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  1. It's easier in real life too
  2. it was possible in last patch, rip
  3. Wolfgang Rework

    so basically you want wolfgant to be buffed
  4. Wolfgang Rework

    reduce his maximum damage and give him some strongman perks, like carry statues without speed penalty, more efficient work with axe, hammer and pickaxe. Increase stack size by 50% for all items in his inventory
  5. empty sign has no text on it, but wayfinder has it, and it becomes darker if you write something on it \
  6. lazy explorer requires walking cane
  7. I don't understand spear skin inconsistency. All elegant spear skins change staffs too. If these two skins don't change staffs, they should be distinguished, not elegant
  8. what about ice/fire staff from new spears?
  9. Portal should give you 1 character change per month, and recharge at full/new moon
  10. [Game Update] - 278044

    you can't, obviously