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  1. I thought about one similar but with complete view of the painting and her expression:
  2. Community Choice Vignettes threads of Wurt, Wendy & Wes got a result already time ago:
  3. I don't think so, cooking is alright on his current state.
  4. I was not talking about remove pets, I thought in remove the "need of eat" on pets, to be exact. Example: Woby don't need eat (you only "feed" that mob to get her bigger temporarily).
  5. I don't see much people with pets lately due to the constant need of feeding, wonder how much would change if Klei decide remove that feature eventually...
  6. I keep thinking Wormwood needs a better health system to cure itself.
  7. I would like keep the old farms along with the new, so people will choose which one fit better with their own play style.
  8. Yeah, I sent message to Support days ago and still waiting for answers.
  9. Gats - Susumu Hirasawa
  10. My account was linked since months ago but now I don't get this new drops after watch some hours, still waiting for a solution.
  11. Thanks, I really appreciate it! Thanks and yeah, I been commenting in some streams of Klei and the community haha.