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  1. Not his own item (Compost Wrap) ironically, which need some changes since a while.
  2. Heartbeat, Heartbreak - Shihoko Hirata & Shōji Meguro "Tell me why you did it, every dream falling apart Tell me why you did it, after the promise Still aching, still aching, oh baby I need your love Looking so different, glaring street light... Heartbeat, heartbeat, it keeps on pounding Heartbreak, heartbreak, you tell me goodbye..."
  3. Actually was -5 Hunger for every crafting (5 Ropes = -25 Hunger) and many people complained about it, Klei changed that (adding the "2 minutes of free crafting" thing) in the end. https://reddit.com/r/dontstarve/comments/az9es2/opinions_on_winona_rework/
  4. More Than A Feeling - Boston
  5. I think Wormwood's health system should be changed, despite I'm able to play him in servers like klei's pubs without mods & console, probably some modifications would be good for the character:
  6. Dream - DÆVA
  7. Being honest, I expected something special related to the sea like Crabby Hermit (Pearl) which was very interesting or the caves like Rock Lobster/Bunnyman.
  8. It's say "a SILKy smooth beard" if we go to details.
  9. Webber's "beard" it's not a beard actually, just silk hanging on his face. Spiders produce silk through "ampulate glands" and casually that part it's now placed in Webber's face, which eventually give something similar to "beard" (for our perception), however it's just silk from the spider.
  10. Well, I think Walter´s clothes looks too different to a 1912-1930´s boy scout.
  11. I was thinking about the same pic too, but some seconds later due to reasons (AKA avoiding the petal cover her face):
  12. I wouldn't worry about it since that screenshot goes against the rules:
  13. Glad to know New Horizons vignette was added finally to the game, I hope we get Year of the Carrat & Year of the Varg too.