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  1. Awesome drawings! Thank you for sharing! I love Leaftox haha
  3. I took a screenshot but it's just Wilson standing in an empty meadow. The item is still there- he will pick it up and equip it when I hit the spacebar. It's just invisible and doesn't trigger any mouseover text. It's as if nothing is there unless I hit the action key. For full disclosure, I spawned this item in, I didn't craft it- just in case that's related to the issue.
  4. I drew the Glommer, plus friend
  5. She's the funny one :3
  6. Cassie's Blob Art

    I'm really excited for whenever Willow's character refresh is coming out so here's a little collection of my willow art
  7. Hey, I couldn't get a screenshot of this because it happens so fast, but I noticed that when examining items inside my house Wilson will randomly switch to the lying-down sprite from the intro for a split second or two. I guess he's tired?
  8. thanks for another fun free event!!! i love you guys!!!
  9. Invisible Peculiar Object

    I just got something very similar to this (got it out of a Peculiar Claw Palm Tree) When I pick it up it's invisible in my inventory but still has the 'wet item' border: I'm on PC, btw, not console, but it still looks like pretty much the same bug.
  10. [Game Update] - 295671

    this is another one of the many reasons why I nominated Klei for 'best developer' on steam today
  11. Birds stop spawning correctly shortly after loading up a save or starting a new world. Someone else pointed out that it appears to be related to entering the pig town when I posted this bug for the beta version and I think they're right.
  12. Hello! I've played two Hamlet worlds so far. On both, birds seemed to land normally for only a few minutes after I spawned into the world, and then they vanished completely. (The new designs looked fantastic before they stopped showing up, though )
  13. Hey, cool! It's neat to see Woodie get some appreciation Is this the lore reveal of why he hates birds lol
  14. Hey guys I've been holding off on reporting it because I kept thinking tons of other people must have been posting about it, but I don't actually see any other reports and the event play has made it clear the feature still doesn't work, so. Yesterday I played 4-5 duo rounds of Gorge with a friend. Another friend popped in briefly for one round. My friendliest friend is the person who only showed up for one round and not the person I hung out with for more than an hour (or the other two people I played two rounds each with that day). My friendliest friend is always someone random from the last server I was in, and never the person who was there longest or the person I talked to the most or the person I've played the most games with overall or any other criteria I can think of that makes sense. (It's not cooperative actions either, or the person who was busily playing chef in the duo rounds while I chopped wood would be friendliest friend. Or even items given, because I kept handing her berries and logs...) Also, it ALWAYS says '1 Encounters' even when the friendo lottery happens to hit someone I've known for years and played DST with for too many sessions to count. This is here and not in the Gorge tracker because it's always worked (not-worked) the same way, btw. It's just that playing the Gorge rounds made it more obvious to me. It's just disappointing to me because this would be a fun feature if it worked correctly. I'd love to know how many games I've played with the person I've actually played the most games with (and who that person is for that matter. I have a good guess, but I could be wrong.) Note: As I was typing up this post I realized something. My friendliest friend is usually the person with the username highest up on the alphabet that I've played with that day. Like, it seems as if whenever I hop into a server where someone's name starts with A, that person pops up as friendliest friend.