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  1. in my non-webber-main opinion, what webber needs most is a way to create spider dens that dont attack other survivors, i feel sad every time i see webbers doing bases far from us becouse of spider dens
  2. no, this are the quotes extracted from the singleplayer code. i dont know why they are not i the wiki, but they exist
  3. i believe the best evidence of who metheus is is the video axium visus, "metheus is here". in the video, Alter is here, Charlie is here, and the Torch is here, so metheus must be one of these right? Metheus is definely not Alter since we know its name, so is charlie or the torch wielder (or both, as some theories suggest)
  4. maxwell- "Ah. How have you been, Lucy." wagstaff- "Strange waves of energy are emanating from it." warbucks- "A handsome axe!" webber- "If we talks to it will it talk back?" wendy- "Hello... 'Lucy'. I'd like you to meet my sister." wheeler-"You look different. Different is good." wickerbottom- "A perfectly good axe." willow- "We could be good friends, you and I." wolfgang- "Wolfgang loves a sharp missus." woodie- "I love Lucy!" wormwood- "Nyah! Stay back, please!" wx- "GET IT AWAY!" just extracted those from the code. for some reason i didnt found quotes from wilson, woodlegs, wilba, wigfrid and walani
  5. i like interiors becouse it can give better sense of underground, like hamlet's cave dens and pig ruins.
  6. how do you know if the hat is floating if it is invisible?
  7. title says it, it happens both when the wagstaff minigame fails and when it is completed
  8. here is a maxwell quote for you: ALTERGUARDIAN_PHASE3DEADORB = "This power, it feels like... but it couldn't be...", ALTERGUARDIAN_PHASE3DEAD = "I don't know what to believe. All this time, I thought that They were..."
  9. im sorry if i misunderstood you again, but we had like 2 years since the begin of Return of Them, and now we finished it, i dont believe is premature. if your saying that in every puzzle comes a video to give hints of next series of updates, and the videos released today already fill that gap, then i agree, the today's videos were great for this. perhaps i am speaking for miself when i say i am kind of ready for a new puzzle, indeed i know some people dont even understand de distinction between the eye in the 3mural and Alter
  10. sorry, but i have to disagree with you in this. even now, metheus is yet the biggest source of lore we have, by far
  11. we are going to re-awake the Shadow Entity! eye of the storm: 1/2 gods pissed off
  12. klei, please, can you tell us that is nothing there?
  13. i found that dialogue in the middle of curio collector stuff when i was looking for puzzle hints. is that new? never seen before.
  14. the hint for metheus puzzles was a quote from fuelweaver, i looked the files for strings and speech. found nothing edit: haha we posted it at same time