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  1. Hog tie the 2nd player to the beefalo as they take 5 damage every time you run into something
  2. I thought we were having veggie burgers...
  3. I think it's fine, if it's semi rare and only happens at certain times like volt golts. As mentioned it's good against people who grief and all that fun jazz. While extinction is a good way of punishing stuff, it's not so good in a multiplayer game tbh. Where griefers will do anything to make people miserable. Would be nice to see Catcoon Nests/Hallowed Stumps respawn, since they can be totally destroyed as well by fires and unsavory people with a hammer and some fire
  4. Depending on the mood I turn on the daytime/nighttime music mod. But usually I listen to Binding of Isaac music, including stuff from the OG Flash game and Mods. Its usually fitting
  5. Not like you can trade or sell the skins. They got no real value so who cares if anyone else can get them as a 2nd chance. golly
  6. TWO QOL updates huh? That seems very curious, wonder what for or why there is two planned seperate ones... Was RWYS a QOL technically.. hnmm
  7. Maybe we can have an island that is super nice at first glance, or deceiving stuff like carrats. like a mimic island OR it is good, but it can out of nowhere turn hostile and violent like a nightmare cycle in the ruins. I just want more islands by golly. Or maybe enemy boats. or friendly beedle from wind waker. I unno
  8. Honestly this sums up my feelings. The way this has been set up and described seems so weirdly vague. And the fact there's been barely any proper feedback to any of these complaints is concerning. I mean I get it's a bit overwhelming to respond to this but like, something feels way off and it's making everyone tense and upset. With how much of a disaster this has been so far and the lack of real clarity and feedback it's become really...upsetting to say the least
  9. Why must you remind me of that
  10. I really really REALLY hope this doesn't actually have any long lasting or long term effects. I don't trust like that. This really was a bad idea on alot of levels....
  11. joining through the server browser works but any other method doesnt work
  12. for some reason I can't connect to servers friends make. We add the password, and then server starts up. and no one can join. everyone tried hosting and no one could connect and all it did was say "server not responding" after ""connecting"" for 30 seconds
  13. are you working on a fix for mac too tonight? or will that not hit till say tomorrow?