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  1. Well, this doesn't seem like it would be threatening at all!
  2. Happy buildday to everyone's favorite soulless automaton! May their day be joyful, full of gears, and free from carbon-based lifeforms. I was going to draw a picture but I have no idea how to digital art will just draw it traditionally tomorrow if I have time
  3. Thank you so much for this guide! I haven't had the chance to try out the beta yet, but this will definitely come in handy!
  4. I voted DST for Labor of Love too! Klei definitely deserves it, imo.
  5. This event was awesome! Y'all made some really cool art, costumes, and screenshots. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Klei! Here's the picture I submitted:
  6. Just got Hades, Hollow Knight, and SpaceChem while they were on sale a few days ago, and they've been a ton of fun so far!
  7. Pro tip: don't spawn in 666 gunpowder and light on fire if you want your game to be even remotely functional.
  8. You have the "weavable items only" filter on. If you click on the spool icon next to the search bar, it should show up.
  9. What a fun idea! Sounds like a really neat way to encourage and reward community participation. I'll make sure to submit a picture of the Abigail I made for my Wendy costume this year! Everyone who participates gets free skins! And yes, I do believe that heirlooms are tradeable/marketable. EDIT: Oops, got sniped by... 7 minutes. RIP
  10. Woodie and Wortox. ... I don't actually have any reasoning for why this would be a good combination. I just think it would be fun.