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  1. I play Wolfgang. He's bugged now and deals double damage in mighty form for some reason. Cheesiest cheese of all times
  2. either remove their hunger or make them somehow useful. Even glowing mothling is useless now
  3. Ideas for Wolfgang's rework

    I think it would be nice if all wolfgang weapon/tools efficiency increased in mighty form with cost of item durability. Wolfgang still hits 2 times harder, but his weapon breaks 2 times faster as well, also he can cut trees 2 times faster with double cost of axe durability etc
  4. nonsense Yeah like taming beefalo is much less pain in the butt than just eat idol
  5. So pierogies heal you for 50 instead of 40. anyone noticed anything else?
  6. He has to gnaw something to maintain his form: Trees, rocks, deerclops, your base you have abot 5 secs between attacks before fast draining. Also you have to deal or recieve damage to maintain this form. Also Woodie gains infinite hambat and wooden armor and charge that can just steamroll toad rain. More than enough for a good fight. Also you can play with wortox/heal between trasformations/use jellybeans, which is bugged and doubles heal amount after each transformation making you immortal on 2nd idol
  7. Gorge is dead and will never appear again
  8. all body items besides backpacks and armor
  9. and he's still not best
  10. Wormwood should be able to grow lureplants instantly, like Webber can uprade spider nests. There is a lot cool stuff we can do with lureplants as wormwood, but 2 days is too much to make it flexible enough. Give him ability to fertilize plants with rot or meat and grow it faster. thanks