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  1. as a moth lover, I'm fully happy now. but I want some moth skins. I'd love a spider critter though, maybe a critter bee as mentioned earlier.. A bee princess? Also we obviously need a Sharkitten skin
  2. ...You call hamburgers steamed hams?
  3. [Game Update] - 346546

    This is the cutest thing I ever seen....
  4. the only problem I see is stuff like a wormwood bringin in a swarm of hostile spring bees into a base. and Wormwood losing all sanity just being near woodie/maxwell/willow. or as mentioned stuff like Toadstool and fighting bosses in general. All thought I guess we'll see how its actually works in game. Since playing wormwood alone is a completely different story than with buddies
  5. PLANT GANG CONFIRMED! also I got a question, if we already got Wormwood. How will the skin bundles work
  6. Maybe billy is just his last name. Wbilly "Billy" Wgoat
  7. joining through the server browser works but any other method doesnt work
  8. for some reason I can't connect to servers friends make. We add the password, and then server starts up. and no one can join. everyone tried hosting and no one could connect and all it did was say "server not responding" after ""connecting"" for 30 seconds
  9. are you working on a fix for mac too tonight? or will that not hit till say tomorrow?
  10. Are we talking Valve Soon or Klei Soon or Soon Soon or Nintendo Soon or Behemoth Soon or S-
  11. Does anyone know if the forge skins will be tradable/,marketable after this week? cause I wanna get a friend one of the skins since they got no money or threads to get it
  12. might be the large amount of players at once I guess? I dunno either. games are weird man
  13. I still disconnect 50% of the time when I connect to a random server (or try to join a friend)
  14. this has been happening to me too
  15. people still use windows xp? I mean...alright.