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  1. Awesome! The new world gen settings look like they're gonna be super helpful, totally excited or the new DLC character, and I can't wait to find out what you have coming in the April beta! Love the idea of a new summer holiday too! Pretty hyped for everything! Can't wait to see how these updates end up.
  2. I think it means sadness in the original context, but I personally use it for both. Either something along the lines of "thank you for doing the forums a great service, I shall honor you with this reaction" or "I feel your pain, bro".
  3. Most of my favorite moments have already been posted, but here's another frame I really like!
  4. ... Why would anyone ever buy Winona's Roseate skin for over $100? This graph doesn't show the prices people are trying to sell the skin at--those are always absurd--but the median price actually paid for the skin at that time.
  5. Still have a few hours left of one of the most wack years of my life in my time zone, but yes, it's been great! Can't judge too well on the whole year since I only started playing DST around when Walter was added, but for the time I've been here the updates have been awesome. Hoping that 2021 will be even better!
  6. Yeah, the only two games that are really fitting here are Terraria and No Man's Sky. Among Us just got nominated because so many people play it, and, well, that's what tends to get nominated. Since everyone (without a limited account) can nominate and vote, is encouraged to do so by XP and trading cards, and does not need to pick something they have actually played, whatever is the most popular at the time usually wins. It's not exactly unfair, though it does get really annoying sometimes. Really, I think that we just got extra unlucky with the rise of AU this year--there are always going to be at least a couple games nominated that don't really deserve the award. Hopefully in 2021 DST will have a chance with the resolution of RoT! Maybe Griftlands will be nominated for an award next year after full release too.
  7. WOW! That was absolutely amazing! Stunning work, Klei! Y'all did an incredible job with the voices, they felt really natural for the characters! Hope to see more animations like this one in the future!
  8. Wow, thanks Steam! Those sound like some really good deals.
  9. Next to the quote button on your pots, there should be new buttons that say 'edit' and 'options.' When you click on options, a button to hide your post will appear.
  10. Yep! Part of the RWYS update. Wormwood got a variety of changes since the update made his planting ability much less valuable. Full list of changes (I think): Wormwood’s Self-Fertilizing Manure fertilizers now provide a small instant heal Compost fertilizers now provide a heal over time Formula fertilizers now trigger blooming (applying more formula fertilizer will accelerate the current stage while blooming and extend the duration when fully bloomed) Wormwood bloom changes Reduced hunger drain Tends to nearby plants Gains small summer insulation Wormwood is not affected adversely by the Spiny Bindweed and Firenettles Wormwood can determine a plant’s needs without the use of technology Wormwood and Wurt will no longer suffer a sanity drain for being wet
  11. Love all the new changes, and the animation is absolutely amazing! Probably one of the best update cinematics so far. Can't wait to try out all the new mechanics with my friends!
  12. ... yeah, that seems about right. IDK about offline worlds, but it definitely counts your own servers. I've never played WX-78 on any public worlds out of fear that I will overestimate the amount of gears it is polite to consume and get banned. Not sure of the exact date, but I believe it is sometime after November 1st since I played Woodie and Willow that day but they are not on my chart. That part is for all players of the game. The only statistics that are user-specific are the most-played character and the most-played location.
  13. Well, this year's my first Winter's Feast, so there is one thing I'd like to know... just how likely is Feastclops to completely destroy two players? My friend and I have a pretty good world going but now I'm a tad bit scared for our lives.