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  1. I think it might be related to the visual perception & memory, more precisely, psychology: Usually the stripes calls our attention, making more easy to remember some stuff. Or they show us some kind of signal, advising us to pay attention. So, maybe, the circus people discovered something like this and they started using striped clothes until becoming in a "standard" thing. (Even some clowns have stripes too.) Yes. One thing I like of DS & DST is that have a many clues and information, allowing the player to find a lot of interesting stuff. It reminds me to nice classics like Zeus master of olympus, Civilization 3 and Age of empires.
  2. Exactly, that´s the essence of Don´t Starve & Don´t Starve Togheter: A place where you can find terrifying and hilarious stuff always reunited in amazing combinations.
  3. Actually, you're right, Wolfgang's design is based on Louis Cyr. Maybe it´s not easy see the relation at first sight, but one reason of this is because Wolfgang wears a classic circus costume (the striped clothes for strongmen were very common and popular at the end of 19th century and early 20th). However, Triumphat makes a more direct reference to one of his last costumes: I been thinking make a thread about this (before the one I did about Wigfrid) days ago, but it's really nice see someone else finding the characters´s origins. Congrats, ModsterMash!
  4. I used "Wagstaff" to name that new Hamlet character. Warbucks was removed, but was a character anyways.
  5. Wilba, Warbuck, Wormwood & "Wagstaff". (One was removed, and maybe Klei add another one by this.) Yep
  6. Eventually Hamlet will have 4 characters (the game still in Early Access).
  7. Well, I seen several threads talking about characters's perks and possible changes, but I think Klei have those new changes already (being tested by themselves in this moment), so, it's just of matter of time for see them all.
  8. On Sinkholes

    Probably, a matter of compatibility. Like old case of rock lobster in Don't Starve, crashing the game (by travel from caves to surface).
  9. Another day and another Full Explanation coming soon, thanks everybody for his posts and thoughts, they were truly interesting to see.
  10. On Sinkholes

    Usually that happens in the public servers when a new update was added in the first days. I remember those things mostly from Forge and Winter Fest events. Then, they're removed in the next world's regeneration. (A bug might be the reason of this special situation.)
  11. Nice, now Hamlet have 4 characters like ShipWrecked.
  12. This. The one on the left is Wilba (Werepig).
  13. Being honest, I wouldn't say something like "That skin is much better than the rest" exactly, because everyone have his own opinions and tastes. So, I'll just express my personal thoughts: -My favourite set: The Triumphant. I find interesting for being basically the "What If" of every character under the effects of shadow throne in the end of Don´t Starve. Plus, the past side of Maxwell (William Carter) as part of this collection, looks great. -My two favourite skins of every set: -Guest of Honor: Wes & Wigfrid -The Survivor: Wilson & Maxwell -The Triumphant: Wilson & Wendy -The Roseate: WX-78 & Wigfrid -The Snowfallen: Webber & Wolfgang -The Verdant (Year of the Varg): Woodie & WX-78 -The Gladiator: Wigfrid & Wendy -The Victorian: Willow & Winona -Hallowed Nights (Monster Costumes): WX-78 & Webber -The Magmatic: Wickerbottom & Webber -Hallowed Nights: Wes & Wilson -The Contender (Year of the Pig King): Wolfgang & Wigfrid
  14. Well, would be a bit strange (but funny) to see them "magically floating" in Hamlet. Also, some quotes about it, like Wilson saying: -"How is this even possible?" Or Maxwell (who breaks the 4th-wall sometimes): -"Seriously, who though this was a good addition for the game?"
  15. Would be great see lagoons in DST, and Flotsam too (as alternative way to get trinkets & gears).