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  1. Wagstaff Lore

    Well, Wagstaff´s goggles are based in old welding glasses of protection, which is a good detail for the ambient of DS (1920-1930). Time ago, protection glasses for hard work used to be more bigger than modern ones. More examples: I like the effects of Wagstaff´s eyes when wear his goggles, reminds me to Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton).
  2. So, according to you, what game today is "objectively good & better designed" than DST?
  3. Well, actually there's people who actually enjoyed the events as something different to try, aside from the main core of Survival. Many players asked for a second season of Forge and eventually Klei provided that. From the very beginning DST was planned as co-op game, being PvP a extra thing, but not the main base of this game.
  4. Music thread

    (Traslation:) Where I am with you everything shows to be uncertain And the truth explodes when I go back to silence Hey let's change the pulse, please... That our world be saved, please...
  5. Music thread

  6. True, but that's part of the character (like the puns of Wilson, citation of novels by Wendy or the moments when Maxwell breaks the 4th wall). I like that, but his quotes about investigations are important too.
  7. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    This discussion has extended unnecessarily, I think is better stop before turning more personal.
  8. Well, it's a interesting character since his quotes provides some clues about the world of Don't Starve.
  9. Wheeler's ingame art

    I support this idea, and the suggested design would give her a look more appropriate for Hamlet.
  10. Wagstaff Lore

    Yes Examples:
  11. Wagstaff Lore

    I know, but I wanted post some screenshots with different distances as example.
  12. [Game Update] - 327257

    Exactly, 3 quotes by now:
  13. He have 3 quotes actually.
  14. Wagstaff´s quotes changes with the goggles:
  15. [Game Update] - 327257

    Interesting, the quotes of Wagstaff are different with googles and without googles: