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  1. I know the one of Year of the Varg it's already in the game, but the problem remain: unavailable to keep as weaveable vignette for players, unlike Year of the Pig. The loading screen Year of the Carrat has that same issue, once the event ends: it's gone.
  2. Marvelous skin! Also, the thread should be pinned now.
  3. I get your point, but the cited Hearts are Loyal Items attached to a specific date, meanwhile the Icons, Portraits & Vignettes are able to return in the next events (the last Hallowed Nights had the portraits and vignettes from the previous one and even Year of the Pig got portraits and vignettes from Year of the Varg available to weave and more!). The vignettes Year of the Carrat & Year of the Varg are beautiful and is such a pity waste those pieces of artwork just to be used only once time. Ps: Some time ago people asked Klei to add that vignette of "wilson looking in the distance" from 2019's Roadmap to the game, me included, in this request: I think would also be nice to have it since Klei took some time to add the Gnarwail one:
  4. Music thread

    Duran Duran - Ordinary World The Bombay Royale - The River
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1230830/Dont_Starve_Together_Bounteous_Bundle/ Thank you!
  6. Please Klei, make us the vignettes Year of the Carrat & Year of the Varg available to weave with spools and stay in our collection, like Year of the Pig King:
  7. Cute, the mine is a lovely purple mutant:
  8. The skins chest comes as DLCs too?
  9. Looks great! Can we get the vignette Year of the Carrat available to weave with our spools too, please?
  10. Well, looks like the event starts around Lunar New Year Steam Sales:
  11. I really hope see this as skin for Wormwood one day.
  12. New vignette of Year of the Carrat, make the ones about Year of the Varg & Roadmap 2019 available to weave with spools: And some skin for Shadow Manipulator.