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  1. Great short, it's always lovely to see Tragic Chin Man :3 And I can finally weave deerfrid. Yay!
  2. Hi, Klei, DST has had a ton of gorgeous menu screens over time! I don't know how feasible this would be, or how much work it would entail, but if it's not too much trouble I would love it if we could have an option to choose which image displays on the home menu - there are some past menus I really liked and would love to be able to revisit. (such as Wurt's intro image, which was perfect for Hallowed Nights, and the recent Wigfrid refresh art, which I will miss as soon as it goes away) I'm not a programmer and don't know how this would be implemented but I'm imagining a system where the menu changes to reflect the newest update as usual, but then players can go in and select a past menu instead if they're nostalgic or just want to have an option to have their main on the home screen. (The menu art associated with Wendy's update was lovely and I'm sure a lot of people would love a chance to see it again!) Personally, I would be totally willing to weave home screen images in the manner of vignettes, or pay a small fee for a pack of them... I would assume that this has already been suggested but I don't see a recent thread about it. Thanks for all the gorgeous art, Klei
  3. Yeah, I care immensely about the lore and I never watch the shorts from the compendium because I prefer to go watch them on YouTube...
  4. She sings to her friends to make them fight better ;_;
  5. Hello! First of all, I'm really enjoying Wurt great new addition! This might be as intended but I thought it was worth pointing out; Wurt shows no indicator for where tentacles are in winter because the white circle just blends into the snow: up in the right-hand corner: tentacle bubbles with no indicator Maybe she just can't tell where they are under the snow =p
  7. I took a screenshot but it's just Wilson standing in an empty meadow. The item is still there- he will pick it up and equip it when I hit the spacebar. It's just invisible and doesn't trigger any mouseover text. It's as if nothing is there unless I hit the action key. For full disclosure, I spawned this item in, I didn't craft it- just in case that's related to the issue.
  8. I'm really excited for whenever Willow's character refresh is coming out so here's a little collection of my willow art
  9. Hey, I couldn't get a screenshot of this because it happens so fast, but I noticed that when examining items inside my house Wilson will randomly switch to the lying-down sprite from the intro for a split second or two. I guess he's tired?
  10. thanks for another fun free event!!! i love you guys!!!
  11. I just got something very similar to this (got it out of a Peculiar Claw Palm Tree) When I pick it up it's invisible in my inventory but still has the 'wet item' border: I'm on PC, btw, not console, but it still looks like pretty much the same bug.