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  1. ...You call hamburgers steamed hams?
  2. [Game Update] - 346546

    This is the cutest thing I ever seen....
  3. Wilson Update

    Okay here me out. I have the best rework idea give him... A. GUN.
  4. How about no! stop saying words! forever! this is the worst thing I read!
  5. the only problem I see is stuff like a wormwood bringin in a swarm of hostile spring bees into a base. and Wormwood losing all sanity just being near woodie/maxwell/willow. or as mentioned stuff like Toadstool and fighting bosses in general. All thought I guess we'll see how its actually works in game. Since playing wormwood alone is a completely different story than with buddies
  6. Yes.. I just want more punny enemies...and food enemies. Like a Bull Frog or the most terrifying of them all...the Mimeapple (Wes but a pineapple)
  7. All these new food creatures just make Wigfrid upset and angry at life WAIT what about a Battish...or baddish? (bat + raddish) ? Also if there was one NON food mutant I thought of is a Silver Fish. which would be a horrifying mixture of a real silverfish. and a fish
  8. I miss the Gorge...

    I just wanna get the skins again
  9. I appear to have no problems on my end, regular DST runs fine and the menu's and everything are smooth, yet whenever the Beta's enable theres still a noticable slowdown on menus and somewhat in game and bad lag and so forth as mentioned in game. edit: (sorry if this isnt the place to post it or i was supposed to DM it) DxDiag.txt
  10. I been getting alot of desyncing my end. to the point its unplayable and everythings delayed. not the exact same but very similiar. dunno what the deal is, was doing fine yesterday Edit: I noticed when the beta is enabled that the FPS is down, and menu's load noticeably slower.
  11. PLANT GANG CONFIRMED! also I got a question, if we already got Wormwood. How will the skin bundles work
  12. I just wanna say, shout out to Klei for as always, listening to the community and giving Willow back the full fire immunity. Willows always been a 2ndary main and while its really great to see, I know there are bigger willow fans than me who are even more excited about this. So thank you so much Klei for listening to the community! Can't wait to see what's planned next and the new content down the line!
  13. Maybe billy is just his last name. Wbilly "Billy" Wgoat
  14. joining through the server browser works but any other method doesnt work
  15. for some reason I can't connect to servers friends make. We add the password, and then server starts up. and no one can join. everyone tried hosting and no one could connect and all it did was say "server not responding" after ""connecting"" for 30 seconds