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  1. Something I drew for Valentine's Day
  2. I've been doing the Drawcember art challenge- here are some of the pieces I thought turned out the best, you can see the rest of them on deviantART:
  3. My Winter's Feast chest had another Winter's Feast chest inside it. Now- I am not by any means complaining, but this doesn't seem to be working as intended (at least, I've never gotten a chest inside a chest in any other event before)
  4. Great short, it's always lovely to see Tragic Chin Man :3 And I can finally weave deerfrid. Yay!
  5. Yeah, I care immensely about the lore and I never watch the shorts from the compendium because I prefer to go watch them on YouTube...
  6. Hello! First of all, I'm really enjoying Wurt great new addition! This might be as intended but I thought it was worth pointing out; Wurt shows no indicator for where tentacles are in winter because the white circle just blends into the snow: up in the right-hand corner: tentacle bubbles with no indicator Maybe she just can't tell where they are under the snow =p
  7. I took a screenshot but it's just Wilson standing in an empty meadow. The item is still there- he will pick it up and equip it when I hit the spacebar. It's just invisible and doesn't trigger any mouseover text. It's as if nothing is there unless I hit the action key. For full disclosure, I spawned this item in, I didn't craft it- just in case that's related to the issue.
  8. I'm really excited for whenever Willow's character refresh is coming out so here's a little collection of my willow art
  9. Hey, I couldn't get a screenshot of this because it happens so fast, but I noticed that when examining items inside my house Wilson will randomly switch to the lying-down sprite from the intro for a split second or two. I guess he's tired?
  10. thanks for another fun free event!!! i love you guys!!!
  11. I just got something very similar to this (got it out of a Peculiar Claw Palm Tree) When I pick it up it's invisible in my inventory but still has the 'wet item' border: I'm on PC, btw, not console, but it still looks like pretty much the same bug.
  12. this is another one of the many reasons why I nominated Klei for 'best developer' on steam today