chance. what a challenge! thank you, now growing a giant carrot will be my ultimate goal.
  4. now another question: no way to get seeds at my new caves only world right?
  5. it worked! thanks! i didnt even knew it was possible to enter commands outside of the game
  6. nice image, certainly deserves a vignette! now that you have talked about the fuelweaver, there is a quote that i find particular hard to find a meaning in this new context: "They are coming. It cannot be stopped" we cannot stop Them from invading our minds? it would make Them evil or agressive somehow, wich is exactly what we are trying to avoid here. is Their nature to give Their knowledge, so we cannot go against nature? what do you think of that?
  7. thanks for yor explanation! i think i understand it better now we usually consider Them as hostile becouse of how hostile They are represented, but your theory that They only reached the ancient's mind is kind of very possible, considering the nature of the shadows of acting at insane minds. so, you mean ,at the mural, the claws represent Their influence reaching ancient's minds and the transformed ancients destroyed the civilization and killed their brothers? from my point of view, this would fit better not if They told the ancients to destroy theirselves by the construction of an ultimate weapon (we have no image of that, the thing would most fit this description is the Ancient Gateway or the staff), but instead They shared Their knowledge and it was too big for mortal minds, leading them to insanity. that is a very original idea, i liked it
  8. look at this image the eye in the center is possibly the only representation of Them, and it is very clearly that Their shadow claws destroyed the ancients, both by the image and by quotes. now lets talk about this possibility you raised about Them NOT did this deliberately and Them are NOT hostile. to be fair, it is a possibility very hard to fit the rest of the story. did They not controlled Their own power? very hard to believe, considering Their stats as gods They didnt care? like for Them it was no difference to keep or destroy the ancients, they were merely a fly to be stepped on besides that, i can see no other possibilities for this, would you mind to clarify your idea to me? it is not only what he did, but also what he didnt. Maxwell had all the power of the nightmare throne to create worlds, he could have used this power to save and protect charlie from her transformation, but he didnt. why? i believe Them did not allowed him, he was merely a puppet after all, but charlie dont think that way.
  9. it is not mine, is a common theory. maybe charlie. klaus appeared during the new reign, when charlie was showing her new creations. edit: about the mouth in the belly, klaus, wortox and krampus appear to be from the same species, but those 2 dont have the weird mouth. is charlie doing some anatomy experiments there?
  10. well, the metheus murals shows the staff bearer summoning a skeleton that looks like the fuelweaver, so it may not be from the same specie as the ancients. why it is revived by a shadow heart? why not? both the skeleton and the heart come from the same power. why is the heart behind shadow clockworks? i dont know that one. i believe that the conscience within the heart is the staff bearer becouse of fuelweaver's quotes, wich means after the 4th mural from metheus, Them managed to kick him out of the throne and trap him inside the heart, wich was guarded by other shadows, the shadow pieces. YES! the thing i most want in all this lore stuff is to that the Shadow Entity is less evil than the Moon Entity. please klei, not aliens.
  11. honestly, i cant remember anything related to chess after the shadow pieces, i will look the wiki. edit: besides the potter's well acepting moon shards as materials (to craft chess pieces that dont spawn shadow pieces) , no chess in the return of them updates. apparently the moon thinks chess sucks
  12. thanks for the detailed text, @Scypham! that is something i really want to be true: darkness is the lesser evil not necessarily. seeing the mistake, the torch or the staff bearer purposely destroyed it the why is the best part: why charlie wants more power? -to free herself from her curse -revenge against maxwell -revenge against Them -the entity that posseses her wants that power, not charlie -to rule more absolutely than she already is -to destroy the moon, the force opposing her any other options i missed?
  13. charlie has been possesed by the shadows, but i think at the end she is on her own side. well, charlie fighting for the moon might explain the "why": she is trying to free herself, but if it is true, it would make no sense to reactivate the ancient gateway, becouse its shadow power. why do you think charlie is moon side? edit: and the maxwell residues are not disappearing. everything he created is still there. again, all theories are acceptable, i wont say anything is right or wrong
  14. i love lore threads what i think: who: ancient god(s) of darkness (there is a possibility the moon is included on that plural) how: by re-activating ancient stuff like the ancient gateway and the archives, charlie is triggering the darkness and the moon to fight eachother why: i have no idea. wortox knows , but he dont tell anyone from where: that is a hard one. from metheus puzzles we can see an eye coming from the ancient gateway, wich may imply Them come from another dimension, but if the moon is included as Them, i dont know becouse the moon is already here. you really should check zeklo's channel on youtube. he made the real research