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  1. empty sign has no text on it, but wayfinder has it, and it becomes darker if you write something on it \
  2. lazy explorer requires walking cane
  3. I don't understand spear skin inconsistency. All elegant spear skins change staffs too. If these two skins don't change staffs, they should be distinguished, not elegant
  4. what about ice/fire staff from new spears?
  5. Portal should give you 1 character change per month, and recharge at full/new moon
  6. That's nice. A lot of cool stuff in this update. Thank you
  7. I'm sure they will extend event for 1 more week like last year
  8. You can use seeds for compost now, so i don't think so that's a huge one, and you can actually use it since it made of undestructable blocks 380
  9. that's different bug then. With old bug they stuck in eating state, and if food expectation is higher than quality of food, they will be permanently stressed (with permanently full belly)
  10. This is very old bug. Load/save doesn't help anymore?
  11. i think they won't change ugly orange gem on any of LE skins
  12. no, I was able to play for some time and then it start to be laggy. Seems similar to old memory loss problem. didn't play it for a long time yet
  13. You can look at my. There is more than 100 slickster and i can't play it now because it was super laggy. Sound stuttering were here too Идеальная сточна труба цикл 641.sav
  14. bug or not, this makes thermo censor completely useless if you need activate it when temperature is set between current water temp and -273 because it just switching on/off every second
  15. thanks but it triggers 2 times every second from 35 to -273 so inverse signal does nothing