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  1. Music thread

    DÆVA - Dream
  2. The costs has been reduced now.
  3. True, the reduced cost for this armor could be more amendatory and passable. 1x Pig Skin, 2x Rope, 3x Flint maybe is a more cost-efficient recipe.
  4. Considering last changes occurring in the Constant and most probably new challenges coming soon, maybe it's high time we have some new battle gear for our characters as well: behold the Leather Suit, a middle ground between Log and Marble Suits, to compliment the Ham Bat and Football Helmet combo. This torso armor is made based on the antique medieval leather armors, with the purpose of protecting its user(s) from some of the damage early-to-mid combat scenarios might usually present, in a middle-of-the-road cost fashion: 1x Pig Skin, 2x Rope, 3x Flint. The need for "3x Flint" on this armor also encourages players to spread the usage of Flint in mid-to-late game, when it tends to over-accumulate. Also keeps relevant a more complete set based on Pig Skin alone for those people not into Thule or Shadow armors for whatever reasons. As mentioned, in regard to "Thulecite Crown, Suit & Club" set, Leather Suit would be a good addition to the Football Helmet and Ham Bat combo. And of course, brings future possibilities for new re-skins. What do you think? (PS: a special thanks and shout-out to @x0VERSUS1y for providing me with render colorization of my Leader Suit and its specs/context visual montage presentation.)
  5. Nice gif but strange reaction for somebody like Wendy, to be honest.
  6. Well I´m agreed with that, I was waiting a video with some explanation or small clues about Woodie´s backstory, like the previous ones (the origin of Wortox, the born of Wormwood, the old life of Warly, etc.), and, we got a "fight scene"? Nothing about the curse´s nature ("Why he transforms in beaver exactly?"), Lucy or how he was put in the Constant? Kinda strange...
  7. *reads the thread* "Fix Woody"? But you know...I thought people wanted to experience “new styles of gameplay with challenging mechanics” since a while, no? After all, everybody needs a “proper downside” like hmm...ah yeah, Wormwood who can’t heal from food. heh
  8. Antlion Gender

    Honestly: ¿What kind of actual relevance have the "investigation" about the gender of a mob's game?
  9. Music thread

  10. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    I consider talk about minority & majority it´s very complex since not everybody it´s posting in this web. I see, the situation with pubs in PC it´s different,and I said, personally I have no problems playing with him but I consider important see if others have some difficulty in general. Yeah, but again, see people having issues with his Helth system and I think is fair if they want suggets his own thought about it. As I said (again), personally I have no problem playing with Wormwood but I think the people asking for some help should be taken in consideration, same with the ones who plays Warly. (also, Wormwood can eat caps.)
  11. Sadly true from in my last experiences seeing more skeletons than usual.
  12. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    Well, it's interesting talk about minority in this situations, becuase DST is being played by over 1000 players out there, however, ¿Those 1000 players are posting here in the forums? Not really, maybe less of 150 actually. I'm giving my points based on play servers with others players, especially in pub servers (you know, those places where many special mods and the console commands are not in your side) *Reminds the time when Winona was called "Wilson 2.0, plain, boring and stupid" several times and the stuff about Warbucks* I doubt that's "whining" actually, people it's being pretty polite compared to previous problems in the community. Ironically, the called "Holy Trinity" (Wolfgang, Wicker & WX-78) is one the reasons of why people asked for a rebalance, since was argued that "those character are way more easy to play and kill bosses than the rest". But, well, that's another matter of discussion... Yes, but I consider fair that people post ideas constantly for future changes. By example Winona, after her new update, people wanted a fix to the hunger penalty, and eventually the penalty was lowered. So, I don't see problems if Wormwood & Warly gets a small fix.
  13. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    Ok, let's see how I start with you: Personally I have no problem playing with Wormwood, but that don't mean he's good with his current status (same situation with Warly today), and I saw people having issues playing with him in diverse servers. This is not the only thread talking about a way to fix the Health on Wormwood. It's all just "coincidence"? I don't think so. I remind you that not everybody plays exclusively Winona and Willow, however, a lot of users aked for a change and eventually we got the "Rebalance" annoucement. If we apply your reasoning, so, the changes for dst characters should never be made...
  14. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    Personally I think +30 health must stay in that way, but the cost of ingredients should be a bit less. Current one for Compost Wrap: 5 Manure + 2 Nitre + 2 Rot. Personally, I think: 4 Manure + 3 Nitre. "Why not Rot?" Manure & Nitre are easy to get in the early days, unlike Rot. Days after, Rot turns irrelevant due to have other methods for recover health. (inb4 But the methods to gain health should be difficult. Yeah ok, well, if we look around us, we can see the little Wortox getting Health for FREE since can get souls from any murder, even the ones made by other players or mobs punching themselves.)