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  1. I have returned from the dead to say that I am truly honored to be totally normal. Congrats on page 700, everyone!
  2. I think it means sadness in the original context, but I personally use it for both. Either something along the lines of "thank you for doing the forums a great service, I shall honor you with this reaction" or "I feel your pain, bro".
  3. ... Why would anyone ever buy Winona's Roseate skin for over $100? This graph doesn't show the prices people are trying to sell the skin at--those are always absurd--but the median price actually paid for the skin at that time.
  4. Wow, thanks Steam! Those sound like some really good deals.
  5. Next to the quote button on your pots, there should be new buttons that say 'edit' and 'options.' When you click on options, a button to hide your post will appear.
  6. Love all the new changes, and the animation is absolutely amazing! Probably one of the best update cinematics so far. Can't wait to try out all the new mechanics with my friends!
  7. Well, this year's my first Winter's Feast, so there is one thing I'd like to know... just how likely is Feastclops to completely destroy two players? My friend and I have a pretty good world going but now I'm a tad bit scared for our lives.
  8. I have officially converted from DST to Hades :O

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      I'll be waitin'... 

    3. viberr


      nice profile pic 

      i like it 

      i also like hades(tho im not the best at it)

    4. mac and cheese

      mac and cheese

      Thanks! I'm not that great either, haha, I've just played it enough to successfully muddle through a few runs :P

  9. Clicked through too fast to take a picture on the opening screen.
  10. Awesome! I love the new skins, especially Wortox, WInona, and WX's. Can't wait to check out all the Winter's Feast content for the first time!
  11. The Seed Pack-It definitely sounds really useful now that there are so many more crop seeds being produced! I don't have the beta installed--how many slots does it have? The addition of prioritization with the Candy Bag is very nice too, having to move all my trinkets from my inventory to the bag got pretty annoying during Hallowed Nights.
  12. Well, this doesn't seem like it would be threatening at all!
  13. This event was awesome! Y'all made some really cool art, costumes, and screenshots. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Klei! Here's the picture I submitted: