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  1. Yeah, I sent message to Support days ago and still waiting for answers.
  2. Gats - Susumu Hirasawa
  3. My account was linked since months ago but now I don't get this new drops after watch some hours, still waiting for a solution.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate it! Thanks and yeah, I been commenting in some streams of Klei and the community haha.
  5. Hello DS/DST community, I'm Dice (know here as Tapirus) and write lore investigations for the forums in my free time: I also like make illustrations sometimes and came here to share one with everybody: https://twitter.com/abrokendice/status/1312750603060293632 Hope you like it, planning draw more eventually
  6. A good improvement for the skin, I hope Klei take in consideration make some changes.
  7. I'm Watching You - DKMD
  8. You only need fresh eggs, rotten ones doesn't count. I can't remember exactly how much for Egg Icon (maybe 8 or 10), but you need get 12 at least for Redbird Icon.
  9. I would like to see some thorns growing on his chest, surrounding the gem.
  10. Heartbeat, Heartbreak - Shihoko Hirata & Shōji Meguro "Tell me why you did it, every dream falling apart Tell me why you did it, after the promise Still aching, still aching, oh baby I need your love Looking so different, glaring street light... Heartbeat, heartbeat, it keeps on pounding Heartbreak, heartbreak, you tell me goodbye..."