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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    perfect meme
  2. wow, i never get elegant for my 1000 hours of gameplay. Lucky
  3. and what will you do in sutiation when you suddenly needed it? run to your base. We really need to discuss usefulness of portable backpack? i thought it's obvious
  4. because you can wear body item instead, and when you need a backback, you don't run to your base to take it
  5. It's not only cosmetic feature, It can show other players to whom effigy belongs, so yes, it should be a thing
  6. I want to suggest portable version of backpack, so you can just fold your empty backpack and place it into inventory. It would be really nice if we can carry our empty backpacks with us and use them when we need them. It can be special backpack which you can loot from bosses, or it can be backpack bag, which can hold any empty backpack I don't mind if i have to kill 50 Misery toadstools as Wes with bug net for this item, but it can make people use more body slot items Backpack is obviously most popular item now, and additional equip slot is one of the most popular mods too, because people don't want to drop their backpacks, but want to use other body items too. Maybe making it epic boss loot can make people to drop mods and increase body items popularity
  7. inb4 i accidentally crushed my timeless skin topics
  8. yeah, i think mini-monument looks better too, but not obtainable cosmetic item is not obtainable cosmetic item
  9. It requiers violet, blue and yellow fishes from fish farm and vegetable. But lasts only about 30 seconds... and wigfrid can eat it stacks with Coffee
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel
  11. Happened today after patch
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    they're back, and they fight with crocdogs
  13. and i only make darts in worlds with reed traps, because i'm too lazy to collect so many reeds on swamp
  14. Event Ideas Thread

    yaaaaaay. I LOVE last bosses added to dst, If they make events around mega powerful raid bosses i'll be happy
  15. i think tar pumps does not work how intended. When their bar expires, nothing happens. they just keep pumping