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  1. just kill it right here saying: "Bad beefalo! No babies!"
  2. He's half spider. Spiders have no meaning of friendship. They just protect their hive and kill anything attacks them, even if it's another spider. And they'll eat each other because they're cannibals. Agressive dumb cannibals. Webber is half agressive dumb cannibal. And while his child half is talking about frienship he eats his friends RAW. Grotesque irony and nature's joke. He's never meant to be spider's friend.
  3. So, main question: What changes was made to Beefalo taming? Is it easier now? Can they still un-tame? I noticed you can pick grass and stuff, but what else?
  4. i prefer lava pond farm. Place some flowers and butterflies will die from the heat
  5. Can't wait to see new updated FTP DST With random loot boxes, energy and locked additional structures you can buy for only 4.99 ¥
  6. You can make combos with 8 plants on a tile, right?