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  1. I'm waiting for community mods. WX circuits are perfect to show mod community creativity
  2. To avoid griefing, just remove sanity bonus for maxwell. Nice little detail is still here but without being annoying
  3. Now when it's easier to manage circuits by removing them 1 by 1 we probably need some type of storage for them, like tackle box to not make inventory messy
  4. so potentially it's still possible to fully charge with end is nigh by constantly touching it during animation
  5. Varly's volt goat jelly should definitely refill energy Also touching charged lightning rod
  6. Just imagine amount of new mod circuits in the workshop after release Which would you like to see?
  7. That's not his personal item Right now Wilson's only personal item is a beard
  8. My thoughts were WX, but i don't like idea of crafting drone minions. Would be much cooler if his rework was about his own upgrades and not just some drones. I hope that's Wilson rework who finally figured out how to use some science! He crafted the portal, So he would craft some gadgets